al-Raghib al-Isfahani #21 – Corruption of The Intellect

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the various ways in which knowledge and intellect can be misused, including leaving them undeveloped or mis manualized. These are common mistakes that lead to negative outcomes, such as damaging human bodies and causing problems for everyone. The speaker suggests that people should actively develop their intellect and become dedicated to their life, even if it doesn't help them in the long run.
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And that brings us to a lot of us for honeys conception of vice what is Vice vice is any one of these three capacities or urges that we have, right our intellect, our urges and appetites, our anger that is either left undeveloped, or it is mismanaged. And it can be mismanaged to one of two extremes, either the left or the right. And that goes back to what I was planning was saying about the need to self develop if you take these things and just leave them put, if you don't do any work, you let it sit, it's not good. It's going to eventually get mismanaged in this way, or mismanaged in this way. It's going to fall into this excess or this excess, they require actual proactive

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development so that they result in something good. So if you take them one at a time, for example, you have the capacity for thought you have the intellect, okay, if you mismanaged the intellect, there's one extreme that you can fall on, which is, let's say, cunning, the person who you who has knowledge and has intellect but uses it for evil, the separation and we have this a lot today, the separation of knowledge from morality or knowledge from ethics, right, we just learn stuff, we just get degrees, we just do things it doesn't matter if I create something that's going to wipe out the whole human race or not, at least I got my paycheck and I got my Nobel Prize and I'm good to go.

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Right this is one extreme knowledge used and there's other varieties you know, somebody's using their knowledge in order to benefit themselves in a in a shady way or manipulate other people the con man, right, these sorts of things. This is knowledge and intellect, abused, mismanaged, falling into this one extreme, where it's about imposters and fakes and people who are using it towards bad bad means. But there's another extreme on the other side, where people could reject the importance of intelligence and intellect and knowledge in the first place. We see that in the United States to people who are proud of being ignorant people who are proud of not reading books, people who are

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proud of not knowing history, this is another extreme and it's the opposite extreme. It's a mismanagement of the intellect where you've let it go so far, that it's completely atrophied. It's useless, right? A lot of us for having a saying, if you don't actively develop your intellect and your capacity for thought you don't actively turn it into something that's working towards your afterlife and towards virtue, then it's going to eventually fall into one of these two extremes. Either you're going to become involved or dedicated to the life of just pleasure, your life is Netflix and just having fun and going out and whatever. You don't care about education. You don't

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care about knowledge, or you're going to have knowledge but you're going to use it for bad towards bad ends. You're going to use it for things that don't help anybody that just provide you a paycheck and maybe even that actually hurt other people.