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Ash-Shuara 192-227 Translation 192-227

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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mathematical on a Sunday or little sweetie Hinton him I'm about for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Frobisher, Ashley sorry, we're silly mg. Washington data melissani Kahoot hourly or open as it enter in Lesson number 195 sort of the Shara is number 192 to 227. Translation what in the Who? And indeed it let n z Lu. Surely a gradual revelation or be a frog alameen as the world's Nasrallah, he has descended, Bihi with it a rule the rule, Ameen the trustworthy Allah upon Allah beaker, your heart lit akuna so you are men from among Zareen, those who won't be listening with language or in language. Arabic in Arabic, muy bien, one that is clear.

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We're in nahu and indeed it Luffy surely in Zubur scriptures, a welline of the former people,

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Allah do and not yakun it is the home for them. I had an assignment and that year a Lama who he knows it, or lemma scholars, Benny israa you have children of Israel wello and if Nazzal now who we sent it down, Allah upon bow, some are German, the foreigner for who so he recited it, I lay him upon them, ma not ganhou they were busy with it, meaning believers

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danika thus, select now who we have inserted it, fee in kulu hearts allegedly mean of the criminals left not your main owner, they will believe be he with it, Hector until Yahoo, they see an either but the punishment Aleem the painful fire to home so it will come to them both again suddenly, we're home and they learn not Yes, early on. they perceive

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fire kulu so they will say hell shall national we want our own ones given respect.

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do for them. They are their Vina with our punishment. Yes they are judoon they hasten or they are impatient. fr oh eight Ada did then you see in a matter on our home, we benefited them. See Nina years. Some then a home it came to them. Ma that which ganhou there were you are doing they were promised man not owner it availed on home from them. Man what can oh they were human their own. They were granted enjoyment. Warmer and not Alekna. We destroyed men from Berea in any town Illa except for it 1012 Warner's

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the claw a reminder, warmer and not good now. We were What do you mean ones who do wrong? warmer and not denizcilik? It came down be he with it? A shout out lien the Satan's warmer and not young burly it is appropriate the home for them warmer and not yes still to your own they are able in the home indeed day on from a summary the hearing Lama Xu loon surely once kept aloof, fella so do not further you invoke Mara with Allah He Allah. Allah Han a god. Aha, another photo akuna consequently you will be main from alma arrivabene. Those who are punished were unsaved and warn our Sheila Taka, your clan. Allah carabin the closest

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one and lower Jenna hacker, your wing your side. Lehman for who? It tabarka he followed you men from a lot many

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Believers for him, then if isoka they disobeyed you, for coal then say in need indeed a very own free of responsibility member from what Dharma loon you all do. What are called and trust Allah upon Allah Aziz the always Almighty of Rahim the always All Merciful Allah be the one who your aka he sees you Shana when Docomo you stand what are called lubega and your fluctuation or and your movement fee in a sagittal plane those who prostrate in the who indeed he who he is a semi or the always all hearing Arlene the always all knowing hell shall not be Oh can I inform you, Allah upon man who then as it descends as Charlene the Satan's the resolute it descends Allah upon calling

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every effect in extreme liar, a theme in extreme center. You'll corner they cost a summer, the hearing will excel home and most of them care the Boone liar's was sharara and the poet's yet who whom he follows them. Aloha Woon the perverse, those who are deviated and then did not Terra UC, and the home that indeed de fee in Cali every word in Valley. Yeah, he moon. They're off. they wander

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or under home and that indeed de Yoku Luna de se, Ma, that which they're not Yes, or loon they do. Illa except alladhina those who are Manu, they believed were army Lu and they did asylee hurt the righteous deeds, whether Kuru and they remembered, Allah, Allah gezira much. One does sorrow and they defended or they help themselves. Men from body after man, that lowly move, they were around once a year, and soon he will know and Lavina those who want to move there aren't a year which one Caliban place of return. Yen or the bone. They will return.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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Obi Wan

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me one

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big shout out.

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Milan, Ilana Xu,

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Obi Wan

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Kenobi. Warfield Jenna hi Kelly. Many

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people in the body

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and Lady

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You moon

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the moon

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Illa de

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la Cafiero