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Taimiyyah Zubair
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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I do want to say Dr. Lao su de la Karim Allah Bharath for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim of Australia slitherio SLE Emery wacka looked at me lissoni of Coco de probenecid nerima.

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A question was asked concerning thermo that if a person has just enough water to do will do, but he needs to take also. And the water is not sufficient for muscle. So what should he do? Should you do we'll do an AMA, what should he do? Only time? What's the answer? He should do? Only 10 more? Why? Because if he does, we'll do with that water. Can he actually pray with that little? No? What does he need in order to pray also, and how should a person do so by taking a bath by pouring water on himself? But if that water is not there, then what's the other option them so in this case, will do will not be done rather only diamo will be sufficient inshallah. The evidence was exactly what we

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learned earlier, in which some of the scholars the companions, especially they said that if we allow people, meaning if we tell them to do it, then on the slightest reason, what will they do? They will leave whistle, and they will do their moments there. And which is why when the verse of the Quran was mentioned, they didn't say anything. Okay, because obviously in the Quran, it is clear in the Sunnah, it is also clear, however, they didn't want this knowledge to become common knowledge, why? Because people would misunderstand it and not use it appropriately. Because the thing is that you have to understand these things, you have to have a certain level of understanding and the common

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people do not have that level of understanding. So which is why if a common person will come and ask, can I do time on instead of whistle, they would say No, you cannot.

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But for us, what do we need to know at the end of the day, what's important for us to know that you can do it where there is a need?

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Which is why the majority of the scholars and the vocal as well as the Sahaba their opinion was that you can do time instead of

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Okay, out of La Michelle biology Bismillah R Rahman Rahim. Kita was sila, the book of prayer before the book of prayer, which God took that we learn

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right before it was time before that was hailed before that was looser, and before that was, we'll do all right. And this shows to us basically the sequence the order in which the cooktop have been arranged this shows that whatever we have learned so far concerning taharah that is all to do with Salah.

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So basically, you have to know about will do you have to know about whistle about hey the bottom in order to perform Salah correctly in order to perform Salah properly. So it is basically because of Salah that all of the previous go to work mentioned okay because first bajada and then solar and solar is the most often broken of Islam, meaning it is the most important the most superior pillar of Islam after she had a team after a person declares I believe in Allah alone as the goddess shadow Allah in the lower shadow under Mohammed rasulillah. Then after that, what is the most important rule of Islam? The most important pillar of Assam Salah so much of that if a person leaves it then

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it is equivalent to what it is equivalent to coffee

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and the meaning of Salah What does Allah mean adrar level it is to pray for mercy. This is the literal meaning of the word and the tactical meaning of the word Salah in our Deen What does the term Salah mean? It is to worship Allah by means of certain known and prescribed sayings and actions at specified times. I'll repeat it, it is to worship Allah, how by means of what certain known and prescribed, known and prescribed what sayings and actions when at specified times.

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This is what so that is technically

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but gave a folio button to fill a slot IE how the prayer was made obligatory during the night journey during the journey of Islam. The text of the Quran and Sunnah did clarify to us the love that Allah subhanaw taala has for slaughter. Allah loves this act of worship. So much so that when a person is worshiping Allah through Salah, and he resigned to total Fatiha, then what happens Allah subhanaw taala responds when a person is in such depth, then what happens is closest in his position to

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Allah subhanaw taala I mean, that's the closest position that a person can be into Allah. When a person rises from record, he says, semirara Allah halimun hamidah. So it is the most you can say, one of the most beloved acts of worship, to Allah subhanaw taala. So much so that when a person performs five prayers, Allah multiplies the reward, and rewards a person for how many prayers 50 prayers. Imagine that's like the reward is multiplied how many times 10 times. So Salah is something that Allah subhanaw taala loves. And if you think about it, all of the commands that Allah revealed, he sent them down.

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But when it comes to Salah, he made the prophets that a lot of them come up

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in order to receive the hokum inshallah we'll discuss the wisdom behind that later. So clay for fully OData salatu salam, how Allah made mandatory in during the night journey, we'll call up Nora Besson and even our basil deliver I knew, he said had definitely abou Fianna abou Sofia narrated to me for Hadith he rockler in the hadith of miracle fatale Muna. So he said yet morona Jani and nebia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he instructs us with what this celebrity was sadly while our furphy He instructs us to perform the prayer to be truthful and also to be chaste. We learned this Hades very early on in this book in the Hebrew Hurry, the long Hades, in

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which Hinako he asked Abu Sufyan several questions. And one of the questions that he asked him was what that What does Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam teach you? What does he tell you to do? So it was a fan? What did he reply, that he commands us to pray? Now? When did the Prophet sallallahu Sallam command people?

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When did he start commanding them? What was these teachings are referring to the early teachings of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam brought? So basically this is referring to the early era in Makkah. One of the first instructions was what to pray. One of the first things that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam taught was to praise Allah. So this Hadees, which normally does not mention in its entirety over here, just a portion, what does it prove? That the command to pray is one of the first ones and one of the most evident ones meaning it's clear.

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And this is something that is clear to Muslims as well as non Muslims. This is an undisputed fact that a Muslim prays in Islam, we are required to praise Allah. Now I have a question for you. The rest of the pillars of Islam, when it comes to fasting when it comes to Hajj when it comes to the cat, they were made mandatory details were revealed were after the hegira but when it comes to Salah it was revealed before the hijra, why, okay, the Muslims didn't have much freedom then they didn't have much authority at that time and they basically had to work on their own self development, but doesn't fasting train you. Fasting also trains you right? So why was it delayed? Why was Salam made

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mandatory? First because Salah if you think about what is it, it is a direct act of devotion and servitude to Allah soprano.

