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Al-Araf 26-39 Word-Analysis and Tafseer 27-30

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There are lots of hands on it says you have any item or children of Adam, lay of the Nana comerciais panu Let not shed on tempt you don't let shavon tempt you. Over here you have Tina fitna, what is within me?

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to put someone to trial and over here, lay off the nanako. What this means is, don't follow him and then be put into fitna. Don't let him take advantage of you.

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Don't be heedless. Don't be careless.

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lest he takes advantage of you. And he makes you naked. He takes away your clothes just as he took away the clothes of your parents. The evany Adam left in a nakoma shaytani dollar check on them to come a horrible way come just as he expelled your parents. How by his fitna by his temptation. menial gentlemen from Paradise away is actually a wedding doula, who is up actually, Father, but the dual form it doesn't just refer to father but it refers to mother and father. And why is it said to fathers because of the lead? Basically, when there are two or more things and one is more dominant than the other? Then that alone is mentioned.

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For instance, when the calmer and the chumps when they're to be referred together, what does that mean?

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The two moons whereas in reality, it's one moon and one sun. But in Arabic, what is that common

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similarity between. And all of you know about that Heidi Sara mentioned yesterday as well. The two black things

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that I showed earlier he said the two black things work, water and dates. Now water is not black. Dates are black, kind of black.

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But why are they called to black things because dates are more.

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So come out of a communal agenda. Don't let him mislead you. Don't let him put you into fitna. Don't let him take advantage of your heedlessness of your carelessness, lest he leads you astray. lest he takes your clothes away. He makes you naked just as he got your parents out of jail. And what did he do? yen zero are inhuman. Leave us at home. You yen zero nazara What does Zara need to strip off to take away?

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So he was stripping off from them do their clothes to humiliate them. Li Uriah Houma so adding him to that he shows to them to their private parts. In New York, Hong Kong. Indeed, he sees you who he meaning chimpanzees you walk away Lou and his tribe also sees you who is a tribal shape on

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the other gene. So he sees you and the other gene also see you mean high select around a home from where you don't see them.

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They can see you, but you cannot see them. And the reality is that they're your enemy. Just imagine

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if an enemy is watching us, and we cannot see him. Isn't that more dangerous?

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Isn't it? Of course it is. And if you can see the enemy, then at least you can defend yourself easily.

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But you cannot even see the enemy and the enemy is constantly watching you how risky of a position you're in how dangerous and vulnerable position you're in.

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Because when you see your enemy you can take some steps. You are more cautious and when you cannot see him then he silently attacks.

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So Allah subhanaw taala is warning us over here. Be alert. Be on your guard. Be very careful because he can see you and you cannot see him.

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in Niger unless a Athena Olia we have made Shelton the guardians of who lilla Dena like many of those people who don't believe so such people are the ones who follow shaper. They are the ones who have a shape.

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Change shaitan is out there to get all of you.

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You are believers. Don't let * on. Take advantage of you. Don't let him misguide you.

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As I mentioned earlier, that other medicine and he was not born as a child, he was created as an adult.

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And thus he was clothed immediately.

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When Adam and Howard they both ate of the tree, whatever they had been given to enjoy was taken away from them, including their coats

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and it bleeds he did was for such them and convinced them to eat of the fruit so that this would happen to them that their clothes are taken away from them.

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And he wanted them to get out of Paradise with humiliation because remember being unclosed

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What is humiliation for a person, it's a means of dishonor for him.

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And remember that clothing, it has a deep connection with modesty.

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It has a deep connection with modesty. and higher has a deep connection with what

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with even isn't.

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Clothing has to do with higher. The more higher a person has, the more appropriate his clothing is, the less higher a person has, the less appropriate his clothing is, the shorter his clothing is.

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And the more higher a person has, the more he has,

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the less higher he has, the less email he has. They're all connected.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said a man has over 70 branches.

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And modesty is a branch of email.

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Similarly, another had these deltas that email and modesty of friends, they are Khurana. Therefore when one leaves, the other also leaves. If he leaves, then a man will leave

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if a man leaves than higher will leave.

