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Al-Furqan 63-77 Translation 63-77

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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suddenly Allah Sudha Karim I'm avert for the villa him in a shaylen illa Jean Bismillahirrahmanirrahim rubbish slightly acidity were Sidley MD, Dr. Thomas melissani. Coco Lee, urban as a dinner in Lesson number 190 soldato for con number 63 to 77 Translation Where are you bad dude? and servants of rush man, have the most merciful and levina are those who, em schoon they work Allah upon

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the earth honan gently, easily

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what either and when Hata home, he addressed them, Lj he Luna, the ignorant ones are Lou they said, Salama peace,

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one Medina and those who Joby tuna. They spend night they are be him for the Arab. So Jordan as one's frustrating. What the AMA and as one standing.

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One levena and those who yaku Luna they say robina Oh, our rub is three if you turn away, overt I know from us are their punishment. Jehan lemma of Hellfire in indeed, I've ever heard it's punishment. It's torment, Ghana, it is barama inseparable in the hair. Indeed it sir. It is evil. Mr. kavon as a settlement as an abode. What and mahkamah are residents,

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one Medina and those who either when un*able they spent learn not use referral they squander their extravagant while I'm and nor yaku they are stingy. What can and it was bainer between velyka that power armor, a medium

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one Latina and those who learn not yet the owner they call Mara with Allahu Allah, Allah or God or hora other wala and nor Jaco to Luna they kill enough sir the sole allottee which have Rama he made unlawful Allahu Allah Illa except bill help with the right weather, and nor, yes noon, they commit Zina, they commit adultery, woman and whoever, yes, he does vaniqa that yelapa he will meet a firmer, since

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you love it will be doubled. Lahu for him, either, but the punishment yoma on the LTM the standing workload and he will abide eternally. Fie in it. mohana one in disgrace in law except man who daba he repented what am Anna and he believed what are Mila and he did a melon a deed sila Han righteous for Allah eco. So those Ubud dhiru he will change, Allahu Allah say he at him they're evil deeds has an acting as good deeds were can and he is ever Allahu Allah for fallen, always all forgiving. For Haman always All Merciful woman and whoever terrible, he repented, were Urmila and he did slowly hand righteous for inner who then indeed he here to here, repent, repents, Illa to Allah He Allah

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metabo a definite repentance.

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One Medina and those who do not the ash huduma they bear witness, they testify zuvor to the falsehood, what either and when mob rule they passed below,

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with the nonsense with the il speech,

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mob rule, they passed kiralama as one's normal,

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one levena and those who either when the kyrou they were reminded, be it with verses or be him of the Arab lamb not Yes, a rule Therefore, I lay her

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upon it summon as one's death were Amina and as one's blind when Lavina and those who yaku Luna they say robina Oh our up have the store. Lana for us men from as well Gina our spouses, whether the yaquina and our offspring goes water, comfort, coolness, or you have eyes wide your honor and make us lamattina for those who fear Allah imama a leader

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when Erica those huge rizona they will be rewarded. They will be recompensed a little fatter, the high chamber,

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Bheema because of what suburu they were patient, while you will have owner and they are received. They are met fee her in it. The hayyan greeting was Elena and peace. Holly Dina once abiding eternally fee her in it has sooner It was good. How excellent Mr. Carvin a settlement one more comma and a residents

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say man what not Yeah, but he cares become with you or be my route Lola if not derived from your prayer for God. So in fact, can debitum you all have denied for sulfur so shortly yaku it will be lizama inseparable.

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We listen to the recitation of this ayah

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sujeto Akiyama

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one lady

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one lady.

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It has been a long

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loaded up mohana

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One lady.

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Love women boom kirana

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one lady.

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One lady named bulunan.

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mama una zona de Luca Tabby mouse.

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Connie de una de

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hacer una

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cola Hola, como una de la

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palma de