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Al-Anbiya 83-112 Word Analysis and Tafsir 83-84

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I was going to share

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lesson number 167. So little ambia I am number 83 to 112

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what are you by his Nether or by who? And mentioned a you when he called out to his Lord and nema suniel load rule that indeed, adversity has touched me

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and the outcome of our human and you are the Most Merciful of those who showed mercy.

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What a YouTuber, meaning and mentioned a YouTube earlier center, who was a YouTuber, he said, I'm

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one of the prophets of Bani Israel.

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So what about him

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is Nadella? Who, when he called out to his Lord, meaning when he made the offer to his Lord?

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And what did he say in his door?

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That aneema 70 of the room, that Oh, my Lord, indeed, of the adversity, hardship has touched me. Meaning it has affected me

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above is from the author's thought law. And the is used for harm, it is used for adversity, but in particular, it is used for physical ailment, physical adversity.

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So for example, when a person is suffering from a disease in his body, an illness in his body, physical weakness in his body.

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And the word bottle is also used for adversity. And the other is that it is used for any other type of adversity, whether a person is suffering from some adversity, in his social circumstances, in his wealth, or so on and so forth.

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So only my Sonny Bono adversity has affected me has touched me meaning I am physically suffering. I am physically suffering

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well under and you are Allah are a hammer Allah he mean, you are the Most Merciful of those who showed mercy.

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Why does he say that?

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If you notice, in this door, it hasn't been mentioned that Oh Allah remove this affliction from me, remove this difficulty from me.

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Nor does he go on mentioning or talking about what the boom is. So in the way that he is calling upon his Lord, he's just inviting is just encouraging the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala

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that, oh, Allah, I need your help. I need your mercy. And you are the Most Merciful, and I know that you can relieve this difficulty from me.

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Now who was a YouTuber listener? And why did he make this thorough? When was it that when he prayed to a loss of

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a younger listener, he has mentioned a total of four times in the Quran.

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And it is said that he was of the descendants of his half early his center. Obviously, he was from the Bani Israel.

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And he made the sorrow when he was suffering from extreme distress. What was that distress?

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We learned that a Yoruba hustler. He was one of the most richest people the most wealthiest people of the Bani Israel of that time.

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And he had no contemporary meaning there was no one else who was like him, in terms of wealth, in terms of children, in terms of worldly success, as well as in terms of religious success, there was no one else who was like him.

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And we learned the details about him from the Bible. For example, there is an entire book, the book of Job in the Bible, in which we learn about a ubay Center.

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It is said that he had seven sons, and he had three daughters. He had seven sons, and he had three daughters. And he owned 7000, sheep 3000 camels.

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Just imagine one camel is like equivalent to a good car.

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So 3000 camels he possessed, he owned. And that was not it. He had 500 oxen and 500 female donkeys as well.

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So you can imagine the wealth that he possessed.

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And you can imagine that if you have so many animals, you need a lot of land as well,

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isn't it

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to keep these animals in where these animals are to eat from where they're supposed to be maintained.

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So you can imagine the land that he possessed as well.

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And he also had a large number of servants. So he was extremely wealthy.

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And at the same time, he was a prophet of Allah. And he was a devout worshipper as well.

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We learned from him

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Medical narrations from Israeli traditions, that once he believes he challenged Allah soprano,

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that the servant of yours are you, he worships you. Why? Because you have given him so much. You have protected him so much. You have given him in abundance, he doesn't really worship you otherwise. And the people also those who were jealous of him, those were envious of him. They began taunting a YouTuber he said,

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that when you have so much then why should you not be worshipping Allah? Obviously you have so much you have no reason to not worship Allah. So there is nothing special about your nothing special about your being devoted to Allah subhana wa Tada.

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So what happened

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to prove to the people and to prove to a police that you were his salon was a sincere worshipper of Allah subhana wa, Tada. Allah put him in difficulty.

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He put him in great distress.

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And what was that great distress, that he lost all of his wealth.

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All of his wealth, he lost his servants he lost. Even all of his children, they died.

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And it wasn't just that he lost his children and he lost his wealth and he lost his servants. But he was also physically afflicted with the disease.

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It is said that a skin disease it covered his entire body from head to toes, he was covered.

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And because of that, you can imagine all those people who used to come to Him we used to visit him. Naturally, they were repulsed by even his presence. So we learned that the people stopped visiting him, people stopped coming to him. And he was left all by himself. And it was only his wife, who remained with him. It was only his wife who remained with him.

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But we see that a Ube nslm. Still, when he was suffering from so much affliction, when he was suffering from so much difficulty, such a huge loss, we see that still he was a devout worshipper of Allah subhanaw taala.

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It wasn't that he gave up hope of Allah. It wasn't that he became upset with Allah.

