Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 22 – L226B

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The title of "ENTh Qaeda of God" appears in various books and online resources, but it is not a single sentence sentence. The definition of home is discussed, along with the importance of praise in the context of love and respect. The speakers emphasize the importance of living life in a narrow space and finding one's own success, while also discussing the physical and mental state of Islam and its supposed outcomes. The segment emphasizes the importance of understanding and following Islam.
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Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim

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lesson number 226 sola taba is number one to 14.

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So whatsoever is a Maki sola. And it was revealed in the mid mechon era. This was also not that long, it's on the shorter side, it has only 54 verses.

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I mentioned to you earlier that the fourth group of soldiers, it would end at circle and total opposite madonsela after a group of McKee Solas.

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Now again, the fifth group of soldiers begins with what within a kisara, meaning sort of Saba, and it will conclude at certain hurdles.

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And total hurdler, this imaginary soldier

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and this group of soldiers has a total of 16. So as in it, and of the 16 source 13 are murky.

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And the other three are maddening.

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You understand to the first 13 they are murky. And the last three, they are maddening.

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This aura, as you may have realized from the translation, as well as the recitation that you heard, who does it mention? That would be Salim Sulaiman

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and the contents of the surah they're very similar to similar to normal.

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Intro the novel also, we learned about the story of Solomon earlier, remember the story of the end.

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And the contents of the surah are very similar to Surah number. And if you remember in through the number also, two civilizations were being compared. And over here also, two civilizations are being compared. Which ones are the ones that have said a man or listen on the wilderness? And the other is that off the people off Subbu after whom the soul is named.

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One civilization its foundation is Eman and the heat and the other civilization its foundation is what this belief in gratitude.

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So this shows what gratitude leads to and also what in gratitude leads to

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that people may have many blessings. But if they're grateful, look at what they deserve. Look at what happens to them. And if they're ungrateful look at what happens to him. And in this world are primarily the people of Macau are being addressed because they also enjoyed many, many blessings of Allah subhanaw taala, especially the blessing of the last messenger. He had been sent amongst them he was in their city. So it is as though they're being told be grateful for this blessing. Don't be ungrateful, because the consequences of sugar are completely different from the consequences of ingratitude. So let's see this word

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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Al hamdu Lillahi lavilla Huma is somewhere where the woman I feel of what I will hum to Phil Fira, where he will help him with hobbies. All praise is due to Allah to Whom belongs whatever is in the heavens, and whatever is in the earth.

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And hamdulillah All praise is to who deserves it. Only Allah subhanaw taala.

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And hand al is off is the rock and what is the rock mean? It gives the meaning of completely, totally meaning all praise in its entirety, all of it. Kala Hamden? It is for who it is for a loss.

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And what does it mean by hand? What's the definition of home?

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We've done it many, many times. Now. What does it mean?

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Don't say praise? No home?

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What if somebody asks you so you say al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen? Can you explain the word ham to me, you study the Quran, do you know what hand means? What will you say to them? I have to check my notes.

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Hand the meaning of hand is was full Mahmoud will come in my hot button. What are women

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do mention the most perfect attributes, dimension the most perfect attributes of the Praiseworthy one? How would love and also with Dr. Lehman, what is Darlene?

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Respect? Right?

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So to mention the most perfect attributes of one who is praiseworthy? How do you mention the most perfect attributes? With what feelings with feelings of love with feelings of respect with feelings of admiration? So this is what praises because think about it praise is to describe someone in beautiful terms, isn't it now, someone who has

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praise worthy, what description do they have?

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of good praise worthy attributes? So how is to mention the most perfect attributes of someone most perfect attributes? And how do you mention them with love with respect.

