Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 09 – L098C

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The Mahdi's wife, who is the "fit of the hereafter" project, is discussed in a meeting related to the "fit of the hereafter" agenda. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding war and not being too afraid of small talk, as it is a way to make a better decision. The success of the music army and the loss of northernist hopes are also highlighted.
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Who are the videographers? What other qualities do they possess?

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And Medina up Mona Fernanda woman models Akane, homie and Foucault and the ones who establish prayer, they establish the Sunnah of Allah. Woman models aka home, Yun Foucault. And they also spend out of what We have provided them, meaning they also give the help of people. Because many times what happens

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when we become more involved in the deen, we become more focused on our center, then we think that people don't have any help. People don't have any right. They also have rights. Sometimes they go to another extreme in giving the rights of people we ignore the rights of the law. There's a balance over here.

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Oh there it is those who

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who are true believers in truth. Truly, it is only such people who are believers.

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And it is something that is very scary. Because Allah says it is only such people who have these characteristics who are true believers.

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And the rest of the people there is deficient

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una eco homeowners what we want to have called it is only those who are believers truly no doubt that such people are believers.

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And because they're believers, Luanda, Rajasthan in Dharavi.

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For them our ranks degrees were with their Lord, meaning in the hereafter.

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No jack is a torrent of damage.

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And what is that?

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A rank, opposition degree.

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And damages over here refers to the project of gender.

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And why are they called donnager? Because they're high. They're low here earlier.

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And why isn't it that all the videos are going to be in $1 in the year after, because each person will be awarded, according to his efforts.

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And everyone's efforts are not the same.

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Everyone's efforts are not the same. But do we during the call under industry recognition that indeed your efforts, there are various, they're different, and nobody's working differently. So, depending on how much a person has tried to improve his email, according to that, he will be rewarded.

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So for such people, there are little jack the Hereafter, and there is also one more field

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and also forgiveness, what is gone, and a provision that is clean that is noble.

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So for them is forgiveness, as well as a noble reward. Why forgiveness.

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Because no matter how righteous a person becomes a matter how much he strives, he still falls short somewhere or the other. He still makes a mistake somewhere or the other.

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And if a person thinks that, oh, I don't need forgiveness, because I've never done anything wrong, then there is a problem. Because even the prophets a lot, a lot of them needs to seek forgiveness more than 70 times every day.

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So for people who are constantly striving to improve their Eman for them, there is forgiveness.

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What does it mean

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to be noble and respected. When something is of high quality, high quality

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when something is precious, valuable.

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And secondly, Kareem is also used for that which is generous.

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So for them and that is that is Kareem a very noble, high quality, respected, valuable, precious reward.

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Winner in Bukhari and Muslim. These are courses that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, with regards to the little jets of hereafter,

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that the residents are very lean in general, they are seen from those below them, just as you see the distant planet in the horizon of the sky.

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This is how far apart the ranks are in the hereafter.

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So doesn't have a set or less messenger for who they are hydrojet that none except them would attain. The Prophet son alone as Adam said, rather by he in whose hand is my soul. They are for men who have faith in Allah and believed in the messengers.

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They also believe in the messengers for them, there are hydrojet in the hereafter.

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And remember, the agenda has 100 degrees $100 jet and according to the data, the grades in general are equal to the number of verses in the Quran.

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So when we learn about the project agenda, the agenda the hereafter What should we do, we should strive to attain those projects.

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Many times what do we do

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By knowing all of this, we're always concerned about our diraja in this dunya

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we're always commenting about this as well. That's the one source from upperclass. So until it is from upper middle class from the middle class and lower middle class from the lower class, what is all of this

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idea of any value before our last panel turning? No value whatsoever?

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What is a value in the sight of a law or the object of the hereafter

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though * agenda

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similarly, we're always commenting then so and so person, he makes money in the six digits in the five digits in 15th and 16th and hundreds and this is also because we are so impressed by the Rajat adonia

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whatever the data

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they are more cutting they're more honorable

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recitation of these

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loo boo boo more either Tony.

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To The

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World either truly

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more now.

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HR lady.

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una una una how por la Honda

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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Okay, let's continue

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Following is the most apparent it mentions about the Battle of edge.

