Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P16 160B Tafsir Ta-Ha 41-48

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the struggles of life, including a family mistake, death by accident, and lack of success. They emphasize the importance of pursuing one's dreams and finding purpose in life. The speakers also touch on four different mindsets that contribute to productivity: negative refusesings, realism trap, and flow. The importance of surrendering oneself to one's past and future success is emphasized. The speaker also emphasizes the need for personal development and learning to be true to oneself. The speaker provides a strategy for dealing with people who are arrogant or fearful of Islam, emphasizing staying soft and gentle in speech, controlling oneself, and not giving up.
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Lesson number 160 surah Taha, I have 41 276

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was mozarella Sam's life very easy.

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The overview of his life that's given over here, was it easy from the very beginning?

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Imagine as a baby,

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what happened, taken away from the mother.

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But Allah subhanaw taala returned him to his mother. He didn't grow up with his family. He grew up in the house of eternal difficult, but there was something beneficial in that

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he grew up. Imagine a big mistake, a mistake like murder.

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You kill someone by accident.

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Even good people can make big mistakes. It is possible.

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Imagine a prophet of Allah. He's chosen for prophet hood, but he had killed someone by accident.

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That's fine. Because human beings are human beings. They make mistakes. For what do we see in the life of Masada salaam, that nothing happened in vain.

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This was all according to

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according to plan, thumb Mudgett diallel cada ringier musei

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because you see sometimes in life, we think that why did this happen to me?

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How come when I was a child, I never knew who grandparents were. I wish I knew.

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I wish you know, everybody talks about Pakistan and Somalia. I've never even been there. Once. I wish I grew up in my home country. And I wish everything was fine. Or I wish this had happened and that had happened. Remember, the way things happened in your life? That is exactly how they were meant to be for your own good. So you have to find purpose in your life, the way your life is.

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You have to make something you have to do something in your life, the way your life is. Don't try to change everything and don't wait for things to change so that you can do something No, you can still do good. You can still bring a lot of good. Some magic Darla Kudrin? Yeah, Musa Musa, all of this happened, according to plan.

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And also what is mentioned over here with a NACA Fortuna full tune, it means endless continuous trial. As if those tests were never ending problems, were never going away. You know, one problem barely ended that another began, you know, for instance, most artists and um, grows up and finally, okay, he's an adult, and he can be himself. And what happens, he goes to help somebody, and he killed someone by accident. And then he has to just get up and leave immediately. And he ends up in by the end. And there, he spends 10 years of his life.

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But one problem after the other, remember that it is training us? Because look at the next is What does Allah subhanaw taala say, was dunera Touka leadup. See, I have produced you, from myself.

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I made you go through all of these tests and trials and difficulties times when you were alone. Times when you could not defend yourself times when you could not help yourself. I made you go through all of this for a reason I was training you, you were being trained, you were being produced for a purpose, for a heavy responsibility for a task that only you can perform.

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Difficulties train us. When we go through difficult situations in our lives. There are many things to learn. First of all, Allah subhanaw taala is testing us, what do we do in that situation? And secondly, remember that each hardship makes you stronger, it makes you a better person. If you deal with that hardship with the right mindset,

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with the right mindset, you know, there's four mindsets that we could be in 1041 is negative spiral, that a person is absolutely unhappy with how he is now with the work that he is doing and he's got no goals for the future. So negative spiral, you're going deeper and deeper into negativity. You'll never be happy. Another mindset is

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reality trap, current reality trap that a person is happy right now. All right, but they have no plans for the future, nothing that they're looking forward to. So this is also not ideal. Why? Because you're not striving towards a purpose. You're okay right now, but you have no goal. You're not going to produce anything.

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You're not going to contribute, you're not going to bring benefit neither to yourself nor to the people around you. Another kind of mindset is that you are unhappy right now. But you do have goals for the future. You are struggling right now you're in stress. This is stress and anxiety, you are in stress, you are anxious right now you find what you're doing very difficult, but you have something to look forward to. So that keeps motivating you. And the fourth mindset is, flow, being in a state of flow, that you're happy now, with what you're doing with what is happening. And you also have something great to look forward to. You have grand plans for the future. And these are the

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people who are most productive. People who have this mindset.

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That, okay, whatever is happening with me right now, I can't modify it, I can't change it, but I'll just accept it, I'll deal with it. And I have something better to look forward to. And such people are productive. And this is what we need to learn that no matter what difficulty what trial we're going through, remember, Allah is training you, this difficulty is going to be good for you. Because in Allahu Allah, you will be at your old mercy and Allah does not waste the reward of those who do airson.

