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Al-Baqarah 261-266 Translation

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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I do want to slowly right out of Sudha Hill karimabad for a little bit let him in a shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Bashar Assad re we're Sidley Emery,

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Amelie saniya kuqali urban as a dinner in Lesson number 35 similar to the caller ID number 261 to 266 Translation Matthew, example and Medina of those who use akuna they spend another home their wealth, their properties,

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fee in Serbia Li Wei, Allah He of Allah

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came up early, like example, have bettin of a green Ember that it grew sobre seven center below his spikes

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fee in Cali, every Sunday Latin ear or spike may add to 100 have the thin grain Allahu and Allah you bet a foo he increases he multiplies your dairy food he multiplies lemon for whom he or she he will

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will know who and Allah will soon own is infinitely vast array when I was alone

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and novena, those who yearn for corner they spend a man of whom their wealth their properties fee in Serbia Li Wei, Allah He of Allah summer then law not yet to be owner, they pursue ma whatever and photo they spent men men reminding favors wonder and nor ever as homey

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Lohan for them, he to whom they reward in the near or behind their rep Warner and not holson a few either him upon them, whether and nor whom they are known, they will carry

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on them a word. Now when approved, recognized

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and Morphe rotten forgiveness hi Ron are better known then saga cotton a charity yet by O'Hare it follows it ever injury home. Well now who and Allah was only one free of want also was it can be translated as rich honeymoon rich or free of want.

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halimun most forbearing most tolerant

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Yeah, as you hear for you and Medina, those who know they believed law, do not to go to your invalidate your nullify, letter, do not invalidate do not nullify. So the article, your charities, yours or the court the money with the remainder of favors the money with the reminder of favors all ever and the injury the home can lobby like who young fuku he spends more than who his wealth

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to be seen to show off and mercy the people

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on there and not you know, he believes the law he in a law when you're mean and the day I will actually the best for the room. So his example carefully is like example, suffering of a smooth, hard stone for a smooth, hard rock and he upon it to go

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Dust for Sabo who David reached it will be then heavy rain further okay who so it left it Sunder their

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law not Yoko de Luna they have power they have ability owner upon show in anything menma from what Casa boo they earned

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Allahu and Allah, they're not yet the key guides, I will call the people out carefully in those who disbelieve

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well and methoden example, and lovina of those who yearn for kuleana they spend and where their home their wealth their properties, able to to seek more Bharati pleasures approval and where he of Allah

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war and death beaten to strengthen to make firm men firm and foresee him themselves cannot really is like example gentleman have a garden bureau bulletin and an innovative land there are working elevated land or simply high ground any of these are correct

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our server where it reached it were built in a heavy rain for that so it gave Okuda its fruit its harvest the frame double to fold for them if men not useful to her it reaches it where they learn a heavy rain photon, then ADO obtrusive well now who and a law Beamer with whatever that may be when you will do this on your own all resolved seeing

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does your work to heal like I had become one of you and that the cooler it is logo for him Jonathan a garden men from the ceiling datums and an urban grid grapevines.

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30 it flows men from dirty hair underneath it and hurdle the rivers logo for him fee her in it men from Cali every summer that the fruits well and I saw the who it reached him and Cuba in the old age. Well and now who for him the return of spring children their affair once weak feeble for a sober so it reached it is a tornado feeling in it more than a fire

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so it burnt it karateka likewise you by Gino? He makes clear, Allahu Allah, local for you all

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the verses non local so that you that affect you all reflect

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let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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be lucky

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calidad de

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la luna

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de la la quinta