Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 05 – L060E

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The concept of death is discussed in various ways, including the theory that it is a result of fear and loss rather than permanent. The speaker emphasizes the importance of taking precautions and avoiding giving up on mistakes, particularly in addressing past struggles and mistakes. The importance of conferencing the Prophet's command to align behavior with others is also emphasized, along with the need for forgiveness and proper contingency to handle events. The speaker also mentions the importance of avoiding point fingers and disrespecting the messenger.
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Wherever you are, you determine motor death will overtake you. Meaning what is it that stopping you from going to battle? Is it the fear of death? Well remember that even if you don't go to battle and if you stay at home, lock yourself in a closet, even then the injury or death is going to find you.

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Wherever you are,

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anyplace on the surface of the earth, anywhere, even if it's not on the earth, even if you go on the moon, even then, whenever your death is destined for you, it is going to come to you.

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Even if you're in a big crowd, no matter corner, you'd recommend Well, you'd recommend Dell or Caf it is to attain to read something. So it is going to reach you the Angel of Death is going to come and find you. Without any mistake. Welcome to Raja macheda, even if you are in fortresses that are strong, that are fortified, Buddha's approach, and that is used for a castle and literally birches that which is visible from far. So why is the castle or fortress a tower called bush because it is visible from far. So for example, in Toronto, you have the CN Tower. And you can see it from distant places. Far. So this is what a verge is a tower,

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even if you are in towers that are mutia, yada, yada, yada, and shade is to construct something. And in particular it is to plaster or coat the surface of the building or the walls of a building. Why would you do that, in order to fortify the building in order to strengthen the building, in order to strengthen the walls, like for example, if you just have brick, and you lay one brick with another brick, you have a wall. But if you plaster it, then what's going to happen? What's going to happen the wall is going to be much stronger.

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And Moshe is that which is built that which is constructed, in particular that which is strongly built. Where is it that which is strongly built. So even if you are in birds that are mutia, that are very, very strong, that are well guarded, that are fortresses that are fortified, even then death is going to come and find you. The Angel of Death is going to come and find you you are going to die, when and where you are destined to die. Even in your house, if you've locked all the doors, all the windows, if you're in a place that is airtight, even then Welcome to the Buddha Messiah did nothing then come in and nothing and go out even Then the angel of death will come and find you.

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Are those are the Guru Ji Messiah, is referring to the gurus that are in the sky.

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Buddha's also use four stars, huge stars, big stars in the sky. And they're called macheda. Why? Because they're high. They're lofty.

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They're up there in the sky. So even if you leave this world and go find a refuge, somewhere out of the earth, in a star on the moon, somewhere in space, even you are going to die.

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So why are you scared? Why wouldn't you take risks? If you're scared of taking risks, because you're going to die. And out of this view, you're not going to do anything, then you know that you can die.

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This life is not permanent. You have to take a chance.

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Like for instance, those people who do discoveries ago around the earth to go hike huge mountain go up on it. I mean, if they hadn't taken the chance, would they be able to go there?

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Because if you're scared, oh my god, I'm gonna die. Oh my god, I'm gonna die, then just lie in bed. Don't even lie there because you might die there.

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So now Kentucky, Brody macheda whether you're on the surface of the earth, or you're up in the sky somewhere, even maybe one a day. So just do what is important to you. Don't let the fear of that stop you

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into service.

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And if some good reaches then you're going to hire the human or in the lead they say this is from me very happy.

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If they gain some benefit that I can

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see the good results, but on the other hand, we're in disable them.

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And if they suffered a say here, if I say reaches them, and what does it say here refer to some defeat, some loss, some wounds, maybe some people died.

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Then what do they say?

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You know, they say hi the human Indic This is because of you. And who does you refer to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam?

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Why do they say this? This is understood in two ways. First of all, they said this, that it is because of the bad luck that you have brought.

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It is because of the bad luck that you have brought. Remember, we learned earlier you're gonna build up we're told this is what it is.

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That you ascribe bad luck or good luck to the coming or going of some people, just because you've come, since you've come here we've only been facing difficulties.