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So you're finding it difficult, but still you accept and you're happy with the state you're in. You're dealing with that challenge for Allah SIC, Allah who will not waste you. Allah will improve you He will improve your condition.

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And he will make you do something good. But you have to surrender yourself to Allah subhanaw taala you have to surrender yourself to the decree of Allah. And this can only happen when we have faith in Allah, that Allah will never decide something bad for me. He will not decrease something evil for me. Even in hardship, there will be ease. Even in difficulty there will be good Wafaa, Tanaka, Fortuna

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and nobody has an easy, right. People who do great things in life. They don't have easy lives. If you look at the prophets did they live easy lives? Because the courier listen, I'm so old he doesn't even have the strength to speak out loud. He makes Dora and Coffea look at Maria. Yes, you're in labor but shake the tree. Let the dates fall on you. Look at Aris Arliss Anna. He talks to people and they call Him a liar. They are here are they Salam he was killed. He was killed imagine being a prophet and he had been killed by who your own people and look at the life of masala Sinha difficulty upon difficulty. But this is what we need to remember. What Splinter Touka Linac see, I

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have chosen you for myself. And when you realize that, that this is not going to go in vain. Allah will reward inshallah there's something better stored in future, then really, you will find Allah's help.

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You will find Allah's help just watch this video. And you will see how Allah subhanaw taala helps his servants who trust on him who leave their affairs to him. This is Sheffield.

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University of Toronto. I was in my second year. And as you guys know, I was telling you yesterday, I was doing geology, chemistry. And I got really interested in forensic science, you know, CSI and all that kind of stuff. So I was doing I thought I'll do a minor and CSI kind of stuff, forensic science. And initially, you're allowed to do the first two years of it, and then they wash out and they kicked me out. They said no, sorry, Mr. Ibrahim, after your psychological profile, we can't have you on you're not fit for the job. You know, there's certain criteria there, right. I don't like blood.

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I don't know what we're thinking.

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So here I am in this forensic science exam, and I'm taking forensic science with he's still teaching. You can google University of Toronto, Professor melon v.

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And he's the department head

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and it's forensics 239 the course. And we came to a module about forensic psychology.

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And I had an exam and it coincided with Juma prayer. And I was asked to be the Imam of Juma at a faraway Masjid from where the university campuses 20 minute drive, at least even if I'm super quick.

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So I call up the machine to say Brother yeah, here this is really you know, we have no one else you have to come.

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I said, one, I got an exam, Please, brother.

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I said, Okay, let me talk to my professor. I ring up can I come and see you when you're out? Yes, Come Mr. Ibrahim. I went. I said, Listen, you know,

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the exam starts at one but we have Friday prayers at one.

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And because I'm praying at a mosque in Mississauga, which is a little bit of a distance from where we are

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It's gonna take me at least 2530 minutes to get here. And the exam, it's a 50 minute exam from one to 150 means I'm only going to have 20 minutes left. Do you mind if I take it from 12? You know, as soon as I'm finished, the next set of students will come in, I won't be able to talk to him. He goes, Mr. Ibrahim, we're not here to meet you're, you know, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Either you're there or you're not whatever time you have left is the time you have we have no extensions.

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And I said, All right, thank you.

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And I thought, It's okay. I'm gonna go do my Joomla. And after Joomla, I said Santa Monica said I was running, jumping over people got in the car flying.

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And I got to the university double parked my car. I said, if I get a ticket, it's okay. To throw my car. And I ran. And I got there. 141 40 something 10 minutes left.

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And he smiles. That means it gives me a new

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you know that smile? Right? Oh, thank you very much, sir. Yeah, thank you. And I sat down. And I thought, okay, look, let me do as many and it's multiple choice, you know, the, the multiple choice card that you put through the computer that scans it? Do you use those here? You just fill in the circles?

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I read the questions. It's a psychology and psychiatric component. I read it. First answer. See,

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was that cool? Second one. See, it's like all it's all right. Third one, see.

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Something's not right.

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But I don't have time to go back and read it. Fourth one, see, one minute left. Fifth one, see, I thought 30 seconds left. I just put Si Si Si Si Si Si si 80 questions. And I just put the whole thing seen

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we come back after a fortnight, you know, we have a holiday after exams come back after a fortnight. And Melby is red in the face. He looks like a dinosaur

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ready to bite my head off. And I'm sitting I don't know what's happening.

