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Ash-Shuara 1-68 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 1-9

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After billing him in a *load investment for him, lesson number 191, sort of the sharara is number one to 68 assura is a florala share it and who is the

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one who says share, abort. And the surah is named sharara. Because the sharada, the ports there are mentioned in Ayah 224,

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the wishek enough Makkah, they accused the Prophet sallallahu Sallam of being a boy, they accused him of being a liar, a magician, they hurled many acquisitions attend. And amongst them was that this is your speech, this is just poetry, which is very eloquent. And with this, you affect people, you change their hearts, you reach their hearts, and you make them believe in you. And this is like enchanting poetry. This is not actually revelation. So Allah subhanaw taala, refute this claim, this accusation of the mashiki. If you think about the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he lived amongst the people for 40 years. And it was never that he said, poetry that would be equal to the eloquence of

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the Quran. There were many great poets in Arabia, the prophets that allowed us and it was not famous for his poetry at all.

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So how is it possible that all of a sudden, this man, he starts seeing poetry that's so eloquent, that so many people are getting affected by it?

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And this will, it style is extremely eloquent, it's very, very profound, it's almost poetic, how the if they are very short, and the rhyme, and after every set of if there are if that are repeated, in the feed, ellika IRA. So there is that repeats of the style is very poetic of the soul. But at the same time, this column is not poetry. Why? Because it's rich vocabulary. It's eloquent expression. It surpasses Butch, it defeats poetry. It's much more eloquent, it's much more effective.

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And this is why there were many, many great poets at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam who when they heard the Quran, they were made speechless.

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They refuse to say any more poetry after that they again, why, because they knew that they had been defeated. They knew that they could never say anything that could be compared to the eloquence of the

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so this surah it demonstrates the miraculous nature of the

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how through its eloquence, through its profound expression. And the challenge is still there today. That if you can produce something like the Hold on, go ahead and do it, if the masters of the language of that time, they could not produce something like that, how is it possible for anyone after that to do this lawsuit, the sharada is a Maki soda, and it was revealed after soda and after soda and welfare, and the soda contains 227 versus 1279 words

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and 5514 letters. So although the number of the IRS has a lot, however, the sewer is still short. Why? Because as I mentioned to you, the IRS, they are very, very short. And because the expression of the surah is very rich. A lot has been conveyed in a few words, just as you see in poetry as well.

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim tahseen me bossy mean Hiroko Katara,

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Delica tokita bill Moby. These are the verses of the clear book tilaka isn't a shadow buried? Why? to point to the greatness of these verses? That these verses that you read that you listen? These verses are of elkie terrible movie of a book that is clear. A book that clarifies the truth,

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meaning the verses that you're about to listen, they're not ordinary verses.

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And remember that the word itself is also used for miracle. So these verses are not ordinary. This column is not the column of a human being. These are of the book that is moving

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like a burger or Neff seca, perhaps or Prophet sallallahu wasallam you would kill yourself by urine from the Ruth veterus Bear Hawk I am Bahar and Bahar is to kill oneself out of grief or anger. that a person is so upset that a person is so angry that in his grief in his

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Anger he would almost suffocate to death. He would almost destroy himself. This is how upset and angry it gets. And the word barrier is also used for someone who does something to a great extent that he exhausts all of his efforts, all of his energies, it says though, he will reach the point of death. This is how much effort he is exhausting in trying to do what he's doing. So all prophets are about his son in law, like a burger enough cetera, perhaps you would kill yourself, why? An akuna would mean that these people, they do not become believers, that the people of Makkah, no matter what you tell them, no matter what evidence you give them, no matter what part of the Quran the

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listen to, which is clear, it clarifies the truth. Still, these people don't believe you would almost kill yourself out of greed.

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What do we see over here? That the disbelief of the people, it greatly distressed the profits on the Water Center. It made him very, very sad, because he knew the outcome of this disbelief.

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If a person refuses to listen to your advice, you are sad that you feel they might suffer. But if a person refuses to believe, then what are the consequences? It turned a loss in the hereafter. This is why the profits are of all the sudden grieved so much when the people would not be in certain cafe number six, we learn from our unlockable here on nepsac Arla 13 in them up, nobody had heard at SFR that perhaps you would kill yourself through grief over them, if they do not believe in this message and out of sorrow. So Allah subhanaw taala consoled the messenger solo to send them over here, that do not do this to yourself, do not become so sad and grieve that these people are not

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believing, yes, the consequences are severe. But if you are constantly in the state, then you would literally kill yourself back here in Nevada.

