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Fatir 15-38 Tafsir 15-26

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim

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lesson number 230. So the fact that I am number 15 to 30

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yeah you harness all mankind or people. untold for para una de la. You are those in need of Allah and Allah. Will Allahu Allah need Yun Hamid while Allah He is the free of need the one who is praiseworthy?

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Yeah yohannes Allah subhanaw taala is addressing the people over here, and how is he addressing with Health Canada, and how Canada is used to raise someone's attention to call them alert them because what is being said is very important.

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Yeah, a human mass and the word unece this is, um, this is general. So it includes all people, all types of people, regardless of their age, their gender, race, ethnicity, social status, lineage, profession, the time that they live in, their piety, etc, regardless of anything, who does anass refer to all people,

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all people, all mankind. So yeah, you harness all mankind, or people until 400 in law, all of you are fukada to Allah, you are copied before Allah, you are in need of Allah. Pokhara is the plural of the thief, the thief This is isn't cipher. And it gives meaning affair in meaning one who has

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one who has fecund meaning one who is suffering from poverty. And focus literally means to peers to make a hole.

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And it's also used for poverty. from the same root as a word of envy, fewer call is used for the vertebra, which are the series of small bones that form the backbone. If you ever look at the picture of the skeleton of the backbone, the bone How is it like it's small, tiny, tiny bones that are one on top of the other. And all of them actually have a hole through them. They all have a hole through them, which is how they are connected.

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And facula What does it mean *er? What does it mean literally to make a hole? reality? So these bones factor of what do they have a hole through them? We learned intellectual piano doesn't know and use our labia clearer and clearer is also used for a back breaking calamity.

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You see, whenever a person is going through some stress, where does he feel its impact most on his back, isn't it? Many times backache is not caused, because of some heavy lifting, or some back injury. But sometimes it's also caused because of stress. Displaying stress because when a person is stressed, his body is very tense, isn't it. And when the body is tense, the impact is also felt by the backbone. And when a person is carrying some heavy weight on himself, whether that weight is tangible or intangible, like a heavy responsibility, he feels the impact on his back, which is why the word fabula is used for a back breaking calamity. And from this is also *up. And what is

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poverty? Because when a person is suffering from poverty, does it stress him out? Of course it does. It really stresses him out. It really makes him dense,

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and especially for what is used for extreme poverty, extreme poverty, in which the Philippines, the person who is suffering from poverty, He neither has any wealth, nor does he have any gossip. He doesn't have any assets. He doesn't own anything. He doesn't have any investments. And he doesn't even have the means to earn and

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you understand

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someone who does not have money and he doesn't have a job. He doesn't have anything is completely dependent on others. He has no source of income, no means of acquiring anywhere. He has nothing whatsoever. So all people What are you before Allah, Buffy if you own nothing, you can do nothing. You are completely dependent on who Allah. Allah, Allah. Allah Allah, what does it mean you all are in need of Allah

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Have a feed because he owns nothing. Who does it depend on other people? If he wants to eat? Can he just go buy food? No, he has to go to some shelter, he has to go to some soup kitchen. He has to wait for somebody to give it to him. He has to ask someone, he cannot just go and get it himself. He is dependent. So also Corrado, in a law, you are dependent on who on

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June 11. You need him, you cannot do without him. You can never ever be independent of free of need alone. No, you need him. He doesn't need you. But you need him.

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And when do you need him?

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In every single state, of course, in this dunya and also India.

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Think about it from the moment a child is conceived. He's in the womb of the mother. Does it depend on a lot? Of course he does it along once. His growth may discontinue isn't it? So how can it continue? How can he get his nourishment only once a month?

