Tafseer of Surah Al-Qasas #22 – No more agony after this day

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The transcript discusses the temporary nature of the world and the consequences of actions and mistakes, including the negative impact of past actions on one's life and the importance of avoiding regret. The speakers also touch on the history of Islam, including the implementation of the "has been seen" rule and the use of "has been seen" to indicate a person as a believer. The transcript also touches on criminal behavior and the supposed success of Islam, including a man named Ramona and a woman named Yna Hayden. The segment concludes with a discussion of the confusion surrounding Islam's supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed supposed

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all the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah your Walkman you're walking among who are then has

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dunya Mei Hua young melon Korea Matthew Meenal Morph body in Sudan Allahu La Vie him. Yesterday we concluded verse 60, in which Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us that this world is temporary and transitory. And I briefly touched on one Hadith and then we did not complete it. And that is when the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam was in his fatal illness. And Fatima Radi Allahu anha observed the pain, the agony upon the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and she said Walker butta Wakaba it is so painful, so heartbreaking to see the pain and the agony of my respected dad and of course her dad was the greatest human sallallahu alayhi wasallam and what did the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wasallam say laser Allah A B ki Cara Boone barra de Leon, laser Allah Viki caribou and Berta Leone. Oh, Fatima, Be rest assured, there will be no pain, no agony, no stress, no discomfort, no uneasiness for your dad after today. So for those that are in illness, you know, daily, you have to monitor your sugar or your blood pressure or your cholesterol or there is visual impairment or hard urine or physical disability and you say it's so challenging and yes, indeed and may Allah make it easy for you. And may Allah grant shifa to one and all but surely my brother and surely my sister a day will come where all this pain and all this agony will end and that is the

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next life. Now this eyes will be sited, the years with the ears will hear provided of course, we obeyed Allah subhanahu wa taala because if a person lived a life of sin and transgression, then though he might be cited in this world war national who yarmulke Yama Yama, Allah says he will be he will be resurrected blind on the day of the Yama kala Bielema Hashem rotini, Amma God Allah Bielema, Hashem rotini, Amma Walker Dukan, to bustling era, and he would object by saying, Oh my Lord, why have you resurrected me blind when I was sighted in this world? And Allah subhanho wa Taala will reply by saying, Allah Qaeda Alika adet tuna fantasy Taha what can radical young matanza well you

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acted blind to my vs in this world. So today you will be left in this condition is Sir ofI how wala took a limb Moon don't even ask for any grace or Respite in the whole Ghana for income in everybody Jaco Luna Robina mana from Finland our Hamner, antihero Rahim in fact to have two moons the three and you mocked you scuffed you laughed at the believers. So for those who live a noble a righteous and upright life, whatever the difficulties of this world are, surely it will come to an end. And this is what Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Omar and Allah He say your own will Abacha the reward of Allah is better and everlasting Marinda chameleon fed whatever you have will end Mufti Shafi Rahim

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Allah writes under this idea in chapter 16, in Surah, two Nahal Marinda camion faith whatever you have will end your your relationships, your bonds, your connections, would also end would end our reach out of the Allah who had lost her brother of the rough man. And then when she came from Medina, to Makkah to perform hajj, and then she stood at the grave of her brother Abdul Rahman, and then she sang those few couplets. What cannot connect the man a dilema to hit the button minute diary had 30 Lolita Sadara for LaMotta for Latina, got a new one ma Lika Leto legitimize in Lemna bit delay letter Mara. So this draft man had not been Malika makes mention of the narration, it

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appears intermediate. And of course, it's in Muscat as well in the first volume. There was this king who had two ministers and these two ministers you know what together and inseparable had tequila

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As some people said they will never pathways but at some point one had to pass on and the other had to live. And when the other continued living, he said now that I've you know what? continued with my life and adapted to my life at times I feel like I had never met this man before. And that's the nature of life for Allah Mata for Ratana got a new one Malika Lee to legitimize in Lemna bit delay letter Ma, Samar in the community, you can be so close to a person so attached to a person, but this is this world. It's short, it's brief. It's transitory. It ends it you know, you have to part ways when

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so the amount of Abdul Malik or someone one of the rulers had us ombre bin Abdulaziz Rahima hula regarding a palace and a home that he had built. He said, What's your opinion, he said has ruled on Lola and the Hurun we're not even Lola Anna who are a demon when will you can Lola Anna who who can offer from Lola Miyagi boohoo Tara Han while at Virgin lol I'm Dr. Ian 13 are Kurama to Llosa Heba Salama, it's just amazing. You have to comprehend this in Arabic, you can throw yourself with this house. But remember, its beauty is temporary. It's a source of happiness, but at some point, either the home will be taken away from you, or you will be taken away from it. You can be excited if you

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are guaranteed that no hardship will come upon you. And obviously none of the above can be secured. So the message is focus on artha that is everlasting. The pleasure of sin ends the pleasure of sin ends, but the consequences never end. So you indulge in Iran, you get that excitement in the throat for a short stint, but the consequences besides the regret, the internal misery, the depression, etc, and the punishment and the misery of that continues. Verse 61, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, I found what I do now who then has Santa

