Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P08 092B Tafsir Al-Araf 73-84

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of symbols such as "has" and "has" to indicate success or failure, as well as the blessings of Islam, including living in safe environments and a richer quality for life. They also talk about the church's weight and weight and the importance of reforming actions and relationships. The segment provides examples of how men use gay clothing to express their desire and suggests that men may be more open-minded to sexual desire. The message is that everyone should leave certain statements and actions to reform their relationships and that they should reform their actions and relationships.
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Lesson number 92. So little Orlov. Allah says what Elijah muda and to the people of the moods, a ha whom their brother salah, Han Saleh la sala the mood we're also an ancient people and who were they, they were basically the descendants

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of the those people who survived from the people of Earth, which people survived from the people of

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those who believed. So what happened? The few people who believed in hood or s&m they survived, they lived on from their descendants, who came the people of the mood. There was an a man by the name of the mood and his children were known as symbols.

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And they are also known as the second odd. They're also known as the second Earl. Why? Because they were from their descendants, and they lived in an area that is known as a hedging. A hedge is a tract between hijas hijas is Western Arabia and Hashem Syria. So you're talking about a place that is somewhere between Arabia and Syria. And when you go to the book from Medina, when you go to the book from Medina, then this place you pass it the Prophet saw a lot of sun when he went to the book, he passed by the ruins of these people, the ruins of the people of the mood. So the people of the mode Allah subhanaw taala sent to them a home their brother slowly and slowly money his Salam kala

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he said yeah call me oh my people or Buddha Allah worship Allah. Why? Because mana comin Isla hero, you don't have any God besides him?

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What does this show to us? That are the messengers of Allah? What did they convey? What did they convey? The exact same message and what was that? Worship Allah from the first messenger to the last messenger? Muhammad said a lot of them also What did he say to the people? They are uns kulula Illa Illa TUIfly who? C'est la ilaha illa Allah, you will be successful. So in the Quran, Surah to natural Ayah 36 Allah says Allah called The Birth Nafi Kali Omata Rasulullah unhireable The law which then he was told that to every nation we sent a messenger and that messenger What did he say? That will make people worship Allah and avoid all false gods? Don't worship false gods worship all

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the real true God and who is he? Only Allah? So he said, all my people worship Allah, but the gedcom certainly it has come to you by unit on a clear proof Mirabai come from your Lord. By Hina. Bear Yeah, noon. What does it mean?

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What does Mubin mean? One that is clear. So Bayona is a clear evidence, a clarifying proof, a clarifying proof, a clear evidence, something that is clear in itself, and it clarifies the truth. So, clarifying evidence has come to you from your Lord. What is he referring to? Meaning, clear proofs of my truthfulness? You have seen the evidences that show that I'm not a liar. You know that what I'm telling you is the truth indeed, but the jet can beginner to middle of the con. And the message that I've brought to you, that is also a you know, it's clear in itself, it clarifies the truth to you. And on the Day of Judgment, you won't have any argument that oh Allah we didn't know.

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No, now the message has come to you. And he said, had the he this now but Allah he she camel of Allah lecan For you I a sign a miracle. Here is the sheikh ammo from Allah, a miracle for you. Because the people of solid Hernan Salam, they said that if you're really a messenger, okay will believe you, but we need a proof that you are actually a messenger. And the proof is not what you say. The proof is something else it has to be what we demand. So what we demand from you, you have to show it, If you show it, then we know that Allah is on your side, and that you know, you're honest, and then we'll listen to you. So what was the miracle that they demanded? They said we would

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like to see a big huge she camel that is pregnant, and that she camels should just walk out of these rocks.

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Okay, she just emerge from these rocks. That's what we want. So Salahuddin Suriname, he made dua to Allah. And Allah subhanaw taala. Sent the she camel. This was something that the people weren't expecting. It's like when the wish to gain of maca they demanded from the Prophet salallahu Salam she

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It was a miracle. Move this finger the moon split into two.

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And they were like, shocked. And then they said, Oh, this is magic. He has affected our eyes. So we think that the moon split but it didn't actually split. So anyway, these people also demanded a miracle. And it was shown a huge chi camel that was fully pregnant and literally the baby could be seen moving inside, and it came out.

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Okay, it just walked out of the rocks. They saw it. Saleh Elisa Lam said, this is the sheikh ammo of Allah as a miracle for you. You asked for it. Allah has sent it to you.