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Because sometimes we see that the mother she's taking extremely nutritious food. It's quite possible to take a lot of multivitamins, everything, but still the child does not get what he needs. So who does it depend on? Only

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when the child is born? Who does it depend on Allah, who takes care of his needs Allah throughout his life, who are people dependent on Allah Subhana data and even in the stages of the hereafter for the fully before Allah

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and towards Pokhara in Allah, you are in need of his help, you are in need of his favours, we need him in this dunya and the Aquila, for salvation for success for survival. This is why only worshiping

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because you are fukuro to Allah, therefore worship only him, ask only him and in order to please Him, He said, the swift

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one law who and Allah who will and he, he is the one who is rich, and he is an Hamid The one who is praiseworthy of money and Hamid, both of these nouns are ism sofa aleni this is from Lena What does Lynette need to be rich, to be free of need to have everything

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who is a rich person? One who has everything that he needs even more than what he needs, isn't it? He has even more than what he needs. This is who a rich person is. So Allah He is Lenny. He is above one, he is free from what he does not depend on anyone. No one at all. He is free of need of others. So he is funny. He is many of his servants are His creatures. He doesn't need them. He doesn't need them to serve Him. He doesn't need them to feed him. He doesn't need them to praise him. He doesn't need them to worship Him.

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Voila, who the well honey he is rich and he is a Hamid as well he is also praiseworthy. So al Hamid from the reflectors, how mean that this is also Islam cipher. And Hamid gives a meaning of phylum of root.

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My fruit because Hamid is one who is praised one who is praiseworthy,

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and honey is one who deserves praise, whether or not others praise Him, the one who deserves praise. So how is it last punctata attorney? How is he machmood?

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How is the last panel data and honey? How come Alhamdulillah Why?

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Because he is the Holic he is the Malik and he is the winner and he is also the one who bestows favours on his creation. So this is why he is praiseworthy in every state good Leone in Waukesha, right, in every set, no matter what he does, he deserves him.

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Which is why we see that in the Quran, even at the destruction of certain nations, who are disobedient to Allah what has been said 100 in that why, because even that shows that Allah deserves. So no matter what he does, he deserves praise because he is one who bestows every favor on his servants. This is why 100 Allah, Allah couldn't be held All Praise to Allah in every state.

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So yeah you Hannah's until Allah, you are needy before Allah, you are nothing before Allah in order to survive. You need a love and a light does he need you? He doesn't need you at all. So for your own good, who should you worship?

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Allah, Who should you be grateful to Allah? Who should you turn to?

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You can never ever be indifferent. You can never think you don't need him. Because when you will think that you don't need Allah, Allah will show you how you are, you are nothing, Allahu Allah need your hand. Because people, no matter how strong they become, no matter how mighty they become, no matter how wealthy they become, they do experience times, when they know their wealth is of no use. When they know their connections are of no use. They're completely dependent on others.

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Instead of Muhammad is 38, we learned why many other halls in the neighborhood or NFC, or law will have a need you are undoing for whoever withholds only withholds benefit from himself. Who doesn't give in the way of Allah, Who doesn't worship, who is he being stingy to himself, a person who does not make there are, who is he being stingy with himself, because Allah Who is he will love Alinea, you will understand for color, Allah is rich, and you are for.

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So when you ask him, you're only benefiting yourself, we're into the window. And if you turn away yesterday,

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I'm sad. And if you turn away, he will replace you with another people, that they will not be the likes of you.

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He shut up because if he will, he can do away with you. Where DB Hall Can God and he can bring forth a new creation. If Allah wants, he can completely finish you. He can cause all of you to die, he can give that to every single person human being. So no person would remain on the surface of the earth. He can take your power away, he can take your abilities away, he would have gone. Where do you hope in God is and he can bring about a new creation. He can bring he can replace you with another Hulk. And can you resist that? can you avoid that? Can you you cannot. You cannot help yourself, even you cannot even defend yourself. This is how needy you are.

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We act as if we are independent. We don't need a lot as if we're doing a favor.

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This is something that's very common amongst people that if they're doing something for them, they think as if they're doing a favor.

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They think that they're doing a favor, which is why what happens, they demand something in return, or they demand that they should be accommodated. And they should be allowed to do whatever they want because they're doing the thing.

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Whereas the fact is that when a person realizes that he's he's only a servant, then what is his behavior? He is humble, isn't it? He remains humble, he does not become arrogant, he does not go on demanding that make this accommodation for me and make that accommodation for me. No, he remains humble.

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So we should realize that if Allah has given us the opportunity to do something, we are not doing a favor.

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We are only looking for only benefiting ourselves. Allah doesn't need us. He doesn't need us at all. If he has given us an opportunity, this is his special favor on us.

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So be good to yourself and remain humble. And never think you're doing a favor. Rather, take advantage of this opportunity and do your best. Give it your best do the best that you can. Because Allah says in your shirt you the cubicle, he can replace you with somebody else. Even How can God he can bring about others in your place. And you cannot resist that at all. Never at all.