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And it's such a phrase that is honest, it is true meaning the one who is being praised he deserves that praise. This word it implies admiration. It implies humility and also submissiveness on the part of the one who is offering it. So Alhamdulillah All praise is for Allah, what does it mean by praising Allah to attribute to Allah all that is perfect, all that he deserves of perfection

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and this is in sifat and also in a file. So for example, the attributes of Allah soprano data, how are they perfect, that for instance, is attribute of hearing? How perfect is it that he is a Sameer his attribute of bustle of seeing, who is he is Bosley his attribute of rain and who is he are leave alone who you are the middle AV was Shahada. So, when you describe a loss of panel data with such terms, that he is it will leave you with Shahada, he is alone who you then this is what hummed of Allah, do you understand? So, hound includes 100 online foods do things that you praise Him with all that he deserves, with all that is beautiful, in fact, in attributes and also in a file, so

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attributes I gave you the examples of bustle some now actions, like for example, Allah subhanaw taala, sends down rain, Allah subhanaw taala sends messengers, he sent books, isn't it? So out of this is what his actions so everything that he has done, that shows how perfect he is? That's a beautiful description of Allah subhanaw taala that you give.

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So when someone asks you, who is Allah, what does it mean by praising him that we praise His attributes and we also praise His actions, every attribute of his is perfect, and every action of his is perfect. This is what it is.

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So I will handle All praise is for who lilla he only for Allah. This noun This is off if the sauce of specification, what does it mean by that? That it is only it is only for whom is an Han and Islam is also off? Is the park what is the Hoffman? from how that it is his help? He is the one who deserves so if the sauce meaning it's only him and is the hawk that it is only he who deserves so all praise who deserves it?

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Only Allah? Only Allah Al hamdu lillahi All praise is only for Allah soprano.

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Why is our praise for Allah? No.

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Why is it that the most perfect phrases for him alone?

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Because he is the most perfect one? Is there anyone who is better than him in any respect? No. Since he is the most perfect one, therefore, perfect praise is for him only Alhamdulillah. And especially because Allah says over here and Levy, the one who la who Memphis Samoa to fill up to Whom belongs whatever that is in the heavens, and whatever that is in the year. All praises for him. Because everything that is in the heavens and the earth is who's who does it belong to? Allah subhanaw taala.

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Now what does it mean by this and Medina who it belongs to him? How does it belong to him? In what way?

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In what way? Does it belong to him everything that isn't the heavens and the earth.

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First of all, as Harlock that He is the creator of everything that isn't the heavens in the earth.

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Secondly, that he is the Malick he's not just the Creator, but he's also the owner. So he's a harlot. He's the Malik and also the mother. But he is the one who runs who manages everything that isn't the heavens and the earth. Remember you Who am la mina, Santa Ilana entirely from the sky all the way down to the earth. Everything is within his control. He manages it, he runs it, he takes care of it. This is why I hounded him

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because he's not just the hottest of people. But he's the highlight of the entire existence. And he's not just a harlot, but he's also the medic, many times what happens

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manufacturers, they're not really the owners, isn't it? Like, for example, a person may have a factory, they're making the stuff but do they own it? They don't own it. They have to give it to others, they're going to make it exactly how the owner has told them to. Isn't it? So Alhamdulillah for this perfection, that he owns everything, he has created everything, and he manages everything as well. Lahu Memphis, Mr. watty will Murphy up and man What does it refer to the entire creation, whether it is found in the heavens, or it is found in the earth, and the entire creation, this includes the creation that is living and the creation that is nonliving the creation that has

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occurred and the creation that does not have occurred?

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What does it mean by that creation that has occurred and creation that does not have occurred?

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Like for example, human beings, jinn angels, what are they often, but for instance, plants and mountains, are they later awkward, but every creation is included in this term math. Math is similar to my fellow. Now generally math is used for inanimate beings for nonliving beings or for later color. However, Mark can refer to mine as well. Mark can also refer to those with our code as well. So my office and my whitey when I fill up, what I will do, and for him is all praise, meaning he deserves all praise, where when fill our hero in the hereafter?