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It is an act of worship in which a person's body, his actions, his speech, his eyes, his movement, everything is in submissiveness and because of this focus that Salah demands from a person it helps develop a connection with Allah soprano.

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And the fact is that the connection that a person establishes with Allah through Salah it cannot be established with any other kind of worship.

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You cannot have that connection with Allah through any other act of worship, you cannot have it by charity, you cannot have it by you know, having a very nice, you know, way of talking with people, a way of dealing with people. You cannot develop that through any other act of worship, what you get through Salah, you cannot get it with any other act of worship.

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So to strengthen the Eman to develop trust about Allah subhanaw taala You know, when we say a yak, Inaba, yakka, staring you alone, we worship you alone, we ask for help. How can you develop this connection only with solar? This is the reason why it was made mandatory and made mandatory very, very early. If you think about it in the Quran, so many times the prophets or Allison was told to ignore what the people say. And instead do what submit what goes right, will arshi you will have cow morning and evening and what is it referring to Scala because Scala helps you develop a connection with Allah that no other act can develop

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had this

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Now you're heading to locate in Carla had done a laser on unison and even if she had been an NSF American, Karla Kara Buddha Rin, and has been Maliki said that a Buddha he used to your head the so he used to narrate and the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a call that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said footage when it was opened up on suck feed at the roof of my house. What nlb maka while I was in Makkah, meaning while he was still in my car so basically this referring to before he had, you know, What Happened One Night that the roof of his house was opened up.

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You might say, how's that possible? It's not difficult to understand. If with one click with one button, you can have your garage door open, right? Even though there is nothing physically connected to it. Then why is it difficult for us to understand that Allah subhanaw taala can cause the roof to open at that time? Of course he can. So fully john Sophia at will nav maka Fenella debris Lu. So gibreel descended for faraja cidery and he opened up my chest, some of us Allah who then He washed it, we met Islamism with the water off Zamzam so much, then he came with us then with a basin of all means that have been of gold montale in which was filled up with what heck mutton with wisdom, what

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amen and and faith that ball that gold basin was filled with what Eman as well as hekla for Africa, houfy sadri and then he poured it in my chest, some of Baku and then he closed it meaning my chest he closed it some other bat Then he took my hand for our Joby lsms it dunia and then he ascended with me meaning he took me where lsms dunia to the sky of this world. fella magic do. Now before we continue, there's one thing that we need to understand be very clear about that whatever we learn about the salt in marriage, from the Quran from the Hadith, remember that this is exactly as it has been mentioned. This is exactly as it has mentioned, things that are mentioned that we cannot fully

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understand. But at the end of the day, we believe in it, because this is part of belief in the unseen. This is just as we believe in Allah, although we haven't seen him. We believe in Jana, although we haven't seen it. We believe in the angels. We believe in everything that Allah has mentioned, although we haven't seen it, we don't understand how it can happen physically. How it can happen, you know, according to the laws of physics that we know. But still, we believe in it. Why? Because Allah subhanaw taala has told us the messenger sallallahu Sallam told us and over here, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, if you look is just was opened up, and then it was washed from inside

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with what Zamzam and then it was adorned with what hikmah and why? Because he was being prepared in order to meet Alyssa Panther. The thing is, that before you go anywhere, before you meet anyone, don't you need to be physically prepared and what is necessary for that preparation, cleanliness, as well as beautification. bajada purity as well as adornment. Both of these things are necessary. And while our focus majority of the time is on the physical cleanliness and physical beautification, what Allah subhanaw taala wants from us as what inner cleanliness and inner beautification. And this is something that was done before the Prophet Solomon was given the command to pray. So what does it

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mean that before we pray, we also need to be clean and adorned both our requirements prerequisites, cleanliness and beautification. So the prophets are allowed us and it was taken up in a summer it dunia fella magic to lsms it dunia then when I came to the sky of the world, Allah gibreel gibreel said he has in his summary to the keeper of the sky if open, open the gate. Allah manha the keeper he asked Who is it? Allah? How did you believe? He replied, this is jabril Parra * marker I hadn't. The keeper asked, Is there anyone with you follow Nam? He said yes. Maria Mohammedan said Allahu alayhi wa sallam with me is Mohammed solonius and them for Carlos de la la or Odessa de la.

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He said, so has he been sent for meaning Why is he coming? Has he been sent for an arm? gibreel said yes. One thing I want you to notice over here. Even Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam could not go beyond the gate without permission. gibreel could not go without permission.

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Rules of St. Then

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remember seeking permission before entering, they apply in the heavens as well.

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The prophets had a lot of center was not exempted, then how can we exempt ourselves? When we go to an office or to someone's private residence or something and we exempt ourselves and we open the door and walk in or without announcing our presence without taking permission, we walk in thinking that it's okay. It's not okay. If it was not okay for Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to go without permission, then how can you be okay for us? rules are for everyone. And notice the angel, the keeper that he asked Who is it? Is there anyone with you has even sent for because if

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they only do whatever they are commanded, it doesn't matter who they're dealing with. When a lot of panel data has commanded them something they will follow the rules Follow me. Then when it opened, I learned a summer adonia we ascended we climbed above the lowest heaven meaning the sky of the dunya for either Magellan so when the cross the first heaven What did they see for Iran then there was a man car I don't allow Yemeni as we let them carry them who was sitting. So a man was sitting and Allah Yemeni as well written on his right wear a sweater, a sweater. This means groups of people. Okay, it's on the on the wasn't off as Mina

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and it means groups of people. So on his right, who are groups were Allah yesterday as with and on his left were also groups meaning many, many people on his right many people on his left, either another, when he looked at people or Yemeni he, when he looked in the direction of his right, biker, he loved what he did another and when he looked at people as he, towards his left backer, he wept for color. Then when he saw Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam, that man who was sitting who was crying and also laughing, he said more haben welcome the NaVi asylee, the righteous Prophet, well, even if slowly, and the righteous son called the legendary Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam he said, I said to

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jabril Madhava Who is this man? Or Heather Adam, he said, this is Adam, what are the sweda two, and these are groups on Yamini wish humanity on his right and on his left, these groups are what nessa mo the souls of Bernie he of his children. The word nessa is the plural of misma or nassima, with the family booth at the end and it means rule. So NASA, what are they?

