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An-Nur 30-31 Word Analysis and Tafsir 30

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Either below him in a shadow of a genius melee over him.

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So number 180 solo to know, I am number 3231

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Oh, let me Nina

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tell the believing men, yo boo min of assadi him, that they should reduce some of their vision, they should lower their gaze.

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Why follow Fuji home, and they should guard their private parts. Why?

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Because their leka as gala home that is pure for them. If they don't do so, this is not pure for them. And if they follow this command that is pure for them.

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And remember that in the law javion beam is known Indeed, Allah is aware, he is fully acquainted of whatever that they do.

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At the beginning of the surah, we learned about the punishment of Xena. And before that, we learned about the obligation of all of the commands that are given in disorder.

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And after that was mentioned the incident of if and after that several commands have been given in the surah, which close all the doors that could possibly lead to illicit relationships that could lead to fascia. First of all, we write about the command of st then that when a person goes to somebody else's house, he should not just walk in rather he should take permission, because there is a possibility that he comes across a non Muslim man or woman. And as a result, there could be fitna

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and over here we learn about a very important command.

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And this command is off, lowering the gaze as well as protecting the private parts.

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Why is this command given in particular,

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so that the chances of falling into sin are reduced, that a person protects himself that a person does not give himself the opportunity to witness something that is wrong. And as a result of that fall into it. So the first command that is given us all say, and the addresses to who to the prophets, or the lowness, Allah,

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that oh Prophet, you give this command, you say, Lil mode meaning and over here momineen is particularly believing men, that you say to the believing men,

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if you think about it, the hokum could be given directly as well, that oh believing men do this and do this. Or it could be said, Yeah, are you alladhina amanu and the command could have been given. But when the command is given in this way that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is addressed, and he is told to give the command, then it shows the immense importance of the command.

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Because then the command is not just coming from Allah subhanaw taala, but it's also coming from wool from the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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And remember, that the strength of a text, the strength of a command, is determined in our religion, when the evidence of it is found in the Quran, as well as the Sunnah. So if a command is given in the Quran, it's also given in the sooner than what does it show the strength of that command? how important it is.

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So when the profits or losses that have been stalled, that call us say, it shows the great importance of implementing disconnect.

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It's not just that Allah is telling us to do it, but it is also that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is telling us to do it.

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And Allah has said earlier Allah will obey Allah and also obey the messenger.

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So tell the believing men that they should Yahoo do min Abba sorry him, they should lower their gaze. Yoko is from the root letters rain Lord bud from the word of mouth.

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And the hope is to lower something. It is to reduce something

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and lagoon Boshoff is to lower the gaze. It has said that it means to join one eyelid with the other that when a person is looking up straight, then what happens? Both the eyelids are far apart, isn't it

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but when a person is looking down, then what happens the islands they join together to an extent not completely not fully, but to an extent. So how bizarre is to reduce the vision it is to lower the vision the gaze

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and love of salt of voice is to lower the volume of one's voice. Like we have learned that was both min Sonic and lower your voice Why? Because in the end girl Swati the Sultan Hamid

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So Yo, man, I'm sorry, him, what does it mean? That they should lower their gaze? And upside is a plural of bustle. So their vision, what they're looking at their eyes.

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Now, how do we understand the meaning of this word men over here?

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Men has been understood in two ways. First of all, it has been said that men over here is off by an and it means that they should lower their gaze all the time. Meaning that every time a man sees a non Muslim woman, what should he do? Should he look at her in the face? Should he look at her in the eyes? Should he look straight up to her? know whether or not there is temptation? whether or not there's attraction? When a man is looking at a non Muslim woman, what is he supposed to do? Lower the gaze. He's not allowed to look at her in the face, he's not allowed to look at her in the eyes.

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And unfortunately, it happens that within Muslim men, even it's possible that the other woman, she has her face covered, but still the men, they will look directly at the women looking at them in the eyes. This is something that is inappropriate, because what has been said over here is that they should lower their gaze.

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Every time there's a non Muslim woman, they're not allowed to look at her in the face in the eyes directly have a good look at her. And it's not just about women. But anything that is not permissible for them to look at.

