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Al-Anam 60-73 Translation 60-73

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I said I'm ready como

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una sala sulivan Karim Amar Rosa Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Frobisher, Ashley slithery were silly emri wash Little Rock data melissani of Kahoot Callie are bananas in Arima

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lesson number 81 pseudo till an arm is number 60 to 73

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whatever and he is a lady, the one who or who yet our fair calm he fully recalls you or he takes you belatedly in the night where an mo and he knows

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whatever Jonathan you all earned, you all committed then the half in the day. So, then yeah birth to come he raises you fee in it. Leo Cobra so that it is decreed so that it is concluded. A Jalen a time was summer, one fixed summer, then lie to him. My dear Chrome, your return summer then you'll never be Oh calm. He will inform you Bheema with what quantum you were done, balloon you all do, whatever, and he is Alka here, the subdued foco above Ribera de His servants, where you salute, and he sends or they come upon you have our turn protectors, guardians, Hector, until either when

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it came, I had one of you and Moe to the death's door set who had recalled him fully or it takes him fully Rasulullah Our Messengers were home and they learn not youfor jiophone they fall short. Some of them will do they were returned Allah to Allah He Allah, molar home their molar their guardian and help the true Allah they were unquestionably laahu for him and her kmo the judgment where who and he is SRO most Swift. And has he been of those who take account called say, Man who you know g comb he serves you men from women, Murthy darknesses albery of the land, well battery and the sea. To the owner who you all call him you all invoke him to have run humbly. Will Hosea turn and

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secretly like him? Surely if and Jana he saved us men from her busy this Lennar coonan surely we will definitely be men from a share Killeen. Those who are grateful

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don't say Allahu Allah, Yuna g comb, he saves you men hair from it, were men and from currently every girl in distress, suffering sooner than unto you all to shikun you all associate partners.

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Say whoever he is recorded, the one who is able Allah upon, I'm that yerba Sir, he sends I may come upon you either when a punishment made from the groom above you, or main from the underneath of jewnicorn your feet

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or your circle he confounds you. He confuses you. Gian, as groups. Were you Zico and he makes to taste barber comb some of you that sir might bobbin of others. And what do you look for how new surgery foo we present diversely as the versus La La home so that they have cohoon they understand

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what comes over and he belied believe with it omocha your people who are here and it is the truth. who say less to I am not our la come upon you be working at all a trustee. liquidity luckily for every neighbor in news Mr. Carr a fixed time and place or sofa and will soon Darla moon you all will know

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what is there and when are arita usaw and levina door Zoo your homeowner they are engrossed fi in IR Tina our vs for our real so you turn away on home from them. head there until your whole boom they are engrossed fi

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In a discussion, a doc or a speech, where he other than it was in there and his uncle, he definitely makes you forget a shape or know the shape on center so do not use it bother after a vicar the remembrance now with alchemy the people are early mean those who do wrong warmer and not Allah upon a levina there was people who get the corner they fear meaning they fear Allah men from his savvy him there reckoning men from Shay in anything when I came back vichara a reminder that on the home so that they own the fear well, and then you leave and the viento Zoo if they're horrible they made they have taken their home their religion, Larry burn as a play whether one and an amusement was a

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read to him ended deceive them a fire to the life adonia of the world was a kid and you remind me he would it on that top center. It will be arrested, not sown a soul Beamer because of what guesser but it earned laser it is not the hair for it men from dooney besides Allahu Allah were Legion any Guardian wila and nor Shafi or any intercessor what is and if there are then it compensates Cola, every other named compensation left not you heard it will be taken. Men have firm it will not occur those and Medina those who are receiving they were arrested or they are arrested. The law because of what guessable they earned the home for them Siobhan a drink main from honeymoon boiling water what

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are their brain and a punishment at Lehman painful Beamer because of what can you they were in disbelief.

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Can't say all shall northern we call we invoke men from Dhoni besides Allahu Allah may or may not in certain manner, it benefits us when there and no sooner it harms us when we do and we will be returned Allah upon a carabiner our heels brother after his win had the honor he guided us. Allahu Allah, can levy like the one who or like who is the one who it enticed him. It led him astray, as share clean the Satan's fee in an early demand. Higher honor, one confused Lahu for him as harben are companions. You're the owner who they call him he loves to and who they're the guidance, eat dinner you come to us and say Ponce in indeed robear guidance, Allah He of Allah corner he is an

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holder the guidance. Well, and only now we were ordered Lima Lima so that we submit they have been to rub an iron amine of the World War and that up the moon you're perfectly establish a sonata the solar took over ntrc or him or her and he allegedly The one who lie to him to show them you will be gathered with her and he ended the the one who called aka he created a similar word, the heavens, the skies, when Arbor and the earth then help with the truth. And Andre Jacobo he will say don't be for your kernels so it will become

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his word unhelpful is the truth. Whether whoa and for him alenko the kingdom, the oma en de une Soho it will be blown. See in a story, the horn or the trumpet. I learned more of the unseen was Shahada and the witnessed and the present will hold and he is an Hakeem the always always a hobby. They always are aware.

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That's the recitation

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the World

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allow me

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be wonky nikolina

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Bhima cassava laser

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pull in pullin

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lady lady,

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