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So he said, these are the souls of who have his children, the no Yemeni man home and agenda. So, the people have the right Who are they the people of gender, and over here the word men home, what does it mean? From the meaning the people have the right some of them or the people have done

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amongst them mean the same thing remember meanings of different kinds. Sometimes it gives a meaning of bout. Some often sometimes there is a ban and ban means meaning this meaning. So for animal Yemeni men home and agenda so the people have the right they are the people of gender. When asked whether to let the family and the groups that are on his left alone now. They're the people of the fire for either another on Yemeni Blaker. So when he looks at the people on his right he loves what he did. And when he looks at the villa Chemin de Baca, when he looked at the people on his left, he wept. What does it show the love that Adam really Salaam had for his children, that those who make

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it agenda He's so happy that he left and those who will make it to hellfire. He was so sad that he wept at the money center. loved his children wanted the best for them. And then what happened have their auto Derby in a summer eternia they continued on their journey until gibreel ascended with me meaning he took the Prophet sallallahu Sallam up to a summer eternia the second sky for Carnegie Hall Xenia so he said to its keeper if they open the gate for Carla who has a new head mithila McConnell Uh, well, so, similar to what the first one had said. He said the same thing meaning the same conversation took place for her and then eventually opened the gate by the NSF, NSF further

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Nicola and no who where did it so he mentioned meaning the profit or loss and I mentioned that he found in the skies, meaning he met he came across who, Adam with Idris were Moosa were Isa or Ebrahim solo Atilla here and I mean, all of these prophets. He saw them he came across them, why don't you submit and he did not specify gay feminazi to whom how were their positions, meaning he did not specify as to which

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Prophet he saw in which sky in which level, very light except that and now who dakara that he mentioned that and who whether the Adam of his summer is near that he found Adam in the lowest one. What Ibrahima for summer is said this and that he found he met Ibrahim are they somewhere on the six seven, pilot and so on. And so asset fellow my mother jabril oB nebia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a bit irisa so when gibreel he went by along with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam who he went by Idris meaning when they were when they went by Idris when they came across him. Allah He said Idris Ali salami said more haven't been Navy asylee Well, Officer he said welcome. Oh, righteous prophet and

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all righteous brother. Why does he say brother? because both are from the children of Adam. Okay. Okay, we have the same Arpita Yes. But Idris er he said I'm missing

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Why? Because all of the prophets The example is like what that they are brothers, but their mothers are different. Remember that Hadees which we learn about the Akita being the same but the but the Sharia be different, the lobbying different, but the main message being the same, so they're like, brothers, all of them. So we'll have a solid document.

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So the prophets all of us and against that, who is this man called Heather Idris gibreel reply. This is Idris. So mama to be Moosa. Then I went by mozzarella, sat down for calamar haven't been a V asylee. Well,

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he called him brother again, because both were prophets ultimen Heather, and Heather Moosa. Amazing the prophets Allison didn't recognize any of them. And what does it show that he did not possess the knowledge of the unseen he only knew what Allah taught him, some will not have to be reset. Then I went by a sinus and then for calamar heaven will have been silent whenever you saw the same thing called to man had called her there he said he said, This is Lisa. So mama rose to be Ibrahim then I went by Ibrahim I sent him for call Mr. Haven't been a via slowly, well, even in slowly, Ibrahim restaurant called him son. Why? Because Mohammed Salah Mollison was also from his descendants from

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his progeny. ultimen Heather, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam asked Who is this man? Or Heather Ibrahim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam debrief that this is Ibrahim Salaam radio Salaam Alaikum she haven't even she had he said for a while I don't even know hasn't been even hasn't mentioned to me. He informed me and Abner Besson, what about hot button? I'm sorry, yeah, that both of these, they would say Ghana your colony, they both would say call an abuse on a longer incident. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said at this point, some early Joby Then he took me up I was taken up had tell her to until I appeared Lee musta. One on a high plateau. Mr. One is what a place that is smooth, but

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also high. As Murphy, I could hear in it slowly fell clammy. Sorry, what does serif mean? The scratching of pens when they're being used to write with? Have you ever heard that sound? So he said until I could hear the sleeve of a column of the fence, what does it refer to the angels that are writing, writing what whatever loss of panels it has told them, whether it is the decree or the Quran, or whatever. So basically, he was taken up to a very, very high level, and her husband will enter some numerical on an abuser, the longer you send them to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said that at this point when I had reached this high level for follow, the longer that Amati hum Sina

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Salatin that Allah ordered, he obligated on my oma 50 prayers. So he received the command to pray, but how many prayers 50 prayers in the day and the night within 24 hours, these many prayers. So basically the prophets that a lot of them it was called up to this high station, and then he was given the command for a job to be Delica then I returned with that had them or to Allah Musa until I passed by Musa for karma for Allahu Akbar Allah medica. So he asked what is obligated for you on your own. Although I said for the home Sina Salatin, he is obligated 50 prayers. By the Folger in Arabic He said return to your Lord, for inomata galletto codec because your oma your people, they

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don't have the strength for that. They won't be able to perform 50 prayers for our Jericho. So I returned the Prophet total autosensing I went back for what Dr. Shapiro has so Allah soprano darling he removed shutaura a portion of it. And this some scholars have said he reduced it to half for a jar to Ella Moosa called to shadow her so I returned to