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a person to whom we have made a noble promise, and that refers to the believer and the noble promise, of course, is Jana. When you share a meaning in a living I am Aluna Saudi hottie and nella whom I adore and Hassan and what is that? Your total Mola? One will Shahadat Allah He Billa hijaab right. For the believers would be Jana and in Jana, the pinnacle the height, the ecstasy, the euphoric moment would be when the dwellers of Jana would be privileged with the countenance of Allah subhanho wa taala. So Allah asks a question and the answer is obviously understood among the nine who weren't and the Hassan ah, a person for whom a noble promise has been made, that he's a believer

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for whom there is Jana. Among What I didn't know who then Hassan and for whom Allah key for who were mudrick Who, and surely he will be given that promise. It's not like it's a promise and it wouldn't be delivered upon. So many people say, you know, I worked here, I was given these promises only to discover it was false. It was untrue. I was promised a bonus check. I was promised, you know, some edit books, etc. And I got nothing for who allottee he that Jana will come to him inevitably.

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Allah refers to those who who will enter Jannah in the Quran as they have entered Jana, meaning the entry of the pious is so definite Consider it done. Whoa, the Salah levena man who saw Sally Hardy Jana and the believers have been entered over the hill they have been entered.

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We'll see a levena Taco robber who's ill Jannetty Zuma RA and the pious have arrived as a delegation before Allah and the doors of Jana has been opened up for them flung open foot the head to Abu ah boo Ha, meaning it won't happen but its occurrence is so certain that Allah references it with a past tense.

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For who allottee command Madonna who Mata al hieratic dunya can he be equated to the person who has been given temporary pleasure in this world and he indulges in it he immerses himself into it with no limitations and no restrictions. He considers it to be all and the end all just party just endowed just enjoy. You know what there's no limitations of, of gender of food, of drinks of restrictions of parties of rave any just to wherever you want to come and McDonough Houma doll HYAH dunya some men who are young man Thea and my team mineral mafia buddy in and then on the day of cuyama. He will be amongst those who will be presented as a

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criminal, as a perpetrator, as an oppressor as a sinful person, and then he would be holed into health. So Can these two be equal? Surely not. Verse 61. They definitely cannot be equal. The former who live the noble life and this the beauty of Islam, as much as Islam has impressed upon us that the real life is the letter. Islam has allowed us moderate indulgence in this world. So Allah hasn't denied us our needs and necessities. Allah has regulated it yes, you can eat but eat like this. Yes, you can drink but drink like this. Yes, you have a human need and you need to marry but marry like this year. Yes, you need to cleanse yourself but dress yourself like this. Yeah. So that's the

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beauty of Islam, though the actual place of a believer is the author, but Allah hasn't denied you moderate Coleman hurrah magazine at Allah He Leti Rajan, everybody who has denied the believer, the adornment of this world, calling a little Edina Amen. Oh, Phil hayati, dunya, highly sought to multi Yama, the key word like we always say, I have biological mean Allah He was truly do not be attached to this world to an extent that it becomes more beloved to you than Allah. So loving it is fine, but it mustn't be more beloved. So on the other hand, you have this person who's just living a happy life and indulging no limitations. You say, Oh, look at him. He doesn't have to consider halal and

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haram or he can chit chat with anyone or there's nothing like Muharram or he doesn't have to restrain his gaze or he can eat on the flight he can eat in any restaurant. He can dine anywhere. He can chit chat with anyone any deal that is presented to him interest is of no consequences to him. Everything is fine. So my Hawayo melty Yamato Minella buddy and but then on the day of cuyama, he will be presented as a criminal, Allah, masha and then of course the consequences chapter 50 Surah Kahf

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June 26, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, I will feed Johanna McCulloch affair in I need and then the air the angels will hurt him and drop him into hell. So a person who was in total indulgence, the outcome of which is eternal destruction. Can Can you really envy such happiness? Can you really I mean, you've seen someone who's who's who's just eating away, and then you know what? No Limits, he doesn't worry. And next best thing you see, you know what he had cardiac arrest or his sugar is gone very high, or he had some other medical complications. Would you envy the lot of such indulgence? Sure. Surely not. Allah, masha Rama to Earth money says it's like a person who's dreaming is

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dreaming that he is a king. And you know what? He has a throne. And this uses empire and this is his dominion. And he is moving around freely and merrily in his palace. And when he when his eyes open up, there are two wardens there are two warriors. There are two police individuals standing there who apprehend him who intercept him who handcuff him who shackle him and take him can you say you you know what, you're so lucky you had a lovely dream man. Or I didn't have a good dream that was such a fulfilling dream. Obviously not the dream was so short lived. And it was just temporary. And it just gave you a little throw for a bit. But when your eyes open up you face reality and NASA Nia