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So when a person dresses up properly, what does that show? He has even when a person does not dress up properly, what does it show the weakness of his email, the weakness of his email? What does shaitan want? Ultimately, he wants that our image is taken away from us.

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Therefore, what does he do? How does he catch us?

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Through hair

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through our clothes, they understand he wanted other medicine him to be humiliated. How did he achieve that target?

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By taking his clothes off? How by tempting him to eat of the forbidden tree.

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And ultimately, what does he want for us that yes, we should be humiliated. But also he wants especially that our Eman is taken away from us.

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And Eman cannot go away unless higher it goes away. and higher cannot go away unless and until a person wears inappropriate clothes, or does not workloads at all. So this is what chethan wants.

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So over here, loss of penalty is sending us Don't let shape on what you interface.

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Don't fall into his trap. Remember, he's going to come to you through your clothing. This is how he's going to approach you. This is how he's going to try to tempt you. So don't fall into his trap. He's going to make you think, look, nobody's wearing sheets on top of their heads. Nobody's wearing loose clothes. Why are you dressed up like an old woman? Why are you dressed up in a nightgown? Why are you dressed up in your pajamas? Why are they so loose, your clothes should be fancier, they should be tighter, they should be like this, they should be like that. And this is what shaytan puts in the heart of a person.

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And remember that clothing, it definitely has an effect on email. Because sometimes we think that there is no connection between your clothes and your email.

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But definitely there is

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as we discussed earlier, if a person is wearing proper clothes, appropriate clothes, and he will be able to pray solid properly, isn't it? And if he's not, if she's not wearing proper clothes, and what's going to happen,

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they're not going to be able to pray for that property. person goes down into the record, the shirt goes up, the back is exposed, or a person is constantly concerned about their back being exposed. Which is why instead of focusing on the solid, what are they focusing on

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their shirt.

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Similar to introduce it happens so many times.

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Or the clothes or the pants are so short, that when a person goes down into the court, or they're so tight, they're going to lift up as a result of which the feet and the ankles will be exposed.

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Now, clothing has a direct effect on direct effect. shadowing makes us think that clothing has nothing to do with email, dress however you want.

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It doesn't have anything to do with email, whereas in reality it does.

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So Allah subhanaw taala is warning us don't fall in the trap of shaitaan is going to come to you through your clouds don't fall into his trap. Because if you do so, then what's going to happen?

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You're going to become the Wali of Chevron, because how does he end that in Niger Alicia, Tina Alia Lila Dena, la mina. It is such people who follow Chevron.

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And remember that you cannot see your enemy, and he can see you. He's always there to tempt you. He's always there to lead you astray. So don't fall into his trap Be on your guard

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when you fall into fascism, and when they commit an immorality who don't wish the king of Mecca? What does that mean by fracture?

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an indecent act, a shameful act, a shameful deed.

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A deed that is immodest whether it is killing someone or is committing

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fornication or it is homosexuality, or it is nudity.

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Or it is wearing inappropriate clauses or too short displaying a person's that are allowed to die displaying a person's finger and body, body parts that must be covered. So when they do furniture,

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furniture in the context, it refers to the indecent Act, the shameful act, the shameful practice of the machine,

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the shameful act, the shameful practice of the machine. And what was that practice?

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We learned that Mujahid he said that the machine they used to go around the house meaning they used to go around the Kaaba interweb. While naked,

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they will perform that the left without wearing any clothes.

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And they would say, we performed the web as our mothers gave birth to us.

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As our mothers gave birth to us, in our pure and original form. This is how we're coming before God our pure and original form.

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Allah created us without clouds. This is how we come before.

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And there are some people today as well, who present excuses for not wearing clothes. They say that God created us like this. We were born without code. This is how we naturally are just as animals are. Animals don't wear clothes. Similarly, we don't even have to wear clothes. And they will live in areas where people literally don't wear any clothes.

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So they used to say that we refer to as our mothers gave birth to us and a woman, she would cover her private part with something while doing half naked. And she will say today some or all of it will appear. But whatever appears from it, I do not allow meaning it is not for adultery or for men to enjoy looking at.