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Moosa and I told him Allah subhanaw taala has removed a part of it meaning he has reduced it to almost half for Colorado or back, he said returned to your Lord for in nomadic allottee for your nation will not be able to do it. Even if it's 25 prayers, they won't be able to do so for our journey to follow Dr. Chopra so I returned until the last panel Donna removed a further portion of it follow Jerry to LA he for call an elder in Arabic. So I returned to Musa and without Islam against had returned to your Lord for inomata collateral to codec for your nation will not be able to do so, for our gr two so I returned again for Paula Hampson. So Allah subhanaw taala reduced it

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to how many five? And he said, Why are you home soon, there are five but there will be equal to 50. And Allah said at that time, there you but then we'll call it a year. The word is not changed near me, meaning what I have said, that will not be changed, followed Yara to Illa Moosa. So I returned to Musa for Colorado, back said no go back to your Lord, for all due to the prophets of Allah and said, I said, is the hater Robbie, I am shy of my Lord. Why was he shy?

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He felt bad asking again and again. But aren't we encouraged to ask Allah subhanaw taala again and again.

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You can beg Allah as much as you want, when it comes to begging before people that's something that's condemned. But when it comes to Allah, you can ask again and again and again, as much as you want in the Hadith don't we learn that Allah says all of the men in the jinn were to ask of me, and I would grant every wish that would not reduce in my treasures. So why did he feel shy?

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Yes, that Allah subhanaw taala is giving the gift of prayer, and that he felt shy asking it to be reduced even more. Okay. That when Allah subhanaw taala said, lay, you bet the little colada Yeah. Then what is necessary accept it.

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Even if it seems difficult, accepted,

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because sometimes what happens that we want things to be our way, sometimes that happens, right? And we insist, we insist we insist. But eventually a point comes where we have to

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accept it. Because if we go any further, that is not correct. Because see, especially with in the matter of dealing with a loss of power, this would be against sugar. Because at this point, we should be grateful that Allah is giving us the gift of prayer, an act of worship that he loves so much. And if the prophets of Allah listen would insist more, that no reduce it even more, this would be against sugar. What is gratitude? accept it as it is. And if you insist on its reduction, or it being changed, then that would be contrary to sugar. That when Allah said there are five but they're equivalent of 15 reward, then how can you ask for further reduction? Also, one more thing, that if

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you think about it, after that, the rate at which it was being reduced 50, down to 25, down to 10, and then down to five, what will be next is here. So the prophets Allah said and felt shy, he didn't ask that we changed

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that the profit or loss and was given wisdom, his heart was filled with hikma before he was taken up. So that Hitman was applied. That was part of the closet, it was something that a lot of parents had already decreed. Now, one question,

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a lot of handles subhanaw taala gave 50 prayers and massages and I'm saying that your people cannot do it.

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I mean, doesn't Allah subhanaw taala know, like, you can live long enough and he loves her. So why is it that he gave 50?

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Of course Allah subhanaw taala has the knowledge with musar is an kapitan system, that your people won't be able to do it. And it was requested to be reduced and it was reduced. So why didn't Allah subhanaw taala simply give five prayers at the beginning? Why? What's the benefit in this? Because this whole back and forth, what does it show more of a loss of Panthers mercy, more of his favor. The fact that he initially gave 50 and every request was accepted. Right? The number was reduced until it became five and a loss of pounds on a set that is equivalent to 50. So it shows more of Allah's mercy. It shows how much ease Allah subhanaw taala has made for us. Right, and how generous

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he is in rewarding people.

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Exactly, it increases the value of those five prayers. And it increases us in valuing these five prayers that they're so valuable to us. They're five but they're equivalent to 50. And then we are grateful

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For five because we realize how difficult it would be to pray 50

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Very good point that each Salah is equal to 10 prayers.

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And that shows to us that how well we should perform every prayer because it should bring the reward of 10 prayers. And this teaches us another important lesson that if Allah had given us the command to pray 50 times a day, that means that it is possible for us to remember him 50 times a day. Yes, the method may be different, but it is humanly possible for us to remember Allah 50 times a day to ask him to pray to him at least 50 times a day. Don't we learned that the Prophet sallallaahu son would seek a loss forgiveness how many times at least 70 to 100 times? How often you would remember Allah,

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how often you would ask Allah for his mercy. So this shows that we should remember a lot more and more throughout the day.

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If you divide 24 hours by 50, that would mean that every 24 minutes, right, we would have to pray once Allah so basically, every half an hour, we should be remembering Allah. Yes, we should be very grateful to most artists. Because if it was 50 prayers like the way they are prescribed now, it would be very difficult for us and most artists and why did he insist for them to be reduced because of his experience with when he saw you? And if back then this was a state of Bani Israel afterwards. You know, what would he expect?

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And in the Quran, we learned Mangia of it hasn't it fella who are shrew and salia whoever brings one has an eye for him more than someone Pahlavi Then he took me then they both continued Hector until in the hobby until he brought me meaning he stopped with me He brought me in I said Ratan Tata to the low tree of the boundary was she 101 and a LAN colors had covered it covered what to draw this tree the load tree was covered with and were known as an EMA here I don't know what they were

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something some color that cannot be described in words. Some color that is not found on this planet let a dreamer hear something that would appeal to Agenda then I was made to enter gender meaning he was shown gender for either fear however you look look then there were in general strings have value from heaven. strings have a look look barrels were either terracotta and it's in its soil it's Earth was made off and misc it was made of misc.

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So he was made to see gender as well. And when he mentioned that he knows what strings of pearls and it's mud, it's Earth was mask. What is mask

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it's a fragrance when we think of mask we think of some liquid. So then you wonder how can the ground be of liquid? What does it mean?

