Taimiyyah Zubair – Tafsir Surah Aali ‘Imran #01 Introduction S3 V1-13

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of reciting the Prophet sallama's teachings and learning their meaning to gain insight into the history of Islam is emphasized. The source of knowledge and honor for individuals in the world is also discussed. The importance of staying connected with the Quran and not letting people say they have learned anything too long is emphasized. The speakers stress the need for individuals to admit their limitations and strive to achieve success in Islam.
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I said I'm already como Rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

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are the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah al Karim rubbish friday saturday where silly emri wash Lula Raka 10 melissani of cuckoo Kohli Allahumma hadiah Colby was said the lissoni was roots of him at the Colby Armenia but I mean

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Alhamdulillah today in sha Allah We will begin with our study of sudut earlier imraan which is also called as the Herat, the shining light. This is a surah which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam instructed us to recite, and also learn the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, If groza Hara Wayne recite the two shining lights, the two bright lights and he mentioned what these two bright lights are. He said a bacala was subrata earlier in Milan, recite Surah Al Baqarah and recite surah earlier Iran. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also said that I lemuel Baqarah wa ala Imran learn pseudotumor Baqarah and learn suited Alia imraan so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam instructed his oma, he instructed us to recite the sutras frequently, but not just recite them, but also to learn them meaning to learn their meaning. Learn what their what their teachings are, learn what the commands are within the sutras and learn them meaning also memorize them, commit them to memory. Why so that a person can benefit from the the lessons which are in the sutras, and we see that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam described the sutras as shining lights. And he also gave the reason as to why we should recite and memorize them and learn their meaning. He said that these soldiers will come on the Day of Judgment, as if there were two clouds or shades, or two

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flocks of birds in rows, why they will plead for those who recite them. So these soldiers will come in order to defend and advocate for those people who recite the sutras who learned the sutras. Why is it that the learning the recitation of the sutras will be a source of shade on the day of judgment? The reason is that first of all, we see that the sutras are very lengthy. So reciting them means reciting a lot of the Quran, and the more a person recite the Quran, the more benefit they will gain on the Day of Judgment. Secondly, we see that these solos are filled with commands. They're filled with very important lessons. So the so as a person recites the solos, what happens is

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that a person strengthens in their amen in their faith, and also in their in their action. So this is why we should continue in our recitation of the sutras and we should continue to increase in our knowledge of the sutras. We see that the companions they would revere the people they would honor the people who learned sort of Kabbalah and sooth earlier in one, and assadullah one who said, that cannot rajulio either Cora Alba kurata. Earlier imraan, Josefina, meaning aluma that if a person learned sudo Baqarah answered earlier, Enron, they would become really respectable amongst us, meaning they would instantly increase in their status amongst us, so suitable Baccarat suited

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earlier. Emraan truly is a source of knowledge. These sources are a source of knowledge.

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The sutras are a source of dignity and honor for a person in this world and also in the hereafter. Sort of earlier Milan is a Madani surah meaning it was revealed after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam migrated to Medina, it has 200 verses. And it was revealed after sort of circle and fell, and it is the third surah in the must have. This surah is actually very similar to sort of Bukhara how we see that both of these sutras are long sutras. Both of these sutras begin with her of mocha thought with the disjointed letters Alif Lam Meem. And both of these sutras and with the US, and we also see that both of these soldiers address the People of the Book, sort of earlier and one is

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called earlier Iran because of the mention of the story of the family of Iran who was the father of medyo that is given in detail in the surah and it is also called a Zahara a shining light, because it truly is a source of light for those who seek Allah subhanaw taala has approval, may Allah subhanaw taala it make this journey easy for us May Allah subhanaw taala make the surah a source of light and guidance for us in this life and also a source of light and honor for us on the Day of Judgment. Amin Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim. Elif Lam, Meem Allah hula ilaha illa who will Hey, you look uh, yo, lF Lam Meem Allah, there is no deity except Him. The ever living the Sustainer of

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existence surah Allah Emraan begins with her off book authority Alif Lam me and hello Katara disjointed letters, these letters basically remind us of the inimitable nature of the Quran. The fact that the Quran cannot be imitated by people. And this is actually a miracle of the Quran. The evidence that the source of this book is not the creation who is like you and I rather this book is from the one who is unlike any other who is such that La Ilaha Illa who the one who is unique, who is above all, who is the only being worthy of worship, because He is Allah and he is the one true Allah the one true God who is perfect in himself, who was such that he's a Hey, you, uh you He is a

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high V ever living without a beginning or an end, rather, He always was, and will always remain, so he was when there was nothing and he will remain when everything perishes, and the passage of time does not, does not affect him. His existence does not depend on anything. So his his hat, his life is perfect, he is perfect in all of his qualities, and because He alone is a hate the ever living, there is no god besides Him. So we learn in the Quran, who will hire you, He alone is an havy ever Living La Ilaha Illa who, so there is no god worthy of worship, except Him. And He is a you the extremely independent, who depends on no one at all. In fact, everything depends on him azzawajal so

