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The Way of Moses or the Way of Pharaoh

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spinarak mannerheim wa salam ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam to sliema a set of medical mirandola who will recur to Alhamdulillah. We've been looking at the concept of taqwa, which is again one of the most reiterated ideas in the Quran. The Quran actually begins with after Al Fatiha. spinarak Rahim Allah to

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me that keytab will now write Buffy who then little Mata pain, who del moussaka This is a guidance for the people have Taqwa. And so taqwa is absolutely at the core of the Quranic message. As I reiterated before, the very first commandment is a commandment to taqwa. Now in the powerhouse orapa the prophets realize that I'm is being addressed by Allah subhana wa Adana and Allah subhana wa Adana tells him what more Attica Sadat it was stubborn, he was stubborn, that command your family to prayer and be

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deeply patient in this was popular at a a, one of the things about the Arabic language Allah subhanho wa Taala could have said was better Allah, be patient with it. When you add something, it intensifies the meaning and here, the the the letter that was added to the verb Sabra hospital to be patient was PA, which is an emphatic letter. It's one of the emphatic letters in Arabic, so it's a very strong well, smuggler, Allah means to really be deeply patient in it a stainable somebody was saw that seek help from prayer from patients and prayer. And then aloud reminds us lenise aerocart is our we don't ask for provision. We're not asking you for provision. You don't. What we're asking

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you for is devotion. We will provide for you, we have to do those things that get the provision, but the provision is there, we will provide for you. Not no not as oka we will provide for you will our people to the tacos so the the the the phrase comes in this verse about prayer, that with this prayer, you are preparing yourself for the inevitability of victory, the victory of the soul over the ego, the victory of the mosaic reality over the moronic reality, the victory of truth over falsehood, the victory of justice over oppression, this this is what prayer at the essence of prayer. It's in order for you to constantly go back to God no matter how difficult things get that

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you go back to Allah subhana wa tada with prayer, standing over somebody with SATA. Take esteana take own from God take your solace your help your sucker from Allah subhana wa Tada. And so this is this is what Allah is telling us. Now in another verse in SOTA hustles Allah Subhana Allah Allah says about Tikka Dotto Ashura that this abode of the afterlife that we have made the giano hallel Idina lair Yuri do not allow one third or the whatever said that they don't want to be exalted in the earth, nor do they want corruption in the earth. Well Are people to limit the pain and the end affairs for the people of taqwa again, it's a reminder that these are people the alpha has been set

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aside so the great victory, if we don't we can, there are times when the Muslims have seen victory in this world, the people of truth when when it was Benny Sri el, when when when the Israelites were on the truth, God gave them victory over Pharaoh Pharaoh was drowned. He was he drowned in the ocean. And and God gave them entrance into the promised land, because they were the people of truth. They were adhering to these principles and being guided by them. The prophet SAW s&m gave victory also to the people of Jesus over his his enemies at that time. So in that case, it was the opposite now, the the people of Israel who opposed Jesus at the time, so and this is part of the problem with

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human beings is that we oscillate. So there are times when we're powerless there are times we're in power, depending on how we respond to that power is depending on who we're with. Are we with God? Or are we with Pharaoh? Those are the two choices you either with God or you with Pharaoh, and there's really no in between in this and so this idea

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of the doubt after being placed for those who don't want to be exalted in the earth, like Pharaoh, Pharaoh and if at all he, he elevated himself in the earth, whereas the people of the mosaic people, the Jesuit people, the Mohammedan people,

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peace be upon all of our profits. These are the people who humble themselves. Under the way battle rock many lidium shuna ended up the homeowner with a hot woman Juniper who said, I'm the servants of the merciful, and inshallah, we're going to look at those 12 attributes that define the servants of the Merciful.

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The servants of the merciful who tread lightly on the earth, they walk lightly on the earth, ensure knowledge of the hohner they tread lightly on the earth. It's interesting now we talked about carbon footprints, people that have heavy carbon footprints that pollute a lot. The people of Allah subhanho wa Taala are people that are they tread lightly on the earth. They don't want to be exalted in the earth. And so this idea that the ACA is made for those living in LA Duna illuminator or the whatever said that they don't want either to be exalted or corruption and these two tend to go together. So this is this is a really important thing to remember is that when people become

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arrogant, they tend then to become oppressive. They tend to sow corruption in the earth, and this is the nature of Pharaoh as opposed to the nature of the prophetic tradition, which is the way of Moses the way of Jesus the way of our Prophet Mohammed Salim all of them are our profits but were from the oma Satan and Mohammed Salalah. It was it was setting them at 100 local affair and cinematical what happened to low heat over a cup