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Al-Baqarah 30-39 Word Breakup

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Let's go over the word breakup

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim. What is and when we have done the word either before, isn't it?

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What either local, when they meant either means when, and is also means when.

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So what end is when Allah? He said,

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somebody asked me yesterday that in the word color you don't see any.

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Right? You don't see the letter yet at the beginning. So how can you translate it as he said, why not just set? Remember that there are verbs which are off, past tense and there are verbs of the present future tense. That's what we discussed yesterday.

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As for the verbs of the present future tense, you see the sign at the beginning, which is the year or the, okay. But as for the verbs of past tense, you will not see IE

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you will not see he in the word it is hidden. So when you don't see attire, which means you when you don't see a tie, which could mean she when you don't see a known which would mean we then automatically What is it going to be he just as a word order, it's he intended, because you don't see any other letter that would indicate some of the pronoun, the similarity parlor. He said, just as the habit. He went taraka he left color. He said, Okay, so color, he said, so what is color? And when he said, Rob Booker, your Lord or Buddha is Rob Lord, Your lil mela, eager to the angels.

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Lil mela, can you break this down for me? It is late for then there is an L which means the and then there is malaria, which is angels. Remember that the word Malaika is a plural. Okay, it's angels not Angel. Right. So little mala acres to the angels in me. Indeed. I. We did the word inner before. Right. In the means indeed. In ni means indeed. I. Where does the icon from there Yeah. So in ni indeed I

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gr a Loon. One who appoints geralyn geralyn. Darla means to make jarell. One who makes one who appoints

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just as gabbeh. He lied. The one who lies Atilla he killed, or the one who kills jar Allah. He appointed or he made jarell one who makes or one who appoints

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fee in an RV, the earth halifa turn a successive authority.

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This is a word on its own. califa nice, successive authority on coup de said, Why is it they?

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Well, and what's the tense?

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past tense? Very good. They said.

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If it was Jaco Luna,

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they will say very good, or they say now, but our Lu is they said in the past kalu. They said, we'll do better Alou, you make you a point, we have done this word before. It's different, and you translate it depending on the context. So over here, will you appoint Are you going to appoint and Dr. Lu? Why is it you appoint because of that?

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Seeing her in it? See her is fee meaning in and hair meaning it? So are you going to appoint in it meaning in the earth? Money who remember again, this is not mean? What does mean mean? From what does man mean? Who mean from man who so are you going to appoint in the earth? One who you see do he does mischief? You see, do

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it he Why is it he? Because it's your only if there was a while known at the end then what would the meaning be? They make mischief. You have done the meaning of facade before you've said Oh, he will do mischief. He does mischief. fee hair in it. This is V in and her it will end yes SQL he will shed he will spill Why is it he because of the year

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and it's translated as he will shed in the future.

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Safa which is the root letter C in fact, it means to shed blood so Why yes Pico and he will shed a demand the blood remember

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That the calf over here does not mean you.

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Okay? Many times when we see the electric cars at the end, how do we translate it? As you write? But over here does not mean you Why?

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Because it's part of the route letters, seen fair calf route letters. Okay. So yes, people you will shed a deema the blood aisle is the deema blood, while while national way have we done the word national before? Yes, we have national way new sub

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sub B who does B, we know that it means to glorify new sub B, who What does it mean? We glorify Why is it we because of the known

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so new sub B who we glorify, if it was use of B, who he glorifies very good. We have deca with your praise. break this down. Be is with hand is praise your behalf deca with your praise.

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Well, and nobody so we sanctify no means we got this is from good score 13 which means the scientific nobody so we scientific. Lucky for you This is their meaning forker meaning you color. He said

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in me indeed I see the words are repeated so many times with the word indeed before as well.

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are no more mood. I know. Our level is from

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England me. Now remember that sometimes? The Hamza at the beginning of the word.

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The Hamza at the beginning of a word indicates not always sometimes.

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Sometimes the Hamza at the beginning indicates I

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so are Aloma. I know

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one of the ways that you could recognize this is that the word ends with a llama.

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The word ends with a fish on the last letter.

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We did the word of odd before isn't

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a rod What does that begin with?