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And he goes, this was supposed to be part of your psychological component. And we wanted to do something different this year, we made all the answers. See to see who would doubt themselves. Because you're not going to put in see for 80 questions, because I never read the questions I just

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and I said Wallahi that's from Allah right. 100% and when he gave me back that exam,

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and it had 100 And I'm sitting there and he goes, we won't be doing this again. Because

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cuz you know, certain things happen. That caused statistical irregularities. I was like you have a law brother.

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You keep your statistics man. Right. 100%.

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And honestly, you know, when I tell that I honestly say it in reality, in my heart of hearts in my belief, that that is Allah helping an individual who chooses something for Allah. Right? And I got an AMI course, because that exam was a 40 mark exam 40% of my final and I knew I was being graded I was still doing well, like I was still I get back my exam you know, he plus when it really isn't a paper it really was a but I get like a B A B plus you get that sometimes right. And that exam put me over the top I was like yeah

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that's how we do it. Muslim style rather.

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So what is Muslim style?

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trust in Allah.

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Circle sees.

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So that is Muslim style, trust in Allah, that whatever he's decreed for you. There will be good in it. Even if you don't see anything good right now. There will be good eventually. And every story in the Quran is a testament to that. Look at use of Learning Center. And now look at Masada center, how his life is just, you know, spinning out of control things are beyond his control. One thing after the other is happening with a NACA tuna

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But ultimately, it's all good.

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Ultimately, why? Because what's donnera Tuca? Lean up, see, I have produced you for myself. This word is Fonar. Taka is from the root letters saw known Iein. And sonar is to manufacture to produce something to construct something with one skill. You know, for instance, something that is made in a manufacturing plant, you can't make that at home yourself. Why?

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Because you don't have the same skill. You don't have the same equipment. Correct. You can make something that's close to that, but you can't beat that you can't reach that same level. So sooner is to produce something, construct something with one skill. And sooner. When it's used for a person that they were produced. They were manufactured. What does it mean that they were nurtured? They were looked after. So for example, it is said sooner it will Giardia Giardia meeting a young girl. So Sonia, meaning she has been made really well. In other words, she has been looked after really well. Because imagine a slave. All right, a child especially being sold from one family to another

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one owner to another. You can imagine the physical state of such a child, right? Weak, doesn't have the right weight. But Sunil rattle geria is when a slave a young girl who has slaved, but she has put on weight and she looks happy. And she's running back and forth doing her work. What does that mean that she has been? She has been nurtured really well. Somebody has been looking after her. Likewise, she has been trained really well to do her job properly. So somebody has been caring for her. This is what sooner is when it's used for a person, and is on our, what you see over here with the additional thought is one hour is too rare to look after to train to educate, to discipline a

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person for a particular task for a particular job. And it also signifies exceeding the usual and ordinary balance or degree in training someone in putting something in a good condition. All right. So for example,

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a servant for instance, who cares about their clothes, generally, people who hire servants, they don't really care about their clothes, or their food or anything like that. I mean, if you've gone back home, you've seen how poorly servants are treated extremely cold, and they're not even wearing slippers. They're not even wearing socks, they're not even wearing warm clothes. They're getting cold food to eat. They don't even have a proper bed to sleep on. Right. But if you see that a servant, somebody's been, you know, really taking good care of them. Then you find out that this little girl even knows how to read and write. You can even tell by their appearance that they are a

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servant. So the person who's hired them, it shows that they've really gone beyond, you know, above and beyond in order to look after their servants. They've done too much good to them. They've trained them really well. They care for them. So what's fanatical enough See, here Musa, I have prepared you I have produced you, I have trained you, for myself. Everything that happened in your life happened for a reason. And this was all part of your training. And really, the way Musa and Hassan was protected and the way he was taught, no other person was taught and protected like that in his lifetime. Which other child of the Bani Israel grew up in the house of her own. Seriously.

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Who else from the Bani Israel left Egypt and spent many years of their life somewhere else they couldn't they were all slaves was an article enough. See, I've trained you, I have made you. I have educated you for myself meaning for my work. And what an honor these words are. Allah is saying this to mozarella Salah you've been trained to do my work from my service, not for the service of men, not for the service of some human being for fit our own know for me, for Allah. And this is the greatest honor that a human being can be given. And it's given to those who seek it who wanted

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so you don't know what to do in your life. You don't know whether to go right or left. You don't know whether to proceed or to stop. You don't know how to handle the challenges that are coming your way. Ask Allah Allah, you show me you tell me where to go you tell me what to do you guide me and be hopeful that he Allah you guided me before you guide me now. You guided musalla Salam, you guide me as well. You