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And remember, that ultimately, guidance and misguidance isn't the hand of Allah soprano, into the traveler if we learn for in the law, how you Lumia share, where the Manisha that Allah He sends a stray whomever he wishes, and he guides whomsoever He wishes, fella that had nafsa, gallium hasard. So do not let yourself perish over them in regret.

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Do not exhaust yourself, do not kill yourself out of regret over these people. Just remember that guidance is in the hands of Allah. But what does this show to us? This reaction of the prophets of Allah is in the state of the prophets of Allah. So what does that show to us? That how the Prophet sallallahu Sallam wished good for people?

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How much he wanted good for people,

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that he wanted it so bad for them, that if they did not accept that good, he would be extremely aggrieved.

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Many times what happens, people are sad, people are angry, to the point of death. Why? Because of some personal matter, because they have suffered some financial loss, because the person whom they love does not love them in return. This is what depresses people. This is what makes them upset and sad. Many people they're upset because they're concerned about themselves, or they're concerned about their families, or they're concerned about the sores that exist in this world. But there are those who are concerned who are worried because of the Hereafter, and not just their hereafter, but the hereafter of others as well. And this shows the sincerity of a person, that how sincere he is

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how loyal he is how well wishing he is. This is how the profits are a lot of them felt for the people.

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And we need to ask ourselves over here as well, that what are our concerns? I don't have a house of my own. I don't have beautiful hands. I don't have this much money. I still don't own that bag. I still cannot go to the country. I still don't have this passport and that visa. Is this what our concern is, how selfish of us.

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If you look at it, so many people, so many people, they need this religion, they need Islam, they need a solution. They need something to bring comfort to their hearts and eyes. And what is the solution? The Quran and they have no idea that it exists. The prophets are allowed to send them fella unlike a bank.

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He would almost kill himself out of the screen. And unfortunately, people are right before us right around us and we feel nothing for them. We feel no compassion. We feel no hurt. We feel no worry no concern. Allah subhanaw taala says in the shed, if we will not sit or lay him, we could send down upon them.

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Minnesota he from the sky, I attend, assign, meaning if we wanted, we could have sent down from the sky a miracle. Why? So that these people would believe? And this miracle would be such that first one let our nalco whom let her hold the rain, that their next would remain humbled for that sign. What does it mean by that? One let from the roof address la lamb lamb Lily. Lily means shadow. And when do you have shadow during the day, when the sun is up? And from this The word lulla is used for doing something all day long.

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What does it mean to do something all day long to remain the same? So for one left, meaning it would remain what would remain our Napa home florala or nook?

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So the next of these disbelieving people, they would remain Lucha for that miracle how they're in ones that bow down in humility, how they're in this room holder and what is holder mean? submissiveness humanity. But in particular, it is such humility. It is such submissiveness and fear that is visible on the limbs.

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So while they're in meaning, bent and humble, meaning they would be defeated, when that I would come when that miracle would come, they would believe and they would have no other choice because think about when is a person's neck bent, when he has given up when he has accepted defeat. So if we wanted we could have sent down an iron from the sky that would make these people speechless, that would defeat them, they would have no choice but to believe. But this is not the way of Allah. Allah does not send such things that force people to believe. Because a man is what the state of the heart and it has to come from within. Allah does not force people to believe. A Lost Planet Allah has

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given people understanding, intellect, and freewill. And with that they're expected to make the right choices for themselves.

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If a person makes the right choice for himself, good for him. And if he does not, then he only will suffer. But Allah does not force people to believe

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in throw through Bukhara I 256. What do we learn like gravity, there is no compulsion in religion.

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Allah subhanaw taala has given the furqan he has given the criterion. He has sent the book he has sent the guidance, he has placed the signs in the heavens and the earth for people to look for people to reflect on. And if a person does not accept, then he's not going to be forced.

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What does it show to us? That if Allah does not force people, who are we to force them?