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Like I mentioned to you earlier, this little was revealed in the context of battle battle. And in DeSoto, several references are made to the events of that battle. What happened before the battle during the battle as well as afterwards?

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Come on logic or bukem in vaidika been healthy, there is just as when your Lord brought you out of your home

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for what for the battle? How bill happy into

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what in the funny communal movement in Allah carry, who, while indeed a party among the believers were unwilling comma, what does karate just just like

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come over here is connected with the previous if there was a difference of opinion, there was a disagreement with regards to who share of booty and who does not get a share of booty.

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So Allah subhanaw taala is saying that just as the matter of going for battle was also a disagreement. The same way they are in disagreement, now,

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you left the matter to Allah and His Messenger, that if a loved one has to go for a battle in this way, we accept and we will do, then everything was okay. When you submitted yourself to Allah.

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Similarly, right now, when you are in disagreement with regards to the booty, then what should you do?

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Leave the matter to Allah and His messenger and everything will be okay.

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Everything will be fine.

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You just need to trust upon Allah.

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The situation is very similar. Come out just as when he brought you out? Who does you refer to?

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The prophets little artisan?

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Who brought you out? Rob Booker, your Lord, from where? From your house? But how did he take you out? will help me with the truth,

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meaning to fight the enemy instead of reading the caravan.

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But at that time, what happened?

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What in the funny comedian movement in Allah carry who, for a group of the believers, they were unhappy. They were unwilling,

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unwilling with regards to what

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with regards to marching out against the enemy, against the army, they didn't want to do that.

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Remember, over here, we have to look at the circumstances that led to this battle, so that we can better understand the

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when developments are a lot of sort of migrated from Makkah to Medina, what happened?

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infuriating, they were very upset because the Muslims they had gotten out of their head.

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Up to now the Muslims were in their control in Makkah, they could torture them, they could oppress them. And now all of a sudden, slowly and gradually, one of them they're leaving. And now finally, even Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam the Prophet, he had also left Makkah, and they have found refuge elsewhere.

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And the Muslims found refuge in Medina, slowly and gradually they were growing, they were becoming more prosperous, more people were joining them. So this was something that was a cause of great concern for their enemy for the machinima.

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So every now and then, the machine they would come, they would attack the Muslims, or they would send small arm detachments to enter into Medina or to go close to Medina, and the pastures where the Muslims would foster their animals. Basically, the Muslims were suffering a lot because of the witch city.

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So basically, the mercy teen and Muslims they were at war.

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Now when you are at war, then what happens?

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Every chance that you get to inflict harm upon them, you avail that chance, you avail that chance when,

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when you are at war with them,

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when you're not at war with them, then you're not allowed to harm them.

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But when you're at war, then in that case, every chance in which you can inflict some harm in which you can take the advantage to the enemy, you do that.

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And I was a fan. He was one of the worst enemies of Islam at that time. And the prophets Allah said and received news

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that I also found was taking a great caravan to Mecca from Syria. So basically, Abu sufian had taken a huge caravan to Syria, and now he was returning from Syria to Makkah. And they had in the caravan, great profits, great merchandise, and he said that it was worth 50,000 denoting

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50,000 gold coins.

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That was Sofia, he was the head of the caravan.

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So when the prophet SAW that article and found out about this, he asked the Muslims to get ready to intercept the caravan to go and get a hold.

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and because it was a caravan and definitely it wasn't so many people, therefore the province of aloneness and did not take any elaborate steps. He did not make any elaborate arrangements in order to fight the enemy.

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But he just positioned himself and the Muslim triggerman.

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Mohammed even is how he reports that are delivering our best he said that when the messenger of a lot of the loan is hurt that Abu sufian had left the Sham area, and he was heading towards arranged caravan.

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And this was in the second year of digital in the month of Shabbat. He encouraged the Muslims to march 4 to intercept them, saying that this is a caravan of Quraysh carrying their property. So March 4 to intercept it, a lot might make it as war spoils for you.

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So the people they began mobilizing the people start getting ready, then let's go get ready and get a hold of that caravan.