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A Hamza as well. Right? But over there, what's the meaning? He intended a lot that he intended the word begins with Hamza but it's he does it end with a DOMA? No, Ella death death. But over here you have our love mu. I know. So one of the ways of recognizing it is that if a word begins with Hamza ends with a Dhamma then it's mostly usually okay

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so yeah, at the beginning means he there at the beginning means you at the beginning means I very good are no more I no matter what they're not, there are no Muna you all know

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what are lemma and Gita. Now again, I lemma is going to be translated as he because you don't see anything else. It has to be a verb, you don't see anything, which indicates you or I are we so it's going to be key. So I've never he taught Adam to Adam Smith, the names you know about a smile person, a lot of times are those names are Smith is plural off, ism which is named with me with name. So usma the names, color hair, all of it, we have done the word cold before condition, everything. So cold, every oil, have it Cola, all of it. So he taught adamant instead of the names which names all of them. Some of them, we have done the word somewhere before as well. Out of whom

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he presented them out above means he presented home means them see our he presented color. He created gr Allah he made that habit. He went out he presented

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remember that when there is a word which three letters and all of them have a photonic it will be translated as he did the action.

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Allah upon al-mulla aka the angels for Allah. Then he said fermions then caller he said, m b o ne. You all inform me now again, you see the word m b, o and B oo. It doesn't just end with a Dhamma. Okay.

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And, um be Oh, it's you all. Why is it all

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because of the wild while indicates Florida. Now the question is why is it you do

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Anytime, anything like that,

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do you see anything? You don't write? Um, be Oh, it's you all, because I'm the UI is a command.

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It's an instruction. It's an imperative. Um, be all. All of you inform.

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Okay, so um, do all of you inform me, me?

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Now remember that the year that indicates me just as we did in me, indeed, I am the only inform me be asthma with names. How old are eight of these? This is a new word. Her hula eat these. Remember? We did the word radical. Right? What does that mean? That not this, their legal debt? What's the plural of the Annika? Ola aka What does it mean? Those so that those, we also did another word, which was Heather, what does Heather mean? This and the plural of Heather is her hula bees.

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Okay, if something is far, if it's one, you will say that book.

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If it's five books, what are you going to say? Those books? So they're Lika that Allah aka those. If it's something near you will say has this book? And if it's more than one What will you say these books? Right? So Heather is the singular and her hula is the clone. Just as delicate is singular hula is

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and also you will see that her hula has

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begins with the same word has her ruler

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so tell me the names of these in his

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in his If

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not, indeed. We did the word enough for indeed. Okay, we did another which means that indeed now we're doing the word in which means if

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in if con tome you are where you are. Why is it you are because of the tone.

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And this word control.

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It's another variation of Ghana.

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Ghana can no condom

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also the same route which is gaff welney.

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Ghana, he was can no they cannot singular can do is Florida. Just as popular? he said. Or Lou they said Ghana he was can do they were so can turn you over for the routine ones who are truthful. This is saw the one who speaks sweet. Yeah noon at the end of the sign of floral saw the 18 ones who are truthful.

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Or Alou, they said super her NACA Your glory, remember, this word is super Han, just as resist superhead Allah Subhana Allah just as we say silverhand or abila when silverhand or Vlr Allah similarly super Han and then so super Hana, glory, get yours, super Hanukkah, your glory.

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They're not in any knowledge learner for us, this is learning for us in excel in Lamin Excel

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math what I learned,

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I learn is taught Who taught

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you taught you taught Who? Now Okay, so I learned a lot Who taught you taught us I learned and you taught us in nucca indeed you know meaning indeed can meaning you and you This is a new pronoun. Remember those pronouns that we were learning about who appear on their own not attached to any other word? Just as the word home as the word national. Right national is we enter means you

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enter means you but this is you for one singular and the plural of antis and don't.

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So under you alone, and rd, they always all knowing we have done this before. And Hakeem the always online

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and Arlene, be always all who because it's from Ellen who

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And Hakeem the always all, how would you translate it further? It's from hikma which is wisdom. And Hakeem the always always see if you look at these words Allah Eileen and Hakeem Allah Eileen. And Hakeem also if you look at the translation, they always all knowing the always all wise

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Allah He said, Yeah, oh, we have done the word Yeah. Or you have before which means Oh, and here also means

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Adam, Adam,

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be home, you inform them previously with the word m b, o. Ne. What does BO mean? You all informed and it means you one person informed. Right? The previous command was to all of the angels. Um, be Oh, all of you inform all of you angels informed me. Now the command is to one Adam Ernestina therefore the word is you informed okay? So you inform home them meaning informed the angels be usma him with their names beat meaning with a smart names him their fellow man so when llama means when I'm back home he informed them see the word

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it's he informed just as a word of da da

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da da it ends with a fat house it's he he informed home them be asthma him with their names color he said

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did not we did the word lung before and after home loan to the home similarly, alarm did not occur when I say now you see over here also the Hamza at the beginning indicates I

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lock on to you in me indeed I are alemu I know. Again the hunza indicates i

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know i know labor unseen a silhouette of the heavens will have and the remember when we say a silhouette as the heavens It doesn't mean gentlemen. Okay. Summer does not mean gentlemen. When we use the word heaven we don't mean paradise what we mean is the sky above us. So smls heavens was out and the earth was our level and I know again the Hamza indicates I math What do balloon you all disclose Why is it you or because of the third and the well known wama and what golden dome you were to moon you all can see again why is it you are because of the third and a well known

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what is and when the word is coming again all we said

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why is it we because of

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lil Miller eager to the angels This is Lee do for the melodica angels was do do all of you prostrate. Now again this is a command this is an instruction just as a word um be Oh, was doo doo

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doo doo all of you do such that all of you frustrate Lee Adam for Adam, first surgery do so they prostrated

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in there except if it is a please other he refused.