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Okay, it can be a powder. You know what Musk is actually derived from? Does anyone know

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there are basically two kinds of musk.

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One is musk that is secreted by a gland in the abdomen of the male musk deer. There is a deer known as a musk deer and there is a gland in its abdomen which secretes musk in its original form it is very you can say it doesn't smell that good. But when it's diluted that is when the fragrance comes and the gland when you open it the substance that the particles that are in it that actually look like mud.

00:33:40 --> 00:33:43

I have a picture here that I can show you. If you can see

00:33:44 --> 00:33:53

this is the gland and when you open it, this is the Original Substance Okay. And then there is also a plan derived mask.

00:33:54 --> 00:34:32

Which if you look at it the seeds even that looks like mud. So this is what Musk is. This is what it's derived from. And imagine if the whole soil is like that. How fragrant it would be. So the prophets are a lot of them describe the soil of Jenna as mosque that it's full of fragrance. This is how beautiful Gemini is pearls and fragrance. And there's something that we love right? especially women, fragrance and jewelry is something that women love, how beautiful is done and that is something that we have to aspire for.

00:34:33 --> 00:34:59

Now, back to the question that I asked at the beginning that all of the commands were sent down but first of all of the profits of the law the center was brought up why he was taken out of his comfort in the middle of the night. washed, adorned, filled with Eamonn brought to meet his Lord made to have a conversation with Allah and then given the command to pray and this is what Salah is

00:35:00 --> 00:35:27

You have to stop what you're doing. Get out of your comfort, wash up, have you man, and then stand before your Lord and converse with him, speak to him, meet him. And the more often we meet him, the better we meet him, the better our meeting will be with him in the hereafter. So Salah is basically a preparation for the meeting with Allah soprano.

00:35:28 --> 00:36:13

You talk to him now, so that you can actually talk to him and hear him later. That five are obligatory prayers. And beyond that, it's up to a person how much ever he wants to pray. The more he prays, the more he meets Allah. This is the way that Allah subhanaw taala has prescribed for meeting him. That any kind of meeting we want to have in this world, we have to prepare for it physically, mentally, in every way. Only then can that meeting be good. So when it comes to meeting Allah, again, that requires preparation, any distraction that sort of makes you stop everything and focus on Allah, pay attention to him. Because musasa lamb, he had experience with Bani Israel, he knew

00:36:14 --> 00:36:35

that if the people are told to pray 50 times a day, they will not be able to. He knew from his experience with dealing with people think about it, when it comes to certain of God, which we're supposed to say, you know, 100 times, for example, Laila, Allahu Allahu Allah will hand over a condition called 100 times a day, are you able to do it?

00:36:37 --> 00:37:17

You are able to, but you really have to focus and you have to make up your mind that I am going to do it. You time yourself, you make yourself do it. Didn't you know of this before as well, this before a week ago, you knew about it, right? But were we doing it that regularly? No. Why? Because to do something 100 times a day, that itself is daunting. You know, when it comes to any book of a car or anything that at the end, they've mentioned saying this 100 times, for example, so panelo be handy. You just stop there, like yeah, I'll say it. The number 100 the number 15, the number 10 the number seven, that itself scares you.

00:37:18 --> 00:37:58

And you're like, yeah, I'll do it later. And that later never comes. So 50 itself is a big number. So this is why musala Sam says that go and have it reduced, it's not going to be possible for the people. The bunny is why you had to stop everything on Saturday and just focus on prayer and even that they could not observe properly, one day out of the whole week, they could not observe property. So obviously 50 times a day. Not possible. But you know, this discussion, yes, it's necessary. Okay, it's not the focus. The main thing that we learn over here is that a lost pounds are called the profit total loss and I'm up in the heavens gave him the gift of prayer initially was

00:37:58 --> 00:38:43

50 reduced to five. But Allah with his generosity rewards five equal to 50. It's a gift. So we should be grateful for it. We should accept it and try our best to perform the solder in the best way prepare for it. truly make it a meeting with Allah because the benefits of Salah are unique. Again, like I mentioned earlier, you cannot establish a connection with Allah through any other act of worship the way you can with Sunnah. What you experience through prayer, you cannot experience through anything else. This is why it is mandatory. This is why you have to pray five times a day. Hajj comes once a year is a cat is once a year. Fasting is one month a year, but Salah every day,

00:38:43 --> 00:38:59

five times a day, because it is very important for your Amen. It is very important for your meeting with Allah if you can't meet him now. If you can't stop and talk to him now, then how can we talk to him that

00:39:00 --> 00:39:41

had the thinner of the lighter blue use of color of Verona Malik unsightly how many cases on earth and his debate on our shutter mini nicollet I shall be lower and he said for the love of data. Loss of penalty taala made sada mandatory Hina follow her when he made it mandatory meaning at the time when he made it mandatory. How did he make it mandatory? rocker artania la Kartini do refer to rocker meaning only two units of prayer. Why did you say little carthon McCarthy to clarify that it was recording for every dollar fudger to level two or sub two, except for moglin which we learned in another nation that was three, but a Sha two. So all of the prayers how many Cardinal carthay

00:39:42 --> 00:39:59

philharmonie was Safari at home and also on journey meaning whether a person was traveling or he was at home regardless, wherever he was whenever it came time to pray, how much would he pray for open let similar to Safari, then the center of travel

00:40:00 --> 00:40:04

Get the same meaning to was either feel slighted.