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But some people, some of the Muslims did it not thinking that the prophets are alone incident would not have to fight. So they didn't think it was that important. It's only a few people who need to go. So they didn't take it as something very important. So it was only a few people about 300 who went wrong, the profits or loss and everybody did not go Why? Because it was not supposed to be a major expedition to intercept the caravan.

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No one else again found out that the profits that Alison was preparing to attack the caravan. He sent a career the person to Makkah for reinforcements.

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And he was very anxious and he hired this person by the name of dum dum the normal, unruly fatty to go to Makkah and mobilize the police to protect their caravan informing him that Mohammed Solanas had mobilized his companions to intercept it.

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So when the Quraysh they heard about it, even the chiefs, they began getting ready in order to counter the Muslims who were coming to attack the caravan.

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And about 1000 people, including the notable chiefs that matter, they got together. And it is said that they listed every person who was available even in the neighboring tribes, and this army, which was 1000 a number they went in order to protect their caravan.

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So the Muslims, how many are they?

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A few in number 300. And the machine on the other hand, there are how many 1000 in number

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is that that the crusher so flared up that hardly a man was left behind in Makkah.

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Over here, some people may wonder that why was it Prophet sotalol isn't going to attack the caravan?

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As I mentioned to you earlier, the most seeking and Muslims they were at war.

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Now when you are at war, every chance that you get to inflict harm upon them, you will be on that chance,

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hopefully to say that this event that was coming from Sham to Mecca, when the Muslims had migrated from Medina to Makkah, obviously they have left behind their homes, their property, we learn about suhaila Rumi, who had to leave everything of his back in Makkah so that he could migrate. Now when the Muslims are not so much property back in Makkah, what would happen to that. They said that the people of Makati gathered all of that together. And it was a few took all of it sham. And they're a huge business trip. And they were returning with the profits from that business.

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So this profit was from what?

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From the property that they had left behind. And

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therefore the Muslims had a right over this money, because it was their property. It was their wealth, and they had full right to go and get a hold of it. This is why the profits are a lot of them went to intercept the character.

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So now when the Muslims, they were out already, and they hear that there's a caravan and now there is also the music army that is coming.

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So the disbelievers the wish they came. They were in two groups. One was a caravan that was coming from a sham and the other was the army that was coming from Makkah.

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And the Muslims over here they were in a difference as to who they should go after.

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Majority of the believers they wish to attack a caravan. Why? Because it was easier.

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It was easier the caravan was unprepared. It was unarmed.

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And if the Muslims were to attack the caravan, then they would get a hold of a lot of property, a lot of money. So many of the Muslims who were inclined to attacking the caravan,

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but a last decision was to fight the enemy.

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And some people did not like this decision.

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Because war is difficult and there is the fear of losing your life and property.

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But if you look at it the decision of loss of penalty is always better.

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How how in the situation

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if the Muslims

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had gone after the caravan, and they are due to the caravan. Perhaps they would obtain a lot of wealth. It seems very attractive. But would the wish she can leave the Muslims? Would the machine spare the Muslims at all? No. They were much more powerful than that. They would come after Muslims, they would attack them, and the Muslims would suffer more harm.

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So there's always wisdom in the position of

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the Muslims, how many are they?

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A few in number 313. They marched towards Baba now to meet the enemy. They had left Medina to meet the caravan. But now halfway through, the plan changed. And all of a sudden, because of the emergency situation, things didn't go as planned.

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They were going to attack the caravan. And now all of a sudden, they have to go fight an army that was three times their number.

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Three times their number.

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So the Muslims they went towards, but and over there, we learned that the Muslims had a battle with the machine, and in that the Muslims were victorious. But what is the loss of kind of dynasty, that some believers they dislike going to fight the enemy? That a party of the believers they were like it when they disliked it, they didn't want to go ahead?

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And we learned since 216, that cookie barrel equals Peterloo. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, local fighting has been ordained to you, although you dislike it. But it's quite possible that in reality, it's good for you.

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And that you like something which is in reality back for you.

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So what's the lesson in this,

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that do not always go for the easy option. Don't always look for convenience.

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Take that option, in which you will receive more benefit in the long run.