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he is the Sustainer of all, so if it will, so if it was not for his perfect actions, nothing at all would exist. So the bodies the souls the hearts of all creatures are sustained by him. He is the one who manages them. He is the one who directs their affairs. He is the one who protects them who supports their existence. Allah is an ultra young and these two names of Allah, they declare Allah subhanaw taala is absolute perfection and independence. And they also declare our absolute dependence on Allah the Exalted, and this is the reason why, when we make Dora we should especially mentioned these names of Allah, we should call upon him by these names. We see that when the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam heard a man calling upon Allah by these names, he said, by the one in whose hand is my soul, he has called upon Allah by those names by which when he is called upon he's certainly response because in by

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By taking these names, what are we affirming? We are affirming the fact that we are completely dependent on Allah. And we are affirming the fact that Allah subhanaw taala is absolutely perfect, independent of all. He is capable, he is perfect in all of his attributes in all of his actions. So we are in need of Allah. So, especially in times of difficulty, when we realize our weakness, when we feel our limitations, we should call upon Allah subhanaw taala. By these names, we see that Anasazi Allahu anhu reported that whenever the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam faced some difficulty, he would say, yeah, hey, you you're a young bureau of medical histories. You're Hey, you

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you're a young or ever living, or independent of all, I beseech you, by your mercy, meaning I am in desperate need of your mercy. You are perfect. I depend on you. So I beseech you for your mercy. So Allahu La Ilaha Illa who will Hey, Eureka, you know, Allah, I like Al Kitab will help He has sent down upon you the book in truth, meaning it is a law, who is such that there is no god worthy of worship except Him who is such that he is an Hei, who is such that he is a young, he is the one who has revealed the book to you, in truth will suck the Kalima bainer your day, confirming what was before it. What ends ella terrazza will Injeel and he revealed the Torah and the Injeel. Notice over

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here the word ness zela and unzila for the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala says that he knows Zilla the book and foretold rotten and Jean he says that he unzila he sent down the book. Now the words appear to be very similar necessarily unzila. But there is a difference Nasrallah than zeal is to reveal gradually over time, and unzila is to reveal at once, and this is a fact the Quran was revealed gradually, as opposed to the Torah and the NGO which were revealed at once. The Quran was revealed gradually over a period of 23 years in portions as per need and situation to provide guidance regarding the situation that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the companions were in. So

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we see that the very process in which the Quran was revealed, that teaches us what the meaning of the Quran is, what the words of the Quran mean, and also how they are to be implemented, how the teachings of the Quran are to be practiced. And the gradual revelation of the Quran also allows for transformation for change. And this shows us that we are constantly in need of staying connected with the Quran. We can ever say that I learned the Quran 20 years ago, I studied the Quran 10 years ago, and that is enough for me. No, we should always no matter what we are doing in our lives, we should always stay connected with the Quran. So Allah subhanaw taala revealed the Quran, Allah Allah

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Kalki taba How will help in truth, meaning Allah is the one who has truly revealed the Quran, the one who is such that La Ilaha Illa who he is a Hey, you're a young so isn't that enough for us to trust this book, to trust the fact that this book is perfect, that this book is necessary for us that this book is a mercy that this book is filled with wisdom that this book is truly healing. It is guidance because it is Allah subhanaw taala who has revealed the Quran and nuzzle Allah Calcutta bill Huck, meaning This book contains only the truth, every statement every word, every detail, every message in this book is factual. It is true, and it has been revealed masataka Lima, Albania

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de confirming that which was before it, meaning the Quran confirms the previous scriptures, it attests to their truth, that they too were revealed by Allah subhanaw taala. So the Quran is only a continuation of the previous messages that were revealed by Allah, the same God who revealed the Torah who revealed the in G is the one who has revealed the Quran and this should not be difficult to comprehend, when we see that the core concepts are so similar. And we see that even certain details that are mentioned in the Quran are identical to those which are mentioned in the first

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And the second testament, so Allah subhanaw taala is the one who revealed the total, the Injeel. And he is the one who has revealed the Quran, min Pablo, who the linas before as guidance for the people, meaning the Torah and the Injeel. They were revealed before the Quran, why in order to guide people what ends and Al Furqan and he has revealed the photon, the criterion, meaning now, Allah subhanaw taala has revealed the criterion, what is this criterion? It is the Quran. What does for con mean? For con is anything that makes a separation, or distinction between truth and falsehood, and for con is a proof or evidence. So how is the Quran is for con? How does it separate between

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truth and falsehood in a number of ways, we see that first of all, with regards to the previous scriptures, we see that the previous scriptures atolla and B Injeel have been heavily changed by people, parts of them have been forgotten or removed, details have been added, or they have been lost. So as you read, for example, the old the first testament, there are parts of which which you know, really create confusion, as you read it, you cannot tell what is right and what is wrong, which details are correct, and which details are not which which words are actually the words of God and which words have been added by people. When you read the first and the second testament, you see

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so many contradictions, there are so many confusing statements. In fact, there are so many obvious errors. And this is why the Bible basically needs a redeemer, there needs to be a criterion through which you can tell what is really from Allah and what is not. Because if a person were to even reflect over those contradictions and errors, they would be these contradictions and errors would really lead people to disbelief. Recently I read a statement which said that by a Bible, don't read it and you'll be a Catholic, by a Bible read only what suits you and you will be and an evangelical via Bible read it fully analyze it reason and you will be an atheist Subhan Allah This is a fact