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Insert and Missa 133 we learn English at YouTube comm au Hannah's where DVR hurried, what can Allahu Allah vaniqa cadoola if you will, he can do away with you or people and bring others in your place And ever is not competent to do that. It's not difficult for him.

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This is why Allah says woman vedika Allah La heger Aziz, and that is for Allah not difficult at all. It's not difficult at all for him, Aziz. Aziz is also there's some safer and Ozzy's over here is from Azalea zoo, and Azalea zoo. What does it mean to be hard to be tough? And especially when it comes with either, like over here, woman vedika or the law E. br Z's, what does it mean? It's not at all difficult for them. It's not tough for me. This is not to mighty for him. No, it's very simple.

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He can just say cone, and that's it, you're finished replaced by others. So in summary, in these is what are we being told that we are in need of Allah and Allah, He is free of me. We need him and he does not need us. If we turn to Him, we benefit ourselves. If we turn around

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from him, we humiliate ourselves

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we become even more forgiving

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and a person he has limited life limited abilities, whatever he has has been given to him by who Allah soprano darlin anytime they can be taken away from him and a person cannot resist that he cannot avoid them. So head lice and what journey to

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insert Ibrahim I ah we learned Wakanda Moosa in duck photo and a woman fill up the Jumeirah in the law, does anyone have any Masada said I'm sad to these people if you should display you and whoever is on the earth entirely every single one of you disbelieves indeed Alliance for you have made and crews working, you will not be harmed at all.

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What does your Where's your tin whistle O'Hara and no wear of burdens will bear the burden of another. If a person turns away from Allah disregards what Allah has commanded, there is a burden of sin today. He will have to bear that tomorrow as well. And no one will help him. Let as you as your own wisdom, who is why zero is unfair in one who is bearing the burden. One who is carrying wizard

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and wizard is used for generally used for sin.

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It's used for the burden of sin. Because when a person does something wrong, it is like a burden on him, isn't it? When you do something wrong when you feel guilty? Don't you feel under pressure? Of course you do. Which is why Allah subhanaw taala has opened the door of Toba, of seeking forgiveness that turned to Allah get rid of that burden. But if a person does not get rid of that burden in the dunya, by seeking forgiveness from Allah, then he will have to bear it when in the hereafter on the Day of Judgment.

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And wizard is also used for a heavy load,

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a heavy load. And even fantasy said that wizard is such a burden. It's stuff that a person dies up in a piece of cloth and carries on his shoulder.

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So imagine you have a lot of stuff. What do you do? Like for example, you have laundry to do, you take one sheet, you put all the laundry in it, you tie it, and then you carry it with on your shoulder.

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So whether you're carrying it on your shoulder, isn't as heavy? Of course it is. This is what wizard is, it's your own personal load. Nobody else will carry it for you. And it's carried by you chaired by no other. So whenever it does utilize the rotten wisdom, Oprah when a person commits sin, who will bear the burden of it himself, no one will come and say, let me carry it for you. Let us it was rotten wisdom Oprah was in the room was color to enter him the hair. And if I was one who is heavily laden with sin, if a must Allah saw called illa hemley had to its load. What does it mean? muscala. Sir, of lamb circle, circle is also

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with it means to be heavy. And most Allah, this is move on meaning isn't move I'll

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isn't my rule. Because if you go to Bob, if you have further use, if all four move freely move freely, is the one who does the action and morphol is the one in whom the action is done with a photon. So most people, and for most people, most

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so most people is what is the most rule one on whom the burden The Lord is laid, carrying the burden. So who is muscala? The person who will be heavily laden with sin on the Day of Judgment,

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heavily laden with sin?

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If this person calls others why in our family had to its Lord, why would a person who is carrying a lot of Lord call others to his Lord? Why would he do that?

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for help, so that others may carry some and lighten his burden. So if any person tries to do that, can you please come and help me? Can you please come in, carry something for me, law your mailman who shows nothing at all will be came from nothing at all will be taken away from men who what is good refer to the wisdom. The human the burden, the Lord, the sin, lay of male men who shy or nothing at all will be taken away from him. Why? Because no person will be willing.