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And this was the height of indecency. Just imagine they will perform the life naked. And they would think it as an act of piety.

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They will consider it as an act of righteousness. That look we are so nice. We're so obedient. We don't even care about ourselves, we will live up our clothes, we will humiliate ourselves and it will come before God.

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Allah does not like for a person to humiliate himself like that.

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Today as well, people have many excuses, that the eyes should have a veil, there should be a clothing on the eyes, on the heart.

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And on your body, whatever you wear, that doesn't matter. But the fact is that if there is a shadow on the eyes of a shadow on the heart, will not protect us from that. What is needed is labasa taqwa which will result in appropriate voting.

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So this is how the machine would perform the web. And when they will do that, what would they say?

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Call to whichever Now earlier.

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This is how we found our forefathers doing.

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This was their excuse.

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We don't do that in the cloth that we sin.

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We don't worship in the cloth that we sin. And we found our forefathers doing the exact same thing before us. So we're following them.

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And many times, what do people say when they're wearing particular clothes which may not be appropriate. This is how we have always dressed.

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This is a part of our culture. This is a part of our society. That is something that we've always done. My parents used to dress up in that way.

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The other day I was watching this video. It was a documentary

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somewhere in Russia. And you know, there are Muslims over there.

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And they're women. They were wearing hijab, but they were wearing short skirts. It's part of the culture.

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They were wearing hijab, but they were wearing short skirts, only the wife of the man, she was wearing a long skirt.

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I was so amazed at that. Okay, you're wearing the hijab, but hijab is not the only part of a woman's proper clothing.

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All of them, their legs were not being exposed, they were either wearing long boots or tights or something like that. However, again, clothing should not be too tight, it should dress up, it should completely cover the body of a person.

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So this is what many people say we generally have

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our families, our parents, our society has always dressed up in that way. But this is not an excuse.

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What people have been doing is not an excuse. What do we have to do whatever Allah has commanded us.

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So when we learn something, and we have to do it,

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and they would say that we don't do reviver in the clothes that we sent him

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Our clothes, we wear them when we're doing something wrong. So they become filthy. Therefore we cannot wear them when we're worshipping God.

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And unfortunately, there are some Muslims as well who claim to be Muslim, who, when they pray, they don't wear their ordinary clothes, they actually change into their particular set of clothes that they have fixed for Salah. And because of that, if they're not in their house, or that particular place where they can wear those clothes, they don't praise for that.

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There was a person once in school with me, and they were Muslim. They wouldn't pray.

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And I would ask them, it's time to pray. Margaret, when are you going to pray? Okay, maybe also you prayed at home? And then you can it's mother, if you have to pray? No, it's a no, no, I can create these clothes. We have a certain set of clothes, and we only wear those clothes when we're praying.

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And I was very surprised. I was amazed. And there's something that is common is exactly the machine would say, we don't do either in the clothes that we send in. But what does Allah say? This live as is what covers your body? And what does it do it beautifies you.

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And when you're worshiping Allah, it suits you that you should beautify yourself and you should cover yourself as well.

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So color we generally

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will low and one on our behalf. And Allah has ordered us with this. Meaning Alas, commanded us Do not wear any clothes when we're doing full F.

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Allah says, in the law like marble fascia, Allah does not order the practice of indecency. Allah would never order such a practice. Never at all. At the Quran, Allah humanitarian, are you saying against Allah? What you do not know?

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Where did he say this? Where did he command you this? You have no evidence for that.

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So don't ascribe false things to Allah.

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All say Amarok be bill this. My Lord has commanded with justice.

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My Lord, Allah has commanded with justice. And what this mean? According to a man or vessel in Article over here, it means the heat and what this fashion refer to check.

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When they're committed check, when they committed their daily practices, they're more sneaky practices, they would say, Allah has commanded this, whereas there was no reality to it. What is it that Allah has ordered justice? And what is justice, though hate that Allah should be given his right.