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We learned from some biblical traditions from Israeli traditions, that once some people pass by a US citizen. And when they saw him in such a great distress, they said, this is the outcome. This is the consequence of a huge sin that this man must have committed. So he is suffering because of his own sins. And sometimes people are too quick to comment in this way. That when they see someone suffering in some way, they say that they must have committed a huge mistake and Allah subhanaw taala is inflicting upon them his punishment.

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But we learned that when the prophets when the righteous are made to suffer,

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it is because they are those who are very patient and Allah soprano data. He afflicts those who are very close to him.

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The Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said, the people who are tested the most severely are who, they're the prophets, and then the righteous and then the next best, and then the next best, which is why we see that all of the prophets of Allah, they suffered great difficulties, many, many difficulties. If you look at it, use of a hustler. His father, Dr. COVID, is a Ibrahima hustler. So many prophets of Allah, Isa Acela, they suffered from so many difficulties in their personal lives, in their social lives, in their financial matters as well. They suffered from many difficulties.

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So why is it that they were made to suffer difficulties because they were patient? And as a result of that, it was a means of increase in their ranks in the site.

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So are you ready Sam, he remained devoutly obedient to our last panel Darla even when all of his wealth was taken away from him.

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And when he was in distress, when he was suffering greatly, he did not complain to Allah. Allah, what is this? Why am I suffering from this? What did he say?

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That aneema 70 of the rule was under a hammer Rahimi

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that he or Allah, you know, my state and you are the Most Merciful.

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So if you wish, remove it from me.

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And we see that a UVA wrestler who is he presenting his difficulty before Allah soprano died. And this is one of the best ways

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that typically when people are suffering from some difficulty, who will they go to their friends, their family, any person who they will see, they will start talking about the difficulties that they're going through in life.

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And sometimes it's very strange how when people in public gatherings, they will be sitting next to people who they don't even know very well. And they will start talking to them about their family problems about their financial problems. And what happens when a person begins to talk in this way.

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He spreads negativity, isn't it, and people do not respect him anymore. people avoid him. Because they know that the moment he's going to start talking, there's going to be a list of negative things that he's going to be mentioning, that he's going to be talking about.

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And remember that when a person complains about the problems that he is going through before people, it is as though he's complaining about a loss of friends.

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That Look, my Lord, my God, he is so harsh towards me that he has put me in this difficulty.

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So when a person goes about telling others about what he's suffering from, in a way, what is he doing, he's complaining about Allah.

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But when a person presents his problems before Allah, then in a way he is complaining to Allah. And complaining to Allah means that he or Allah, I am in this distress, I am in this difficulty, you are the Most Merciful, and you can remove it from me whenever you will.

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If we tell other people about our difficulties, sometimes people can help us. Other times, they cannot help us. Sometimes people rejoice, they get happy when they find out that we are going through some difficulties, isn't it.

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So there is absolutely no benefit in talking to other people about it unless and until that person can really do something.

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Like for example, if you're suffering from some physical ailment from some physical pain, and you go to a doctor and you tell the doctor in detail, that's understood. And it should be like that, because the doctor can help you. However, if you go tell your child, your child has not studied medicine, they have no idea what's going on in your body. And if you keep talking to them about it again and again, they're only going to get more upset and frustrated. They're only going to get more frustrated, they cannot do anything to help you.

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So the best way of dealing with our problems is that we present them before of law.

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Because when a difficulty comes, what should we say? In early lair? He was in either eulogio we belong to Allah, it's up to him. He can inflict whatever upon us. And eventually we have to go back to him. So we should better remain patient right now.

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We learned that iacobelli salaam as well, when he was distressed, what did he say in school bothy were his knee Illa that I complain of my distress. And my husband do a little surprise

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not to anybody else. Because when you start telling other people about it, then it says though a person is complaining about a loss parameter.

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We learned and sort of thought it number 41 that was called Arbor data. You ignore that or boohoo and Nima, Sania Shantanu be no spinward either. And remember our servant a you when he called to his Lord, that indeed, Chandon has touched me with hardship and torment. So, what was his hardship and dormant that had come to him from shaitan according to some traditions, it reversed to how shaytaan he had challenged the last panel data that the servant of yours is not sincerity you, you take all of these blessings away from him and see how he will be obedient to you or he will become obedient to me. So aneema Sania shaitana Venus meanwhile

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and also a NEMA, Sania shaitana vino spinraza because when a person is going through some difficulty, what happens head on keeps coming to him again and again, putting negative thoughts about almost

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putting questions like why me, why me What did I do? Why this way? And why that way? Why not some other way? And when is this going to be removed when is his difficulty going to be removed?