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What does it mean by this wonderful home to fill after that, in the first part of the ayah alladhina, whom FMI where it will fill up? What does that show that he deserves praise in the dunya meaning when this dunya when the summer word and the earth they exist, and when smls and the earth they cease to exist, then still who deserves praise? who deserves praise? Even then, Allah subhanaw taala because a person might wonder, as long as the heavens and the earth are functioning, as long as the creatures are being provided for as long as so many things are being done in the heavens and the earth, all praise who deserves it, Allah subhanaw taala because he's the only one who's doing

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it. Okay, but when the heavens cease to exist when there's no more rain coming down from the sky, when there are no more plants growing from the earth, when there no more birds to feed. When all the creationist cease to exist when the afterglow begins, does Allah still deserve praise? Does he? Of course he does. And even more, when I will help him to fill out even more he deserves, which is why unhemmed will exclusively before him in the hereafter

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in dystonia, what happens along with the loss of panel data or other people, other beings praised? Of course, there are many times instead of praising Allah subhanaw taala, what do people do, they begin to praise others, like for example, if they were sick, and they get better, who do they praise the doctor, the parents, so on and so forth. If a person was suffering from some poverty, he got money, you got a good job, who does he praise, his education, a friend who gave him the idea of applying for a particular job, right? And many times people forget to praise Allah subhanaw taala.

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But in the Hereafter, hand will exclusively be for who?

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For Allah, Allah who will handle

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the whole meaning it will exclusively be for him. And we see that it will be exclusively for him in the hereafter because who is the Malik of Yomi? Dean? Who?

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Only Allah soprano, is there any other Malik on the day of judgment? No. In this dunya, Allah provides, but many times what happens people also provide for others, only by the permission of Allah, Allah makes people also make right. But in the Hereafter, will there be any other Malik besides Allah? No, he is Maliki only Dean. Therefore, he was the only one who will deserve praise in the hereafter. Why, for establishing justice, for recompensing his creation fairly, for rewarding abundantly and punishing severely. What am I hold him to Phil after a Why? Because he will establish justice, justice that is perfect, he will recompense everyone the recompense that they deserve and

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those whom he will reward he will reward abundantly and those whom He will punish, you will punish them severely. This is why when I want him to feel he deserves him in the hereafter as well, and exclusively he deserves it

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instead of to Zuma

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Number 75 we learn what Alan Miller you gotta have foenum inhaling Ouch. You said behold every handler beam will call the abena. Whom will help with 1100 11 it mean that you will see the angels surrounding the throne. When, when Allah subhanaw taala will establish justice to people of gender and agenda, the people of Hellfire ascend to hellfire. And the entire matter of the creation is concluded, then the angels, what will they do? They will gather around the outside, and what will they do? They will exalt with praises of their Lord, you said, Behold, Abraham, do not be him. And it will be judged between them in truth and it will be said, and how long do they last me All Praise

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to Allah, Lord of the worlds Why?

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Because Allah will have established justice, you will have given every person the reward, the punishment, the recompense that they deserve, this is why I will I will have to fill after he is the only one who deserves hand in the hereafter.

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Now we see that there are some who will also be praised in the Hereafter, like for instance, about the profits on a lot of sort of return, that are set and yeah, but I think it will come upon my mother in law is 79. That Allah, you will perhaps hopefully, meaning it's a promise that he will raise you to the Praiseworthy station, where you will be praised and where you will praise Allah. So, if anyone is praised in the Hereafter, that is what a favor of Allah subhanaw taala.

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That's a favor of Allah abundant that is his bestow. So what I will handle, Phil

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and we see that the people as they will go through every stage of the hereafter who will they praise Allah subhanaw taala, especially those who used to glorify Him, praise him remember him in the dunya. In the dunya, what happens? Many times we forget to praise Allah. But in the Hereafter, those who were used to praising Allah will continue to praise him.

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Like for instance, we learned that the people of gender when they will enter gender, who will they praise Allah subhanaw taala in our life I have 43 we learn what God will hamdulillah he lady had an alpha woman cannellini dedhia Lola and had an Allah that they will say Praise be to Allah who has guided us to this who has led us to paradise and we would never have been guided if Allah had not guided us. Similarly, we don't insert the Zuma I number 74 that will call hamdulillah he led he set up on our own with an arbor Natal woman agenda the high Tunisia for near my little army meeting, that again, as the people of gender will enter gender, they will say Praise to Allah who has

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fulfilled for us His promise, and he has made us inherit the land. So we will settle in paradise wherever that we wish. And excellent is an award of those who do work

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into that family it is 34 as well we learn what Carly will handle the lady lady and her and then has an inner opinion of a futon Shaku and they will say Praise be to Allah, who has removed from us all sorrow, any difficulty, any sorrow that we used to suffer before, everything has been taken away from us. Indeed Our Lord is forgiving and appreciate all suffering removed. So they will praise Allah subhanaw taala for that, they will thank him for that.