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If Allah does not force people to accept a man,

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then how can we ever say that Islam has spread because of the sword? How is that possible? If Allah does not force people, would he tell his messenger to force people with the messenger tell the people to force others? No. This is not how this religion spreads. This religion only spreads when people accept from within

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Allah Spanish, Allah says women yet de human zicklin and no revelation comes to them from who may not rush many from the Most Merciful. No reminder, no book, no message comes to the people from Allah subhanho wa Taala. That is more the same. That is new Mahesh from the roof address, had

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no revelation comes to them that is new from the Most Merciful. In Canada, I know morally, except that these people, what do they do? They turn away from it.

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That every time Allah subhanaw taala sends a new idea, a new sort of a new admonition, a new command a new evidence. What is the reaction of these people?

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They turn away? They don't benefit at all.

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What does it show to us? That Allah subhanaw taala has not left people in ignorance? No, he has told the people he has shown the truth for the people. And not just once, not just twice, but again and again. More that's new in new and different ways. That at 1.1 incident is revealed. at another point the same incident is narrated in a different way. At 1.1 command is given one evidence is given. at another point another evidence is given Why? So that if a person does not understand once, he will understand the second time

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but there are some other

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fortunate people, that no matter what comes, no matter how the Quran is delivered to them, no matter which is presented before them, no matter which incident is narrative to them, they do not benefit at all in Canada and who worry, they only turn away for other camdeboo so in fact they have disbelieved first a de him then soon it will come to them, what will come to them and their news which news McCann will be here yesterday on that which they used to mock.

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What did these people mock at the mark that the warnings that were given, they marked up the evidences that were given. They marked at the messenger the mark on the market, the prophets of Allah. They marked at the angels of Allah, the market everything that was with regards to religion.

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So Allah subhanaw taala says because the caribou right now they have denied the Quran, the messenger the liquid, but very soon for say a team Umberto McCann will be asked as you if they have denied today, tomorrow, they will come to know

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tomorrow they will come to realize today they're making fun of the messenger. But when the messenger enters upon them at the conquest of Makkah, when the messenger defeats them at the Battle of battle, then they will come to know what the truth is, and what the falsehood is.

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It's not that these people don't know right now, of course they know, but they are in denial. They refuse to accept and if they refuse to accept the reality, the reality will be exposed to them and the rest of the world. First a DM Umberto McCann will be here soon.

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And Mac and OBS as the owner has also been understood as the punishment, the punishment that they were warned off the punishment that they made fun of a loss penalty says that same punishment is going to come upon them and teach them a lesson.

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What do they demand right now? miracles, Allah Subhana Allah says, When amuro not only have they not seen there, have they not looked at the earth come, but nafi her how many we have grown in it mean coli zodion Karim from every noble kind.

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The people of maca continuously. What did they demand miracles, that if Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is a messenger, then he should have angels around him, he should have, he should have a garden, he should have this he should have that. They demanded miracles. Allah subhanaw taala says at the beginning of the surah, he can easily send a miracle that is of that type. But these people are not going to believe regardless. And if they want miracles have not seen the earth. They should go to any piece of land. And they will see come betina fee Herman coolies origin Kareem how many different types? How many normal kinds unique types of plants, a loss of Pandora has made to grow? zildjian

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Kareem Kareem is what noble that which is a very high quality. And how is the great quality of something determined by its appearance, by its benefits, by its uniqueness. So if you look at it, if you go to any place, even in your backyard, even if you go to a random place, a forest, a place that is not looked after by anybody, you will notice so many different different types of plants.

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You will notice so many different types, leaves a very tiny leaves or big leaves or bright green leaves are dark green, or they're purple, or they're red, or they're orange isn't different sizes, different colors, different types, different textures, different lengths, different widths, different details, different patterns. coonley zodion, Kareem and Kareem is also used for that, which is very generous. And over here, it gives a sense of the film unfair, meaning something that is a source of great benefit, a lot of benefits.

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That the plants that you see are various types. They give so many benefits, you might think they're useless, but they're so beneficial. They clean the air, they provide food and shade for so many creatures. They provide such a good scene for you to look at comforting colors, green and red and purple are when amuro in the GM unbutton Effie Herman calypsonian Kareem Don't they look at this, they want a sign they should go anywhere and look at these signs in the feed ellika indeed, and that is a sign a sign of what a sign of the perfect ability and power the last parameter

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that if he can cause so many different types of plants to grow in one patch

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so many different types in one batch, can you not send a messenger? Can he not send revelation? Of course he can in the feed Valley Kala ayah. Mama can mean but still, most of them do not believe most of all, most of the people. Why don't they believe? Because they do not reflect on the science, they do not have to modify.