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So shaitan he keeps on coming to such people who are being tested by Allah subhanaw taala in order to make them shaky about their faith in order to make them lose their faith even

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this recently somebody was telling me about someone who they met, and this person is going through a lot of family problems. And she was talking to her and she said that so how is everything going with you? And she said, I need some help at home. So if you find out about somebody, let me know. So this girl, she said to her that big door to ally inshallah Allah will send somebody your way. She said, I don't believe in prayers anymore. I believe in action. People have told me a lot to pray and parents have never helped me. I believe that you have to do something yourself.

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I was amazed at

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that. Look how shaitaan makes people lose their faith, if it were the same test could be a means of elevation in ranks for a person that he was down here but because he was patient, he prayed to Allah, look where his status has gone up to. But at the same time shaitaan does not leave the person. He wants him to lose his faith. He wants him to doubt his faith. He wants him to start complaining about Allah to have negative thinking about Allah.

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And like this, a person loses dunya and he also loses.

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So are you ready? Sir, he made the right to Allah. That is not our bow aneema Sania shavon Urbino spinraza, that this torture is coming to me from shavon. This was was us where he's trying to shake my faith.

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We also learned that in even if you had him, there when a lot, so are you wrestling with the loss of his family, with the loss of his wealth and his children, and he had nothing left. He had nothing left. He lost his children, he lost as well. He lost his family, everything was lost.

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He started to focus on the remembrance of Allah.

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He began worshipping Allah subhanaw taala, even more.

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Because before his children would occupy him, his wealth would keep him busy. His friends, they would engage him. But now when he had nothing, he focused entirely on the liquor of Allah and the worship of Allah.

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And he said, once, that, Oh Allah, I praise you, the Lord of the worlds, who bestowed his kindness upon me, and gave me wealth and children. And there was no corner of my heart that was not filled with attachment to these worldly things. Then you took all of that away from me, and you emptied my heart.

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Before I was occupied with all of these things, I was busy, I was attached to these things. And now when you have taken all of these things away from me, you have emptied my heart, and there is nothing to stand between me and you.

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Before, it was my Well, it was my children, that game between me and you, but now there is nothing between me and you.

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And if my enemy at least knew of this, he would be jealous of me.

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What did he want? He wanted to show that a hubris I was not really a sincere worshiper, and a hubris and I was a sincere worshiper.

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And a UVA he said, and he said, Oh, Lord, You gave me welcome children. And there was no one standing at my door, complaining of some wrongs that I had done to him.

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In other words, when you had given me all of that, I was never unjust. nor was I arrogant, that other people would come complaining to me. And you know that I used to have a bed prepared for me. But I first took it and said to myself, you were not created to lie down on a comfortable bed.

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I only took that for your sake. I left that for your sake.

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So when he had wealth, when he had everything, he was a devout worshipper, and when everything was taken away from him, still he was a devout worshiper.

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What did we learn in this order?

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That when a Beluga Bishop Henry will hide the fact

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that every stage of life, every situation that we're in any circumstance that we're in, we are being tested?

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That Are we being controlled by the situation? Or do we get above the situation and do what is required of us?

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Because many times, we will increase in our worship when things are good, when we are happy, when things are the way we want them to be. When everything is fine. When everything is normal. We have a lot of love for a lot of panel data, a lot of gratitude. And then we begin worshipping Allah began reciting the Quran, we begin doing the earth car. But when things become difficult, what happens? We give a poor, we spend our time complaining to others. We spend our time being miserable, crying,

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but we see that a YouTuber is around regardless of what ever situation he was in. What do we see constant in him? What do we see that he was still a devout worshiper,

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no matter what state he was in.

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So what happened when he prayed to Allah festa Jagannatha who, so we responded to him.

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Allah subhanaw taala responded to his call to his NIDA and then FACA Schaffner, and then we removed cash Hafner from cash and cash is to remove that which burdens a person

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So we removed mabie, HeMan, lovin, whatever was with him of adversity, meaning whatever adversity you were suffering from, we remove that from him.

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And what was that book, it was a physical ailment, it was a physical illness, the skin disease that he was suffering from.

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Just imagine, if a person has a rash all over his skin all over his body, how difficult it is to do anything. It's impossible, it's extremely difficult.

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Somebody I know of they had a very severe rash on their hand. And the doctor told them that they cannot touch anything, they cannot touch anything, they have to keep their hands covered with gloves all the time. And in order for that rash to get better, they would have to take those gloves off. But in order to touch anything, they have to have gloves on their hands. And because of that, it's so difficult for them to eat, it's so difficult for them to do anything. And I was thinking this rash is only on the hand, a YouTuber has said his entire body was covered in skin disease, entire body,

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not a part of body was free of that. If you have a wound, if you have a burn a boil somewhere in your body. And imagine, you know, if it's on your hand, you don't have to rest yourself on your head, right? But imagine if it's all over your body, how are you meant to sit? And how are you meant to lie down? And how are you meant to stand? every position would hurt you every position.

