Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 22 – L230C

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the loss of paradigm in the region and the variety of colors and people within their race, as well as the use of the term "aroma" in the region and fear of Islam. They emphasize the importance of learning and applying knowledge in a longer time to increase one's fear of the Prophet sallaviara. The speakers also discuss the importance of knowing one's own knowledge and actions in relation to fear, the concept of unity Java 10, and risk-free investing in risk-free investments. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding loss and avoiding loss by default.
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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim lesson number 230 suited fadli we'll begin from number 27

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I don't know Allah ends at Amina summer Emma,

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do you not see that Allah sends down rain from the sky? Is it not clear to you Have you not seen this? Do you not witness this? That Allah is the one who sends down water from the sky in various forms sometimes in the form of rain, other times in the form of snow and sometimes in the form of here. So avoid is the one who sends down this water from the sky. And when this water comes down what happens for a holiday nervy then we produce we take out because of it meaning because of this water that comes down, we produce some rotten, muffed elephant elyda fruits produce that is different varying in its color. Some are opposite Florida, some are and some are generally typically

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translated as fruit. But as you know that it's not limited to only fruits, what does it include all types of produce, because literally it is a product of a process. So it includes grains, it includes seeds, it includes vegetables, fruit, all types of fruits and vegetables, all types of produce. So a lot of producers from the earth as a result of the rain, some a lot. And these Some are odd, how are they different, different, diverse, varying, and why new hair in its colors. And wine is a Florida loan. And loan, as you know, is used for color. And sometimes the word load also applies to time.

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So varying in their types. So what does it mean by that? That it's not that there's only one type of fruit? Only apples? No, there are so many apples and oranges and different types of fruits. And even within each category, don't you have further divisions? different different types you do? So most relevant, unguided have different types. And secondly, what does it mean different colors. Because if you look at it, apples, their color is different from the color of oranges and grapes, and so on and so forth.

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And the shape, the color of each fruit is unique, isn't it, you will not find two fruits which are identical in their color, which are identical in their appearance in their shade in the pattern that's under skin. No, each has a unique pattern.

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If you compare two cucumbers, even, they'll vary under sizes, they'll vary in their shades, isn't it, there's no monotony. Rather, there's so much variety in the creation that Allah soprano God has made. And this is amazing that the same water that falls down from the sky, the same water is taken in by the earth. But what happens the product the produce is so different. In its type in its taste in its color, in its appearance in its shade. All of that varies. So who has done all of this? A lot of

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this is also mentioned in the item before that we're filling out the paper on with a Java tool which anatomy are nabbing was that when a thief slain when will they use it when you saw the man in were hidden when you felt really bad about her and about the local infidelity if you commit to doing that within the land, our neighboring plots and gardens of grape vines and crops and palm trees, growing several from root or otherwise watered with one same water. But what happens we make some of them exceed others in quality of fruit, the water is the same and you pick two apples, what happens one is extremely sweet, and the other is not that sweet. So who has kept this variety a lot.

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And this is not just found in produce but rather also while I'm in LG Valley and also from the mountains.

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meaning there's also variety in the colors of the mountains. And isn't it amazing? Some mountains you'll find lush green, others you'll find dry, barren ground with nothing on them. Otherwise you'll find extremely Rocky and even the rock you'll find it of different different colors. Some mountains are red, some mountains are black. Isn't it amazing? Some parts you go to of the world, you'll find black mountains literally dark grey, dark brown, and sometimes you'll find them red. So who has kept this variety of the mountains as well in their color is a loss of paradigm

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and in the mountains there are Judah

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treats these treats they are vielen white and also a hormone and also ones that are red. Judith is a Florida of Judah from the Riveters gene than that.

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And Judah is understood in three ways over here that first of all it refers to streaks lines,

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lines that are in mountains, Rocky Mountains and these lines these streaks What are they like? White and also red.