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that when a person really tries to go deep into the Bible, they will begin to have a lot of questions and they will end up in disbelief. So yes, the Torah and the Injeel they were sent as guidance for people, but over time, as the truth was mixed with falsehood, what happened? Allah subhanaw taala then revealed the criterion, the full con that makes a separation, a distinction between truth and falsehood. So in this in these verses, we see that the Quran is necessary for guidance, the Bible is not enough people are in need of a criterion that can help them see what is right, what is wrong, what is fact what is fiction, what is from Allah, and what is from from

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people, what is from their own desires, what is beneficial and what is harmful. So Allah subhanaw taala has revealed the Quran for this purpose, then it is said in the levena kufan will be a Atilla he lahoma daban chedid wala who are Z's on loan to calm Indeed, those who disbelieve in the verses of Allah will have a severe punishment, and Allah is Exalted in Might, the owner of retribution, Allah subhanaw taala did not reveal this book, in order to be rejected by people know, Allah has revealed this book for the guidance of people. So those who deny those who reject this truth, for them will be severe consequences. And Allah is Aziz he is ever Almighty, so he prevails and none can

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prevail over him. None can escape him, he is mighty, he is powerful, so none can compete with him or win against him. And he is learn to calm the owner of retribution, meaning he takes retribution from the criminals as His justice necessitates. Then it is said in Allahu Allah yafo early he shaved on film early one of his summer, indeed from Allah, nothing is hidden in the earth, nor in the sky. Meaning there is nothing at all that could be in the in the earth or in the sky, that is hidden from Allah. Everything is visible to Allah. So no one can hide from Allah. Nothing can escape.

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from Allah, Allah knows everything wherever it may be, at any moment, Allah subhanaw taala knows everything we learned in sort of the Lord is number 10. Allah subhanaw taala says Ali mala AB was Shahada till Kabira matar al Sawa Omen Command A servile cola woman Jehovah be that whether a person openly says something or conceals it. Allah subhanaw taala knows it all. Meaning it is all the same to Allah, whether a person keep something a secret, or they publicize it, Allah subhanaw taala knows everything. So no deed of any door is hidden from Allah. Allah subhanaw taala does not come to know he already knows. So no human, no feeling of any human no fear that a person may be experiencing. No

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problem that a person may be experiencing is hidden from Allah. Nothing is unknown to Allah. He is the one who has revealed this book and what is his power like? Who will levy use a weirdo config or hammock a fire shot? It is he who forums you in the wombs of you. In the wombs, however, that he wills who will love the use of zero config, or hammy k fire shot, it is he who forms you in the wounds. However he wills La Ilaha Illa who Allah Aziz will Hakeem, there is no deity except Him, the Exalted in Might the wise, in this verse, we see the power of Allah subhanaw taala. The previous verse tells us about the knowledge of Allah, that nothing at all is hidden from Allah. Here we see

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what the power of Allah is like that he is the one who has created everything. And every human, every creature, Allah subhanaw taala is the one who has given it its unique form. And this is true every individual has a unique sort of a unique form and appearance that has been designed by Allah Alamosa, with the giver of forms, who has made every form every face every feature beautiful. He makes whoever that he wants to be tall or short or petite, he gives to each individual, their unique color, the texture of their hair, the shape of their limbs, Allah subhanaw taala is the one who has given this surah He is the one who decides what form to give to which individual and sort of the

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profit is 64 Allah, Allah says, Allah who led the jar and Allah will or the Corrado was sama abena was so welcome for Santa Susana calm, the creation of the earth and the sky is mentioned. And then unless Python says well some welcome that he is the one who has shaped you, He is the one who has given you your form for Arsenal soracom and he has given an excellent form to you, meaning the way that he has made your form is excellent. So so we must remember that Allah subhanaw taala is the one who gives people their form their appearances in spiritual infra thar is six to eight Allah subhanaw taala says yeah, are you well in San mala Raka be rhombic al Karim and Lady Hello Kaka fossa worker

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father luck fee au sarathi Masha uraraka back that in whatever form that Allah subhanaw taala will he put you together, he put your form together, meaning this is Allah subhanaw taala his decision that whatever, you know, unique genetic composition of yours, whatever, you know, physical appearance that you have, this is gifted to you by Allah subhanaw taala this is what he chose for you. This is how he designed you. So then how dare we criticize? How dare we think that we are in control? That people's worth is determined by their height or the size of their waist or the shape of their brows? When they have no control over this matter? How arrogant could we be to assume that

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certain features certain forums, certain bodies are better than others? How dare we? How dare we assume that even we you see shape pawns goal is to make people arrogant, and also to make people ungrateful. And this is one of the reasons why our beauty standards keep changing. shaitan makes us unhappy with the way that we look. So no matter how we look

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No matter what shape we have, no matter what form we have shaitan makes us ungrateful shaitan makes us unhappy about how we are. And this is why we see that, you know, once there was a time when certain, you know trends were or certain forums were considered more beautiful, and certain other forms were considered ugly. And then we see that over time, you know, people have a completely different standard, what was previously considered ugly is now considered beautiful. What people try to change previously, is now you know, the trend is now what what people are seeking. So this is from shaitan, that shaitan makes us feel arrogant because of our looks, which we don't have any

