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Saba 31-54 Tafsir 40-46

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Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim lesson number 228 sort of Subbu will begin from Ayah number 14

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Why am I sure Han Junya

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and mentioned the day when he will gather them all way Oh, my showroom were yomo meaning what Karima mentioned the day, which day? When your showroom he will gather them Jimmy urine altogether?

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Who will he gather? Who will Allah subhanaw taala assemble on that day?

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Everyone the entire creation.

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I in particular over here, because the context is about who the machine those who used to worship others besides a loss of final data, and also those who are worshipped besides Allah. So yeah, Sharon, refers to the arbit, the marble, the worshipers, all those beings were worshipped. And also in the previous if we learned about the followers and the leaders, the monster kapitein the most up to everything. So all of them jamir on altogether, not even one being left out or allowed to be absent in this dunya what happens when we have to be somewhere? We just don't show up, isn't it? Where we go late? We casually walk in very late we're not on time, but what do we see that on the

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Day of Judgment way oh my Sharon, Jimmy and not even one will be allowed to stay behind everyone will be present.

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So my akula equity then He will say to the angels who

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Allah will say to the angels, he will address them

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that I have Allah He is it these people? Yeah Can you can we are a boon they used to worship Jaco which kind of Demeter is this? Is it more for mon Sol or module?

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Which kind of domain is this?

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Remember that there are three types of domains. One is more for what does it mean by that?

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That it's doing the action? Okay. A pronoun that's doing the action that is in place of a noun that is doing the action. The second type of domain is also what does it mean the one on which the action is being done? And the third type is module.

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So, the monsoon domain, how does it come?

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It comes with sometimes a year okay. The monsoon comes with iya. So, I have Allah iya come can we are boo yah come over here is object just as we say yeah cannot boo What does it mean? You we worship? So, object of worship? So over here, I have Ola iya come can we are a boon is it these people who used to worship You, you understand?

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Is it these people who used to worship you?

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Meaning Are these your worshipers. So a lot of panel data will ask the angels

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notice he will not question the wish the key isn't?

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He will not question the wish the game he will not ask them. But who is he asking? The angels? Why will he not ask the machine? That? Did you worship these angels?

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It shows their humiliation it shows the degradation that Allah is not even directly addressing them. He's not even directly talking to them. You know, when you're extremely upset with someone very upset with someone, or you don't find them worth even talking to you? Do you even look at them? Do you know? You speak to them? You don't. So it shows what a low level they will have? And how upset Allah will be with them, that he will not even ask them about their crimes. What are you under under Ambien? Would you remove the criminal they will not be questioned about their crimes. Why? Because they're not worth asking. They're not worth talking to. So along with question the angels is it

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these people who used to worship you.

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Now, we see that machine, they are of various types, some people they worship idols,

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others, they worship human beings, others, they worship, manmade things or they worship natural things like mountains, rivers, Sky, sun, moon, so on and so forth. The list is endless.

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And we see that there are also people who have been worshipping angels.

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This was at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam This was before that and this has also existed afterwards. People who worship angels or who has

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crave some divinity to angel that they have some kind of superpower or they deserve worship. Like for instance, even in Christianity, what do people do? They worship

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the Trinity, right the concept of Trinity and all of that is the worship of

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angels reveal, right the Holy Ghost. So the machine of makeover kind of believed that they have concerning the angels. They used to worship them, and they used to consider them to be Daughters of almost a Pantheon now given that they're his daughters, and in order to please Allah, what would they do? They would try to please the angels first, you understand?

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And they will think that the angels were in the form of the idols that they had made. So, some people what are they done, they had even made idols of the angels images of the angels. Just yesterday, you will find many pictures or sculptures of angels similarly the wish to gain of market automate them, and they would actually worship them.

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So, such machine are being referred to over here, that they will not even be questioned directly, but instead a lot will ask the angels. So what will the response of the angels be?