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Like for instance, if you just look at any granite or marble is displayed in its color. No, it's amazing how sometimes you find black streaks, white streaks, red streaks, if you look at the natural stones, not the artificial ones that people have made, but the natural one, you find such beautiful patterns and their streaks different different shades different different colors. So they're Judah Don't be a little more humble than in Rocky Mountains.

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Secondly, do that is also understood as portions like portions or plains of the data portions of mountain Some are white, some are red, and others have said that Judith may also refer to the paths, the pathways.

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And you may have seen that if there is a particular road that is made on a mountain, especially the mountain is full of trees. And you will find from a distance as if there are lines on the mountains, isn't it? And sometimes you find those lines read and sometimes why depending on the actual color of the mountain. So don't be alone. We're homegrown telephone and while you have different in its colors, work or be blue suit and some mountains their streaks or their portions, what are they like intensely black, or I'll be VISIT FLORIDA will be and they'll be fine. But and this is used for that which is extremely black from the same route is a word with what is it about a crow or Raven? Why?

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Because that is also extremely black in its color. So for arbib and sued, sued is a plural of the word as well. And what does this word mean? Black so Robbie was both give the meaning of black? Why are these words put together to show how extremely dark and black they are in the guy

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Bobby blue suit like we say jack black pitch black. Likewise, these mountains How are they what are we will suit necklines on the black streaks on them. So, we see that a lot of Pongala He has created his creation in various colors, where fruits are of different colors, plants are of different colors, leaves are of different colors, mountains are also different colors. So this variety or loss of panel data has kept in his creation. Why is it so? So that when we see it, we appreciate it. We get to recognize a loss of data, his knowledge, His mercy on us and his wisdom as well. Because the more variety You see, the more impressed you are.

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But unfortunately, we're not impressed by the creation of a loved one rather we are impressed by the granite companies. Right? This is what we were impressed by. But in fact we should be impressed by whom Allah subhanaw taala so this variety Allah has kept for our benefit so that we have reason to come closer to Allah

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wamena Nessie and among people what the web be and also creatures well and and the grazing livestock milk telephone albino are various colors gallica similar likewise in the same way that just as you find mountains of different colors, you find soil of different colors you find fruits of different colors. You also find people of different colors

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and different colors meaning Some are of completely different colors and even within the same race What do you find different shades? Isn't it so? No two people have the exact same complexion. So woman a nasty what the web be and even the creatures, different types of animals while an arm and the grazing livestock even. camels, goats, sheep cows. They're different in their gardens. Telephone Anwar Luca Derek, and if you see even within animals, what do you find? They have streaks on them as well. Right? Like for instance, zebras, giraffes, you have different colors on the most elephant.

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Even on the same animal you'll find different different colors. Cows, white cow black patches, brown cow with white patches. So who has got this variety in their colors, a lot of parameters

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in the auction law, Herman, everybody and the owner

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Indeed, who fears Allah from his servants? It is the earlier man. So it is the knowledgeable ones who fear Allah, from among his servants in the miosha in them and what meaning does it give only? Only these people the OSHA law he fears Allah, min everybody from his servants who an aroma, an aroma is a Florida?

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Who is an island?

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Who is

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one who has

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one was knowledge. So those who have knowledge from among the servants of Allah, they are the ones who have fear of

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what does this show

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that those who do not have knowledge Do they have the same level of fear? Know, whose level of fear is greater. The one who has more knowledge in the Nyasha Mohammed rebellion arena. And if you think about why it is mentioned over here, that when Allah subhanaw taala, I mentioned is different different types of creatures, the variety that he has capitalist creation, then he says that, it's the knowledge that we want to fear him Why?

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Because they will notice this variation, they will see it they will realize it and as a result, they will appreciate it more. And as a result, they will fear a lot even more. Right? So knowledge is what leads to fear. And what kind of knowledge is this? What kind of dilemma are these

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knowledge of Quran and Sunnah. What else along with that

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knowledge of Allah, knowledge of the creation, the favors of of love The Hulk that Allah has created.