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control over or belittle others look down on others because of how they look again, something over which they have no control. So remember who one lady use a widow calm, it is Allah, who who shapes people, this is not our choice. Allah subhanaw taala is the one who creates, he decides, and our job is to submit and surrender to accept the gift that Allah subhanaw taala has given us to show gratitude for the gift that Allah subhanaw taala has given us and notice what is said over here who will levy you so we will configure our hand. He is the one who shapes you in the wounds, meaning in the wombs of your mothers in the darkness of that womb in that small constricted space. He not only

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creates but he also fashions each human into the Zoomer IRA number six, Allah Pandora says your local confiable Tony Omaha Tikun Hello Come remember the Hello pin that he creates you in the wombs of your mother's it creation after another creation, meaning he creates you progressively feel Lulu matin Salah he creates you in stages in lomatin Salas layers, three layers of darknesses in that space, Allah subhanaw taala he gives you your unique form. So who will marry you so we will configure our ham and he is such that La Ilaha Illa hula Aziz will Hakeem, the creator, the designer alone is ILA He is the one who is worthy of worship. And remember that in this surah, the People of

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the Book have been addressed, specifically the Christians, those who believe that he sorry, his son is the Son of God or that He is worthy of worship. So you'll notice just in the introduction of the surah, how many times La Ilaha Illa, who has been mentioned, the fact that there is no god worthy of worship except Allah, why, because he is unhide the ever living, he is the one whose life is perfect. And He always was, he will always remain is already his salon, there was a time when he did not exist, and there is a time that he will not exist. And recently salon was created in the womb of his mother. So how could he be worthy of worship? It is only Allah, Who is ILA is only Allah who is

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worthy of worship, who will lead the unzila la Kal Kitab. It is he who has sent down to you the book, meaning Allah is the one who has revealed this book, and recall all the amazing names and attributes of Allah that have been mentioned in these verses so far. The fact that he is ever living the Sustainer of all the only God, the fact that he is almighty, the fact that he is wise, the fact that nothing at all is hidden from him. The fact that He alone is the one who creates and fashions each human. He is the one who has revealed this book. So this means that this book is perfect for our guidance. This means that this book is really something that we need. So this is the Book from

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Allah, what kind of a book is it? a las panatela tells us that men who a year two more come out on in it are verses that are more Kemet that are precise and these verses are hoonah, omo keytab. They are the foundation of the book what Ohara motorshow shabby had and others meaning there are some other verses in the Quran, which are in with the shabby hat which are unspecific. So here we learn about two types of verses in the Quran, the Mortal Kombat and the Muhtar, shabby hat. What are the more Kamath versus the more math verses are those verses which are clear in their meaning, whose interpretation is known? their meaning is very obvious clearly

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Understood, because literally the word woodcomb means that which is solidified and perfected. So, these verses are verses which are perfected in the sense that there is no ambiguity in them. And these are verses that contain commands and prohibitions, laws, no legal matters as well as stories of the past. And these verses we learned here are almost kita. Now, almost keytab literally means mother of the book and what is meant by that is that these verses are the majority of the verses of the Quran. And it can also mean that these verses are the foundation, meaning they serve as a basis for understanding the rest of the Quran. So, if there is anything that a person finds unclear in the

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Quran, what should they refer to they should refer to the verses which are very clear in their meaning and then the confusion will be removed. Then we see that the second type of verses are with a shabby hat. Now with the shabby hat are those verses which are unclear or unspecific meaning they require interpretation, they require explanation, they require clarification, because the shabu is to is to resemble to be similar and when things are very resembling, they are unclear. So, these are verses that may be open to a wide possibility of meaning, why because the meaning has not been specified. So, the ambiguity in these verses remember that it could be of two kinds. First of all,

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it could be relative, what does that mean? It means that these are verses which are ambiguous to some people, but not all people. Why are they ambiguous or unclear to some people because not everybody knows the Quran, not ever, not everybody understands every matter. So, there are verses in the Quran, you know, that mentioned certain things which are not immediately understandable. So, if an average person were to read or or to come across those verses, they would not be able to comprehend. So, what is to be done in these cases is that you should refer to the people of knowledge, ask them about these verses, so that they can explain them to you in the light of the

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outcome versus the clear verses. And this shows us that a person should not come to conclusions themselves, or let doubts fester. Rather, if a person does not understand something, they should enquire they should ask in order to have clarity.