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No person will want to

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know a person will want to carry the sin of another on his shoulder.

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And secondly, even if someone wants to, will they be able to No, no person will be able to do so. No person will be able to help another by saying that we carry some of your burdens. Why? Because the crime, the sin, the burden, the Lord is going to be attached to the sinner.

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Just as we see that a person

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who does not pay as a cat, who hoards Well, what's going to happen, his wealth is going to come in the form of a snake wrapped around his neck, wrapped around his neck. Now will any person say give me the snake, no person will willingly take it. And even if someone says Let me help you, they'll be unable to because the crime the burden is attached to the person last moment who shame on wallow.

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And even if he is a possessive close relationship, meaning even if the person who is being called is a close relative of the muscala still you will not respond he will not care. He will not care at all when Oh, Canada Cova. Even if he's closely related to him, a father, mother, sister, brother, husband, someone so close. People used to carry your burden in the dunya for you tomorrow, they will not carry a thing either. intimate Look, man is 33 we learn? Yeah, you Hannah. So taco taco walk show Yona, which day layer does he work? on? What are the what are my noodle wedges in our world admission

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into our Vasa 3437. We learned yoma federal government of Haiti. Well, mainly what he was talking about he will the Navy, the Colibri minyama even shut down.

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And this is the reality of the day of judgment that each person will be alone.

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Who does it depend on on that? Allah for salvation, for forgiveness for success? For Jenna, I'm the one following the law. And if a person has not been lucky to Allah, he has not humbled himself before allowing the dunya then Will he be able to do anything in the hereafter? No. So this is the reality of the Day of Judgment. But still we see, despite this, people are not concerned about the hero.

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They don't benefit from such reminders. Why? Because in turn do indeed you can only warn who and

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those people who fear that those people who have fear of Allah, only they can benefit from the warning because fear what does it lead to? action? Right? So only those who fear their Lord will benefit from the reminder and how do they fear their Lord belhaj Eb in the ANC? What does it mean by this? That when they are alone, when they are invaded from people, when they are alone, away from people in secret in private, and they fear Allah, such people benefit. Only such people will change your actions. Because usually when people are alone, what do they do? Whatever their heart's desire is, whatever their heart desires, that's what they do. They follow their wishes. And many times

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people will avoid certain actions when they are before others.

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Lie for example, a person prays Sunnah when he's with everybody when he's alone. can't be bothered. Who would prefer that even when alone?

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A person who fears Allah so intimate Angela and Lydia, Shona bonville right.

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And alive, also gives a sense of their Lord being in light, meaning they haven't seen him yet.

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Typically, who do we hear someone who we have seen, but a person who fears a lot without having seen a lot. He will benefit from this reminder into the scene I 11. Also, we learned in number two Nero, Manitoba dechra rahasya. Amana believe for the shield will be my Philippine Agilent getting

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into the car I have 45 return for that kid will call and man you have to worry the one who fears my threat into the nazjatar 45. In nema antimonial miasha. You're only a warner for those who fear.

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Well, I'll call sled at the end they established this honor, because this is a practical manifestation of the fear that a person has in his heart. Woman because at the end, whoever adopts purity, whoever purifies himself, how, by leaving sin by doing good deeds for in the Mayor de Cali nuptse, then indeed he is only adopting purity for his own benefit. Who will benefit when a person purifies himself? He himself because Allah is money is not going to get any benefit, you will benefit by reforming yourself. And remember that what you learned mostly to Allah is the destination. You're not in this dunya forever.

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So when a person purifies himself, he's only

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doing it for your own benefit.

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Woman yesterday when no one was not equal, or the blind and the same, the one who was blind, unable to see, and mostly the one who can see, are they the same? They're not the same. One who is blind? Who does it refer to?

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A person who is blind to the truth? A person who is unaware of the truth, a person who does not see the truth, despite the truth being clear.

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So for instance, a person who is doing * despite the oneness of Allah being clear, a person who is disobeying a lot, despite the disobedience being clear alarma and adverse leaders were the one who can see. So Arma disbeliever endlessly reliever?

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Are they the same? Not at all?