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And you see, some say that lol really could be any Ireland, even if a person, you know is very, very knowledgeable of let's say, chemistry or physics or something like that even they are an island. Over here Island refers to who? Someone who has knowledge of a law, because what is being mentioned what kind of knowledge is being mentioned over here? In the context, what is being mentioned, the creation of a law isn't itself. So how do you develop modify the law? How do you develop recognition of the law? First of all, by learning his words, what has he said? Right? And also by looking at his hunk, what has he created? Remember, there are two types of if I added a Coney and I utter Sheree,

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both are necessary. And when a person has both, then his fear will be much greater compared to the fear of other people. So in Nevada law, Herman rebadging it or not, it's the knowledgeable ones who have fear of them. And remember, that it is not just about knowledge, knowing but it is also about applying the knowledge

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in a longer season of a food indeed a lucky is my G. And he's also forgiving, he is mighty is is Besides, what do they show how mighty is and he's a foot, he is forgiving towards his faithful servants.

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Now in this last parameter, tells us a fact that in the martial law, human or guardian, or know that it is only those people who have knowledge, who have fear of

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what kind of fear is

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fear based on knowledge, knowledge of what of the greatness of the other,

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when you know they are greater.

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So when can a person develop a sphere of

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knowledge, knowledge of what what Allah has said, knowledge of what Allah has created.

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And you see it as such fear that develops are in your heart. So, when you look at the variety of the creation of Allah, as we were discussing before, it really amazes you, right? It amazes you. So the more a person notices it, the more he is amazed by it, and as a result, the more he increases in his fear of unknown. So, the more a person knows about the attributes of Allah, the more a person knows about the commands of Allah, his actions, the more he will have history.

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And this is why we see that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said one law he in need of Shere Khan lillahi wa paku, that By Allah, I am more submissive to Allah and more afraid of him than any of you.

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I fear a lot more than any one of you. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam had most fear of Allah compared to any other person. Why? Because he knew a lot the most. He recognized a lot. The most

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So for cashier, one needs the microphone of law, one must have the recognition of a law. And how does a person develop, modify the law?

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How? Through the knowledge of the Quran and Sunnah and also by what Allah Subhana Allah has created

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by reflecting on that by learning about it.

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And you see, many times, unfortunately, people learn a lot about what Allah has created, but they don't look at it in the right perspective, isn't it? Which is why it does not lead to any fear? Isn't it? So? Like, for instance, so many children, they're taught about the water cycle about animals, about birds, about plants, about farming, so on and so forth endlessly? Every year in school? They're taught something new about science. But is it ever taught in the proper context? No. So if it's not taught in the proper context, if it's not learned in the proper context, then does it develop fear? It doesn't.

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So we see that, yes, knowledge of the creation is necessary. But what is more important is knowledge.

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That is what leads to truth you. And as I mentioned to you, is not just about knowledge, but it was also about acting on the knowledge. It's about fearing Allah. Because when a person fears Allah that is a sign that he has knowledge, you understand? And when a person does not fear Allah, what does that mean? He does not have any knowledge. He doesn't have true knowledge

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of the timeless rules of the garden when he said, lay said, or Elmo because it had easy. Well, I can elaborate more on Casper to flashier knowledge is not about knowing many Hadees that a person has memorized many ahadees that's not what knowledge is about. Knowledge is that which is by the much fear of

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meaning, when a person has a lot of fear of Allah, then he has,

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you understand? So it's not just about having a lot of information. It's about increasing in your humidity before.

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The more humble a person is, the more knowledge he has, the more beneficial his knowledge is. revere been honest, he said malum yaksha Felisa the island, the one who does not have fear of Allah, he's not, he's not a scholar. He's not a learned man, who

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the person who does not have fear of Allah, because what does Allah say over here? In Ayesha law, him and everybody here

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it's the orlimar, who have fear of Allah. And if a person does not have fear of Allah, then does he have in? Is he called an alum? No, he cannot be called an army,

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which I had said in Alamo Mancha Shama that indeed the alum is He who fears alone.