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Like the scholars that would make to r1 they could not understand something they would say all one who taught Ibrahim teach me also or one who gave understanding to Suleiman or listen and give me understanding also be hopeful. ask Allah for his father was an Allah hum and fugly instead of losing hope, ask Allah was thinner to clean up see it hub go under you were a hookah and your brother, bat with my signs meaning with the miracles that I have given you. Well, attorney fee decree and do not slack in in my remembrance. Look at the urgency over here Inaba go quickly go. Don't delay any more. fit our own has transgressed a lot. Go and do your job you and your brother. Well, our attorney fee

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basically latonia the Olympus for dual because Musa and have won both are being addressed over here and the word latonia is from the root letter as well known. Yeah, we know is to become weak. To lose your spirit basically. know for instance, you're doing something initially you're very energetic, you're very enthusiastic, you're looking forward to it and you do your job really well for the first three, four days. But then what happens? You begin to slow down, you lose that vigor, you lose that energy. This is when

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this has happened with us when we're worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. I think it happens, especially when we're worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. You know, for instance, you go for a throwaway. And you're like, first Rick are really good second, Rick are really good. Third, fourth, really good. And by the fifth one, you're like, let me go take a break. And then you're counting literally counting down and you keep looking at the clock. Why? Because you are losing that vigor, you're losing that interest. You're becoming lazy. And so it's difficult to even stand you decide that you're gonna read one juice for example, and what happens after five pages. In the morning, you

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begin with the Dhikr of Allah you say you're off call you do extra God and then what happens as the day goes by, when you lose your vision, then what happens you forget Allah subhanaw taala also, when you forget why you are doing what you're doing, then you forget Allah Subhan Allah.

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So Musa isn't uninstalled wala tenia Fie, decree? Don't become weak. Don't slacken, don't become negligent in my remembrance. Does this remind you of something we learned in Somalia

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was slavery literally Belletti?

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That sometimes you have that energy and you want to you willingly worship Allah subhanaw taala but then there are other times when you have to kick yourself and make yourself do it. So latonia fee Vickrey, don't slacken in remembering Allah. Don't become negligent of Allah's vicar.

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If you have to, if you must, then force yourself to remember Allah. Because without the remembrance of Allah, you cannot work for Allah. You cannot do something for the sake of Allah while atonia physically

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and you see when you do the Quran, Allah then you remain focused. You have courage also. And this is a reason why we learned earlier of the believers are told them when you face the enemy in battle, then remain firm and what good Allah gefion Remember Allah much Lila come to flee Han so that you can be successful.

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In hubba go both of you elaphe around to fit our own in the whole door. Indeed, he has transgressed again, there's a sense of urgency over here. Don't delay anymore. He's committed so much transgression, get your work right away, do it already. Look at the zoom that he is doing, look at the people that he is oppressing.

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For coolala who and then both of you say to him Kolon word that is laggin that is soft and gentle.

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Speak to fit our own words that are laying lamb Yeah. Known. Lean, soft, gentle. Why? Why speak to fit our own gente Lara who perhaps in yet other cuddle, he will be reminded he will take heed, oh Yaksha or maybe he will develop fear of Allah. Maybe there is a chance. But there is a chance when you will speak leniently.

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Have you ever dealt with a person who comes across as very arrogant?

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Who, who doesn't want to accept their mistake who's just looking for somebody to blame and they found you as an easy victim. So they blamed you and now you have to face them and defend yourself. So then what do we think?

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I'm going to tear them apart with this argument. I'm going to give it right back to them. But if you speak to them in that manner, are you going to get anywhere? No. You know why? Because when you're dealing with someone and their ego, their ego is very awake, then there is no winning.

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There is no winning at all. So what do you have to do? You have to really stay calm in that conversation, right? You have to control yourself, stay humble, stay soft and gentle in your speech. Because if you're trying to show any arrogance or pride towards them, they're not going to tolerate it.

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Just imagine a boss. Okay, that is very, who doesn't really know what's going on? Very absent minded. And when they realize things are not in order, they blame their employees.

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And now the employee has to go and defend himself. And he says, You know what, I'm not scared of him. I can tear him apart. Okay, he goes, and does that what? What's going to happen? The boss will say, you're fired, get out of here.

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Lose, right, you lose.

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Now imagine for our own if Musa SNM would speak to him harshly for our own, who doesn't think logically? Who just thinks that he's the biggest thing in the world? What is he going to do? What are you going to do?