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Suddenly, this ambiguity can be absolute. What does that mean? Meaning there are certain verses in the Quran whose reality we could never know. Why because they mentioned matters of the unseen or matters which are beyond human comprehension, or measures which really people could never know on their own. We only have that knowledge which Allah subhanaw taala has given us and if Allah subhanaw taala has kept the knowledge of certain matters away from us hidden from us, we could never reach it. So for example, the letter is Elif Lam. Meem? What exactly do they mean? We don't know. Why because the Prophet salallahu earnings have never specified the meaning in the Quran, the meaning

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has not been specified. So we don't know the meaning of Alif Lam Meem and we could never know. So it's not just a live land mean but there are other matters as well which are mentioned the Quran for example, the Quran mentions the seven skies now we barely know the visible sky, how could we ever reach the one that is beyond it? Right, the Quran mentions yet do not judge Yes, yeah, dude, dude, where people button their exact location, their exact description or the barrier that little coordinate built, we cannot exactly know these, these details, because these details have not been specified, there are matters which the Prophet sallallahu earlier sort of specified, there are

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matters which are mentioned in one place in the Quran, in ambiguous terms, but in another place in the Quran, they have been clarified, but then there are certain matters which have really not been specified. So how could we ever you know, gain clarity about what is not even observable, what is completely hidden from our eyes. So this is where we admit our limitation. This is where we

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we admit the fact that we don't know beyond a certain limits, but then Allah subhanaw taala mentions the different attitudes of people to words these verses, Allah subhanaw taala says for a Medina Philco Ruby Hamza Johan, as for those

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People in whose hearts is deviation. What do they do? Fire Toby Runa Mater shabba Herman who they will follow that of it, which is unspecific. Why a beauty law and fit Natty wavity law are really seeking discord and seeking an interpretation. So we see that the people in whose hearts is Zale in whose hearts is deviation. What do they do? They obsess over them with a shabby half verses over the unspecific verses, which are not the majority of the verses of the Quran, by the way, but still, they insist on them, they pursue them. Why, because they have Zale in their heart. Now, what is a is Zane deviation, meaning aversion from the truth or doubt. So because they don't like the truth, they

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don't want the truth. They heart their heart inclines more towards desires, this is why they only go after the mother shabby hat. They're finding reasons excuses, you know, to find problems in the Quran, or to raise doubts, to spread those doubts in people. So for example, in total anom, Allah subhanaw taala tells us that in naraba, como la who led the Holocaust, some awatea will olofi sit at a Yemen so must our honor,

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that indeed your Lord is the one who created the skies and the earth in six days and then he is so are lush, then he rolls over the throne. So a man asked eema Malik about his Dawa, that how did Allah rise over the throne? So even Malik replied, that is the word that sdwa is known, meaning it is mentioned in the Quran very clearly that Allah subhanaw taala is stoah he rose over the throne. Now the cave, meaning how exactly did Allah subhanaw taala do that that is unknown to us. But Eman believing in it is mandatory. Why? Because the last point guard has mentioned it in the Quran. So we must believe in it. And to ask about it is an innovation, meaning this is a question that is

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unnecessary. And this is a question that will lead you astray. And this is something that we must remember, you see the purpose of the verse is not that we dwell over, how did Allah rise over the throne does Allah rise, etc. This is not the point. The purpose of the verse is to inform us about who our Lord is. So focus on that. But we see that some people, all they find in the Quran are such things. So they question them, they obsess over them, and they seek fitna what is that fitna? It is confusion, doubt, discord, they, you know something by which they can criticize the Quran, or something by which they can find apparent contradictions within the Quran, or how, you know, the

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Prophet sallallahu rvsm statements contradict the Quran, or how, you know, our, you know, a modern science, it is contradictory to the Quran, or to mark at the Quran, or to interpret the Quran incorrectly in order to suit their desires. So as a result of this, they go astray, and they lead others astray. And they also seek it's that wheel. Now, what is that wheel interpretation? Meaning they go after, you know, they obsess over such versus why seeking the exact meaning. But can they ever find out the exact meaning? No, they cannot. Why? Because we're my alma mater whaler who Illa Allah, and no one knows it's true. It's true interpretation except Allah. So for example, when it

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comes to Elif lamb meat, no matter how many books you read, no matter how many hours you spend reflecting, you can come up with suggestions that perhaps this is what these letters mean. Or perhaps this is the purpose of these letters. But can you ever specify that this is exactly what these letters mean? No, we cannot specify. We don't have any evidence for that. So when my yallamotor Wheeler who Illa Allah, there are some matters whose interpretation whose reality is known only to Allah, there is no way that we could find out because Allah subhanaw taala has not given us that knowledge. So we must realize this fact, that there are some answers that we cannot

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know in this world, that we must have intellectual humility, we must realize and admit our limitations. We cannot know everything. Yes, we must seek knowledge, we must say

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Seek, you know further clarification and deeper understanding. But we must also admit our limitation that we cannot know everything. So the more a person dwells over these issues over them with a shabby head, the more confused they become, and they stray from the right path. So remember that the book of Allah is a book of guidance, a book that leads us to action. It is not a book of riddles, it is not a book that has been revealed so that we can constantly argue with each other, we can debate with one another. This is not why the Quran was revealed, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam strictly warned us against this behavior. He said almira or filco Anika from argumentation in

00:40:45 --> 00:41:33

the Quran is disbelief. Meaning if you're always using parts of the Quran, to argue and to refute other parts, then this is something that will lead you eventually to disbelief. This is something that will lead a person astray. So when iarla Moosa Willa who Illa Allah, so what should we do? What should we do when we come across, you know, certain details in the Quran, which are beyond our comprehension, which you know, the meaning of which we cannot specify? Allah subhanaw taala teaches us, he says we're Rossi hoonah filler Amy Jaco Luna manabi he could luminaire Indira Bina, but those firm in knowledge, they say we believe in it, all of it is from our Lord. When I hear the Kuru Illa