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Also behind? Hannukah? They will say Exalted are You glorified? Are you meaning glorified? Are you that you should have an associate? How is it we are not even worthy of worship? We are your creation, how could we ever be equal to you? How could we ever deserve worship you are exalted above us. Allah Subhana Allah and Allah unit, you or Allah are our Wali who is speaking over here.

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The angels that you are Allah are our 20 min duni him besides them? What does it mean by this, that you are our worldly besides them besides?

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Besides these machine, meaning we have no friendship with these machine.

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We have no association with these machine. There are no bonds of friendship between us and between them. Rather, as far as we are concerned. Who are we friends with you? Who do we worship? You? Who do we obey you under Willie Unum and dooney him?

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Well, can we are Boone Elgin. And the angels will say that rather these people they used to worship, the jinn they didn't worship us in reality they used to worship the jinn actor on the movement on most of them were believers in them. Meaning most of these machine were believers and who, in the gym, that's what they used to worship. Why will the angels say that these machines can use to worship the jinn?

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Because if you think about it, idolatry, idol worship has been adorned by who?

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chatline, isn't it so chatline is the one who comes to the person and whispers to him, encourages him to worship other than Allah subhanaw taala.

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And remember that part of worship is what? obedience?

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So when the people have obeyed shavon, in worshiping idols, or in worshipping other than Allah in reality, or they're worshiping?

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Who are they worshipping? shavon?

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Because they're disregarding what Allah has said, And who are they being submissive? To whose command whose instruction shavon so well, can we are buena Jin Apsara, whom believe me? No. And we see that within the machine of Arabia, there were people who actually used to worship Jean as well. How, like, for instance, whenever they'd be traveling, and they would have to camp somewhere, they would have to stay somewhere for the night. They would seek refuge in the greatest Djinn of that area. They would offer a sacrifice, they would seek His protection they would seek His refuge. So this is all part of worship. So well can we are Boone Elgin a Colombian minion? In Sorrento Nyssa, I

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117. We learned a under Unum and dooney illa inasa or any other una Illa, shavon and Merida

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that we're seeking they only call instead of Allahu female deities. That's what they're worshipping. And in reality, who are they calling upon? The rebellious shape on

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intelligence upon is 17 to 18 also, we learned why Oh, my shuttle home woman Yeah, we're doing I'm doing in the fire kulu anthem of Welcome everybody. Hola. I'm humbled. Mousavi Allah subhana wa makara Youngberg Ilana and Natasha Domine dooney come in earlier that we see that how the angels they completely disassociate themselves with the mushrikeen. Similarly, all those beings were worshipped besides Allah, whether it was a prophet or it was anyone else, what will they do?

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They will disarm all the wish to key they will say we have nothing to do with them. We never told them to worship us just as a citizen

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on the Day of Judgment even he will be questioned insulted him either at 116 we learned that what is called a la jolla v seven Imodium and double that in NASA Tony we're omiya ala Hainan dunlea that restart is and I will be questioned. Did you tell the people that worship Me and my mother, what will you say super Hanukkah, Maya Connolly and akula Melissa Libby have glorified Are you it's not right for me that I demand what I do not have the right for. So we see that the angels over here, they will completely disown the worshipers and all other beings are worshipped besides a lot even they will disown them.

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So what's going to happen polyoma so today lay on likova Welcome Libra we nephron well done run today, you do not hold for one another the power of benefit or harm. Liam liko

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he does not have any power, no authority, no ability, who borrow to come some of you liberal in favor of others not offering any benefit. What does it mean by this? that none of you can bring benefits to another?

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You were helpers of one another in the dunya you worshiped one another some of you worshiped others.

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Some of you followed others. But today can you benefit one another? You cannot benefit each other at all? Well, Alibaba nor any harm, meaning you cannot even remove any harm or you cannot even bring any harm.

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Because we see that the followers will be very, very angry with the leaders, isn't it? And they will blame them. And they will ask Allah give them double punishment. Similarly, the machine will be very angry with all the idols when they used to worship. People will be very, very angry with chatline. But can they do any harm? Can they? Can they take any kind of revenge? No, you cannot bring benefit, you cannot bring any harm. When a poodle, and levena voila, and we will say to those who have done wrong, the zoo or whatever now does the punishment of the Fire which fire and that he constantly had to cut the bone, which you used to deny? You had the confidence to denied in the dunya nowadays the

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punishment of a test a consequence of it.