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Similarly, over here can also be understood as justice and fairness in every metric,

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moderation, balance in every metric will help you and that you establish meaning and that he has commanded that you all should establish would you welcome your faces in the Colima strip near every Master?

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What does mustard mean?

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Place off such that it's from so Dude, what does the dude mean? frustration. So Masjid is a place where you do such that it's a place of worship.

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Similarly, the word Masjid can also apply to the time of doing such that

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the time of doing such things. So a clean room would you have come in the Kalima strip, any place of worship that you're in?

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any act of worship that you're in? Any time that you're worshiping? Allah subhanaw taala? What do you have to do? A female would you?

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What does it mean by this a female? Would you have come first of all, that you direct your faces? You establish your faces, meaning you face them, you direct them towards what? Towards the curb?

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So no matter where you are on the surface of the earth, when you're praying for where do you have to face? the Qibla? the Kaaba.

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Similarly, if you look at it, what's in the watch what's in the face,

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all of your faculties, your eyes, your mouth, your head, your ears, all of your faculties or were in your face.

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So focus all of your senses to, to almost a planetary

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meaning when you're praying, when you're worshiping Him, then focus on him alone, which is why even our eyes should be focused on were on the place of such that

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we're not allowed to look here there. We're not allowed to look at the front or look up into the sky. No, that's not correct. similarity, we're not allowed to close our eyes. What is the proper way? Where should our eyes be looking at the place of such that when we're standing

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at the most datasets that a person can look at the email to ensure Okay, what position is he in

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so when you're praying

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All of your senses, all of your focus should be directed to to a loss of power alone.

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Whether Whoo hoo, and you will call upon him meaning worship him how meclizine Allah would deem making sincere to him the religion.

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What is a demon over here worship? Remember there are many meanings of the word Dean over here it means are better.

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So whether over meclizine Allah who the making your religion making your worship sincere to him alone.

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So when you are praying, no object, no person, no idle should be before you know Stone, no food, while thinking it to be necessary to be there. What is that you're praying and by chance the kitchen isn't your friend. Or by chance a particular let's say a wall hanging on which the camera is in your front. That's different.

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But otherwise, don't play something in front of yourself or don't stand deliberately in front of something thinking it to be important that it must be there before you when you're praying.

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So whether or mostly senior who didn't worship him with full attention, with focus and with sincerity, that no one should be before you when you're worshiping Allah should only be amongst Pankaj, similarly, as Laos over here includes that your Salah your dry, your evader should be free of the air should be free of showing off. It should be done sincerely for the sake of have

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come out better come through dude. Just as he originated you, that is how you will return.

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Meaning like how you were created, you will also be created again.

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Like how you are created you will also be created again how are we created from what

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from mud, similarly will be resurrected from what when our bones and everything has turned into mud will be created from what mud. Secondly, come up with a content rune in the way that you are created.

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In the manner that you were created, the way you came into this earth without any thoughts without any issues individually. This is how you will be raised in the hereafter.

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That's exactly how you will be raised in the hereafter come my brother or come through.

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And you say the machine what would they say? That we were born without clothes. Therefore when we go before God, we have to go without clothes. When we worship God we have to go without clothes. But what does Allah say? That in this dunya? Yes, you came without clothes. But for the zelner we have sent down to you the command of clothing. In this dunya you have two workloads. Even when a person dies and he's buried Still, he discovered, isn't he? So in this dunya you have to spend your time your life how wearing clothes, and in the hereafter when you're resurrected, then you will not be wearing clothes but in this dunya you have to follow the command of Allah.

00:23:13--> 00:23:23

Even our bustle there are no side of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that all people you will be gathered to Allah while barefoot naked and uncircumcised. That's how you will be gathered before Allah.

00:23:25--> 00:23:36

So the machine their practice has been criticized that yes, you came to the dunya without clothes, you will be resurrected in the hereafter without clothes. But right now in the dunya you have to follow the commands of Allah

00:23:37--> 00:23:49

farrakhan Kannada, a group he guided, Will Ferrell can help corralejo Palella and another group deserved to be in error, meaning all of you will be resurrected in the hereafter.