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Over here the word ever is he refused? What and if that borough, he acted proudly from tekapo arrogance. So estacada he acted proudly he became proud what Canada and he was main from El Kheir feeding those who disbelieve the ones who disbelieve Why is it the ones those because of the good. And what's the singular of caffeine?

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Well, cola and we said yeah, or Adam, Adam was gone. You'd well. What is this?

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It's a command very good. It's an imperative. b o, b was gone 12 and you again the word antis coming, what does it mean? You one person, so you dwell was out you and your wife we did the word as word before as word means spouses. It can be used for one of affair either the husband or the wife. But sometimes depending on the context, the words ouch has a specific meaning. So for example, over here, as Melissa was being told you're

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spouse obviously, it's going to be translated as your wife. So while we're Ella Janata the paradise we did the word Jen net which is a plural of the word gender. So, live both of you in Jana work could laugh and you do

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this is something new coolair you to eat. You see in Arabic

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When it comes to quantity

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or the quantity of a particular for example, people or things or objects, okay.

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There are three types, one is the singular which is used for one.

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The other is for two, which is for dual called destiny.

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And then there is plural, German, which is for more than two.

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In English, we use a plural for

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more than one is it. In English generally we use the word plural for who more than one, but in Arabic You have one, then you have another word for two, and then you have another form for more than two. Okay, so over here what you see cola you do eat, this is off duty. This is off to and what's the indication for that? What's the sign for that? The Elif at the end

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just as the sign for plural is a well known or known or in a lifter, right. Similarly, the sign for a duel is an olive.

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Sometimes it's less known.

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But when the Elif comes at the end that should tell you that this is dual it's talking about two so coolair you do eat if it was kulu How would you translate that? You all eat? If it was cool? You eat so coolair you to eat manger from it rather than abundantly Hazel wherever she do.

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You do will

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she do math? You do willed if it was she dumb

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you all will. If it was shaped if

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you will one person. So she do you do well. And she is from Sha insha Allah so she to marry you to will while and do not duck or bear. You do go near if it was Dakota blue you all go near right. So Takara there you go in your head he does a shadow rotor the tree further coup Nair consequently you too will become if it was the cool new you all will become if it was just a coup No.

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You one person the coup Nair youtube so first akuna consequently you do will become main from a worldly mean those who do wrong those who do

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what's the root word?

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wala me

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further lahoma then he caused to slip them do shavon caused Adam and her were both to slip for his soul as Allah is to make someone slip. So he caused a slip humor them do again you see who ends with a leaf What does that mean? Do if it was just home then it would be them. So far as the lahoma he goes to slip them to who caused them to slip out a shavon shavon on her from it from what from Jenna for arogya humor then he got them to out again Roger he got out who humor them to memory from that which can they do work again there is an added which indicates destinia fee in it or call center and we said a bill to all of you get down it's plural because of the well and it's you all because the

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word is an imperative it's an instruction it's a command all of you get them bearable calm some of you variable calm is Bob meaning some and co meaning you we did the word Baroda yesterday, which is a mosquito which is on the word about some of you can only see some of the mosquito with the naked eye. So baraboo calm some of you lead by win for some others. lemmings for bow, some. So bow buku Lieberman. Some of you are

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to others, meaning you are to each other are the one enemies or the one is a new word, it's going to come many times or do is an enemy will come and for you fee in a way the earth must have a place to stay.

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Remember, the word that begins with a meme is a noun of some sort, right? Either it is a noun that is doing the action, or it is a noun, where or on which the action is being done. So, most acop is a place where the action of staying is done.

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Remember, name place, so, this is a place it's a noun. So monster calm, a place to stay warmer, and a temporary benefit matar is a new word. It means temporary enjoyment. Illa to Hainan a time. Shane means time for then dollar car he received

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the car he received. It's not you received. Okay. I know that the word is beginning with a death. Okay. Generally, when the word begins with a thought, what does it mean? You sometimes it means

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she doesn't it? Sometimes third gives the meaning of she? And sometimes it doesn't mean she and it doesn't mean you. But rather, it conveys a completely different meaning. All right. And remember that the state does not mean he over here.