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So what do we see that all those relationships that are established in adonia, on wrong terms, on disobedience to a loss of payment on

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the basis of which is the basis of which is covered the basis of which is disobedience to all these bonds will come to an end, people will not be able to benefit one another, they will not be able to harm one another, they will not be able to remove any harm.

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And even generally, this is going to be the state of people. What do we learn that even parents will not be able to help their children? Isn't it Oh, yo maya federal model with a Z y you will not be able to help him.

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What he that took Laura lay him as a beginner. And when our Verses are recited to them as clear evidences,

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this will be their state in the hereafter. But what is your state in the dunya today?

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What do they do?

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That when the verses of Allah are recited to them, by who by the prophet sallallahu wasallam and these verses are what begin at as clear evidences, whose meaning is very clear, there is no ambiguity, the message is clear.

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Although they say Marhaba This is nothing in La Jolla except a man, meaning this person who was reciting these IR to you he is nothing but a man. And this man, what's his agenda that you read, he wants a new suit the comb that he should stop you from that which Ghana yet

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he wishes to stop you from that which your forefathers used to worship.

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Instead of reflecting on the eye, instead of reflecting on the evidences, which evidence is the evidence is of the heat. The evidence is that should is incorrect. Instead of looking at that, what do they say? This man? He has an agenda and what's that? He wants to stop you from your culture from your traditions. He wants you to abandon them. He wants you to leave them

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Waterloo and they say Marhaba inlet is gone. This is nothing except a lie. What kind of a lie moved off one that is fabricated

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meaning what he's reading

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What he is reciting what he's telling you this is nothing except a lie that he is fabricated. He has invented it himself

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will call and Medina cafaro and the disbelievers say, Lin healthy do the truth meaning about the truth, what does the truth refer to the Quran the prophethood they say about the truth law merger, whom when it came to them, meaning when it became very clear to them, there was no doubt they had about it. What did they say about it that inhabit in lexicon will be in this is nothing except clear mentioned.

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If you notice how the word Heather is being repeated, about the Prophet of Allah, what do they say? Mahathir illogic about the Quran about the is what do they say Masha? Allah if como

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and what do they say about the truth as a whole in her ala sera movie in Heather Heather. And remember that Heather isn't a shadow colleague, sometimes it is used for daddy to belittle this man. He's a liar. This man he has a hidden agenda, don't pay any attention to his words, or don't even bother listening to them. It's nothing but a fabrication.

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And if it does have an effect on you, this is just magic. So just stay away from me. What do we see over here? That arrogance is reflected in the speech of a person. Because look at the way they are accusing the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, denying him rejecting him belittling the truth. So arrogance is being reflected in what? in their speech in the words that they're using. And why did they have such an arrogant behavior with the Quran? They didn't want to accept it? Why did they not want to accept it? It made them speechless. It defeated

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the Arabs, they were known for their eloquence, isn't it? So? And this is what they took pride in. If you look at the Arabian culture, especially at the time of the prophets of Allah, it's and and what did they have?

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They have architecture? No. Did they have a lot of variety in fruit? Know, where the very good farmers know, they had nothing. The only thing they had was language, and eloquence. And that's what they were very, very proud of.

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All of their festivals, what was it that they celebrated in it?

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Or isn't it at hedge even what would they do? poetry? If anyone wanted to become famous, what would he do poetry, right? But we see that wonderful an Kane, a las panatela challenge the people either believe in it. And if you don't believe in it produce something like and they couldn't produce anything like the Quran. So they were defeated. They were made speechless.

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And obviously, they didn't want to accept the message of the Quran. So in order to fight against the Quran, what did they do, they started spreading false propaganda.

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By calling the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and I bye by calling the plant a fabrication. And this is the way of the defeated people.