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He's going to become even more arrogant. He's going to show his greatness to Musar. listener, right? So Musar listen, I was told this is your strategy. And what is that? Speak to him softly speak to our own softly because speaking to someone who's arrogant, softly, this is not intuitive. It doesn't come naturally. Alright, or when you're dealing with someone who's very angry and mad and crazy, then speaking to them, but in a nice way, that doesn't come intuitively. You have to kind of think about it and decide and make yourself you know, consciously speak in a nice way to them. That's the only way you can get through to that person. So this is a strategy that Allah subhanaw taala gives

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to Musar listener into the novella 125 Also we learned although Elizabeth Rebecca, Bill Hekmati, while Maria little Hassan, when you're doing the Arwa, us wisdom, good words. Allah, both of them Musa lesson on how to learn Islam, they said, Robina or our Lord, in nanana Hafele. Who here afraid? We are afraid, a year from Carlina that he will hasten against us? Oh, a Yato or that he will transgress? Look at how truthful and honest with our listeners, you know, this is what we're afraid of. He's acknowledging, I'm afraid. And there's nothing wrong in acknowledging your fears, your worries, he says, we're afraid that a yellow car Elena yofoto, from Falco, and if rather is to

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hasten to rush into doing something without even thinking.

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So in other words, they're saying that we're afraid he's going to act too quickly. As soon as he will see me Oh Musa wanted man, we wanted to kill him. We want to take revenge from him. Okay, easier. Don't listen to him. Just put him behind bars and finish him off. He will be too quick. In hurting us. This is what we're afraid of, oh, Ayatollah or he will transgress. He will transgress even more against the Bani Israel, or he will transgress in dealing with us.

00:28:31 --> 00:29:06

Allah, Allah subhanaw taala said, letter Hoffa? Don't you both be afraid? Don't fear. Why? Why? Because that fear is not real. It's baseless. No, there is some basis for that fear. Then why? Why not fear, because in the new markoma, the danger is real. However, remember that in any markoma I am with you a smile, I hear what a lot and I see

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very comforting words. I am with you, I hear and I see, you know, Allah subhanaw taala. When you realize his attributes, and when you believe in His attributes, then that is when you truly love Allah.

00:29:22 --> 00:29:27

Knowing that your God sees you, he hears you.

00:29:28 --> 00:29:43

This is the best awareness that whatever situation I'm in whatever I say, or whatever is set to me, Allah has heard it. And wherever I am, whatever I'm doing or whatever is being done to me, Allah is Seeing that Allah is a witness.

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Allah is a witness to this and that is sufficient for me. Then you know what, I don't need to fear that somebody is going to take my rights away from me or they're going to oppress me, because Allah saw what happened.

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And Allah is just he will bring just

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This in the new Maura coma a smart one Aurora I hear and I see deer who both of you go to him for cooler and both of you say in now Rasulullah robic we are both Messengers of your Lord. For us in Marana then send with us Bani Israel yield the Bani Israel let them go let them go back to their home while after I leave home and don't punish them off in our own don't torture them

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by imposing hard labor on them by killing their children. Budget NACA be I attend we have come to you with a sign Mira big from your Lord. Meaning we have miracles if you want to see something as proof of our truthfulness okay we can show you something was salam and may peace be Allah on Manitoba Allah Buddha on the one who follows guidance. What positive words this is Dawa. Don't threaten, but be welcoming. Don't be threatening. Don't attack. Look at the words of masala sunnah, that Allah subhanaw taala taught him tell them who you are in a Rasulullah Arabic tell them why you have come. Please let the Bani Israel go. The reason behind that letter I live home. You want proof

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budget NACA VI A 10. Mil robic and what's the benefit was salam ala Manitoba, Alberta, the one who follows the right guidance May peace be on him in this world and also in the Hereafter. And this was the way of the Prophet salallahu Salam as well. That when he sent a letter to him this was written in the letter was salam ala Manitoba alHuda. In so in, this is kind of good news. If you follow me Peace be on you. Most of the time is the only one who could perform those miracles. All right, but and how sooner is Sadam? He was also a prophet. All right. But he was not given those miracles.

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He was was he was a helper to Musa Elisa. And this is also a special honor given to Musala Sam that his helper was also a prophet. Because if you think about it, other prophets their helpers were their companions, believers. So on the one hand, there's good news and on the other hand, there's warning also inna indeed we called Ooh here Elena. Revelation has been given to us that until either but that punishment or Allah is on who men Katha Guatamala on the one who denies and turns away, balanced Dawa good news and also a warning. And this is an honest conveying, not that a person only emphasizes on good news or only emphasizes on the warning, present reality as it is

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