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Upside over here does not just mean looking at non Muslim women. But it means looking at anything that is not permissible to look at that is how long for them to look at.

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So for example, the set the owner of another man, if a man is exposing his knees, if a man is exposing his ties, if a man is not dressed properly, such that his private parts are being exposed. A Muslim man cannot say Oh, he's a man. So no problem. No, he should lower his gaze yo men up sorry him. So men has been understood as First of all, by an meaning they should lower their gaze every time something unlawful, something that they're not allowed to look at comes before them.

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And others have said that men over here is about meaning some of their gazes some of their visions,

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that, for example, if they're talking to a non Muslim woman, and they feel that there could be some attraction, then what should they do? Immediately, they should lower their gaze immediately, they should look away.

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So what's the difference between the two opinions? The first is, anytime non Muslim woman comes, don't look at her. Look down, look away.

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The second opinion is that when there is some feeling of attraction, when there is some fitna when let's say the other woman is wearing makeup and you feel that you're being attracted to her, then in that case, what is the man supposed to do? You hold looming upside to him, they should lower their gaze.

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So what Bulbasaur can be done in several ways. First of all, with a blue buzzer can be done by lowering the gaze by looking down that a person does not look at the other directly in the face.

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Secondly, it can be done by not taking a good look at something or someone.

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Like for example, if you are talking to someone, if a man has to speak to a woman, what is that he looks at her face? He identifies who she is okay, that's it, but he's not concentrating on the face or the eyes, the color of the eyes, the lips, okay, the shape of what's the color of the hijab and the pattern on the hijab? No, this is inappropriate, he should not have a good look, he should just have a cursory look and then move away not pay too much attention.

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And thirdly, level buffer is also done by turning the vision away by looking at something else. Like for example, you don't look at the person, but what do you do you look away from them, you turn your eyes away completely. So you do mean up sorry, him they should lower their gaze.

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And secondly, another command that is given is that wire follow and they should guard furuya home their private parts.

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If you notice, lowering the gaze is mentioned first and then comes protecting the private part. Why?

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Why lower the gaze first? Because that is what leads to evil. Isn't it so that whatever the eyes admire, that is what the heart desires.

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So whatever a person is looking at, eventually he will end up going over there.

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So it should begin from lowering the gaze and then way I follow furuya home and they should also guard their private parts.

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Now Heflin for Rouge, guarding of the private parts. What does it mean by that?

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It means that a person protects his private parts he saves them. He does not do with them what is not permissible. So he protects them from what is unlawful to do with them.

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He protects them from what is unlawful to do with them?

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And what are those two things that how can a person guard his private parts? First of all, by covering them, meaning he should not expose them? He should not reveal them rather, he should keep them covered. Because every person must cover his private parts, because the private part is that

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it must be covered. So yeah, follow furuta home first of all, how should they protect by covering them?

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And secondly, how should they protect their private parts by saving them from how long

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which means that they should not do with their private parts what is unlawful such as, such as homosexuality, such as masturbation, such as using sex toys, such as Xena with animals? And it has been said in the Hadith that if a man does enter with an animal, meaning he uses an animal as a sex toy, then according to the Hadees, intentionally kill the animal and also kill the man,

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the man who does this, what's the punishment,

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kill the man and also kill the animal because that animal is going to suffer, it's going to be infected, it's going to be diseased. And there could be cross contamination, it could lead to a lot of fitna, it could lead to a lot of trouble. So according to the Hadees, what do we learn that the man the person who does this as well as the animal both should be killed.

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So when you follow furuya, home, they should guard their private parts, from exposing them and from doing with them, what is unlawful

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vaniqa that is the legal meaning of Bulbasaur and halal food, lowering of the gaze, and protecting of the private parts that is as gala home that is pure for them.

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There are many other options available in the dunya. In this world, to do with your eyes, whatever you want to do with your private parts, whatever you wish, but the command that Allah is giving, that is the purest thing to do. That's the best thing to do.