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Even if momentarily, you will receive some harm or you will undergo some hardship, you have to look at what is better for you in the long run.

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For example, you have a test, then at the same time you are invited to a party.

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Now, some people they will choose to go to the party and relax and have some fun and spend the whole evening over there. And other people, what would they prefer

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to study at that time. Why? Because in the long run, that is better for them.

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Or perhaps they will go only for some time, maybe for half an hour or 45 minutes, and then they will come back and they will study.

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So in every situation, don't look for convenience, don't look for fun. Don't look for entertainment, rather look for that, which is better for you.

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And if you look at it, a very important lesson that we learn here is that a psychological buka your Lord brought you out.

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Meaning Allah decided that you go out to fight the enemy, sometimes what happens, you make a big plan. And things don't go as planned. And all of a sudden things change. And you have to make a completely different decision.

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For example, a group of people are going for a picnic somewhere.

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And they hear that there's a big accident on the way or there's a big storm coming. And they have to change the plan at that moment.

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So they say it's not fair and how come and this is impossible. It's not right. What is it going to lead to? It's not going to solve the problem at all.

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The solution isn't accepting the change situation to change circumstances and seeing as to what we can do with it. Because many times we plan and Allah also plans, but there's always played in the plan of a loss.

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So believers, some of them, they were located at home. They were unwilling to go forth for the battle. You know, they were arguing with you. They were disputing with you. Some believers still healthy with regards to the truth, bargain Earth evasion, after it had become clear to unima yourself on it. And motivo means alone, as if they were being driven toward death while they were looking on.

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They were arguing with the prophets that alone is an economical fight the army. were unprepared there three times our numbers were only a few people, we cannot do this.

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And this happens that sometimes the situation forces you that you take the option in which there is a lot of difficulty you have to undergo a lot of hardship. And apparently it seems very unpractical, very unrealistic. But you don't have any other choice. You don't.

00:24:46 --> 00:24:59

And in the long run, that is what is better for you. And people who oppose you that how can you do this? This is unrealistic. This is completely impractical. So it happens you faces opposition from people. When you know that that is the right thing to do.

00:25:00 --> 00:25:03

Can you do it anyway? You have to do it.

00:25:04 --> 00:25:11

So they were arguing with you, Phil, how concerning the Hulk. What was the hook over here, they'll click on the command to fight

00:25:12 --> 00:25:34

Barla to the unit after it had become clear that that is what a lot of times are they wanted them to do, because that is what the prophet SAW The Lord is not commanded them to do. So it was clear to them and yet they were arguing with you. But is it true that sometimes there can be disputes, even amongst very close people, even amongst righteous people? It doesn't mean that you're cut off from them.

00:25:35 --> 00:26:01

You see, sometimes the situation comes up where you think differently and the other person thinks differently. You say that we should go for a particular option. And the other person says, No, we should go for the other option. These disputes, they occur differences, they do occur. But it doesn't mean that we got off days from people to just because they don't agree with us. We don't work with them anymore. This is not the solution.

00:26:02 --> 00:26:05

Either you follow me? Or I'm not with you anymore.

00:26:06 --> 00:26:09

But so how about eventually they did go with the profits a little modest.

00:26:10 --> 00:26:11

So what does it show

00:26:12 --> 00:26:15

that at the end of the day, your commitment is with a law, not with the person

00:26:16 --> 00:26:24

use as a burden as a unit to uncover yourself corner in a multi does if you're being driven to that.

00:26:25 --> 00:26:28

For whom and a young rule, they were looking,

00:26:29 --> 00:26:44

meaning the idea of going to battle seemed very scary to them. They didn't want to go Why? Because they did not have any planning. They were not mentally prepared, and they were also not physically prepared for it.

00:26:45 --> 00:26:50

This is why for them it was as if they were going in the mouth of death in the face of death.

00:26:52 --> 00:26:54

We will listen to the recitation over here.

00:27:07 --> 00:27:09

mean Allah Karim

00:27:12 --> 00:27:15

yuja de Luna caffeine diva

00:27:20 --> 00:27:20


00:27:21 --> 00:27:25

de la boum milou

Al-Anfal 1-19 Word-Analysis and Tafseer 3-6

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