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Now you have no reason to disbelieve. You have no reason to turn away from Allah for the Ruha so leave it all of you leave the sheik mo meaning let her be the goal. It will eat fee or Willa he in the land of Allah, meaning this land belongs to Allah. So the she camel has the right to eat freely. Okay, don't bother her. Let her be well and do not do masu ha you touch it from meme scene scene Do not touch it Bisou in with some evil, meaning do not approach the sheikh ammo with the intention to harm it. Because if you do so for Holcomb, so it will cease you are there going early, a painful punishment. Now this shows that the people of the mood they did believe in Allah subhanaw taala they

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already believed in Allah. And also after seeing this great miracle, they had no reason to refuse. Right they had no reason to reject.

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But with the she camel, we see that they were being tested that you are not allowed to slaughter the she camel, you're supposed to let her be let her eat and drink freely. But this camel was huge. And it would eat a lot it would drink a lot. And they didn't like that. In the Quran. So little calmer is 2728 we learn in Missoula Napa the fifth not alone. photochem whom was forbid when a bit home Annelle maracas Matan buying a home Kulu should be more suitable, that indeed we are sending the she camel as a trial for them. So watch them and be patient and inform them that the water is shared between them. Each day of drink, attended by turn meaning one day for the she camel and the other

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day for their animals. Okay, but this she camelid will come and drink everything basically a test. Do they listen to the Prophet? Or do they rebel? Right? Because if you cannot listen to the Prophet with regards to something that is physical right before you, then how can you listen to the messenger? How can you obey Him in matters that are intangible? Right? So what happened

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saleha Salam, he reminded them that was Kuru and remember it Jarrah Allah come when he made you. When they didn't change their ways. Even after seeing the miracle. He advised them again, that remember, recall the blessings of Allah when he made you whole affair successors mimbar they are added after the people of odd.

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Allah made you live on this earth after the previous people were finished. After they were destroyed. Allah is letting you live today. Is this a blessing? Yes, that a person has been given time to live freely on this earth. He can eat, he can drink, he can enjoy himself. He can see he can do so much. This is a huge blessing from Allah, your life is a blessing. Your survival is a blessing is a miracle is a gift to you from Allah.

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Think about it. So many children.

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Before even they're born, they die. Or right after they're born, they die or they die in infancy. They die when they're still two years old, three years old, four years old, five years old. But what happened? Allah caused you to live allowed you to live. There may have been many factors that could have caused your death. But Allah let you live. Your life is a blessing. Who allowed you to live who gave you this life and took that life away from someone else Allah. So listen to him for the very fact that you are living for the very fact that he made you

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for the very fact that you survived. Sometimes it happens that in a family, one child has a certain disorder. Another child has a different disorder and the one in the middle perfectly fine and healthy.

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parents tell their children before you were born. We lost three, we lost two, we lost one.

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Allah created you.

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Allah allowed you to live. So your very existence is a blessing from ALLAH. So he reminded them that what Kuru is gyla, Kampala, I mean Barnyard.

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I mean, think about it. There's so many places in this earth today, so many places where people don't know if they're going to live until the evening.

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They don't know. We think about what happened in Philippines.

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Think about what's happening in Syria, think about what's happening in so many parts of the world. People don't know if they're going to live until the next hour even. And you we all of us are living here safe and secure, safe and secure. So if we remain in such depth for an entire day, thanking Allah for the blessing of life and safety, even that would be less.

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So how can we

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not thank Allah subhanaw taala by worshiping Him by remembering him by performing acts of obedience to thank you how can we not do that? Worship is a result of what gratitude and gratitude is a result of realizing the blessings that Allah has given you. You cannot worship Allah until you thank him and you cannot thank him until you realize the blessings that He has given you. So he reminded them what Guru is Gianna konkola firm embody rod while the work on Phil earth and he settled you in the land but what are you Bowie Abell well Hamza to W is to provide suitable accommodation to someone meaning to provide them a place to live, which is suitable for them, they can live easily. Like for

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example, if a person is living in a very rocky mountain, how difficult it would be constantly going up and down feet or eating, you know, so many scratches on the body, that's not suitable place to live.

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So, remember, this blessing that he has provided you a suitable accommodation fill in the earth how suitable is it? How convenient is it that the he Luna you will make you will take minzu onea from its planes. So who is the plural of Sal? What does the hull mean? Allahu Allah Salah Illa murder alto settler what the Sahel mean these right? Sahel is also used for plain ground. So planes fields, open spaces. Okay? Why? Because it's very easy to walk on such land. It's very easy to have agriculture to construct buildings, right? It's very easy to live in such places. So he said that you make from its planes, meaning it's smooth land, planes, what do you make over there? costura

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consumerism all of hustle and bustle is a mansion a castle?

