Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P30 304D Tafsir Al-Fajr 16-21

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The Day of Jgment is a time when the Lord will come into existence and solve the world. The Day of Jgment will be a time for the creation of the Earth and the creation of the world, with the importance of protecting oneself from the fire and not wasting time in things that don't matter. The punishment system for the Day of Jgment is a severe punishment, and it is related to acceptance of Islam's decree and finding happiness in one's relationship with God. The holy theory of being content with God's actions is also discussed, with the importance of finding rest and joy after death and being satisfied with the treatment given.
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wotja Bukovel Melaku, soften, suffer wotja or Buka and your Lord has come, meaning what will happen at the time when the Earth has been founded? And your Lord has come while malaco and also the angels? And how will the angels come on the Day of Judgment, suffer and suffer, suffer after slough, in rose rank upon rank? What do we learn from this, that Allah the Exalted will come on the day of judgment, He will arrive in order to judge between his servants? How will he come? We don't know. We don't describe it. But we believe in it without denying any part of it. Some say that Raja Otto buco, what it means is Raja Umrah pick, that the Command of your Lord will come well that has

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already come.

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The command of your loader already came because of which the Earth was founded and finished. That's obvious. And here Amara is not mentioned. In total Bacara Ayah 210, Allah says hely on Luna Illa, and yet to whom Allah houfy Lula and Minella man, same thing as mentioned, what are they waiting for? Are they waiting for Allah to come?

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The angels How will they come, suffer and suffer in rows in a very disciplined, organized, humble manner, will solve fatty suffer, even now the angels they form beautiful roles. And on the Day of Judgment, especially.

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We learn in the Quran that on the Day of Judgment, the sky will break apart the earth Yes, it will be flattened and the sky will also be opened up.

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And as the sky is opened up, the angels will come in rules. They will descend where Will people be on the flattened Earth?

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And where will angels be as the descend from the sky? While Melaku Allah or Raja II? On the borders, borders of the Earth, meaning people will be surrounded from all sides.

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All sides, think of it this way. Imagine a stadium

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right in the center. There are some people, but they're surrounded from all around by observers, or think of a criminal that has been caught. He's in the center. And everywhere he looks right left front behind. Who does he find police officers?

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Can he run away? Can he escape? No. Can he go hide somewhere? No. The same thing on the Day of Judgment. People will be assembled on the earth and the angels they will descend from the sky. And then while Morocco Allah or Raja Yoga, and all the angels will descend. How many angels are there? The heavens are such that they're filled with angels. We learned that there is no place of even forefingers except that there is an angel there doing what worshiping Allah subhanaw taala either in ReCore or in sujood

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as a Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the heavens that the sky it creeks and it has the right to do so. Why? Because so many angels over there by tomorrow more how many angels visit that house every day? How many 1000s 1000s wotja or Buka well Melaku soften soft. Is there any escape? Where Ji Yong may even be Jahannam and on that day, g it will be brought yo mama even on that day. What will be brought be Jahannam Hal will be brought how with 70,000 leashes, each being held by 70,000 Angels. That's how many angels over 4 billion angels just holding Hellfire in place. What Ji Yong might even be Jahannam Hellfire will be brought.

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Imagine how uncontrollable it is that it's being held in place not by one brittle but 70,000 and each being held by not one angel but 70,000 Angels.

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Now think about this. Everything is finished the whole earth is what founded flattened

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out everything that you gave so much value to of this world. Your jewelry and your makeup and your clothes and your fancy stuff. Whatever it is finished

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The things that we wasted our time over. We spent our lives chasing them, preserving them, finding them, buying them, using them, wearing them, showing off with them, talking about them. What is the reality of those things on the Day of Judgment, do cattle or do the conductor finished?

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What Jah or a book and you're standing before your Lord because your Lord has come and you are surrounded by the angels, there is no running away. And now even * is brought

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Yoma even on that day, yet that girl in sun, man will remember. That is the time when man will take a lesson he will understand

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that all

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was really a bad choice I made

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spending so much of my time deciding which earrings to wear.

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Trying to decide what should I buy this or that?

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Does it really make sense? Yoma II didn't yet the colonel insane. That is the time when men will realize how much time he wasted.

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And really, if we're honest with ourselves, we truly, truly waste our time in things that don't matter at all. And then we complain, I have no time. Because Where did our time go?

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What are we doing at budget?

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What did we do in the past 10 days. Many of you had your exams now they're done. Check yourself what have I been doing since my last exam? What did I accomplish in my day? And in my night? Yes, while I had my exams, I had a reason to be busy. But now that they're over what am I doing?

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What am I doing in this month? What am I doing in my life, just deciding which clothes to wear in which shoes to wear and how to make my hair and how to put my makeup on? Is that all what our time is going in?