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Because when a person will lower his gaze when a person will protect his private parts that will clean his heart that will keep his heart clean. That will purify him from sins, that will purify him from bad habits. And this will help him get rid of many, many bad habits. Because if you look at it, a lot of problems begin with looking.

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And if a person controls his vision, then that is a scar that is pure for him because it is going to protect him from making many many mistakes in the future.

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And remember that in the Mahabharata, Indeed Allah is aware, be my own of whatever that they do.

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Yes, in our own is from slot noon, sun.

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And Sunnah is to do something with intention, with effort with planning with skill.

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So some people they're very good at doing these things behind other people's backs, that perhaps in front of others, they will lower their gaze, perhaps in front of others, they will appear to be very chaste, but behind closed doors, on their computers, in their washrooms, the magazines, whatever is on the screen, what are they looking at pornography? What are they thinking about? How long? What are they doing with their private parts? How long?

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So what does Allah say in the Lucha vielen vim is known, Allah is aware of whatever that they do, he is fully aware. So therefore a person should fear Allah with regards to this. So we see over here in this ayah that two commands have been given, lowering of the gaze and protection of the private parts.

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Because these two ways, they close the paths that lead to Xena. they close the paths that lead to Zina.

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Allah subhanaw taala has said in the Quran, in Surah number 30. That what are the Kaurava Xena don't even go near Xena

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and the commands that are given over here they are to prevent us from even going close to zero.

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You understand? These commands are being given to that a person does not even go close to Xena.

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Don't look at the non Wareham woman

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Don't do with your private parts what is how long because if a person can masturbate if a person can use a sex toy, he can go and commit Zina as well. It's not difficult for him.

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So both these things are necessary in order to close the doors that lead to sin as well as Takapuna.

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Because if a person goes close to heroin, if a person sees it, if a person begins to admire it, then what's going to happen, inevitably is going to fall into it.

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When you go close to something, when you look at it all the time, eventually what's going to happen, you're going to end up doing it. So this is why this command is being given.

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We see that the prophet SAW a lot of center, he mentioned in one of the Hadees that beware, every king has a Preserve.

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Every King has the boundaries that he has set, that this is my space you cannot enter. And the things that Allah has declared unlawful are his preserves, which means that we cannot enter into that territory. We're not allowed to do that.

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Because if a person goes close to the territory, even what's going to happen, he's going to end up inside it.

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So if a person goes close to heroin, if a person looks at how long if a person indulges in heroin, eventually what's going to happen he can very easily commit Zina.

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So the first thing that is mentioned is lower the gaze. Because again, that strays against a vision that looks at what is not permissible, will eventually lead to Xena.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, the gays is a poisonous pair. Amongst the many spares of Shetland. That shaytan he uses many arrows he uses many Spears in order to attack the son of Adam, in order to make him do that which is unlawful. And amongst the spirits that he uses is what amongst the tools that he uses is the gaze,

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that he makes a person look at what is unlawful, admire what is unlawful for him, and eventually what happens? The person ends up committing that.

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So it starts with the gays.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam he also said to the long run, who that early do not follow the first gaze with a second one, do not follow the first gaze with a second one.

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That for example, if a person is looking at someone,

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and all of a sudden he feels some attraction in his heart for her, then what should he do? He should look away. And he should not look at her again. He should not look at her again. Similarly, if a person is walking, and all of a sudden he sees someone who is not dressed appropriately. Now, at the first glance, it was unintentional. You see them. Now? Should you look away and look back again. Okay, let me see how long is their skirt? Is it above their knees? Is it below their knees? How much of their legs are being exposed? What color are their legs? Are they thin? Are the slim or the slender? Are they otherwise? What about their finger? What's the kind of shirt that they're wearing?

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What does the neck look like? No. The second gaze is not permissible. Because the first one was not by choice. It was an accident. It was not something that you did intentionally. But if a person repeats, if a person looks again, then he is going to be blameworthy. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam He told me to learn or early do not follow the first gaze with the second one.

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Because if you look at it, a person would only look again, if he felt some attraction in his heart.

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Isn't it? So? If there was no attraction in the heart, would you look again? No.