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So in the plans What do you make huge villas for yourselves? Huge mansions for yourselves. So you live happily conveniently in those houses for some part of the year. What done hate tuna and at the same time you carved and doughnuts from noon had that a NAT is to carve, but it's used for fine carving. So you're talking about the details of the design the pattern, okay, so you carve out LG Ballard, the mountains plural of Jebel boo, you turn into houses, we use a lot of bait. So what they will do is that the mountains, the Rocky Mountains, they would dig out houses in them. Have you seen pictures?

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Inshallah, we can show them to you that and it's amazing that these houses stand till today that were dug out that were carved out within mountains. And it's not just that there's a room, a big hollow a big cave. No, there's like pathways that are made through the Rocky Mountains, and the doors and the patterns. The designs are so elaborate, they're so beautiful.

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So he reminded them that look part of the year you spend in your castles, which you have built on planes, and part of the year you spend in your houses that you've dug out, were in Rocky Mountains. So it seems that in the summer, they would go in their houses that were in the Rocky Mountains. Why? Because it would be cooler over there. And in the winter, they would go in their houses which were on planes. Why? Because it would be warm over there because imagine rocks how cold it would be right? And many people Allah subhanaw taala has given them this luxury, that

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They live in their houses comfortably. And then whenever some time, they have the money, they can afford to go and live somewhere else and enjoy their time over there, escape the winter,

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they can escape the heat of the summer. Some people Allah has blessed him so much that they have cottages. They have a house in Canada and they have a house in Florida. Right? So they can spend half the year here and half the year there. So we come across very few people who are like this today, but the people have some wood. It seems like every one of them was blessed with this luxury. Every one of them was blessed in this luxury. So he reminded them of the blessing of Allah Feng guru Allah Allah He said, Remember the blessings of Allah who gave this to you, your Lord. So how could you turn away from him?

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How can you not thank him? What are Ptarth? Oh, Phil of the move city? Well, a thorough thorough and do not commit abuse I INSA. Yeah, I mean, so Well, or IDs are thought right is to commit mischief, to commit to cause disorder, fill all the in the earth will sit in as

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corrupters, meaning do not commit abuse on the earth spreading corruption. How would they be spreading corruption with their since

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it seems that Allah subhanaw taala had made them skilled architects and engineers, they were bestowed with many skills.

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And you know that in order to carve, in order to carve out mountains, you don't just need a person, you need him to have a particular skill and you need him to have the tools as well. The strength as well. Labor, money, tools, everything they had. So he reminds them don't do facade on the earth. With this wealth that Allah has given you. Don't disobey Allah, either obey Him, because abuse, corruption, how's that spread by disobeying Allah by misusing His blessings by wasting his blessings, Paul and Mala, the elite the leaders, they said, which leaders Alladhina stackable Roman call me, those who are arrogant from his people. They're sadly Latina to those who who stood up

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before they were made weak from blood or in fat.

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It seemed as if there was a class system in that society, that there was a clear distinction between people who were more wealthy, and people who were not that wealthy, or certain people were regarded as more honorable. So they had more rights, more power compared to others. So the arrogant ones, those who had more, they said to woo, the weak ones, those who had less, and who are those who were weak, Lehman m&m in home to those who had believed from amongst them. So it shows that those who were weak, the poor, the oppressed, were the ones who believe in the Prophet of Allah. Does that sound familiar? Yes. Because at the time of the prophets, a lot isn't what happened. Who believed in

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him? At the beginning? Who? The poor, the slaves, the weak ones, right? Why? Why is it that the weak ones, the poor people, they were the first ones to believe in the prophets of Allah? Yes. Okay. It gives them hope. Right? It shows to them that in the sight of Allah, everyone's equal, yes.

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Yes, they have very little to lose. Okay. The people who have more, I mean, their entire business, their house, their entire life is based on what? haram for example, they have to give up all of that, and they don't want to lose it. They don't want to change their lifestyle.

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Yes, that they have more humility. So when a person is humble, it's easy for him to accept something. And when a person has too much around him too much with him too much power, then it makes him kind of arrogant. This is why Allah says it's duck bottle.