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What in America and indeed your Lord la huella Aziz over him, surely he is the Exalted in Might, the Merciful.

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Aziz, the name of a las panatela What does it mean? Zulu is the one who has and what is

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called dominance goodra ability to have the power to take revenge, all able, the one who can execute as well, the one who is mighty, everyone else has powered us before him. In Arabic, Allahu Allah Aziz. And he is at the same time as

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the Most Merciful. He shows mercy as well.

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Isn't this amazing? That someone who is so mighty, so powerful at the same time you so affectionate, typically what happens, those who have might and power, you don't see any mercy, you don't see any affection in them. But Allah subhanaw taala, where he is extremely mighty and powerful. At the same time, he's very, very merciful towards his creation. And you will see this constantly in

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that how there are some with whom Allah subhanaw taala deals with his might and power, he shows his might and power to them, and their son, whom Allah subhanaw taala shows His mercy to.

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Now these two, if I add eight and nine, they have been repeated in the solar a total of eight times. Together, they appear in the solar a total of eight times. As I mentioned earlier, this solar is a sharada for it. And this role is extremely eloquent in its style in its pros. And at the same time, this column is not poetry, but it silences all of the points. And if you look at it in poetry, as well, after every section, after every theme, what do you have repeating phrases. So in this surah, you will find the same feature. Now, up until now we have studied the introduction of the soul.

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And what is that introduction, that Allah subhanaw taala has sent guidance in the form of a book that is moving that is clear, it is self evident, it clarifies the truth. But the reaction of the people is that they do not. Instead they demand miracles, they don't look at the miraculous nature of the Quran. What do they want to see some tangible miracles? And Allah says that he can send such miracles. But the fact is that somebody who does not wish to believe he will not believe no matter what he sees, and what's the evidence of that, that every time a new revelation is sent, what is their reaction when they turn away, and if they really want to see a miracle, they should open their

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eyes and look around themselves. They should look at any patch of the earth, and they will see many, many miracles over there. Things that point to the greatness of Allah.

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But still, there are people who do not believe and they should remember that in this is a sign and a loss penalty is Aziz and he is a fine

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We can

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know, where it is mentioned that

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mean they can mean many more things in the kernel, on whom we agree that every time a new revelation, a new reminder, a new command comes to the people, what is their reaction they turn away from, primarily the site is about to the machine and they don't believe no matter how they're taught. But and this is a lesson for us as well that we need to reflect that every time we learn about a command, something that Allah subhanaw taala likes a new reminder, as a reminder, and exhortation and encouragement. Then what is our reaction? Is it that we turn away from it? Or is it that we strive to implement?

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Like for example, we learned about walking with home, walking gently, how consciously are we trying to develop this habit now? Now that we have learned about it, we learned about Joby tuna della beam, so didn't work piano, how consciously are we trying to do this? So it does not suit a true believer that he learned something from the Quran, a reminder comes to him. A new exhortation comes to him but he turns away.

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This is amazing that it's not just that the points of that time, they were defeated by the eloquence of the Quran. But even at this time, people who do rap music, even in rap music, there's a lot of repetition, the words they repeat a lot. And there are people who when they read the Quran, when they learn when they hear and God era belcarra, Huma adelakun Carrera, they get so fascinated by it, that this is not just words that are repeating, but there's meaning in this, there is great effect in this, that when you hear it shakes your heart, when you reflect on it, there's so much depth in these words. So it's not just that the boys of that time there were so affected by the eloquence of

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the Quran. But even today, there are people who are greatly affected by its eloquence, and this becomes a means for their accepting Islam.

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It's amazing how the sky, the earth, the plants, all of these things are great miracles, if we look at them, if we take time to reflect upon them.

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So this was the introduction of the solar and now several incidents are going to be mentioned. And the first incident the first report is off musasa

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remember, this is a Maki Soto. And in Makkah, what was prevalent opposition, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam faced opposition throughout the makia.

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And the story of musasa. Now it's repeated so many times. Why? Because it shows how Musa Islam how to Bani Israel, they also faced so much opposition, so much opposition. So the story is mentioned another time, but in a completely different style, bringing new lessons to us, making us notice more and new things. So that we extract more lessons and we can relate it with our lives as well and benefit from this great incident.