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and the word was it this is the same cipher, right? both leaders who, one who sees one of those little mats, what a new, nor are the darknesses, and the light, the darkness is and the light even, they're not the same in the tangible sense and also in the intangible sense, physical darkness, physical light is there any resemblance between the two no completely different. And similarly, the darkness of ship the darkness of ignorance, the darkness of misguidance and on the other hand, the light of Eman the light of knowledge, the light of guidance are the same.

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What else Linda will and how to, nor are the shade and the heat of limb, what this lid referred to shed, and leave us from the roof address them learn

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and helluva through letters how, how, what has helped me heat and Hello, is used for hot wind. And it's derived from the word helado What does helado mean? heat and if you think about it, heat it source could be anything, isn't it? It could be the sun, it could be hot weather, it could be fired, isn't it? It could be different sources. So while we know what

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shade and heat they are not the same,

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it is said that shadow it refers to gender. Why? Because in gender, you will not experience any heat there in you will not experience any sun over there. And you will not experience any extreme cold over there either. So of when it refers to gender, and unhealed. What does that refer to? What does that refer to Hellfire? Is there any resemblance between the two?

00:27:45--> 00:28:07

Any? No, they're completely different gender, where a person gets the blessings of Allah and Hellfire with it's full of punishment, there is no resemblance. And even if you think about it, otherwise, if you're out in the heat, exposed to sunlight, sweating, and you go and park your car in the shade,

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isn't there a difference? a huge difference. So when those little one on how even they're not the same, they're completely different.

00:28:17--> 00:28:36

And similarly, Allah says, When is the will or here or when a word and the living and the dead even they are not the same? Allah here Laura love, hate. And hate is also isn't sofa because one who has hired it's actually how ye and that turns into Hi.

00:28:37--> 00:28:41

So one who has hired an unwed Florida

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my yet? Who is my youth? One who has motor, one who is dead. So the living and the dead, even they are not the same in the physical sense, tangible sense. And also in the intangible sense. So when you see this contrast between these two things, and you know they're completely different, then how can you say that turning to Allah and turning away from Allah Yun? They're the same. They're not the same.

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How can you say that doing good and doing evil, it's the same. It cannot be the same. Striving to earn the pleasure of Allah and being indifferent to unlock and they'd be the same, they cannot be the same. They're completely two different realities.

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In the law, you smear Romania indeed a law he makes to hear whomsoever He wills

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and a smile, use mirror to make someone listen. So Allah gives a trophy to listen to whomsoever He wants to. And when a person is given the feet to listen, what does it mean? He accepts the guidance that Allah has given he responds positively. Women who smearing men feel horrible, and you cannot at all, make to listen. Those people who are in graves Will Smith who is Muslim, it is some foreign one who makes to listen

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So your Prophet sallallahu Sallam cannot make to listen, those who are in the graves, alcoholism, Florida covered, meaning those who are dead Can you make them listen? You cannot. So similarly, a person who is dead in his heart, who does not have faith, who does not listen? Can you make him listen? Can you know? Can you make him understand? Can you make him accept? No, you cannot. This is why Allah subhanaw taala says, insulted an Iowan 22 that a woman can animate. And he now Who was your own mela, who knew Run DMC, the evenness command method wolfelt Luna met Lisa, how did you meet her? That the one who was dead and we gave him life and made for him light by which to walk among

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the people? Can we be like the one who was in darkness, never to emerge from it. They're not the same. And if you look at these two opposite things are being mentioned. A comparison is being struck for us that look, when you know darkness and light are not the same. When you know that the living and dead are not the same. Then how can you say that Eman and Cofer are the same gratitude and ingratitude are the same. They cannot be the same, they're completely opposite. And when they're completely opposite ways, they lead to completely opposite ends as well. They lead to completely opposite destinations as well

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into adulthood. I a 24. Wheeler and methadone for clinical Irma was a sonmi. Well, it was severe Holly, so we're gonna find out.

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The example of the two parties is like the blind and the deaf. The two parties are who the believers and the disbelievers what is their example like the blind and the Deaf and the singing and the hearing? Are they equal in comparison with you not remember, we do not understand

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because the one who has the light of Eman The one who has failed, the one whose eyes are open, whose ears are functioning, will he respond? He will respond unless punctata says uncertain if 36 in them is the G bernadina.

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And those who close their eyes who don't have the light of faith, will they respond? No. Well motiva or someone will love somebody.