00:41:33 --> 00:42:19

Allah Al Bab and no one will be reminded except those of understanding. So here we learn about the way of Rossi hoonah fillory. The people who are deeply rooted, deeply grounded, firmly grounded in knowledge. What is their response when they come across them with the shabby hat they say I'm an OB, we believe in it. We believe in it. Why? Because Allah subhanaw taala has said it. So if I lost pounds Allah has said that he is still Allah LaRoche, of course, I believe in that couldn't Amina andina, all of this is from our Lord, meaning the matters which are very clear, whose meaning is specified. And those verses also whose meaning is not specified, both are from Allah. So we believe

00:42:19 --> 00:43:11

in all of it. Why? Because Allah is the source of both of these types of verses, the more common and the motor shabbiha we don't believe in them only because we can intellectually comprehend them. No, that's not the reason why we believe definitely understanding helps us, it increases our faith. But the understanding should not be the reason for for faith for belief. The reason why we believe is because Allah subhanaw taala has revealed those concepts in the Quran. And this is the sign of knowledge, this is a sign that a person is is of a rusty hoonah film of those who are deeply rooted in knowledge. So who are such people? What does it mean to be deeply rooted in knowledge? You see,

00:43:11 --> 00:43:57

one level of knowledge is to have just shallow knowledge, to know only the surface to be completely unaware of the depth. So there are people who only know the surface of the Quran. So for example, they will just read a translation and they will think that they know everything. But then there are those who study the Quran, who have studied with teachers who study books, Who, who, who, the who learn different sciences of Islam, and because of that they have a well rounded understanding of the religion. They don't just rely on translations. No, they study they learn, they reflect, so they know there are people of knowledge. And then we see that true knowledge is not just to know certain

00:43:57 --> 00:44:50

things on your fingertips. True Knowledge is to know and comprehend and to be of people of action. So allows you hoonah filtering are the people who are firm in knowledge. And they're also firm in their action. They don't just know, they also act, they're not just knowledgeable, they're also humble worshipers of Allah subhanaw taala. So this is a sign of true knowledge that a person understands who they are. And a person understands who their God is that Allah, you know everything. And I only know that which you have taught. So whatever that has come from you, I believe in it, even if I don't fully comprehend it, but I believe in it because I trust you, because this is from

00:44:50 --> 00:44:59

you. And such people are only Al Bab are those of understanding. You see Albert lobe is pure intellect. It isn't

00:45:00 --> 00:45:44

Understanding, pure understanding that is free of, you know, following the desire or free of Schick. So what do we learn from this verse? Very important lessons, we learned the importance of having intellectual humility, the importance of realizing that we don't know everything and we cannot know everything. This verse teaches us that we should learn the Quran for the purpose of guidance in order to follow the Quran, not just use it for the purpose of argumentation and debate. And this verse also teaches us that we should believe in all of the Quran, yes, there are concepts that we understand immediately. And then there are concepts that you know, we need more time to comprehend,

00:45:44 --> 00:46:37

to understand and then there are those concepts which really we could not understand we could not you we could not grasp their reality until we meet Allah subhanaw taala. So, the old album, The people of understanding or rasuna filler lm, those who are firmly rooted in knowledge, what do they say? They say Rob burner, learn to zero kulu burner burner it had atana they say Our Lord, let not our hearts deviate after You have guided us. Your love, do not allow our hearts to become deviated, do not take the gift of guidance away from us, protect us, lest our ignorance or our bias or our stubbornness, our stubbornness becomes a cause for us to turn away from the truth enable us to

00:46:37 --> 00:47:09

remain firm on the right path to be those who are guided, and those who guide protect us from our actions that could lead us astray. protect us from the company of those people that misguide protect us from the evil of the knifes from the influence of shaitan LA to zero calobra BARDA, it had a tena Wahab Lana Mila Don Kawashima, and grant us from yourself mercy in Naka, Antal wa herb, you are the liberal restore of gifts.

00:47:10 --> 00:47:58

Look at the DA they're asking Allah subhanaw taala for mercy, mercy from yourself, by which you enable us to increase in goodness and keep away from disobedience. And remember urashima from Allah Milla Don kurama, especially from you, what does that mean a great mercy. Remember that Allah subhanaw taala is Mercy is vast. There is mercy that affects all creatures, those who are sinful, and also those who are righteous, those who obey Him and also those who oppose him. And then there is a loss penalty, the special mercy, which is the mercy of faith, and the recipients of this are those people who have faith, those people who have Amen, and then there is an even more special

00:47:58 --> 00:48:49

mercy, which is of the ability to obey Allah. And the recipients of this are those who have Taqwa, the mood, the pain, and then there are even higher levels. So the people of knowledge, they ask Allah subhanaw taala for his special mercy, the mercy of a man of obedience, of wilaya of friendship with Allah. So in NACA until What have you are Allah herb, you are the liberal mystore of gifts, your gifts are many. They are great. Your generosity affects everyone. So we ask you for your gifts, the gift of guidance, the gift of faith, the gift of remaining firm on guidance, they say robina inaka germy are nasally yo Mila Ray Buffy Our Lord, surely you will gather the people for a day