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That when they cannot meet the challenge, they start abusing the other funds.

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They start saying false statements about the other branch.

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And you may have seen, even within certain relationships, that if there are two people, they don't get along with one another. One person is right and the other person is wrong. The one who was wrong, he has nothing to say about the other. So what will he do? He will just spread lies about him rumors about him just to defame him to move other people away from him as well. And this is exactly what the machine of mockery.

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And we see. Earlier we learned about Aladdin is our own Effie it no more. I mean, remember, those who are striving to make the Ayat of Allah defeated. So this is a part of serving the ayatollah in order to make them defeated. When I say no human could have been a loss of palaces and we had not given them any scriptures, who the Arabs

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these people, we have not given them any quarter meaning any revealed scripture, yet little Sona that they have been studying,

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they have no revealed scripture on the basis of which they can prove their * on the basis of which they can prove their false beliefs. So on what basis are they denying you wama at a now woman could have any other asuna yet rasuna from the roof address, then all seen those and what does this mean? The study and we think does is to go to a lecture

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go sit for half an hour 45 minutes. No, this is not what this does is actually formal study. It is to study on a regular

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Like one is to attend a lecture once in a while, but the other is that every Monday, for instance, or every weekend or every single day, that's what does.

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So what kind of study is formal and regular? Because when a person studies like that, then he gains knowledge, isn't it? Then he learns,

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you may have experienced this yourself as well, that before when your intake of Islamic knowledge was only from conferences, and a lecture here or there. How was it? Was it firm? No. But when you started regularly attending classes regularly, did that make a difference? Of course.

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So, why am I now home in Kota? vinyasa? rasuna they're not knowledgeable people. They don't have any knowledge of the Scripture. So on what basis are they denying you? On what basis? are they holding on to ship? Well, now all of a sudden that he lay him club in our community, and we have not sent to them before you? Anyone? Who?

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Who? The Michigan of Makkah, because remember the Bani Israel, the prophets and messengers were sent to them. Not too many is married, what sort of autism was the first messenger sent to them? So well, Mom said that Elaine in public, may not even know Weiner has been sent to them. So On what grounds? Are they denying you? What kept them and Medina and cobbling him. And those before them also denied? Who, before the people of Makkah, the nations that existed in the past, even they deny, who did they deny their messengers, when their messengers came to them, when their waters came to them, their reaction was also of denial of rejection.

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Like, for example, the people have are the people of the mood. The people have loved the people who brought him or herself

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will never know who and they have not reached? Who has not reached

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the people of Makkah, the people of Makkah, have not even attained marisha, at 10th, of what Matt attina, whom, of what we gave them, what we gave

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the people of the past.

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You understand the people of the past, the nations of the past, even they denied their messengers. But if you look at them, they were quite successful in worldly terms.

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Like, for example, the people have agents and will be successful in worldly terms. Of course they will.

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All of the nations of the past that are mentioned in the Quran, how successful were they extremely successful in world leaders. One is very successful in business. Another is very successful in architecture. So they had everything of this dunya

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if you look at their own, what did he have? What did he make? What did he accomplish in worldly terms? A lot.

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And the people of Makkah, what do they have? Unless as women but I will marry Sharla? I think you know,

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these people have mcca they have not even attained a 10th of what we had given the people of the past. Michelle from the reflectors are ancient law or

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our shadow, what does our shadow mean, then? And marisha? Some say Michelle is one 10th.

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It's actually 10th part of 110 parts out of 100. So what would that be?

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What would that be one 10th grade.

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And some say that Michelle is 1000,

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meaning one part of 1000.

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And others say that it's one part of 100. But there's a difference of opinion. But anyway, what is it?

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A very small percentage.

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For the people of Makkah has not even reached at 10th of what was given to the previous people.

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But the previous people what happened to them when they denied forgot the Buddha Sunni, but they denied the messengers. Okay, if I can energy, so look, how was My reproach? How was my punishment? Look at the way that I punished them Nikki from the letters known gafa we have done this word before as well. It's basically that which is rejected that which cannot be understood even you cannot even understand it. It's unimaginable.