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It makes him kind of arrogant. He wants to believe that he's always right. And if someone dares to tell him that you're wrong in this way, he doesn't want to accept it. So the rich ones the arrogant ones. They said to who those who are oppressed those who had believed from among them, they said aterna Munna Do you really know and know that indeed Salah and Salah morsel, a messenger Mirabai from his Lord, the said, do you really know for sure that Salah is actually a messenger from Allah? How do you know what if he's a liar? Why do you believe in him? How can you believe in Him? This happens many times, that people they try to cast

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doubt in the hearts of believers. How do you know that Mohamed Salah Hassan was actually a messenger? How could you know you weren't there? And they never saw Angel Jibreel the people. So what if he was lying this whole time? How could you believe in him?

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How could you believe in him? So if somebody puts this question before you? Do you really know that Mohamed Salah lorrison was a prophet of Allah, what would you say?

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I think so. I guess, perhaps, maybe, what would you say?

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Because Allah told us, well, you know, what Allah told you through him. So if somebody put this question before you, do you really know that Mohamed Salah Hassan was a prophet, what would you say?

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Okay, because of the lessons of the Quran.

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Come on. What if your professor says that to you? Yes.

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Because of the miracles that he performed, okay, good. Because your proofs and evidences of his truthfulness. What else?

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It's my belief. So you say Oh, so you have blind faith.

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I asking you this because just wait till you go to university.

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This wait till you go to work. And then you have a discussion with someone about your faith about your Islam. And they put one question to you like, I don't know the answer.

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Maybe they're right.

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Okay. The Quran is a miracle. And he brought the Quran so he was not a liar. You know what a simple answer is,

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tell us about just one person. One person who was like the prophets of Allah Creo salah, who, in such a short span of time,

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despite the great opposition that he faced for many, many years, he changed the course of Humanity.

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You won't find any person in history like that. This is why there are people who don't believe in him yet, what do they say that he is the most successful man?

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How could he become successful, just like that he couldn't have if he was an ordinary human being he couldn't have.

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And then the things that he talked the message that he brought, that itself speaks of what his truthfulness, what he brought is the Quran, produced one ayah like that, find one contradiction in the Quran, one, you know, lie in the book of Allah, no, you will not find it. The Quran itself is a miracle. So when this is a miracle, it's Bringer was also true. The one who brought that was also true, he was not a liar.

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So the people they tried to cast doubts about the Prophet of Allah in the hearts of those who believed in him yesterday how do you know do you really know and masala Han masala Mirabai What if he's not called who they said in indeed we be man with that which also Allah He was sent be with me known believers, meaning they responded that we believe in everything that he has brought. We don't doubt him at all. Just like a bucket of Ludo when the weekend came to him, and they said, saw your friend says he went up to the skies and back in the night. Now what do you have to say?

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said of course I believe in that if he said it, I believe in that. Because I believe that messages come to him from the skies. Allah subhanaw taala sends messages to him. So if I can believe in that, then I can believe in anything that he says. They said in Bheema of syllabi me no we are believers in whatever that he has been sent with. Allah He said Alladhina iStockphoto those were arrogant in indeed we will agree with that which are meant to be you believe in Kaffee rune disbelievers. They said, Okay, you believe in all that he has brought with disbelieve and all that he has brought. Imagine if someone says something like that to you want to be shaken? Once you have doubts, but look

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at the strong belief of these people that know whatever slowly heard Sam has said we believe in that. Even if the entire world opposes us, no, we believe in that with all conviction.

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And those who were arrogant, they didn't just stop there. They saw the miracle of the she camel, they realized the logic of what solid lesson I was presenting to them yet they didn't accept and what did they do for alcohol room so they got the attendance of what have

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Anelka of the she camel, avocado from rain cough roll or Cora is basically to cut the tendons of the knee of the leg of the feet. And this basically marks the beginning of slaughtering a camel, because the camel is a huge animals, right? And you can't possibly hold it down to the ground and pass a knife over its neck. If you try to do that you'll die before he dies.

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Because a camel bite really bad, and kicks really bad. Really, a camel can easily kill a person, right? So if you try to slaughter a camel, while it's standing, and you just try to put it down, I'm not going to work. So what they do is they use many ways to first cripple the camel. Because when it's crippled, when it's going to fall, then you can easily slaughter it. Okay, so for instance, sometimes what they do is that the whole the camel, you know with multiple ropes and then they just quickly come with a knife and they got the jugular vein immediately. So what happened is the camel is standing imagine and it's like a tap has been opened up other blood just like, pours out. It just

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pours out

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and the people standing nearby, they'd be like drenched in blood. Okay, so then what happens is the camel, it falls to the ground. Okay? Sometimes what they do is that they die. The feet of the camel, get the back one, so that it's standing on three feet men. So what happens is that it's not able to move easily. So it's easy to control it it's easy to slaughter it. So anyway, Falco Nakata, they caught the the tendon the back knees muscle. So what happened the camel crippled, it was crippled it fell and they slaughtered it. What are tau and the what does our told me they were incident? What do you have?