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And imagine if a person has lost all of his wealth. So it's not just physical distress, it's mental distress, it's emotional distress. But look at him. He's not complaining to people. He's not telling people or look, this has happened to me. And that has happened to me. And that has happened to me. No. He called upon Allah, that Allah it came from you, and it can go away at your comment.

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Faster. Jebin Allah who so we responded to him. FACA Schaffner, mervi, milovan, whatever ailment he was suffering from, all of that was removed. He was given killing, he was given chifa. And not only that, what they now know who and we gave him his family, meaning he wants more had children.

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And not just 10 children like he had before. But were Miss lahoma Home. And also, like have them along with them.

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Meaning he got double of what he had lost.

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If he had lost 10 children, now Allah granted him 21 Mithra humara home. And it was not just the case with his children with his family, but also with his well that his children were doubled. And also his wealth was doubled. And all of this was Ramadan Minar Indiana as a mercy from Us.

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This was a special favor from Allah subhanaw taala where they call and this is a reminder for who they are been for those who worship Allah.

00:23:14--> 00:23:21

For them, there is a huge reminder, a big reminder in the story of hubris.

00:23:22--> 00:23:27

And what is that huge reminder that do suffer just as a YouTuber is surrounded

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so that you can get reward, just as a YouTuber, his center received reward.

00:23:35--> 00:24:20

We learned that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, When Allah healed a human or his Sunnah, he sent upon him a shower of golden locusts. So literally gold fell down for him from the sky. And he started to pick them up and gather them together in his garment. So it was said to him are you have you not had enough? Meaning, you still have desire for these things. have not made your heart free from the love of these things. He said, Oh Lord, who can have enough of your mercy? I know that this is coming from you. This is Rama from you, and who can have enough of your mercy. If it was anything else, I wouldn't be interested in it. But because I know this is coming from you. This is why I want

00:24:20--> 00:24:22

as much as I can have it.

00:24:24--> 00:24:27

And we learned that his physical health was ultra restored to him.

00:24:28--> 00:24:36

Instead of sad, I have 42 to 43 we learn that are you ready Sam was told, or Coby regionalliga had them of their salon buried.

00:24:37--> 00:24:45

So he was told strike the ground with your foot. And this is a spring for a cool bath and a drink.

00:24:46--> 00:24:52

So he was told to bathe himself with the water that came out of that spring and also drink on it.

00:24:53--> 00:25:00

Because everything in the hands of Allah and he can infect a person with adversity and he can also remove it however and whenever he wants

00:25:00--> 00:25:04

Because a person may wonder how can a skin disease be cured just by water.

00:25:05--> 00:25:10

But the shefa comes from who? Allah subhana wa tada and he can put the shoe fat in anything

00:25:11--> 00:25:20

else, Pankaj says in the same way that we'll have another who Allah who will miss la humara, home, Rama tamina, where the crow Leonel. And

00:25:21--> 00:25:29

over here, what is that? Well, they call lil RBD. And over there we learn, they call the Odin alpha, a reminder for those people who understand.

00:25:31--> 00:25:42

It has said that his wife, she was made younger, and she gave birth to many children. And he didn't just see his children in his lifetime after that, but he also saw his grandchildren.

00:25:44--> 00:25:50

According to some narrations, he saw up to four generations of his descendants with his own eyes before he passed away.

00:25:51--> 00:25:53

So this is a reward for who,

00:25:54--> 00:25:56

for who, for those who are patient,

00:25:57--> 00:26:04

and Allah says where they cannot intervene in this is a great lesson, a great reminder for those who worship Allah,

00:26:05--> 00:26:09

that they too should have suffered just as a youth or Islam had something

00:26:11--> 00:26:16

they do should make the arm to Allah, just as he made our to Allah.

00:26:17--> 00:26:23

They do should not complain before people, just as he did not complain before people

00:26:24--> 00:26:30

they do should be hopeful of relief from Allah, just as he was hopeful of relief from Allah.

00:26:31--> 00:26:36

That they do should be grateful for whatever that they have, just as he was grateful,

00:26:37--> 00:26:45

and that they should persevere on the river that they should remain constant and everybody, regardless of what situation they're in, they should remain obedient to Allah.

00:26:46--> 00:26:55

And when this person becomes like this, then he does not just receive reward in the Hereafter, but he also receives reward in the dunya

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like we see that a YouTuber has salami was given the fruit of his patience in this dunya even that his ailment was taken away. He was returned his wealth as well as his health and family. So when a person is patient like this when a person perseveres in this manner, that Allah rewards him in this dunya and also in the hereafter