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What G A yo may even be Jahannam think about the time when * will be brought.

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The Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam said that a neck will emerge from the fire on the day of judgment to * will be brought being held by so many angels and then a neck will emerge from *.

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It will have two eyes with which it will see and two ears with which it will hear and it will have a tongue with which it will speak.

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Imagine * speaking and it will say will kill to be Salah certain. I have been left in charge of three. Meeting three types of people and then over to me.

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Couldn't leave your bed in I need.

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Every obstinate oppressor

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will be coolamon Dharma Allah He Isla Han Aha. And everyone who called upon a deity besides Allah will most of weeding and also those who make images.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah will surely speak with every one of you, where Jah or a book your Lord will come. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, your Lord will speak to every single one of you without an interpreter.

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There is no one in between.

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Because see, what happens is that today if you're nervous of speaking to someone, then who do you get?

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You get somebody else to talk for you. You get somebody else to be there with you.

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With no interpreter, man, we'll look at his right side and we'll see nothing but his deeds. And when he will look to his left side, again, he will see nothing but his deeds. Then he will look in front of him and we'll find nothing but Hellfire facing him.

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said at this point, protect yourselves from the fire. Save yourselves from the fire. Even

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if you can do so, by half of a date.

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Even if that is all you have to spend. Give that to save yourself from hellfire. And if he does not find it, that with a kind word

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where Joe or rob Booker well Melaku soften suffer YG a Yo Ma EDM be Jahannam young man even yet adakah rule in

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San Juan Anala with vichara. But what Unoh? But how LA who for him avec la the reminder? Meaning, now what use? What benefit? Is this Vicara going to bring him?

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If a person learns this important lesson on the Day of Judgment, what's the benefit? It's like if you go to write your exam, and you find out that oh, these are the questions that are being asked, but I never studied that. I didn't think it was important. Now I know what's important. Well, what's the point now? What's the point?

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You can't rewrite that test. It's done. You can't go open your book and study it. Now it's done. Allah Who Decra

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on the Day of Judgment of person learns this important lesson that my time is precious, it's going to be of no use. Because now the fudges are gone. Now the nights are gone. Now the days the months are gone, life is over.

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The question is that those who make images, what does it mean by that? It's basically those who make images to be worshipped. Right, or those who make images, pictures of the creation with a sense of pride, or a competition with the real creator.

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All right.

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So repenting on the Day of Judgment isn't going to benefit a person crying on the Day of Judgment, apologizing at that time, promising to make a change then will be of no use? Because after seeing the punishment, what's the point? Everyone accepts at gunpoint?

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You're cool. Yeah, later money. Then a person will say, Yeah, later knee or I wish a dumb truly hayati I had sent ahead for my life.

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Or I wish I had done something for my life, which life, the real life the life of the hereafter, because that is actual life. What about the life of this world?

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What is the reality of the life of this world in total and Kubota 64 When I had the hill higher to dunya in Lella, one Wheeler in the life of this world is nothing except play and amusement. We're in a digital era and indeed the home of the Hereafter Lehi al Halen, Surely that is real life that is actual life locanto JANA moon, if only they knew.

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But isn't it amazing that when a person is enjoying themselves physically, they're enjoying themselves in this world? What do they think? I am enjoying my life.

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I am enjoying my life. We think we are living our life now. And this is a reason why all of our efforts and all of our striving is directed to what present life.

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This is why we worry so much about how we are dressed up what we are wearing. Everything. We're so conscious about it so careful.

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We research on it. We spend money on it. We spend so much time on it.

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We think this is real life. This is not real life. This is a test.

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Real life is the next life. It's in paradise. So on the Day of Judgment a person will wish your lathe any cut down to the hayati or I wish I had done something for my life.

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into it Furukawa 27 We learn way oh my god, the volume or Allah your day. It's the day when the wrongdoer will bite his own hands. Out of regret, out of anger out of frustration. Your Kulu ya later Nika done to the hayati.

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Even in this life, people have regrets. For example, when a person reaches high school and they're not able to take a certain course. They have regrets I wish I had studied last semester. I wish I had worked hard in middle school.

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When they get to university again their regrets I wish I had taken such and such course. I wish I had studied that week so I could have passed that course in order to get into this program.

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We have these regrets and these regrets should remind us should make us realize the seriousness of the regrets on the Day of Judgment. Yeah later Nikodem truly hayati real life will begin after we die after we leave this world

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This is not real life.

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No matter what difficulty we have, it will be over. No matter what blessing we have,

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it will be over.

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Real life is after death for your woman even So on that day lay you are the Boo, he will not punish. No one will punish or that boohoo as his punishment, or hudon any person anyone, meaning on the Day of Judgment, no one will punish, as his punishment whose punishment the punishment that Allah who will give

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no punishment that has ever been given, can even compare to the punishment that Allah will give on the Day of Judgment.