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They were incident. I thought well, I ain't tell well are tau is basically to not care about the limits that have been set and just do whatever you want. So it is to arrogantly very boldly and confidently crossed the limits exceed the limits. They will warn this is a loss camel Nakata Allah this is not an ordinary camel, you better not touch it you better not harm it. But what did they do? They didn't care like whatever and they went and slaughtered the she camel R tau one umbrella beam from the command of their Lord will call you and they said yeah, slowly or slowly. It Tina come to us Bhima with that which they do now you threaten us, there's that fine, solid, bring us a

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punishment that you threaten us with in contaminant more saline. If you really have the messengers. Look at this. First, a crime is committed and then look at their boldness over it. They're not even apologize and they're not even afraid. They're saying, Okay, what are you going to do? You're going to bring the punishment. Go ahead, bring it so Saleh and his son and we learned from the Quran that he warned them that you have three days. If you want to repent, you can repent if you want to change your ways you can do that. But if you don't at the end of three days, you will be punished. So what happened after three days for a HANA tumor lunch? So the earthquake it sees them lunch for raw gene

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fat lunch, is severe earthquake, violent tremor, a very violent earthquake. You're talking about an earthquake that doesn't just last a few seconds, but for a very long time. If you ever see videos of earthquakes like you see how people in you know like for example, grocery store, how the shoulders rocking back and forth, back and forth, things are falling and that's happening so slowly. Imagine if literally the place has shaken up violently

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violently for that move watch for a violent earthquake for us but who so they became fee daddy him in their homes. Jeff you mean fallen? Prone Jeff the mean is upload of Jeff him from gene therapy meme, and you thumb is when a bird rests on its chest.

00:29:21 --> 00:29:59

Okay, so it's sitting on the ground and it's resting on its chest and was used for a person means when a person is lying on their stomach so fallen on their face, or sitting on their knees kneeling on their knees. So they became in their homes jeth Amin fallen as if it shows that they were trying to run they were trying to escape, but they fell before they could escape. Something came on them before they could get away before they could save themselves for a harder to merge. For us. We're houfy Daddy him jeth Amin, Fatah, Allah on home, so he turned away from them who Salah

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Alesana meaning, you know, obviously dead bodies lying in houses. What could he do? He turned away from them, we'll call her and he said, Yeah, como OH MY PEOPLE Laqad certainly a block to come I conveyed to you recyle at the messages Robbie of my Lord, I conveyed to you the message of my Lord. I warned you I told you not to touch the sheikh. I will not harm it. I told you to worship only Allah one Assad two, and I wished Well, luck come to you. I wanted the best for you. This is why I advised you I warned you clearly. It's like you weren't someone you're cooking. Make sure that you hold the knife properly. It's sharp. Make sure that you are careful about the fire because it can

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burn. But if they don't follow the rules, and they end up cutting themselves, they end up getting burned. Then what do you say? I feel sorry for you. What do you say?

00:30:58 --> 00:31:45

Too bad? I told you. I advised you it's your fault. You didn't listen when Assata Lacan Well, I can but Leatherhead buena Nasser hain, you don't like the people who advise you? You don't like the people who warn you. You don't like the people who wish well? who want the best for you. And we should ask ourselves here to people who want good for us. Do we like them? Or do we just want to get rid of them? We don't want to see their face. We don't want to take their phone calls. We don't want them talking to us. These people also they did not like the now serene so what happened? Look at their end, they laid dead in their homes, one earthquake and they were done with one earthquake and

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they were finished. Look at the wealth they had a look at the guts they had the confidence. Look at how bold there were. But what happened at the end? Nothing availed them nothing at all. So if someone advises us, makes us realize our mistake tells us about what we need to improve then let's take advantage of that and let's respond positively.

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Well, Lupin and low to early Salem, its color when he said likoma He to his people.