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So we see that at each step, the righteous believers, who will their praise Allah subhanaw taala because with everything they see, they will increase in their admiration of almost

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with everything they witness, they will increase in their gratitude for almost

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everything that they witness each step of the Hereafter, and even the angels what will they do? They will also glorify Allah. So whenever the handle failed, and for him his praise were in the hereafter as well.

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So what does it show to us that Allah He deserves praise and dunya while the dunya exists, and also when the dunya ceases to exist, this is His perfection. This is why in total cost us 70 we learned level ham the field owner will feel to him is you all praise in the first life and also in the hereafter.

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When the semi wet and the all day exist, he deserves praise when they cease to exist. Then again he deserves praise because he is the one who created them. He is the one who put an end to them. And he is the one who has made the

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one 100 owner when

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well Hakeem and he is the most wise and he's also a hobby, the one who is fully aware. Well, he will he will have it why these two attributes mentioned over here.

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That because he's Hakeem and hobby, this is why he is this

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deserving of hunger. He is even more deserving of him because of these attributes of his.

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And if you think about it, I'll Hakeem. What does it mean by unhooking

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one who is most wise meaning everything that he does is based on his wisdom. So Hakeem gives a meaning of the Hikmah. But there is another meaning of hacking, which is hakam, meaning one who makes judgment. One who gives the rulings, whether they are county or their shuttering.

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Whether they're related to the universe, the creation, or they're related to the laws that our last panel data has given to the servants to live according to.

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And Hakeem also gives meaning of market meaning one who makes firm, one who makes perfect. So everything that he has created, how has he made it with firmness, isn't it so? In what way, that if you think about it, every type of creation, the way it is made, its purpose, its function, how it runs, its nature, its color, everything is perfect. Like, for example, the sun, if you look at its size, the size that we see, not its actual size, but the size that we see from the earth, isn't it the most perfect size? Imagine if it was smaller?

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Or imagine if it was huge, much, much bigger? Wouldn't it be so inconvenient all the time, we have something huge up in the sky, it will be so inconvenient. Just imagine the color was not yellow, it was not orange at sunset, rather, it was like dark blue, or black? Or some other dark color? Would it still give light like it does? No, no. Similarly, the clouds the way they are white, and they seem so light. Just imagine if there were huge slabs of ice floating by what kind of feeling would that give? And imagine the color was not white, it was something else. So everything that Allah has created, whether it is a mountains, or it is the human beings, or it is a clouds, it is the earth

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that we walk on the animals that we see every single creature, how is it perfect? And what does that reflect? the perfection of Allah, the wisdom of Allah, the knowledge of Allah, so does he not deserve all praise? Of course he does. He is an Hakeem. And every command that Allah has given because remember, and Hakeem is also a hacker meaning one who gives judgment. So every command every instruction that Allah has given, he deserves praise for that as well. Well, who will Hakeem and he is also a hobby, a hobby from the root letters, how about a Hubbard? What does Hubbard mean?

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information and javita is one who is informed and one was informed about what

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the reality of things

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you see, we know things only on the surface. If we reflect a little bit, research a little bit, study a little bit then we get to know about some more things about that particular object. But a heartbeat is someone who is acquainted with the reality of something, how exactly it is the one who knows the apparent aspect and also the hidden aspect, the outward aspect, and also the inward aspect design and development.