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So, if after the first gaze there is any feeling of attraction, a person should not look at it again. Now a person may say, I don't feel attracted. But let's say the other person is exposing their shoulder. Should you still look? No, you should not look. Don't follow. The first is with the second one.

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Jared even Abdullah, he said that he asked the Prophet sallallahu sallam, what should I do? If I happen to cast a chance? Look, if I happen to look at something by chance, accidentally, what should I do? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said during your eyes away, or lower your gaze,

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that by giants you look at that photo of someone the private part of someone the part of the body that should be covered. By chance a man looks at a non Muslim woman, then what should he do? Should you continue to look No. A person should look away or they should lower their gaze.

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Now for example, if a person is watching something on the

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Television and all of a sudden haraam scene comes up, what should you do continue to look?

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First of all, you shouldn't be watching such things in which there is how long in which there are wrong things. Because a person should avoid all such things. But if such a thing does come up, then what should they do? Continue to look? No look away, look away, turn your eyes away, lower your gaze do not continue to look because Allah has said yo boo me up sorry him.

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And remember, at the beginning of the slow we learned so rotten ends and never work out.

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This is as obligatory upon us as Salah is obligatory.

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Just as we have to pray five times a day, we don't have a choice with regards to that. similarity when it comes to lowering the gaze, it is as obligatory

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we don't have a choice with regards to that.

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From another Hadees, we learn that oh sorry. He said that once the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam he said to them, iya Conwell Jerusalem to record that beware of sitting in the streets, beware of sitting in the pathways of people, in the ways of people. Why? Because if you're sitting in the street, if you're sitting in a pathway, then all sorts of people pass by men, women, children, young, old, people who are dressed properly, people who are not dressed properly. So if you're sitting at a place like this, inevitably what's going to happen, you're going to end up looking at someone whom you're not supposed to look at,

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you're going to end up looking at something you're not supposed to look at.

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So the Sahaba, they said to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that O Messenger of Allah, we have no alternative but to sit in the streets to converse with one another, meaning we don't have any other place, if we ever want to speak to one another. That is where we are, that is where we go.

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So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said to them in a batim, for tutorial kochalka, who, if you insist, that is the only place that you can sit at that is the only place where you can meet one another, then give the street its rights.

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If you have to be there, if you must sit there, then what should you do? Give the right of the streets. So those are have asked what are the rights of the streets or messenger of Allah?

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And he said, Sorry, we're careful other words, do salami. Well, hon Murphy, when you're Anil munkar

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have the rights of the streets as what lowering the gaze that if someone is driving by, you don't look at them from one corner of the street chasing them with your eyes all the way to the other end. Know, if somebody is walking by it's inappropriate, that you're staring at them and as they're walking by you're constantly looking at them until they're out of your sight, what should you do

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to lower the gaze

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and also what happens that when a person is on the street, women are going children are going and if a man is staring at the woman, then this is inappropriate, they would feel so uncomfortable, they would feel so threatened.

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So, the right of the street is that a person should first of all lower the gaze. Secondly, workup for other that a person should remove that which is harmful.

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So for example, if there is a rock in the middle of the street or a branch in the middle of the street and what should he do? He should pick it up and he should put it onto the side so that people who are passing by they don't get disturbed because of that.

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What are the salami and returning the greeting of Salim that if somebody says Salaam to you, then what should you do? respond to them?

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Well, hon maroof and enjoining what is right when the urinal munkar and forbidding what is wrong, that this is what you should do, if you must sit in the streets.

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Now, this teaches us a very important lesson

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that for example, a person could be in a place where he cannot avoid coming in contact with what you should not be looking at. For example, a person is working at an office and he shares that office with other people. Let's say there are cubicles, right? And amongst those people who share that office with him that space with him are also women who do not dress properly. So what should a person do at that time?

00:24:37--> 00:24:59

He should lower the gaze he cannot say oh, I work in this place. What can I do? It's out of my ability know when you are in a situation where you cannot avoid a particular place where you must be. Then what should you do lower the case like the Sahaba said that this is the only place we have to meet one another. This is the only meeting place we have. So what were they told no

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Are they good