00:40:06 --> 00:40:51

And the fallout of that was increased. So like I said inertia, they were increased from two to four. So what do we learn over here? That in Makkah Sala was made mandatory very early on because the incident of Islam Mirage, when did that take place? in Makkah, it was before the hedgerow and the Muslims, they would pray, how many units to and they would pray at the designated times. Because obviously in the Islam, five prayers were given right, and those five were to be performed at their designated times. And we learn of this in the Quran as well. where Allah Subhana Allah says we're optimists led at the top of the head he was Zulu Femina laid up in his Philately do Luca, shamcey,

00:40:51 --> 00:41:33

Nagasaki, LA, this is Sora. To to Israel, their monkey? What do we learn establish prayer at the decline of the Sun until the darkness of the night and also Quran at fudger? at the two ends of the day, so what is it referring to the five prayers, right? So the times were specified also in Makkah, however, after the hijra, the quantity the number was increased, meaning the units of prayer that occurred they were increased. In other words, we learned I should have learned how she said farinata salata, Kartini, so Mahajan, and abuse are the law where you sell them for food or burn that so that was made mandatory how many as to units of prey and the Prophet Tolleson migrated and then they were

00:41:33 --> 00:41:35

increased to four.

00:41:37 --> 00:42:14

Now this does not contradict the statement of Allah with regards to the prayer in several ways to fill out the fillet Salah congener Han and Duk soo Lumina Salah that there's no harm if you reduce the prayer, it doesn't mean that this is a contradiction that it seems from the ayah that that reduction in in suffer was revealed later. Okay, it seems like originally the Muslims had to pray for and when they had to travel, they were allowed to reduce this is not what the meaning is the meaning is that initially it was all due after he tried was increased to four but for suffer it was kept to Okay.

00:42:15 --> 00:42:27

Well, so artificiale The Book of clothing in prayer, you have a Bab would you be selective with the app? The thing is that Cabo Sala itself is very very long.

00:42:28 --> 00:43:13

And in some versions of Buhari you will find that from this point onwards there are subsections Okay, so basically a web are combined together. So, all of the above web, concerning clothing, they are mentioned first, which is why why would you be selected here and then after this section, which is related to clothing, they will be followed by a blur, which will be followed by the mosque which will be followed by sutra market and then congregation and then eventually the description of prayer. In some versions, you will find that they are categorized, and in some they are not. So, from this point onwards, all of the above are related to the clothing in prayer. Now, all of a

00:43:13 --> 00:43:58

sudden clothing Why? Because it's one of the first things that a person has to know in order to pray. We learned about the hora after the hora, you have to know about the obligation of Salah okay Salah is obligatory it's understood now after that close sebab would you be selective with the app the obligation of wearing clothes when praying meaning Salah is not valid unless a person is wearing clothes. What's the evidence? We'll call it $1 the statement of Allah who Xena tocom in the Kali Masjid, wear clothing in every Masjid. What does it mean by mustard over here? Prayer. Because obviously, the purpose of going to the masjid is to perform salah and Xena What does Xena mean sea

00:43:58 --> 00:44:35

of clouds. Because what beautifies a human being is what it is his clothes without clothes. He's not beautiful. If you think about it, all the other animals they have some kind of fur feathers or something or the other that beautifies that hides them that covers them and also adorn them. But the human being has not been created with anything like that. So he has to wear clothes, for the purpose of covering and for the purpose of beautification. So Xena over here means clothes. Allah says Coleman hava Medina de la isla de la vida he, Xena over there also means clothes. And remember that the Zener of every people is what they wear,

00:44:36 --> 00:44:59

meaning it is unique. So what is considered beautiful with regards to clothes in one community may not be considered beautiful with regards to clothes and other community. So each nation each people has their own Xena, meaning have their own clothing their own way of clothing. So in some cultures, it is

00:45:00 --> 00:45:18

three pieces in some cultures that is to others, it could be one whatever, with a headpiece without a headpiece, whatever, but the zenith of every people is what they wear. So who do z netta? comb? What does it mean? Put on your clothes? Whatever that you wear.

00:45:19 --> 00:46:04

Okay, you have to wear that when they're in the masjid. Obviously, it has conditions and what are they that it should not be too short, it should be covering the body, and it should not be see through. Likewise, it should not be so tight that the body is being exposed. So who the Xena tecoma in the coolmuster This shows that a person has to wear clothes when he is praying Salah Does this mean that he has to wear beautiful and fine clothes for Salah. Because Allah says hello z netta calm? No. Because Xena over here means close it has been called Xena because that is what annoys people. Because we see that in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he only wore fine

00:46:04 --> 00:46:35

clothes at which occasions tomorrow and breathing. Not for every single prayer. It is good that you wear nice clothes, but you shouldn't make it a burden upon yourself. Definitely it has an impact on your pay if you're dressed nicely. Right You you you feel that when you're dressed properly, your attitude changes your mood changes. And if you're just in your pajamas, then you have a completely different attitude. So it has an effect on you but remember, it is not mandatory to wear fine and beautiful clothing in prayer.

00:46:36 --> 00:47:01

Required clothing should be warm and cuddly mustard, or in the cola mustard Colima means prayer like I mentioned earlier, and the word for the place or time of prayer. The act of prayer is referred to with such the masjid must have this from such the right Why? Because it is the position in which a person is closest to his Lord. And it is only appropriate that at this time he is covered properly.

00:47:02 --> 00:47:53

Meaning when a person is doing such that when a person is performing Salah he is meeting Allah, He is speaking to Allah He is close to Allah so at this time you should be dressed. He should be wearing clothes. So would you be seletti fifth year, the obligation of performing prayer in clothes meaning you have to wear clothes when praying woman salah and whoever prayed Malta hyphen fee so beware had Malta haven meaning wrapped up and his family have less Luna nessa will have what does it have mean like clinging on to people rightly have blanket, some will have one that is wrapped up. So whoever prays while he is wrapped in a single cloth, meaning he doesn't have two pieces to wrap one

00:47:53 --> 00:48:21

piece to cover his lower part of the body with another piece to cover his upper part of the body with he has only one piece of cloth. So what does he do? He wraps it around his body. Can you pray? Yes, he can. As long as he's covered, because the objective is achieved, the body has to be covered. If it can be covered with one clot. That's sufficient, that is enough. But remember that this lt have should not prevent a person from performing properly.