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So Nikki, when used for punishment is used for a very severe punishment that a person cannot even imagine.

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Look at the way the people have looked and listened and were destroyed.

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They were picked up, thrown back down and then a shower of stones was sent upon. Is that something small? Can you even imagine that?

00:24:56--> 00:24:59

So many people how was it destroyed by earthquakes by ice cream?

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By loud blasts by winds, can you imagine that? For k for cannon a key? How was my punishment? So we see that the machine of Makkah, there have been made to realize that On what basis? Are you denying the messenger?

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Are you denying the messenger on the basis of knowledge that you have? Well, you don't have any knowledge? Because you didn't have any scriptures? Okay? Are you denying the messenger thinking that you're extremely powerful? You can withstand the punishment of Allah? But can you really, you cannot? Because look at history, the people who existed before you, they were much stronger than me. But when they deny their messengers, but this day in the dunya, did they survive? They did not survive, then how do you think how can you survive? You cannot survive? So with what confidence, are you denying the messenger?

00:25:56--> 00:26:20

So what's the lesson in this for us? that any nation, any people, that advances in this dunya with disobedience of Allah subhanaw taala can be lost? Can they survive? They cannot survive, no matter how much they have of dystonia, they cannot survive with disobedience to a loss of hunger. And history is an evidence of that.

00:26:21--> 00:26:22

It proves that

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if you look at this sort of set a man or his son I was mentioned, though, that Islam was mentioned. They had a lot of dounia. But what did they have along with that deed? And as long as these two messengers were there, what was the state of Bani Israel, very successful? On the other hand, the example of the people of Serbia is mentioned. They also had a lot of dunya. But what happened to it? It was taken away from them, isn't it? So? Did it save them? Did it protect them? Did it? It didn't. So, we are being made to realize that if we disobey Allah, then how do we think we can survive? How it's impossible

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to say to them, meaning Oh Prophet sallallahu Sallam say to these people who deny you, that intimate indeed not bad, or illegal, I advise you, I admonish you, we were headed with just one piece of advice. Forget about everything.

00:27:18--> 00:27:26

I just advise you with one piece of advice, or a look on BYD meaning Motorola wahida.

00:27:27--> 00:27:30

And what is that one piece of advice that I gave you

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and the homeowner that all of you should stand? Linda for a loan,

00:27:36--> 00:27:40

meaning literally stand on your feet? Is that what it means? No.

00:27:42--> 00:28:11

It means is that you get ready for this. And you think about it. You think about this with you know sincerely for the sake of a lot of delay. Sincerely for the sake of a lot. Being full attention, being free of any bias. Forget about your stubbornness, forget about your enmity. Forget about your bias. Leave everything aside and just reflect on this matter. Sincerely for the sake of

00:28:12--> 00:28:13

the homeowner.

00:28:15--> 00:28:26

Think about it. Think about this matter sincerely for the sake of Allah. Put aside all of your biases, put aside everything and just do this for the sake of Allah. Be honest, in other words,

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and how should you reflect on this matter? must now introduce as pears, waffle Radha and also as individually Muslim? This is the plural of the word mitanni.

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And must know what does it mean in pairs in tos? So how should you reflect about this matter? That think about it with just one more person in pairs? And if you don't want to do that, to think about it, how Florida Florida is Florida?

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For meaning as individually alone all by yourself separately, one by one, so multifocal then all of you reflect about what Maggie Sahiba comb that with your companion meaning Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam there is no Minjun, nothing, any kind of madness.

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Just stand. Think about it. Being free of any bias, put aside every negative thought and think about this only for the sake of reflect. Is there really some kind of madness with Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam?

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Could you ever say that? Just think about it. There is no madness in it.

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You called him sidefx. And I mean, he comes from a noble family. He eats Normally he walks Normally he behaves normally. Everything is normal about him. There's nothing abnormal than Why do you say that he is possessed. Why do you say

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He has gone mad when the only thing he's telling you is that leave shirt and worship alone. Just because a person is saying a statement that you don't like you would say that he's mad. Is that fair?