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Now much after Saleh and SLM came Ibrahim earlier Sinha and Ibrahim RESNA. When he preached to his people who believed in him only two individuals, his cousin Sarah, whom he married, she became his wife. And secondly, his nephew lute Alia Santa. So when Ibrahima his son migrated, he left his people because they tried to burn him and they basically told him just get away from us because we can't finish you. The father said you go away, otherwise, I'm gonna stone you to death. So eventually what happened Ibrahim or your son he left the people he migrated from there. And when he left, two people came with him sada and loot. Ibrahim Anissa Allah subhanaw taala sent him to

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various places to do Dawa. So he was constantly on the go. Right? But Lutheran Hassan Ibrahim Al Islam sent him obviously at Allah's commands were to the city of Cebu, or Sodom, you can say, and this wasn't just one city, this wasn't just one town it was rather surrounded by multiple towns, it is said that there were at least five townships over there. Okay? Like, for example, GTA is not just Toronto, but there are many other cities that are around it. So literally Sudan was sent as a messenger to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. What does this teach us? The low Farley's Salam was not originally from there. So who was he? Who was he over there, an immigrant.

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So it shows to us that Allah subhanaw taala sent all kinds of messengers, messengers, who were originally from a particular place, from a tribe and messengers who were sent to them. But what we see common in both of them is that the messenger lived amongst the people, whether he was originally from them, or he came to them, he lived amongst the people, because when a messenger is amongst the people, only then he can preach to them.

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So Lutheran, SLM, he didn't just visit and go back, no, he migrated there, and he settled there. He lived there and imagine how hard it must have been for him to live within such people. Because look at what he said to them. If Colin you call me at Twitter, do you all come alpha the indecency meaning do you all commit the indecency? What is fascia? fascia? Is an indecent shameful detestable act. Meaning, it's not polite. It's indecent. It's shameful. It's embarrassing to even talk about it, and it is hateful. It's disgusting. This is what fashion truly means. This is why foreigners

00:35:00 --> 00:35:08

shows used for marrying the wife of your father. So if a man marries his stepmother, this was something that happened.

00:35:09 --> 00:36:05

Okay, so this is called what fascia mean? How could you even think about it? How could you even do that? How could you, fascia Zina a physical sexual relationship between a man and woman who are not married? This is disgusting. detestable is a shameful act. And over here, what was the fashion of the people of Lutheranism committed homosexuality? He calls the fascia he said do you all commit fascia? Such fascia? That man not Saba Coco, he preceded you so because seen by have to happen before? Meaning no one ever did this action before you mean a hidden from anyone when Allah Allah mean from the world's meaning from the people of the world? No one ever committed this act before

00:36:05 --> 00:36:07

you, you were the first ones to do it.

00:36:08 --> 00:36:33

And how did they do it? publicly? We think homosexuality is common today. Imagine this entire nation. Almost every single man was involved in such a relationship. You know, people say that, Oh, the world has become so evil. It has become so bad. It's not as bad as it was at that time. Really?

00:36:34 --> 00:37:05

Because imagine the entire society. All the people are committing this act. He said, You commit for hisher Mercer can be him in 100 minute LME, no one has ever done this before you what does this teach us that no one has ever done this before you it happened the first time because sometimes we will say this a lot. That if someone has these urges than it's genetic, right, if someone has this urge than they are born with that,

00:37:06 --> 00:37:17

they'll remember that Allah subhanaw taala has put in us the urge to do good. And also the urge to do bad. Okay? Because

00:37:18 --> 00:37:21

we have the potential to do good and the potential do bad.

00:37:23 --> 00:37:32

So just because you have the potential to do bad, it doesn't mean you blame Allah. It doesn't mean that you say I'm born like that. So it's okay for me to do it. No.

00:37:33 --> 00:37:36

What is it that you have to control yourself there?

00:37:38 --> 00:38:25

Think about it for a person. It could be a natural desire to commit Zina, isn't it? For a man or for a woman could be a natural desire? It's an urge. Okay? And they want to commit Zina. But just because they're having that urge doesn't mean it's okay for them to do it. No, it's not. So just like that. If a person has such feelings, such urges, it doesn't mean that it's okay for them to do it. According to the religion of Allah. This is just like a person wants to commit theft doesn't mean they should be allowed to commit theft. Because they want to, would you say it's okay, let them take it. The desperately want that phone and they cannot afford it? What's the big deal of this

00:38:25 --> 00:39:13

deal? It? Would you ever say that? Would we ever accept it? No, we wouldn't. So just like that homosexuality, it could be a strong urge for a person, but that doesn't mean it's okay. You have to control yourself. Right. So, Lutheranism, he said to his people, how are you doing this? Why are you doing this? He said in the come indeed you let the donor surely you approach a Regera demand Florida Raju how Schouten with desire with fashion shanwa she in her well, she has a natural like you can say a physical desire. So for example, the desire to eat the desire to sleep, the desire to drink something, the desire to have sexual relations. So you said you go to men to fulfill your desire