00:48:49 --> 00:49:41

about which there is no doubt in the law hilariously full Murad Indeed, Allah does not fail in his promise. So they mentioned the day of judgment that he or Allah, you will gather all people on that day, and that day is certainly coming. There's no doubt about it. This is a promise that you have made and you fulfill your promises. Why do they mention this? The people of knowledge affirm their belief in the hereafter. They affirm their belief in the Day of Judgment. Why? Because it is on that day, that all matters will be resolved. It is on that day, that the hidden will become manifest, the unknown will become known, the unseen will become seen and judgment will be carried out. So why

00:49:41 --> 00:49:59

obsess now over what will reveal only at its time. What matters right now, is not that we figure out exactly what elderflower mean means what matters right now is that we believe in it. What matters right now is that we learn from it that we don't know everything.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:47

That your Allah you know everything. What matters right now is that we, we let this knowledge translate into action that we prepare for that day of judgment. The day when we will be judged the day when we will be recompensed for what we are doing right now in the law hilarya fluffle Murad. So from the verses we learn about the Rossi hoonah filler in the people who are truly deeply rooted in knowledge Who are they who are a raw Suhana filler alien, whom Allah subhanaw taala praises. First of all we see there are people who have knowledge and it is important for us to have knowledge because remember, knowledge is a path towards Allah subhanaw taala it is through knowledge that we

00:50:47 --> 00:51:30

go towards Allah subhanaw taala we gain closeness to her to Allah subhanaw taala Secondly, we learned Allah Suhana filler in their deep in knowledge and action. They don't just know the surface, they study in depth. Thirdly, we see that they believe in all of the book, it's more common and with the shabby, and they understand them with the shabby in light of the macrocosm. And then fourthly, we see that they seek refuge in Allah, they seek His forgiveness so that their sins do not lead them astray. And they're protected from the misguidance that people fall into. Number five, they acknowledge Allah subhanaw taala disfavors in her day Tana BARDA it had a Tana, you have guided us,

00:51:30 --> 00:52:15

this is not our own achievement. This is truly your gift to us, Oh Allah, so do not take this gift away from us. Number six, they ask Allah for his special mercy for a man for obedience, for surrender for closeness to him. And number seven, they believe that the Day of Judgment with conviction, and so the fear of that day translates their knowledge into action and it keeps them firm on the straight paths. Then it is said in the lady in a cafo lentil neon whom, to whom, when Allah do who mean Allah He Shea Indeed, those who disbelieve never will their wealth or their children avail them against Allah at all. Meaning the wealth and children of a person who does not

00:52:15 --> 00:53:02

believe will not aid him on the Day of Judgment. Even excuses will not help. Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the Quran yo Malayan for a while Amina mardela, to whom on the Day of Judgment, the wrongdoers will not benefit by their excuses, their excuses will not help them at all. What Allah iica homework will do now and it is they who are fuel for the fire, meaning the fire will only worsen with their presence in it. stuff it Ulla they will be fueling the fire so for as long as they remain in the fire which is forever the fire will continue to burn could that be alley fit our own our Levine I'm in Cabo de him. There's is like the custom of the people of their own and those

00:53:02 --> 00:53:44

before them, what was their custom? What happened to the people of their own, and those before them, those before them meaning the nations that came before the people of their own? So for example, the people of New halos and and the people of all the people of the mood. The different nations are different profits, what was their custom, their custom was that CAD that will be IR Tina, they denied our signs. And when they denied the verses of Allah, they denied the signs of Allah, which were shown to them through the prophets of Allah. What happened for a while the homie Allah who be the newbie him, Allah sees them for their sins, while lotia neither cob and Allah is severe in

00:53:44 --> 00:54:35

penalty, the verses very clear, very clear in its message, that those who deny the iota of law, there are only repeating history. They're only doing what the people before them did. What happened to the people of our own, what happened to the people of New holiday center? What happened to them, their profits came to them with clear messages, but cancer will be attina these people only denied and as a result of that almost penalty to punish them. For the home Allah will be doing obey Him. So the people of Makkah also did the same thing that they denied the Quran and as a result for a home Allah who be don't obey Him, because Allah is severe in penalty. So remember, this is a law of

00:54:35 --> 00:55:00

Allah. What is that may yarmulke su n youjizz ob? that whoever does evil will be recompensed for it. Whoever does wrong will be recompensed for it. So we should never ever feel safe and secure. When we disobey Allah. We should continue to seek forgiveness for our sins. We should repent

00:55:00 --> 00:55:47

And from our sins we should fear Allah soprano TARDIS punishment because Allah is shady the record he is severe in penalty call lilla Dena cafaro say to those who disbelieve saatavilla buena, you will be overcome what Sharona Isla jahannam and you will be gathered together to help Wabi Sabi me had and wretched is the resting place, the morphus you don't have said that this verse is about the people of Makkah. They say that this verse was revealed about a year before the Battle of Babel. And the threat that is given in this verse did come true. We see that the people who came at bother to fight the Muslims, what happened to them, they were terribly defeated. So this is the opinion of