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Law you are the brother who had no one has ever given such punishment that Allah will give on the day of judgment. And what this means is that it will be the most severe punishment.

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What are you seeing, and none will bind. You feel cool, well sell off with UK is to bind to tie somebody up, imprison them.

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Lie use eco he will not bind with alcohol as his binding meaning as Allah will bind the evildoers or her Don't anybody. No one

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has ever tied someone up and jailed them up.

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The way that Allah will imprison the criminals on the Day of Judgment.

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Meaning, the punishment of the Day of Judgment is the most severe, and the imprisonment

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of the Day of Judgment is most severe. While I use the Kawartha, who had

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to think about this, think about this for a moment. The punishments that are given in this world sometimes we cannot even read their description.

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It's so horrifying, it's so frightening. But what is Allah say?

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That on the Day of Judgment, that punishment that Allah will give to the evildoers will be far worse than anything that has ever been done in this world.

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The way people will be imprisoned in *, the way they will be shackled in * will be far worse than the way people are shackled and imprisoned in this world. Whether you feel cool with alcohol or hurt for some is the other after death.

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And for others is a beautiful message. At the time of death. Yeah, a year to have enough soon Motoman in

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Yeah, a year to her, or you enough sue the soul, Elmo to my inner, the reassured one, the content one, most of my inner thought meme comes at noon, from Nina contentment, and most of my inner is one who is content, one who is at rest, one who is satisfied.

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There are some people who are satisfied in this life. Why? Because they have everything they want everything in this world. No.

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It's because they recognize that blessings are a test. And hardships are also a test. Both are from Allah. And behind both is wisdom.

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So they don't associate wealth with honor and they don't associate hardship with humiliation, no, they understand that this is from Allah. And when a person begins to live like this, then they find true contentment. Contentment comes, how when a person is pleased with Allah,

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what does it mean by that? That no matter what happens?

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The person is calm, knowing that ALLAH my lord decreed this, and if he decreed this, there is good in it. Yeah, a year to have enough soul more to my inner who is the smarter my inner soul, the one who is pleased, satisfied with two things. Firstly, Allah has Allah and

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his decree,

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his decisions, that I should get sick or I should have this or I should not have this, I should pass this or I should fail this or I should. Whatever happens in our life happens by what?

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By what, Allah's decree. So the multiple innersole is the one who is pleased with Allah's decisions. Pleased with Allah's decree

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You see, every one of us is tested in our lives.

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Some of us may be in a situation where we never saw our parents. Or maybe we come from very abusive families, or maybe we have faced depression or maybe we have suffered from extreme poverty.

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Or maybe we have suffered from extreme health issues, whatever our story is, remember, whatever has happened in your story has happened by Allah's decree, his permission, this was his planning for you. So much, my inner is the one who accepts Allah's decree. This is what Allah decided, for me, I accept it. Secondly, my inner is the person who is content and happy with Allah's commands,

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His commands, what commands

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that come commands in the deed, in our religion, whether it is the command to pray, or the command to wear something or not wear something, say something or not say something, eat something or not eat something, whatever it is, fast or whatever. My inner is the person who is pleased with Allah in every state, on receiving blessings, and in hardship, and you see, it make Nan is the rest and tranquility, that a person finds out after after turmoil after uneasiness after difficulty. So multiple in the zoo, the person who has experienced hardship,

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but they came out of that hardship, how bitter

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how they came out of that hardship, how, who is not my inner content, not vengeful, not frustrated, not angry.

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No self pity, but only satisfaction and acceptance that my Lord decreed this, you see, we can say that all Mothma enameled my inner I wish I was more to my inner I hope I am. Because you know, there's so many things in my life, which I don't like but I accept them. Maybe we're thinking only about big things, think about the little things even

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think about little things even what is our reaction?

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When we get hurt, when we get sick, when we feel hungry? Or when something that we don't like happens to us, whatever it may be, even if it's snow,

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even if there's snow all day, how do we react at that time? What do we say?

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Do we get upset because of the cold? Do we get irritated because of the snow?

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Snow will not fall itself well

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when will it fall?

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When and Allah has come in. So part of being more to my inner is to accept the weather also. You cannot be pleased with big things until you are pleased with the little things. You cannot be content with major things until you are content with the minor things in your life also. Yeah, a year two enough soon Motoman in

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this intimate Nan is when it is the ease you find after being uneasy and you will only find it by turning to Allah because Allah bvq relay that my inner Kulu

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the relief that a person finds after being in hardship. Now you see, this will be set to a person to the believer at the time of their death.

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Because what this shows is the term multiple in our does it show that the believer is in struggle all their life. They're always pushing themselves to prepare for the little.