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They do not respond. This is why I must point out it says over here that in the law use me Romania shall not be Muslim earning money from coal. So what is your responsibility then? In enter Elana D, you are not but a wonder Your duty is only to convey the warning. That's it. You cannot force the guidance on people and the addresses first of all the profits are a lot of sediment afternoon all of us are being addressed. In now all of a sudden NACA been healthy Bashir on one of the law. Indeed we have sent you with the truth as a bearer of good news and also as a warning. So therefore your duty is to just convey the good news and also to convey the warning what a min omet in in la hora de

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hannity and there is no nation except that a warner fast in

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every nation, every community, every people, Allah soprano, Tata sent warning in the form of warriors. Sometimes it was through messengers and sometimes it was through those whom the messenger sent the followers of the messengers,

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like Reese or the seller, he himself conveyed the message and after him, Who did he send? Who did he send His disciples? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam He Himself gave the warning and after him who conveyed the warning, who conveyed the warning? The Sahaba so every oma Allah sent a warning to Allah has warned everyone so no one can say we did not know. So if a person is in darkness, whose fault is it, his fault, instead of the NACA 36, we learned while Coronavirus nafi couldn't be automatic lasuna Aniruddha laha wedges.

00:34:02--> 00:34:08

And we certainly sent into every nation a messenger saying that worship Allah and avoid the problem.

00:34:10--> 00:34:26

When you can be vulgar, and if they deny you for the caliber Nadine M and COVID M. Then in fact, those people before them even they deny, who did they deny? Their messengers, meaning there's nothing new. But what was the reaction of the messengers? What did they do?

00:34:27--> 00:34:59

Did they give up? What did they do that they were patient? Just tomasulo one bill by Jannati what is zubiri or bill kita Mooney, their messengers came to them with clear proofs, clear proofs albena in the form of miracles, and also what is zubiri and the scrolls scriptures like for example, Ibrahim are listening was given his sort of circle of Ibrahima, what will keep adding money and enlightening book somewhere given complete scriptures like

00:35:00--> 00:35:22

The total visible, the Injeel the Quran. So Allah subhanaw taala has not left people in ignorance, he has not left people in misguidance No, Allah has sent messages, he has shown the light. If someone accepts, he is fair to himself. And if someone rejects he is only harming himself.

00:35:24--> 00:35:40

Somehow hostile Latina. cafaro then I see is the ones who disbelieve those people who disbelieved last season, He punished them the case again and again. So how is my reproach I was my punishment. The word Nikita Zhu is used for

00:35:41--> 00:36:01

such punishment that is unimaginable. You cannot even imagine it you could ever imagine, when Pharaoh and had built his pyramids, and he had built his great architecture, lofty structures, with so much detail with so much artwork, who could ever imagine that that civilization would come to an end?

00:36:03--> 00:36:05

Was it ever imaginable? No.

00:36:06--> 00:36:26

The people who made their houses in mountains, carving them out who could ever imagined that one day no person would live here. Nobody imagined. Like for example, you look outside today, you look at huge buildings, tall buildings, such intricate systems that people have placed detail that people have placed. And you wonder, Is it ever going to come to an end?

00:36:27--> 00:37:02

You know, every time I pass by a building that is being constructed, I wonder when will it be demolished? I wonder? Because in my life, I've never seen even one building demolished. I know they're being demolished. They do get demolished after some time. But after a very long time, right. So when you see these buildings, you wonder, Is it ever gonna come to an end? The way people are living the way people have set them up? The way people are looking after them, maintaining them. But Allah says, Okay, if I got a monkey, how was My punishment, nobody ever imagined it. Nobody ever expected it. But it came. They were finished.

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We listened to the recitation of these

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me, he

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was TV.

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Jedi won

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the world.

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isn't so far right necky 13 Okay. So what meaning does it give a fire alarm?

00:40:15--> 00:40:16

Think about

00:40:17--> 00:40:21

one that is denied. One that is unimaginable.

00:40:23--> 00:40:26

Is it one that is imagining or one that is unimaginable.

00:40:27--> 00:40:28

So what is it fire them up

00:40:30--> 00:40:31

to Nikita gives me the

00:40:32--> 00:40:36

one that is rejected. You cannot even comprehend it.

00:40:37--> 00:40:39

Let's listen to the recitation.

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Orlando Nila

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