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The term does not mean he over here. So tilaka he received, you see, in verbs? What letters do you have? The letters that are if the root word, then there are letters which gives the meaning of the pronoun? Okay. Is it up we He Who is it? Then there are letters which indicate the quantity by for example, if there's a while at the end that will indicate plural, right? And then there are some extra letters, which give additional meaning to the word. For example, in the word necessary No.

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Necessary No, we ask for help. The word seen into what meaning does it convey is a part of the route? No. Is it a pronoun? No. Does it give the meaning of quantity? No. What meaning does it convey of seeking remember told you Nestor aim to seek Alright, so some additional letters. They don't give the meaning of pronouns. They don't they're not part of the root letters. They're don't indicate quantity, but they give some other meanings. Okay, they shape the meaning of the root word. So this third is functioning in the same way. What's the root of this word lamp off? Yeah, we did the meaning of Lapeer before as to meet wasn't it? What either lukou What does lukou mean? They met

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but teleca is to receive

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so it kind of shapes the meaning it gives a different shape to the meaning. Okay, so telco he received a demo Adam mirabai from his Lord Kelly Martin words Kalamata is a plural of Canada, you know about the word kalama it means word kalimat words forever so he turned in mercy are they he upon him in the who indeed he who he alone meaning Allah is

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the Greatest acceptor of repentance. Why is it greatest acceptor of repentance? Because the word is the word in trouble we'll go into the details that later on and he is also a Rahim the always on merciful well now we said it before you will get done we've done this word before. Men have from it Jeremy on all together for ima. So whenever have we done the word mo before

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we've done the word um, this is different from ama ama with the Fatah is as for it's worth of See, ima gives a meaning of if when

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so for ima so whenever you do an ACO it definitely comes to you. Okay, the word yet dia means it comes. He comes. It comes and you see this noon?

00:29:24--> 00:29:36

You see this noon with a shredder yet Dr. Neff and then come to see the noon with the shutter. Do you okay this noon with a shot? This gives the meaning of definitely

00:29:38--> 00:29:57

Okay. Go means you yes to means it comes. What is this noon? This noon means definitely so yeah, the unknown when it definitely comes to you, meaning it will definitely come to you. It's a promise. Men need from me. Can you break this word down for me?

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men from

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The year indicates me just as the word in indeed and in me, indeed, I so mean me from me, Holden guidance Furman, then whoever who he followed who there, yeah. My guidance Why is it my guidance? Because of the Yes. Who the means guidance? Yes. My guidance fellow than not hopefully a fear or lay him upon them, whether and nor whom they yes or no, they will. Why is it a because of the year and well known, on the other hand, one less Xena and those who care for all the disparate workers Zaboo and they realize why is it day because of the world tour? Be a dinner with our sons. yet? This is plural of the word I remember the meaning of the word if we did. So, yeah, Tina, our versus our

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signs will echo those of her companions Have you heard of the word Sahaba companions of her is another form of that, as have companions and now of the fire, whom they see her in it called the dune ones with will dwell eternity

00:31:16--> 00:31:19

the while at the end indicates plural

00:31:20--> 00:31:39

okay. The while at the end indicates plural. Now depending on the rest of the word, either you will translate the word as they or you will translate the word is you all for example, in the word is bill to its you all get down why because a burrito is a command.

00:31:40--> 00:31:53

Okay? And gafa rule camdeboo is a verb that happened in the past. So that's why it is they write the while itself does not mean they.

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So over here when Allah says when Latina cafaro worker will be a Latina. Ayah v refers to is that akoni as well as shuddering that they deny these signs they deny the verses that Allah has revealed. When I was horrible enough, such as the companions of the Hellfire, toward us have is the plural of slushy

00:32:15--> 00:32:17

from the roof letters, solid hair

00:32:19--> 00:32:24

and the word sociable means companionship to be in the company of someone.

00:32:26--> 00:32:52

Have you heard of the word Sahabi? Who is this a hobby? a companion of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So this is what software is companionship. So over here in law says that they are the companions of the Fire. What does it mean by companions of the Fire? Those who will be in the fire, not leaving the Hellfire for even a moment, eternally, in the hellfire.

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Home via holiday. They will be in Hellfire forever. We have done the word hard to do earlier. It is a plural of the word holiday. And holiday is someone who stays forever. Someone who stays forever does not change. does not die does not come to an end. Would I have enough comfy holiday?

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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nano sub before we hand

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the solar

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in me

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We want

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to move

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our code

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takuna Amina?

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Boom labor.

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wallet boom fill out

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