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So he is an Hakeem and he is a hobby, and because he is a hobby, this is why you see the reflection in his creation. And this is why he deserves harmed in the dunya. And also in the

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and because he is a hobby This is why his decision on the day of judgment will also be just because of which he deserves and how well will Hakeem will hobby

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yharnam he knows my le jufeel ld the whatever goes into the earth. more reasons as to why Allah subhanaw taala deserves at home that urine mo he knows my energy field or the reality from the root letter as well. I'm Jean luge. And what does it mean to live your life a left in the how to enter but how

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had a little German goofy some wealthy up

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to make something enter into a narrow place into a tight place. This is what we lose is just always remember this I had to yell at a German until the camel enters goes through. Some will hear the eye of the needle. What's the eye of the needle? How big is it staining? So if you try to make a camel go through it. What is it? It's an impossible thing right? And it's making the camel enter into an extremely narrow, extremely tight place.

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So he knows whatever penetrates into the earth. I have a question Why is the word Yeti Jew used

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I'm not here to Hello.

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Why led

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jelly to fill out the not yet the holofil?

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Yeah, the Hulu enters, but yehliu penetrates, why penetrates? Why is the word yellow jewel used as opposed to hear the horror? Yet Hollywood also mean enter, isn't it? But yellow Jewish penetrates? Is the earth really tight and narrow?

00:25:26 --> 00:26:12

You see, anything that enters into the earth enters into the earth? What happens? Does the earth not covered? Does the earth not hide it? Doesn't it? Of course like for example, if there's a dead body that is put into the earth, what happens? What do we learn from the head is that the earth it closes into the body. Similarly, we see that if people are constructing the building and the lay the foundations, they cannot just lay the foundations and start building immediately. They have to wait for the earth to surround that foundation completely and fully. So the earth it is its nature, that whenever something goes into it, what happens? It tightens around it. You understand its nature that

00:26:12 --> 00:26:19

whatever goes into the earth, it tightens around it, it wraps it, it squeezes it, it comes right around it.

00:26:20 --> 00:26:53

So your Aloma Yeti Do you feel I'll be and many times different different things are entering into the earth, they're being absorbed by the soil, but you don't see any drain pipes by for example, when it rains? Do you see any holes? Do you see any drains in the soil? You don't. But what happens? All of the water is absorbed in by the earth. So isn't it penetrating inside the earth? It's penetrating through extremely narrow, narrow passageways that we don't even see. We don't even know.

00:26:54 --> 00:27:19

Similarly, when it rains, and you see all the earthworms coming out, you wonder where they're coming from? And where did they live before? Isn't it amazing? So jelly do whatever penetrates into the earth, whether it is water, or it is green. When people are farming, they put grain seeds in the earth. Similarly, corpses, dead bodies, different creatures, treasures.

00:27:21 --> 00:28:04

So your animal Maria leederville, or the anything that goes into the earth, that penetrates into the earth and hides within it, that you cannot see it from above them. You don't even know that it's beneath the earth, you don't even know that the Earth has swallowed it in. We have no idea. But Allah subhanaw taala knows all about it. And this is why on the Day of Judgment, what's going to happen yoma isn't too happy to have borrow the earth. It's going to narrate its news, reading everything that was within it, it's going to take it out. So your animal may need to fill out the woman. Who do you mean her and whatever emerges from it? Whatever comes out of the earth, even Allah

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knows about it, anything that comes out of the soil? Like for example, plants, isn't it? Similarly, these insects, worms when they come out, who knows about them? Unless it knows about them? water springs, isn't it? What else? minerals lava as it erupts out of the mountains. So when I heard you mean her, everything that comes out of the earth, Allah subhanaw taala knows about this is how perfect his knowledge is. Can we try to even keep track of what goes into the earth? What comes out of the earth? Can we do anything to find out we cannot. It's impossible for us. But anything from the smallest to the biggest that goes in that comes out of our nose. woma Yangzi, domina summer and

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whatever descends from the sky, anything that comes down from the sky, whether it is rain, or it is snow, or it is hail, or it is lightning, thunder, anything that comes down from the sky who knows about it? Allah knows about it. What else comes down from the sky?

00:29:11 --> 00:29:12

sunlight, okay?