00:48:22 --> 00:49:02

You have to be able to move because sometimes it happens that we were such a job. Okay, that is covering us from head to toe. And it's it doesn't have any arm holes in it. All right, then what we do is we have you know so much of it on our arms, and then it's so difficult to move around. So don't wear such a thing. Because your clothes should not prevent you from performing the Salah properly. Likewise, if they're too short, then what will happen if you bow down or something, the body will be exposed, you won't be able to raise your arms easily. If you lift up your arm, you know your chest, my chest, or your stomach, my chest. So sometimes it happens that sometimes women are

00:49:02 --> 00:49:40

wearing short sleeves underneath and the wear a shawl or a scarf that barely covers their arms. And then they're not able to move their arms up when saying duckweed or in record they cannot stretch out their arms properly. Why? Because if they do it, their arms will be exposed. So yes, you can wrap yourself up with one cloth. But you have to make sure that the movement is comfortable. It's possible it will not prevent you from performing the Select properly. What you've got to answer the matter, it will acquire aquarii and it was mentioned from selama been acquired and Nana BIA sallallahu alayhi wa sallam call that the messenger sallallahu Sallam he said he has a rule that a

00:49:40 --> 00:49:59

person who has only one piece of cloth What should he do? He should fascinate Well, I will be shoka even with only a thorn, a thorn, you can say a pin. Okay, now you would use a pen. So if a person has only one garment, and he's using that to cover his body, one sheet and he's using that to cover his body

00:50:00 --> 00:50:36

He shouldn't just wrap it around and leave it. No, he should tie it up, he should fasten it with a pin or something so that it doesn't open up. Because sometimes it happens that you wear a very slippery shawl, okay, or a scarf, and you wrap it around your head, and you just tuck it in. And as you go down into the corner and you stand up, it opens up and it falls off. So your whole saga is ruined. Your entire focus in prayer is on what? adjusting your scarf. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said to the one who had only one garment to cover his body with that he should fascinate why it will give you peace of mind.

00:50:37 --> 00:51:22

Okay, you can actually relax and pray you can focus in prayer. Right You can you can have what you feel is not enough. Remember what he says that this is not needs to be studied. Meaning This is not is not 100% authentic according to the criteria of Iran Buhari. Now this is something very strange, we thought the collection of mojari is is full of all authentic narrations. And here is an admission at the end of which remember, what is his fee? Isn't it another? What does this mean? The thing is that in the Hebrew Hari Rama Hari has collected Hadees. And you know that he has also arrange them in a particular order. He has given titles, he has basically used the Hadees to prove certain

00:51:22 --> 00:51:36

things. So it's not just a book of Hadith. It's a book of faith. Also, you can say it's a book of faith as well, you can say it's a book of, of many, many sciences, right. And to support the point that he is proving.

00:51:37 --> 00:52:04

Remember how he would use statements of the scholars like we have seen, also the verses of the Quran. And sometimes more, I look rewired as well. narrations that are more I look being that are not narrated with a chain that are not recorded with a chain of narrators. And sometimes he also used a Hadith, which were not authentic according to his criteria, but were authentic according to other scholars according to their criteria.

00:52:05 --> 00:52:52

But the Hadees that he recorded, they are mentioned with the chain and that is what you read afterwards had the Santa Ana where the whole chain is mentioned that is the Hadees that is authentically mojari is recording in his book woman so I love it. So melody you Jeremy roofie mallam euro and then Roman Sala and with regards to the one who prays, fifth ob includes a lady uj Murphy in which he had *, in meaning he was wearing those clothes when he had Juma mallam era as long as he does not see and then any impurity on it because I'm Buhari, he seems to have the opinion that money was not just other scholars different but he seemed to have the opinion that money is not

00:52:52 --> 00:53:35

just so if there is money on the clothes, can a person pray, according to him? No. But if a person had certain clouds on at this time, and there is no impurity on those clouds, can he bring those clouds? Can she present those floats? Yes. This is just like we learned earlier that if a woman is wearing certain clothes during her head, and there is no blood on them, known adjuster on them, can she wear those clothes later on? and praying them? Yes you can. Because remember that clothes are either clean or unclean. Just like we learned about water it's either clean or unclean. If it's clean, that means that it doesn't have any address on it. When it's free of majesta then that means

00:53:35 --> 00:53:53

you can pray in it. Okay, you may not feel 100% comfortable about it. That's your choice. But if you were in a position where you didn't have extra clothes at that point let's say you're traveling you don't have more clothes at that point there's no one adjust on those clothes Can you bring them? Yes you can.

00:53:54 --> 00:54:12

Because you have to pray in close. Okay, you cannot pray without them. You cannot have your your or your body being exposed. So you have to pray includes and Salah you have to perform it as well, you can't you can't leave it you have no reason to leave it.

00:54:13 --> 00:54:57

Use on a long radio send them and the prophets are a lot of them. He commanded a Les Paul for Bill Beatty earlier known that a person should not do the left of the house meaning of the garba early on naked. And this was an instruction that he gave on Fatima aka, when Makkah was conquered, he made it very clear that no one will perform the tawaf of the Kaaba naked from this point onwards, because the Arabs, they would perform the life without clouds. Why? What was your logic? What was your reasoning? They would say that these quotes we send in them, so how can we do to laugh while wearing clothes in which we have committed sin. Or they would say that you can only perform the work of the

00:54:57 --> 00:54:59

Kaaba while wearing those clothes that are

00:55:00 --> 00:55:13

from Makkah, so if an outsider came to Makkah, he would borrow clothes from the people of Makkah or buy them or whatever, and then perform the work but if he was not able to, then he would remove his clothes and perform naked.