00:39:13 --> 00:39:59

men, dune and missa instead of women, meaning you don't go to women to fulfill your sexual desire, but you go to men to fulfill that desire. Bell rather Antonio Coleman of people mostly phone. Extravagant transgressing was true for in Florida was strip who was Mr. One who crosses the limit. So you are crossing the limit of halal and you are entering haram because remember that the desire is there and Allah has allowed a person to fulfill that desire within a limit in a particular way. But if he goes beyond that, than he is committing how long, like for example, Allah has allowed for

00:40:00 --> 00:40:39

For a man and woman to have sexual relations however, it has to be within the bounds of Nica. But if they have it outside of the bounds of Nica, then that is what is rough. So just like that if a man fulfills His desire with another man, then that would be a Seraph in total uncoupled 29 We learn. Lutheranism Saturdays people are in Nicoletta tuna, Regina, with Dr. Runa Sabine with tuna fina de como mancha that you commit in your meetings evil and the Roma have said that they would commit this act in gatherings.

00:40:40 --> 00:41:06

Meaning it wasn't just a private matter between two men. No. This was something that was done publicly in gatherings in gatherings, and we see that such gatherings may happen today as well. may happen today as well. They may happen in behind closed doors in buildings, which are dark and full of music and they may have no windows. It's possible.

00:41:08 --> 00:41:20

But we see that it was more common at that time. We think people have become more open minded today. And they've progressed more no this happened 1000s of years ago.

00:41:21 --> 00:41:53

Woman and not Canada it was Joab response omy of his people Illa except on that call who they set a hurry to home. expel them middle Korea to come from your town. The only response of the nation was what? Expel literally Sam and his family from the style. We don't want him here. He's an immigrant anyway. In the home indeed they own as soon are people yet at the Haroon who keep themselves clean and pure. They're mocking at them.

00:41:54 --> 00:42:08

They're mocking at Lutheran escena and his family that they're very clean people and we are dirty, so they don't want us. So they should just leave expelled him from here.

00:42:10 --> 00:42:59

Now what we find amazing over here is that Lutheranism, he is telling them what they should believe in the angels, that they should believe there will be a day of judgment in addition to the message of the hate. What is he telling them to reform their actions as well to reform their relationships as well. So what does it show that Eman faith is not just about what you believe in your heart, or what you say what you believe in, it demands certain actions from you. It demands from you that you leave certain actions it demands from you certain statements, and it demands that you leave certain statements. Eman is worth the belief in heart, what you feel in your heart, what you say with your

00:42:59 --> 00:43:27

mouth, what you do with your body's Eman dictates your entire life. It teaches it tells you what you're supposed to do and what you're not supposed to do. This is what faith is. So Lutheran SLM is not just fixing their leader, he's fixing their family as well, because these kinds of relationships are not acceptable. So the people they said about Lutheranism, he's very pious, very clean, drive him out, expel him, he should go away from here.

00:43:28 --> 00:43:58

You see that one prophet, he is told you are crazy. You're stupid, another prophet has told you are in clear error. Another prophet is told Go away from here, you're very clean, very pious. And many times this will happen with you as well, that you tried to tell something correct in a very polite manner. And they say, mind your own business, please. You don't need to interfere. You don't need to tell me about how I should live and how I should dress up and how I should go and how I should walk and how I should talk.

00:43:59 --> 00:44:09

And if you don't like the way I do things, then you can go away. They can be very rude to you sometimes. So what happened for Andrina? Who so we saved him,

00:44:10 --> 00:44:56

the one who remains firm on the truth than Allah subhanaw taala helps him so we saved him what hello and his family because it was only the family of Lutheran s&m who believed in him that even one person from his nation believed it. Can you imagine? This is why on the Day of Judgment, some prophets will come with the people who believed in them and how many people will be with them? 1234 and the prophets of Allah Selim his own Mojave, huge, with the blessing of Allah, so not even one person believed in Lutheran s&m, so for aundre Now what IRLO only his family and from his family also in there except imbricata. His wife, his wife was not saved.

00:44:57 --> 00:44:59

His wife was not saved. Why?

00:45:00 --> 00:45:03

because she committed homosexuality herself. No.

00:45:04 --> 00:45:05

No, she didn't.

00:45:06 --> 00:45:12

So what was it? Why was she punished along with the people? Because she supported them.

00:45:13 --> 00:45:19

She supported the people she didn't find any problem with their lifestyle.

00:45:21 --> 00:45:38

She said they were fine. There was nothing wrong with them. She supported them. Basically she sympathized with him her sympathies were with them. Which is why when the angels came, we learned about this from other places in the Quran. When the angels came to bring the punishment on the people loot on SNL. They came in the form of handsome men.