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The human or Indic men are indeed meaning because of your position because of your poor planning. Because of the enemies that you have brought that you have invited,

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because you see in Medina, until the prophets are about Islam came people in India were perfectly fine. They were actually about to have a think they were going to establish a government over there.

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But since the prophets are of origin came what happened, that whole plan of their kingdom was finished the terms with the Jews, they became that. Similarly, the terms with the machine, they were sent as well. And the machine they came attacking the people of Medina. So some people have little pockets, what do they say you know how the human are indeed, if they suffered any difficulty, they would say this is because of you. It's because of your bad luck. It's because the enemies that you invited, since you've come our life has become miserable. One problem after the other problem, and we see that the Battle of whether was sort of a battle of word. So one thing after the other, the

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people who are suffering.

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And I say that many times this is our behavior as well.

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That if we started studying the Quran, and something would happen to say, Oh, look at hamdulillah the benefits of studying the Quran. And if something bad happens, then you said maybe because I'm doing this, maybe I should stop the demon or indeed,

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Alice has fooled say, calm entering the law. Everything comes from Allah, meaning everything that happens happens by the permission of afar. If something good comes to you, it's from Allah. And if something bad comes to you, it comes to you by the permission of Allah. And why is Allah allowed? Because of your sense?

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familiar with our income? So what is wrong with these people? Lay Cardone of Kahuna hadiza they're nowhere near understanding how these meaning they don't understand any speech. Any words, what is this hadith refer to have these other the

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meaning any statement of the deen whether it's on the Quran or the Sunnah.

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So what's wrong with these people? that they do not even come close to comprehending the deen?

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You see, one is that a person believes. And true Eman is when a person believes with understanding with comprehension.

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Now what is that, you know, you believe in the six articles of faith and one of them is one called the Haida Rahim Allah.

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This is a hobbyist of the deen. Allah says What is wrong with these people that they don't understand

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the statements of the day that they have knowledge about them, they may claim to believe in them. But they don't really understand because if they actually understood the D, then they wouldn't say such statements. If they actually believed in, if they actually understood that everything comes to you found the permission of Allah, then they wouldn't say that this is because of you. And this is because if you

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were to learn from this ayah

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that you have to take a risk for what is important to you. Because if you don't take a chance, then you won't be able to do anything. Death is inevitable, you are going to die. So the fear of death should not stop you. Obviously, you should take your precaution as we learned earlier.

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Take your precaution, be prepared, have a plan, but at the same time, do what you're supposed to do. Don't be fearful.

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And we also learn from this is that everything that we gain or suffer comes from,

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from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So we should not point fingers, that it's because of this person's mistake. It's because of that person's mistake. Because remember, when we work collectively, then what happens? Sometimes things go wrong. Things go against the plan. things don't work out as planned. So then what do we do? We say it's because of that person. It's because of this person. No.

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Don't blame other people. blame yourself.

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Now solver come in has nothing, whatever good comes to you. This Franco feminine law. So it is from Allah, as a reward for what you have done. When I saw welcome in Seattle, and wherever you from enough sick, then it's because of yourself. What does it mean by this? That it's because of yourself.

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every difficulty that we suffer, it's because of what we have done.

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It's because of something that we have done, which is why we learn that the prophets are of our enemies.

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Why? seeking forgiveness from the loss of penalty because sometimes we make mistakes and we don't even realize we don't even realize

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and then we wonder when we suffer the consequences that why has this happened to me? So Allah says that whatever has never reaches you, it's from Allah and whatever say you ever

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You it's because of yourself meaning you have bracket upon yourself it's a consequence of your since

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we're at a sun Mecca and we have sent to you, or profits or have been nasty rasuna for all people as a messenger.

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Notice it has been said leanness, the prophets are about Islam was sent as a messenger for all people.

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Now, we don't that some people, what would they say? When they would suffer difficulty they would blame the prophets.

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It's because of you. It's because of the bad luck that you have brought bad omen.

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But what is Allah say, that you have been sent not as a bad luck,

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you have been sent as a messenger to guide people. Walker fibrillary shahida. And Allah is sufficient as a witness as a witness for what

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of your mission that you have been sent as a messenger to the people.