00:29:13 --> 00:29:39

Revelation where he, the angels, the angels also descend from the sky. The Cadiz decree trials provision. So everything that comes down from the sky, Allah knows about a one year old you fee her and whatever ascends into it. Yeah, what would you rouge? What does it mean? to gradually ascend, step by step.

00:29:40 --> 00:29:50

So whatever ascends into the sky, step by step from one level to the other sub rsmo. What, what happens? Allah knows about it.

00:29:51 --> 00:29:52

What ascends into the sky.

00:29:54 --> 00:29:55

What goes up to the sky?

00:29:56 --> 00:29:59

Our records the angels, they ascend with the records

00:30:00 --> 00:30:06

They're ours deeds, angels themselves, they ascend. Who else a sense.

00:30:07 --> 00:30:11

What else thinking about physical things now the creation,

00:30:12 --> 00:30:24

vapor that ascends up to the sky. So why would you see her and whatever that ascends into the sky, or whoever he will have a food, and he is the Merciful, the one who is forgiving.

00:30:25 --> 00:30:28

Why is this mentioned over here? That he is a Rahim?

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A Rahim as opposed to a black man, what does it show? The act of mercy of a man shows the sefa of mercy of a ham shows the act of mercy.

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So it is of His mercy, that he sends what he sends down from the sky. And he takes up what he takes up into the sky, it is of His mercy. Imagine if water did not evaporate. Imagine if rain could not descend. Imagine if there was no sunlight coming down from the sky. Just imagine. So isn't this His mercy?

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Similarly, the fact that when people die, they can be buried into the earth. Isn't that a mercy? Well, whoever hates him, and he is the merciful, and he's also

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the one who is forgiving. Why is this mentioned over here that people sin day in and day out? He knows about exactly what's going in what's coming out. But still, he is forgiving. He doesn't punish people immediately. So what are these Ayah tell us

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about who have lots of Pentatonix? And that the one who reflects the one who ponders on the creation of the heavens and the earth around him? What will he do? automatically, he will begin to praise Allah, automatically words of praise will come out of his mouth, he will say Alhamdulillah it's not possible that a person reflects on the creation above him and below him around him. And he does not say unhandled Allah

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and the one who does this in the dunya, he will also do this in the Hereafter, the one who praises a lie, the dunya will also praise him in the hereafter.

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Instead of the Zuma I number 21 return. And I'm Tara Angela, Angela minister, Emma, Emma, and for Celica who Yana beer I feel of some newbies that are an elephant and I knew how beautifully this I explained how what comes down from the sky, goes into the earth, and comes out of the earth.

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That Do you not see that Allah sends down rain from the sky, and makes it flow as springs and rivers in the earth. And then he produces thereby crops of varying colors, the water comes down from the sky is absorbed into the earth, and what comes from the earth lands.

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He knows what the sense what is taken in and what comes out.

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insulated and if 59 we learn what your alarm or murfin battery when battery and he knows whatever that is on land and on see warmer does put them in water, cotton, and not Aleve falls in layer aloha except that he knows about it. Because the leaves also when they fall many times where do they enter into the earth? Eventually, they go into the earth.

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So Amanda's put them in water putting a layer number one I have button and not a green field automatically have in the darkness of the earth grains that are buried into the earth who knows about them? Allah knows about them. What about Tobin, when I was in a laugh, he couldn't be nor anything wet or dry, except that it is in a clear record.

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And you see, in this I was mentioned where the metal battery while battery allowed, which is mentioned in the ayah that he had a little mileage to fill early when I mean half an hour what's on the the earth What do you have land and also sea. So don't just think in terms of land but also think in terms of water, whatever goes into the water, whatever comes out of the water, he knows about that as well. Why? Because all of this who does it belong to Allah, and because he is the owner. He is also a hobby into the FDA is six we learn law who Murphy sumati Well, Murphy of the woman avena whom a woman

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that To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens, and whatever is in the earth and whatever is in between them and whatever is under the soil.

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All of these four hours who does it belong to Allah subhanaw taala Therefore, he knows exactly what's going on. This is why and handling

Saba 1-14 Tafsir 1-2

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