00:45:39 --> 00:45:57

And they were in the house of Lutheranism. And his wife went into all the people you know, they're beautiful men inside my house, handsome men. You want to go do something, go ahead. Because you see in their gatherings, they committed mancha right. And there are gatherings in which men are raped by other men. They're forced into such relationships raped by other men.

00:45:59 --> 00:46:45

So she went and told the people there men in my house visitors, you want to go have fun. She was loyal to her people. She didn't commit the Haram herself, but she supported the home. So what happened? She was punished along with them. katomina lobbying she was from among those who remained meaning ran behind with those were punished. She left with Luther Ellison ominous family. But what happened? She looked back out of pity for her people. And what happened? The punishment that was falling upon them, it came and fell on her as well. What was that punishment? By the way? labin is from Elaine Bella, and Hobbit is one who remains behind while his companions move forward. So what

00:46:45 --> 00:47:02

was the punishment? Well, I'm Donna and we rained, meaning we sent a rain or lay him on them motto or rain. We rained upon them or rain. What does that show? That this rain was not a normal rain?

00:47:03 --> 00:47:52

It wasn't a normal rain. Normal rain. What does it bring water? Okay, it will bring ice maybe it will bring snow maybe eventually that somehow beneficial even if it causes temporary destruction in the long run. There's water that has come down from the sky. What was this rain into the hood? I 8283. We learned what I'm vulnerably hydraulic them and said gee Mahmoud, and rained on them stones have baked clay stones of clay in a well arranged manner one after another mark from your Lord funds. Allah says so look gay for how Kana It was October two consequences, the end result almajiri mean of the criminals. Look at the end of the criminals, who are the criminals, those who commit a

00:47:52 --> 00:48:19

crime themselves and those who support it. Those who say it's okay, those who don't find any fault in it. So it's so important for us to know, what is it that Allah approves off? And what is it that he doesn't approve off and what Allah doesn't approve off, stay away from it. And make sure you dislike it from your heart. Make sure you don't approve of it in your heart.

00:48:20 --> 00:48:34

You understand that people have challenges. They are going through difficulties and you help them if someone is doing something wrong. It doesn't mean that we pass a very, you know, judgmental statement about them. They're going to hellfire. No.

00:48:35 --> 00:48:54

A believer should always have no sir for others. You should always wish the best for other people. But it doesn't mean that out of well wishing you say what you're doing is okay. No. Well, wishing means that what you're doing is wrong. I understand your struggle.

00:48:55 --> 00:49:14

Let me try it and help you to fix this problem. Because we find extremes in the Muslims. Either there are Muslims who say homosexuality is perfectly fine. It's okay. No problem support such people. Or there's the other extreme would say haram going to hellfire cafe. These people are Louise, they're going to * fire. You know, they say everything.

00:49:16 --> 00:49:43

very judgmental. So what happened? People get threatened and they don't want to know anything. There has to be moderation. Recognize the wrong. have no say for the person who's struggling with that bad habit. Pray for them, help them, get out of it, which is why it's amazing, but they're actually Muslim support groups that help Muslims come out of such relationships. Yes.

00:49:44 --> 00:49:47

You make it clear to them that look what you're doing is wrong.

00:49:48 --> 00:50:00

Okay, what you're doing is wrong. However, it doesn't mean that I'm never going to talk to you. And I'm never going to advise you. I want the best for you. This is why I will try my

00:50:00 --> 00:50:04

my best to help you get out of this relationship somehow or the other.

00:50:05 --> 00:50:17

So the first step is to make the person realize what they're doing is wrong. And you cannot make them realize what they're doing is wrong if you show to them that you hate them, because if you show them that you hate them, they're not going to want to listen to you at all.

00:50:18 --> 00:50:25

No, sir has to be there. See? Lutheranism? He's living amongst homosexuals. He's living amongst gay people.

00:50:27 --> 00:50:30

He's watching this day and night.

00:50:31 --> 00:50:36

How difficult it must have been for him. But how can you tell people if you don't go to them?

00:50:37 --> 00:50:56

If they don't see you as a trustworthy, honest reliable person who wants good for them once they trust you, then they will open up with you when they'll open up with you then you can teach them always have this feeling I want to help this person not that I want to doom them to hellfire.

00:50:58 --> 00:51:10

You want to help others? What are the prophets that a lot of them say help your brother when he is the oppressor and the oppressed? How do you help the oppressor by stopping him from his wrong action?

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