The Last 10 Days – Ramadan 2022

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One of the virtues of Ramadan is the last 10 days of Ramadan. And the Prophet Muhammad Ali, he salatu salam would act differently in the last 10 days than he would even for the rest of Ramadan. The hadith say that he would tighten his belt, right and that's kind of both literally and figuratively in the sense that he would really really take seriously the worship in the last 10 nights. And he would often make it to calf right he would have this kind of retreat

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in or seclusion however you want to translate it in the masjid. And so this is a beautiful thing because it finishes the race strong, right? If you've ever seen a race and you see you know, when they come around that last bend, and everyone starts sprinting, and running their hardest because they know it's almost over by the prophet I used to sit down with do this when it came to Ramadan. No matter how much he was reciting and how much he was praying and how much he was giving in charity, up until the last nights he would tighten his belt in the last 10 and go even further in the last time so that once Ramadan is finished, you can be satisfied and you could say, Yeah, I left

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it all out on the floor. I put my whole heart and body and soul into my worship. And that entire process is extremely transformative.