Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 21 – L212A

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Another one a Sunday. So David Kadeem, Am I bad for Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem for beshara he suddenly will save the MD

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of death and Linda Sani acabo Kohli open and Cigna. Emma, lesson number 212. So let's look man, I am number one to 11

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Translation Alif Lam Meem Alif Lam Meem delkor that a to vs el kita of the book and Hakeem the wise

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who done a guidance What are shamaton and immersi little more sinning for those who do good and levena those who use a boon they establish a solid de Sala what you do now and they give us the CATA desica We're home and they build a hero in the hereafter home they you know they are certain una chica those are the upon houden a guidance mean from rugby him there were Ola iica and those whom they are mostly shown the successful ones woman and from a nurse the people man who yesterday he buys Lahore, amusement and Hades he have the speech Leola so he leads astray on from sabini way Allah He of Allah be lady without any mean any knowledge where to see the hair and he takes it who's

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aware as a mockery? hula iica those law home for them are there been a punishment movie known humiliating?

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What either and when

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it is recited are they he upon him i a tuna hour versus one he turned away was stuck below on one being arrogant

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as if llum not yes smart her he hears it or he heard it

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as if indeed fi in una he his two ears walk along a heaviness server should who so give him good news, bear either of punishment Aleem painful

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in Indeed, Allah Dena those who knew they believed why we do and they did a slowly hurt the righteous deeds, law home for them, Jenna to gardens, a Noreen of the blessings.

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Holly Deena ones abiding eternally see her in it. Were the promise Allah He of Allah have gone through what Who? And he is other Aziz the always Almighty and Hakeem the always always color he created a semi word the heavens be lady without armor did any biller or owner her you all see it? What else and he cost fee in ugly, the earth but Alesia firmly set mountains

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and that Demeter its ways it shifts

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become with you all.

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Well, Bertha, and he has spread. See her in it? men from goodly every the button crawling creature

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what Angelina and we sent down Mina summer from the sky. mat and water for an buttner so we cause to grow. fee her in it. Men from goodly every zodion kind karimun noble, beautiful.

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Heather, this Hulk creation, Allah of Allah for Rooney so you all show me mother. What is that? Carla? He created and Latina those who know

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Main from dooney he other than Him, then rather early moon the wrong doors fee in Berlin error to been one clear recitation

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any LSD

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Amina ma de la, de la, savvy

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called Ed

Luqman 1-11 Translation 1-11

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