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And so even when he was asked that who was the most knowledgeable person in Medina, and he said, at the time who may have been

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the one who has most fear of

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being the one who was most fearful of his Lord is the one who is most knowledgeable he is the most I've got is one who doesn't attack him, but also feel also understanding, because only when knowledge is understood, then it can be translated into action isn't absorbed. So what is it that helps you understand and translate into action, the fear of law, because it's very easy to learn, to memorize, to know, but the real test is when a person puts it into action. And when can a person put it into action? When he has fear when he does not have fear, he will not put it into action.

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I literally learn who he also described who he is for pain, meaning one who has fear of the one who has understanding of the one two is true knowledge. He said in alpha to help confer p manlam. You can even ask me

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that indeed the true fucky the true for p The one who has understanding of the deen is the one who does not despair people have the mercy of Allah while I'm euro, Islam females when nor does he facilitate for them in disobeying, almost pyramidal meaning he does not say yeah, do this, do this. Everything is fine. Allah is most forgiving. You understand? There is no extremes. He doesn't make people despair of the mercy of Allah and at the same time, he does not make them feel go do whatever you want. Elizabeth little

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what am you among whom in other Villa, nor does he make people fearless off the punishment of

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when I'm either on or off button Andrew Illa v. Nor does he leave the Quran inclining towards something else.

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Who is that in Moses?

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The one who does not leave the Quran inclined to something else. Because the one who has true fear of Allah, what will he prefer over everything, the words of Allah, not anything else. So the sign of the truth of it is that you will prefer the Quran over and above everything, he will not incline towards anything else. That is what he will prefer.

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In the hula hula theory by the team learning Murphy, he said that, indeed, there is no good in worship, in which there is no knowledge, meaning when a person performs acts of worship without any knowledge, then that act of worship does not bring much benefit to him, isn't it? So? Think about it yourself, when you did not know the meaning of Salah. And when you knew the meaning of surah, is there a difference? Huge difference when a person has no idea what what he's saying? He can concentrate even a little bit. But when he learns about what he's saying, then doesn't that bring him benefit, then you can really see the benefit of solo

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winner in left Murphy. And there is no hide in knowledge, which is free from understanding meaning a person has a lot of information, but he doesn't comprehend a little bit even he doesn't understand even a little bit. And there's no head in Well, there are lithography here. And there is no good in recitation in which there is no reflection, meaning a person is reciting, reciting, but he's not reflecting.

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So what can we see from all of these statements that I've mentioned to you of this I have run out of the cellar, that knowledge is about action. Knowledge is about understanding it's about application.

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And when a person understands applies, what does that show? He has fear

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and when a person does not apply, then what does that show he does not have fear

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in the Medina Luna kitengela he indeed those people who recite the book of Allah was a common sign at the end they established the solar what unfair Coleman models upon our home Sylvan were alania and they spend in his cars out of what We have provided them secretly and also openly which people are described over here. Those who recite the book of Allah when

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and lay off in the house.

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Welcome Oh salata and they also established a solid how regularly because Salah that is an evidence that a person has fear of unknown

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what unforthcoming Moroccan on Sylvan where Alana and they also spend out of what Allah has given them openly and also secretly, someone secretly alanya openly. Why did they spend secretly? Why behind the veil? anonymously? Why to be saved from Ria? And why openly why alanya to encourage others.

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So as per need they spend secretly, openly, whatever the situation allows for them, but what does it show? They don't refrain from spending.