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It's not fair at all. so mad is like if we come in and look at the word so I have the word sahab has been used. Why? Because who is

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someone who has been in your companionship for a long time?

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How long did he remain amongst them before he became a prophet? 40 years.

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companionship. They knew him. They saw him. They lived with him. They dealt with him.

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It wasn't that they had no idea about him. No, he's your saw him. There's no kind of madness with him. In certain what we know is 70 we learn? I'm Yoko Luna v. Jenna? Or do they say that with him is some kind of madness, but a home will help will accelerate home will help you carry home? No, it's not that he's mad. The problem is that he has brought them the truth. And most of these people, that is don't make the truth. This is why they're blaming you.

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In who he is not inland at Viola comm except a warner for you. How mazzarella cinemas only centers a warner for you. And he has been sent as a warner for you beignet a day before or the avintia did a severe punishment before a severe punishment comes upon you. He has come to warn you.

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What do we see in this ayah

00:31:33--> 00:31:42

that the people of Makkah, they're being told to just reflect on the character, the personality of the Prophet sallallahu sallam,

00:31:44--> 00:31:52

put aside what he's saying, just reflect on his character on his behavior on his life, how you have been dealing with him.

00:31:53--> 00:31:55

And if you analyze that,

00:31:56--> 00:32:03

you can never ever say that he was a liar. You can never say that he was someone who was possessed by a gene.

00:32:04--> 00:32:47

You can never ever claim that. And this is true today even that there are people who don't believe in him as a prophet, but they still call him the most successful man, isn't it? So? Then how is it that you say someone is so successful? But you're saying that what he said is not true? Therefore he was a liar. It doesn't make sense. It does not make sense. Just reflect on his personality. And he will know that he's not a liar than why not believe in Him? And if you look at what he's saying, What is he saying he's just warning you. He's warning you before a punishment comes to you. Simple. Don't complicate the issue so much. It's very, very simple. And we see that the machine of Makkah,

00:32:47--> 00:32:49

they have been told to reflect and reflect how,

00:32:51--> 00:32:57

as pairs, or individually, what does it show to us that the best reflection?

00:32:58--> 00:33:07

The best way of contemplation is what? that a person either does it on his own? Or he does it with just one more person? You know, why?

00:33:09--> 00:33:09


00:33:11--> 00:33:12

Why do you think so?

00:33:14--> 00:33:18

That when a group of people are reflecting on America together, and what happens?

00:33:19--> 00:33:26

Everybody's talking about what they think, what they feel, their suggestions, their ideas, their understanding.

00:33:28--> 00:33:42

And many times people get distracted as well. Right? You're talking about one thing, and when everybody starts talking, you are talking about one subject, and there, you're talking about a completely different subject. It takes longer,

00:33:44--> 00:34:13

that when you're having a discussion, one on one with someone, then you can actually speak, you can actually voice your thoughts, you can say them out. But when you are amongst a group of people than what happens, you come under pressure, right? You come under peer pressure, sometimes you feel that you have to comply, you have to be like the rest of the people, you cannot be yourself, isn't it? So even if you think otherwise, you cannot voice that.

00:34:14--> 00:34:41

You think that you have to think like the rest of the people, you have to follow the crowd. So it affects your thinking. Right? And when there are too many people, sometimes you don't have the confidence to speak true. This is why we have smaller groups as well in class. Why? That if you don't say anything out in class, if something was unclear to you, at least voice it were in the groups. And if you're still unable to do that, then at least approach your group and

00:34:43--> 00:34:59

when you are reflecting on something by yourself alone, then you are more sincere than you can do unto comunidad and when you're with the rest of the people, sometimes even one person what happens you become biased, just because he's thinking

00:35:00--> 00:35:05

A particular way you begin to think the same way you cannot think independently.

00:35:06--> 00:35:12

So, under common law can only be done when a person thinks individually or with just one more person.