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So a believer will find rest and contentment and happiness and relief when when after death

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after death, that is the goal

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and the one who is looking for ease and comfort now

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then they will be suffering they will be in difficulty after death. Because you see Eman and Ahmed Salim Ahmed Saleh, what does Amel mean work

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which work is easy. Really. Even if you have to write by hand that gets tiring after some time, every work it brings some level of difficulty. So yeah, a year to have enough soul Motoyama in Iraq G. You return.

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The angels of death will say this to the person that you will return. Go back Isla robic to your Lord.

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Your Lord sent you here and he trusted you with do

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difficulties and with ease and you struggled, striving to meet him striving to prepare something to please him with. Now it is time to go back to your Lord. But you will return to your Lord in what stead but all the earthen medulla yet and all the Alia satisfied, pleased and muddled, Iya pleasing.

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You see Robbie at the medulla Yeah, what does it mean that this person at the time of death, they will be happy, happy to meet Allah. But also what this means is that they will be pleased they will be made happy by the treatment they're given, by the way that they are welcomed, by the way that they are addressed.

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So rally atta Malaya, what does it mean for other your loved one who will do and who, but Allah is pleased with them and they are pleased with Allah.

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So return to your Lord in a state when your Lord is happy with you. This is victory. This is success. Success is not when you get your eye makeup, right? No,

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really, it's not. But this is our short sightedness. We get very happy when we get these silly temporary things right? And we get upset and agitated if we cannot get them right.

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This is where our life goals success is that you find happiness and joy with Allah's decisions in your life with Allah's commands, that you don't go to Salah heavily. You go to Salah happily

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it'll Jerry Illa, Rob beaky, Roberton Moralia

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such a person will be free of anxiety on the day of judgment. And even in this world, while facing hardship, a person who is content and pleased with Allah remains at peace.

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It will Jerry Isla Rob beaky, rabita merliah, federal holy fear eBuddy, so enter amongst my servants, meaning the righteous servants who have already gone before you come join them.

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arriba the who are Allah servants? Everyone is Allah servant. But when Allah gives an honor to a special servant by saying My servant, who is that servant, the servant that Allah is pleased with and who are those Alladhina Anantha I lay him Who are they? The prophets? The severe the Shuhada the righteous the slaley hoon.

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For the holy theory, buddy, enter among my righteous servants and this is what we pray for what others need erotica theory vertical solid making use of artists and I'm also What did he say, though? A funny was Sleeman, who al Hackney this Solly hain. Who do we wish to be with? Because Olaru merman a hub? A person will be with those whom he loves.

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Do we love someone because of their wealth? Do we love someone because of their status? Well, that's not going to matter on the Day of Judgment,

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loving someone for their Iman for their Toccoa for their goodness, this is what will matter, federal holy theory by the word holy Jannetty and enter my Jana Jana belongs to Allah and none can enter his Jana except after making him happy, if you please Allah, if you fix your affairs

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with Allah, then you enter Janna.

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So this is what we all need to think about. What is my relationship with my Lord? How often do I think about him?

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What do I do only for him? What am I doing to meet him? What am I preparing for my meeting with him?

00:29:16 --> 00:29:25

How much of my time goes in seeking Allah? And how much of my time goes in seeking the useless things of this world?

00:29:27 --> 00:29:37

What do I say with my mouth? Is it something that will please My lord? Or is it something that will maybe impress some people, but they will upset Allah?

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What the holy Jannetty those who are content with Allah happy with Allah, accepting Allah's decree His commands, then they will be given such good news at the time of their death Allahumma Inanna a Luca nevsun become with my inner Allahumma inni as a Luca nevsun Be

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Come on in. Oh Allah, I asked you for a soul that is content with you.

00:30:06 --> 00:30:23

To me no believe that believes in your meeting without ALLAH because ALLAH ik that is pleased with your decree with the Koneru be authentic and that is satisfied with your gifts recitation

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Miss mill

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man you

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will find while I

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was shuffling oil

00:30:38 --> 00:30:38

was the late

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fee possum was an easy hazing Ellen cave

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book EBI

00:30:51 --> 00:30:52


00:30:56 --> 00:30:57


00:30:59 --> 00:30:59

me know

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what the mood

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was around the time

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a Levine Apollo's Ville

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book so far

00:31:36 --> 00:31:42

Becca Billy Mills on the

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phone on me a common what

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wrong me

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to Cremona laity in Walla

00:32:24 --> 00:32:24


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Mistry water cooler owner to author

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can either do getting out mode I can.

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what gee I Elma

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B Jensen Yo Ma EB Cole

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claw Yep, all

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done totally hire T

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soon more BOMA in January

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begin all Blanton mumbly do wholly fee are you buddy? What do Holi Jun naughty

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