00:23:51--> 00:24:02

And in this dunya How are you Oh people, one group of people were guided and another group misguidance became deserving abundant, meaning they were definitely a string.

00:24:03--> 00:24:06

So far, you can either walk or you can have Carnegie Mellon.

00:24:07--> 00:24:13

So, we see that there are two types of people amongst mankind. One group is of those who are guided

00:24:15--> 00:24:38

and what is he Daya what is who the that you give the directions. You make the person walk in those directions, take that particular path and make him reach the destination. Allah subhanaw taala has offered guidance to everybody. Now if somebody is telling you come I'll show you the way and he says no, no, thank you very much. I don't want you to lead me whose fault is it? The person who is refusing the guidance.

00:24:39--> 00:24:43

So for recon, Heather he guided why because they accepted the guidance.

00:24:44--> 00:24:53

Allah subhanaw taala has sent down the command to us in this world. He has told us about what is necessary what is obligatory what is forbidden.

00:24:54--> 00:24:55

Now it's up to us whatever we do.

00:24:56--> 00:24:59

So the first group is of those people who accept

00:25:00--> 00:25:05

The Word of God, they accept it, they live according to it, they practice it.

00:25:07--> 00:25:16

And the second group of mankind is those people who deserve misguidance. Why? Because when guidance is offered to them, they don't accept it.

00:25:18--> 00:25:26

For example, when the machine they were told, this is not something that you should be doing walking around the car, but naked, people are supposed to be praying over here.

00:25:27--> 00:25:33

And this is extremely shameful. There is a place where you should be respectful. And how can you go around without any clothes.

00:25:35--> 00:25:50

So, when they were told about this, they wouldn't accept. And we learned that it was later on many, many years later when the Muslims conquered. That is when no one was allowed to further do the left in the state of nakedness anymore.

00:25:52--> 00:26:18

In nomoto, shouting, so why is a group of people deserving of misguidance because they have taken a shot in the Satan's earlier I mean, dunlea close friends, besides Allah, meaning they listen to the Shelton. They listen and accept the whispers of Sheldon, they befriend children, and they don't befriend a loved

00:26:19--> 00:26:22

one is the thought that shavon puts into our heart.

00:26:23--> 00:26:26

And one is the command that Allah has given to us.

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It's up to us. If we accept the cannibal, we're befriending Allah.

00:26:34--> 00:26:38

If we're accepting the associate, and then who are we befriended? Shelton?

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So those who deserved misguidance Why do they deserve misguidance? Because they follow Charlie were sivanna inomata. Dune and they used to think that they were rightly guided.

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And this is something very dangerous, there's something worrisome that a person is doing something wrong. And he thinks that he is right.

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This is the greatest deception that a person could be in. And this is something that shavon also puts in the heart of a person that no know what you're doing is right.

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You're not wrong at all.

00:27:11--> 00:27:30

shaitan does not come to us saying that this is wrong. So do it. What does he say? That this is so good, this is so beautiful, this is so beneficial, do it. And when a person sees the logic, apparent logic, he falls for it. And he thinks that he is right. And when he thinks that he is right, how will he change his ways?

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So we are savona unknown.

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seminary shaitaan comes to us and says to us that look, do whatever you want Ally's forgiving, yes, it's a fact that Allah is forgiving. But at the same time, he's also told me what I should do and what I should not do.

00:27:47--> 00:27:53

So this is a temptation of shape and this is the tactic of shaitaan that he fools us.

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Thinking that what we're doing is right whereas in reality, it is wrong.

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We learn in South Africa, I 132 104. called hangman a bit of serene Carmela SEO profits are a lot SLM Shall we inform you of the greatest losers with regards to their deeds? Who are they? And Medina oneness? Are you moving higher to dunya they are those whose efforts is lost in worldly life. Nothing they do in this dunya is worth anything in the hereafter.

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Why homie are savona A novia sooner sooner? And they think that what they are doing is very good.

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Such a person is a greatest loser.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these

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Yeah, Bernie

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is Tina

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porn Oh

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name is JD you

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