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Moon is a mountain tuber who people are sleeping when they pass on they will actually get up verse 62 were young my unique ID him why oh my god him for your code or a national raka al levena. Couldn't does Ramon and remember the time where your mama on that day you know de him when Allah will call out to these people for your call Allah will ask them so Allah Toby thing as Allah Manasa says, to reproach them to admonish them to chastise them in a Shoraka II so where am I suppose it partners and associates whom you had a Skype partners to me so there's nothing more deplorable despicable detestable in the eyes of Allah then shirk inner circle of Holman of him signal Aquaman

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told his son this is the major offense This is a great crime. So Allah will ask a in a Shoraka II Where are my suppose it partners and associates and leadin Ubuntu does Ramona Shoraka II who you alleged and claimed that these are the partners of Allah mana boo to whom Allah Allah you currently Buddha, il Allah, His OLFA this is what they alleged and this is what they claim in Surah to Sabah that we are worshipping them because they will bless us with proximity to Allah. So where are these suppose that Gods were your mama your daddy him for your call Aina Shoraka your Lavina contributors or moon? Verse 63. So the question will be focused to the worshipers those who worship but the

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leaders who must lead these people, they will respond because automatically they the leaders are in metal cover or shayateen as the scholars say

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The devil is the demons and the leaders of disbelief, they would realize that this pressure is going to be deflected and it will be directed to them. So when when these individuals RBD in and Tabby green light, and the Quran speaks about it in many places, the worshipers and the followers will be asked. So Where's where's Allah will say, Where's my suppose that Gods that you claimed and alleged, and the leaders of this believe will realize that they are going to deflect this question. And they are going to say, Yeah, Allah is this person, he must lead me he told me. So before they direct that question. The leaders themselves will respond. And that is verse 63. Karla levena, haka Allah he

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will call those people, those people upon whom the decree had been passed, and what is the decree the decree of their destruction, the decree that Allah said Allah, Allah, Allah, Johanna mominul, Jannetty when Nancy Marine,

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that hell will be food with humans and jinn, and those people in whose fate and in whose destiny, entry into hell had been decreed because of their transgression, meaning the leaders in material gopher they would say, Rabbana Ha, Hola, Lavina Wayna Oh, Allah, these people, we must lead them we must lead them. But But before they accuse us anything more than that, where you now whom come as a winner, we misled them is just as we went straight. So we invited them to ROM and they obliged. They exceeded they complied. So Yanni.

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Rapana Allah in letting them away now who biller each burden with a client, without any duress without compelling them without forcing them? So well. Nyla? Whom Allah so well, Allahumma shape, all right. So we decorated we told them, we're doing it. So you know, sometimes you will get involved into wrong, and then the next day,

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some senior comes to know, and then they are apprehended and summoned. And then now suddenly, everybody wants to pass the buck on. And he says, No, actually, you know what he told me? So the other one is like, Wait, hang on, I told you. Because you asked me where I'm going. It's not like I told you a leave what you're doing and come and join me. So let's clear the air. You asked me where I'm going. And I said, Yeah, I'm going to an evil place as an example in an analogy. And then you said can I hop in and I said, Okay, if you want to come by all means each man for himself, you run your own risk. So don't make it sound like I am responsible for your deviation. Robin? Robin haha

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hula in Lavina Wayna. Oh our Lord, we must let them have we're in our home. Come on away. Now. We must let them like how we went straight to Burleigh and na a lake to Barbara Anna Lake. Oh, my word. Oh, Allah in your presence. We announced our disassociation from them. We are absolved of them. Totally. Monica no Iyana yah boo, dude. They surely did not worship us at all. Now, can you imagine the anger and the rage, the frustration and the disappointment that you are following someone and this person is giving you assurance. I'll cover your back I stand responsible for you. And then when you get exposed and you get implicated and now you know what you've been unmasked, and now the

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camera is on you. And you want to point fingers to the person liable but before you can do it, he stands out and said Listen, I got nothing to do with him. I don't know him from a bar of blue soap. So he did the wrong he led you he misled you. He throw you he deceived you he promised you whatever it is. And when it came to crunch time he launched you what kind of shape ah no little insanity, Hulu LA? Yes. In Surah Furqan. Allah says, And the devil is a deserter. So what Allah in Arabic means through nostra to abandon to help someone

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you know enhancer Kamala, who fella Falabella calm. If Allah helps you then nobody can overpower you. And we're in your little con we're in your truck, no stratacomm And if Allah does not help you then who can help you. So Allah says the devil is a deserter. At the crunch time on the day of the Yama he will back off and he will just associate and likewise these leaders in fact the followers will say Robina ha Allah a Abba Luna, Allah these people must let us for RT him as our urban phenomena now. Oh Allah double their punishment. And Allah will say Tala li coolin phone, there is double punishment for the phone.

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other words, and the leaders will Akela moon but you don't know. May Allah save us from the horror of that day. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Fatima Oh my daughter Fatima asked me for anything that you want here. La oguni Thank you mean Allah He shows up on the day of Yama, you will stand and you will have to face your own reckoning. Of course she would receive the intercession of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, but that is the intensity and the severity of the day of Yama. May Allah grant us all the ability to prepare for that day, and May He make us amongst those fortunate people who will be granted Jana, at the first instance, mean Yara, Bella and Amin.