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Because sometimes we have an opportunity to get in the way of a loved one. We say, well, everybody's looking, I'm not gonna get pregnant. And what happens? We say, Okay, I'm going to give it later, and later never comes. Right? So, Sivan, Rania, what is it your every opportunity they give in the way of Allah? Because you see, when a person has hashirama, when he has fear of Allah, that he doesn't care whether anybody's looking or not, he's doing it for the sake of Allah. So he'll do it? Seven millennia. So such people you have unity Java 10. lamentable, they hope for at Java they expect at Java a trade a bargain we do with the loss of data. And this is such a trade, lamentable that will

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never perish that will never bring them any loss that will never get you in trouble. Well, we read the word uboot earlier on noccalula iica.

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And what does Baba mean? destruction, and it's especially when something gradually gets destroyed gets ruined. Like for example, a person starts a business, he starts selling something, and what happens that all the stuff that he bought, it's in stock, but nobody wants to buy it. You understand? So what's going to happen gradually, every month, he's going to go into that, that that until he will go bankrupt. Right? Or, for instance, somebody starts a business, he has a shop, and what happens a fire and there's no concept of insurance. So what's going to happen his business finished the booth. So you understand, but well is destruction when something gradually reduces or

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when something completely gets destroyed. So that a person cannot benefit from

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It even a little bit.

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But over here, what does Allah say? That those who recite the book of a lot yet Luna Kitab, Allah, they recite the book of Allah de la Vela flia did our Martin we did our our Malaya and they praise Allah as well they worship Allah. And they also give the half of people to spend in the way of such people, they have entered into a trade with a lot that will never decline

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from which they will never ever suffer any loss. It's risk free, you understand? risk free.

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If you ever want to invest your money somewhere, they tell you all the risks that are involved, this might happen that might happen. But this investment, what is it risk free?

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liwa fear home modular home, that he may give them in full. What are their rewards? Now over here is a reason meaning they did what they did, they did fill out the Kitab of Allah, they create this holiday spending the way of Allah. Why? Because they expect something from a line return and what is it that he will give them in full Judah home their wages, meaning the rewards will see the home and family and he will also increase the amount of his bounty. It's not that if they have done 1000 deeds, then they will get only 1000 rewards no he has either home and family he will increase for them out of his bounty in the Hoover food on indeed he is forgiving, this is why you will increase

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it because no person no matter who he is is free of sin. Right. Every person has shortcomings. Right and depending on the level of the person, there are shortcomings like for example, what is okay for us is considered wrong for them. Right. So in the hobo fool, he is forgiving. This is his father, that he will forgive them yes either home and family. And he's also shackled, he's appreciative which is why he will accept their deeds and he will reward for them generously

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insulted Lisa I 173 we learn for Amanda Dina Amanullah amilo Sahni had for you or fee him or Judah Who was he to whom and finally he will increase for them out of his bounty you will multiply the reward for them. One of the ohana la communal kita and that which We have revealed to you or profits on alumnus of the book which book the Quran main over here is of ban not the breed. It gives meaning of that is what we have revealed to you meaning the book which is the Quran, what is it? Who will help it is the truth it is absolutely true. Love ABV masataka Lima Albania de and it confirms that which is before it. In the law, very bad de la habito embassy. Indeed a love with a servant's he is

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surely aware. And he's also bustling. What does hobby mean? One who is aware of the reality of something and mostly one who sees so hubby is one who is aware of that which is hidden, of the battling of what people keep in their hearts. And mostly he sees them, meaning what they do on the outside as well. So he knows them inside out. He knows they're battling and he knows they're ahead. So hubby shows that he knows what's going on inside their hearts. And mostly, he knows what they're doing on the outside. in the lobby everybody Mahavira embassy Why is this mentioned over here, that this book that Allah has revealed the Quran, it is the truth. And when a person believes that it is

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the truth, then should he just abandon it or would he be reciting it? Will he do to love the book? Yes, he will. And will he just do to allow and disregard what the book says no, he will do I'm Alanna

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and Allah. He knows exactly what the servants are doing.

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He knows what a person does. how a person feels about this book. Does he really believe that it is lovely Buffy. And what does he do on the outside when he learns? How does he change himself?

Fatir 15-38 Tafsir 27-31

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