00:55:14 --> 00:55:19

Why is why are you mentioning this over here? What's the point of this? What's the connection with Salah

00:55:21 --> 00:56:06

the life is like Salah, if the life requires close, Salah requires close and if you think about it, so Allah is greater than the wolf. So as mandatory life is not except for the person who's doing more Hajj. So if the wife demands clothes, then Salah demands even more. If for the wife, you have to wear clothes and it was more befitting that for Salah you have to that no matter what a person has to wear clothes, if they're unclean, purify them. If you have only one, wear that whatever you have, you have to cover the body. Because like I said earlier such though you're close to a lie you're talking to Allah so you have to be dressed appropriately. Had the thermo submucous Marine

00:56:06 --> 00:56:37

Allah had that nice ewe Brahim and Mohammed amiata yetta. Archie said Amina a new Christian who yerba Yomiuri Danny, what do we have learned this Heidi's earlier? She said that we were ordered to bring out the menstruating women and veiled women. Who are they the veiled women, the young girls who were ready for marriage, so they would veil them and cover them in the houses and not let them go out. But they were told that you have to bring them out when on the day off, read.

00:56:38 --> 00:57:18

On the day of read, you have to bring them out why fish had Niger marathon Muslim eater without the home so that they should be present they should witness the congregation of the Muslims and also their da, the DA that they make they should be a part of it. Where does it go? And masala hoon. Those who are not praying the menstruating women they should keep away from the place of prayer because they're not praying. So they should simply keep aside. Allah tomorrow, a woman said Dr. rasulillah, messenger of Allah, then Allah azza wa jal Bab, one of us doesn't have a jilbab if one of us doesn't have it, then still we have to come out. Allah He said Little mishael Sahiba to him

00:57:18 --> 00:57:36

Angel Baba, little visa, she should close her who Sahaba to her friend minja Libya from her job, meaning the one who has your back should put a part of it on her friend. They should share it. And they should come to the place of prayer and performs.

00:57:38 --> 00:57:40

Why is this her these mentioned? What's the connection Really?

00:57:42 --> 00:58:26

no excuse for not wearing clothes. First of all, you're not exempted from prayer. All the women were told, you have to come out and pray with everybody in congregation. Even if a woman does not have jilbab? Yes, even if she doesn't have it, then what will she do? How will she pray, she will share it with a friend of hers. And Dilbert What is it it is the clothing that is the shawl or whatever that is worn on top of your regular clothes, right? It covers the head as well as the rest of the body. Okay, it's not just the clothes that you're wearing, it's the sheet that you were on top of your regular fluids that will cover your head as well as the rest of the body. And later on for ease

00:58:26 --> 00:58:35

for convenience, it was made into two pieces. In some places, it's still one whatever. So, the point is that when a woman is praying also she has to be covered as well.

00:58:37 --> 00:59:17

There are still some places where there is space for women. So look for those places, if you have to go because in some countries in Muslim countries, we see that there are no places that are designated for women to perform eat Salah in and this is true, this is a reality. So what should the women do not go no find out a place where there are accommodations inshallah you will find. Okay, but obviously, if such a place is not found far and wide, then what can you do? You can't go unless you have the guts to go and stand behind the men. But this is in general. This is in general women who are praying and not praying everyone has to go. And if a woman does not have dilbeck, it's not

00:59:17 --> 00:59:39

necessarily talking about a menstruating woman talking about any woman who has to pray or not pray. The thing is that at home, your sister can pray first. And then you can take the scarf and put it on and pray. Right, you can take turns. But when you're going out, you're all going at the same time. So when you're going at the same time, that means everybody has to be covered at the same time. If they're five women, but one hijab that is shared then what will be done.

00:59:40 --> 00:59:59

Your question is that does a woman need to wear jilbab in order to pray? No. You don't have to put your bio on in order to pray. As long as your clothes are satisfied. They're covering the body. They are not exposing your body. You can pray and they're not so short. From another Hades. We

01:00:00 --> 01:00:28

During that man, he had a dress or something. And the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he asked if he could give it to his wife, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said no, because it's too short, because he felt that it would be too short and her back would be exposed. So from this, the scholars have derived that the blouse that a woman wears should be long enough to cover even around the house in order to pray, it should be something that covers you know, at least mid thigh up until that point

01:00:29 --> 01:00:44

that how big their job Bab jollibee must have been and how how spacious they were in their hearts as well to share with other women. No, this means that your back your big shawl that you have put it on your head and put it on your friend's head

01:00:45 --> 01:00:53

and both walk together. It's like when you have an umbrella Okay, do people walk under one umbrella dislike that you walk under the same

01:00:55 --> 01:01:37

clothes have to be proper for supply because it happens at the time of said when a person is closest to his or her Lord then what happens because a shirt is short the back is exposed or the hijab is not tied properly is not pinned and so what happens it falls off. So this is why we have to pay attention to proper clothing. So to summarize everything that we have learned with regards to clothing, what are we going to do now? What are we going to do now? First of all, make sure that the entire body is covered. inshallah we will learn more about how much is the bare minimum that has to be covered. For men it is different for women it is different, but cover the entire body. Make sure

01:01:37 --> 01:01:55

that you can move comfortably in it. And also, obviously it should be clean. And if it's a one loose cloth that you're wearing on your head, like a shawl or a scarf and it should be pinned with something pinned with something don't just stuck it in, but pin it so that it doesn't open

01:01:56 --> 01:02:02

subhanak alarm will be handy can show the alert either in the into the Sofitel governor to relay a cinematic order from the library.

Lesson 75 – Chapter 1-2 Hadith 349-351

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