Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 23 – L233A

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Ya-Sin 13-32 Translation 13-32



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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Dr. Sunil Karim a mother earth for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem oddish Rashid. Sorry we're silly emri.

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Lesson number 233. So what you're seeing is number 13 to 32. translation, what grip and strike law home for them. My salon and example us have have companions

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of the town of the dwelling

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is when Johanna came to it, almost alone, the messengers

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is when all of a sudden, we sent la him to them, his name to cerca de boohooman, but they belied them too far as designer, so we strengthened bizarrely, then with a third for carlu So they said, in indeed we alaykum, do you more sudden messengers, ones who are sent

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ALU they said, Man, not until you are inland, except verschuren human beings, men,

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Miss Luna, like us, woman, and not Angela, he sent down of watchmen, the Most Merciful men che in from anything

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in not anthem you all Illa except that the Boone you all live

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ALU they said, Rob buena, our Yala Mu kinos inner indeed de la come to you all. llamosa loon, surely messengers

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warmer and not Alena upon us Illa except albula the conveying and moving the clear.

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kalu they said, in the indeed we Delta yumna we consider an evil Omen become with you in Surely if lung not tender, who you will seize Leonard German Nakhon surely we will definitely stone you. While I am a sender and surely it will definitely touch you Midna from us. Are there been a punishment at Lehman painful?

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kalu they said, for your evil omen. Marco is with you. In what indeed? What? In indeed. They'll give you all were reminded. You all were advised. But rather and don't you all Owlman people must refund once you exceed ones who transgress.

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What Yeah, and he came men from akasa for this part, Almudena of the city, Roger Lune. Amen. Yes. He was running on he said, Yeah. Oh, oh, my people. It terbaru you all follow? l mursaleen. The messengers it w you all follow? Man Who? laughs not yes lucam he asks you as you're on any reward well whom and they are the ones who are rightly guided

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woman and what or wanna and not leave for me. lair not

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our boo. I worship

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and Lady The one who Fatah Ronnie. He created me

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what la he and to him torture.

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You all will be returned a shell attack him. I take I adopt men from dooney other than him early Hatton God in His euro Dini, he intends with me. A rush man, the Most Merciful. Bilbo rain with a harm lead not Tony. It avails it benefits are nice from me just out to home their intercession, Shea anything Wallah and not uniquely Dhoni. They can rescue me. They can save me in me indeed I even then. Let's see surely in Berlin, a string more been clear in me indeed I am and I have believed we have become with your robots.

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First Moroni so you all listened to me? Taylor it was said or the whole enter Elgin, the paradise. Allah He said yeah later I wish that oh me my people here on the moon they know Bhima because of what offer He forgive leads for me Rob be my rock or Jelani and he made me men from a lukewarm in those who are honored.

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Warmer and not an Zellner we sent down our the upon Omaha his people, men from bar d after him. Men from June then any army mean a summer from the sky. Warmer and not gonna we were mousseline wants to send down

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in not Canada it was in there except say hadn't a shout. A scream why should that single one for either then suddenly

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home they call me dawn once extinguished one silenced

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yes rotten or regret also

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Allah upon Ellery bird the servants. Math not yet de him. It comes to them. He comes to them. Men from muscling any messenger Illa except kernel they were busy with him yesterday own demo

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and um did not euro they see come. How many Lackner we have destroyed over their home before then. Main from El croon, the towns, the generations.

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Unknown that indeed de la him do them. They're not your direction. They will return.

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What in and indeed,

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Kowloon all lemma except for lambda, surely.

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Jamie are on altogether. Let Dana near us. Marcia Barun once presented

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with addition.

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in the

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