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So he is a witness over you, as well as them having full knowledge of what you convey to them, and how they respond. Unless panatela is witnessing everything of how the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was conveyed and how people were responding.

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What do we learn from this ayah

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every good thing that a person experiences that a person receives is a failure from who

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almost died. And every evil that a person suffers is because of what the consequences of his sins.

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Now, obviously, we have learned earlier that sometimes a person is made to go through difficulty why as a test, like we learn from the Hadees that whoever Allah which is good for and Allah subhanaw taala tests, you know, for example, the prophets, they suffer the motor difficulties because they were very simple.

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It's because Allah subhanaw taala was testing them, so that they will do most of it and they will get more agile, they will get more reward. But for other people generally what should be our focus on when we're being tested, we should think that maybe I have done something wrong. This is why we should increase in our default, when things are not going as planned.

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We also learn from this is that if something goes wrong, instead of blaming others, who should we look at

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ourselves, not others.

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However, there is the messenger for Allah, that in fact he has obeyed.

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obedience to the messenger is like obedience to Allah. Why? Because a lawyer is the center messenger allows the center messenger. So if a person obeys a messenger, obviously who is you obey? Allah subhanaw taala. And whatever. The messenger is commanding, why is he commanding? Why is he telling us because Allah subhanaw taala told him to convey that to us badly. The Prophet Tolleson was commanded to convey everything that has been delivered to you so many.

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Too many times we think through criticism not only the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said this, but what does Allah say? obedience to the messenger is like obedience to Allah, woman to wonder and whoever turns away from

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him Have you learned and we have not sent you as a keeper over these people. If they tell you from what from

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the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that you have not been sent, as they have feels as a watcher over these people who's happier. One girl watches every action of another person and have users also mahasin the account taker so you're not sent as a happiness to people. In other words, your responsibility is only to convey

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your responsibility is only to convey the message. What do we learn from this ayah about the importance of obeying the command of the prophets,

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the prophets himself man aka fatale Otto,

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who obeys a law and whoever disobeys me disobeys a law. Women have a need for the attorney whoever is the leader. Then he obeys me.

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It is important woman attire a need for casual attire I need whoever is the leader who is your the Prophet sallallahu wasallam because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us that we have to obey the leader. Woman as a Nero, aka Dr. Sahni. And whoever disobeys that need that he disobeys me?

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Another hat he tells us that military level or sooner Africa Russia. Whoever it is online is messenger will acquire guidance.

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Such a person will acquire guidance when we ask

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for interview lay of the land. And whoever disobeys a lion is messenger will only harm himself. He will not cause any harm to the deen of Allah. He will only harm himself. So to summarize his whole lesson

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What are the main things that we learned from this is that we learnt

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the importance of some Empire, the importance of hearing and obey whether that command comes from Allah, or His Messenger, or the leader,

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because obedience is important. Why?

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Why is it important?

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I'm not gonna listen, I'm just gonna do whatever I want, what's going to happen?

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There's going to be chaos.

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things cannot run smoothly, things cannot function properly. Just like when you go somewhere when you work somewhere, you have to abide by the rules. Why? Because if you don't abide by the rules, you're bringing problems for yourself as well as other people. If you don't meet the deadlines, if you don't do what you're supposed to do, you're going to create problems. So in order for an organization to run smoothly, what is necessary is obedience.

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So in our dealings while obedience to Allah, obedience, the messenger as well as obedience to the leader is something that is essential.

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And we also learn about unconditional obedience to align the messenger, unconditional obedience to align the messenger and conditional obedience to the leader. We discussed that yesterday.

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And part of unconditional obedience to align the messenger is that whatever command they give, whether we like it or not, whether we feel we're prepared for it or not. Whether we think we can do it or not, we are still required to do it.

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And the example of that, is that the believers, some of them they felt the one ready, they wanted more time. They wanted to be more well equipped, but they were still supposed to do it. So similarly, for us, there could be some commands that we think we're not ready for, we think we're not prepared for but still we have to do them because it's about unconditional obedience to align this messenger

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that's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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the weather in asaba.

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he bought up

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Tila a nama taco no Yo, como

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hacer una de PUE Javi Menard

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