00:55:47 --> 00:56:28

even our best for the long line, that this verse was revealed about a year before the Battle of brother. But the people of Makkah did not benefit from this warning. And so it happened on the day of the Battle of whether they were overcome, they were defeated, and they will be gathered together in *. And then it is said Qatada said that this verse is actually about the bundle pay nucar, one of the Jewish tribes that lived in Medina, that take a lesson from what happened to the correlation and by the that what do you expect, if you only increase in your hostility towards a slump, but even after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam invited them openly to Islam they refused, and they

00:56:28 --> 00:57:24

boasted of their strength, and soon a time came when they also met their fate. So, in either case, there is a deep lesson in this verse for all the people, that there is no winning by opposing Allah, that anyone who rejects who disbelieves who denies what has come from Allah, who opposes Allah, then such a person can never when such a person can never succeed. So our salvation is in surrendering to Allah completely, entirely. Other cannot come a atone Fifi attaining Takata already there has been for you a sign in the two armies which meant phiaton to party roofie civilian Allah, wa Ohara Kafeel atone, one fighting and the cause of Allah and another of disbelievers. And this is referring to the

00:57:24 --> 00:58:09

Battle of whether that in what happened at the Battle of weather is a huge sign for you. What happened at the battle, but there was one group of people that came to fight in the way of Allah for the religion of Allah in order to defend it, in order to defend the people who who who believe in it, who lived by it. And then the other group will overall, the other group, why did they come to that battle? Why did they come to Brother Cafiero tune as a result of their disbelief as a result of their denial, in opposition to Allah in opposition to his messenger? So what happened? Your owner whom myth lay him wrote the alarm when they saw them to be twice their own number by their eyesight,

00:58:09 --> 00:58:59

meaning each each group viewed the other as twice their own number. So the Muslims who were only 300 saw the mccanns as 600 or so twice their own number. And by by seeing the disbelievers as 600 only, they were encouraged that you know, what we can hopefully, you know, fight them and the Moroccans on the other hand, who were actually 1000 they saw the Muslims as twice their own number, meaning as 2000 and this is something that frightened them, will love who you are, you will be in a three minute shot. But Allah supports with his victory whom He wills in Novi Valley, colorable, utterly absurd indeed, in that is a lesson for those of vision. So we see in this idea that Allah Subhana,

00:58:59 --> 00:59:45

Allah gave his special help to who to His Messenger on the day of the Battle of butter, and this help came not because the Muslims were relaxing, you know, just waiting for God's help to rescue them. No, they combined a great deal of effort with a great deal of hope, with a great deal of prayer. We learn that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam prayed so much on this night, early in the morning who said that, that on the night have bothered, you know, there were on the night of bother everybody slept, except for the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, meaning everyone dozed off, but the Prophet sallallahu earlier said him did not sleep. What was he doing?

00:59:45 --> 00:59:59

Can you suddenly he was praying and What was he saying when drew he was making draw until it was morning? We learned in Sahih Muslim that when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam saw the enemy he

01:00:00 --> 01:00:41

turn towards the Qibla. Then, meaning in order to make Dora he stretched his hands and he began calling upon Allah subhanaw taala that Allah accomplished for me when you have promised me or Allah, bring about what you have promised me, Oh Allah, if this small group of Muslims is destroyed, you will not be worshiped on this earth after that. And he continued to make dhara stretching his hands facing the Qibla until his mental his upper garment slipped down from his shoulders. So buckle up, you love Martin, who came to him, picked up his mantle, his upper garment, put it back on his shoulders, and he embraced him from behind. And he said, Oh prophet of Allah, this prayer of yours

01:00:41 --> 01:01:24

to your Lord will suffice you and He will fulfill for you what He has promised you. So the Muslims, they prepared, whatever that they could, and they also prayed as much as they could the Prophet sallallahu already sent and prayed so much. And this is how we receive the help of Allah, we do whatever that is, within our capacity, we place our trust in Allah subhanaw taala. And we also beg Allah subhanaw taala we should also ask Allah subhanaw taala was there enough, somebody was Salah, we should call upon Allah. Until we see that on the day of the Battle of whether Allah Pantheon has helped came in many ways. We see that even the angels gibreel Mika Elan Hadees, we learn that these

01:01:24 --> 01:02:13

angels participated on the side of the Muslims, defending them fighting against their enemy. So in this verse, where there's a warning and a threat for those who oppose Allah, that you know what, there is no winning, there is also a promise of assistance from Allah for those who strive in the way of Allah, that when you believe and you surrender, and you strive in the way of Allah, Allah subhanaw taala has helped will be with you, Allah subhanaw taala will not abandon you, but you have to do your part in the phenolic alarie brata leoline absorb in this is a lesson for those of vision those who look not just with their eyes, but with their insight. So reflect and anytime that we are

01:02:13 --> 01:03:00

struggling with something, we should reflect on our condition, that what is it that I need to improve in order to receive the help of Allah? Because Allah who you used to be Nasri, Masha, Allah is with his help with his victory whomsoever He wills. So what can I do to receive the help of Allah? And, and so, the lesson here is that where we should never even think of opposing Allah and his religion. At the same time, we must surrender completely entirely and put our trust in Allah subhanaw taala and seek his help. So inshallah we will conclude our class for today over here and tomorrow inshallah we will continue from verse number 14 of suta earlier and Ron Subhana. Allah

01:03:00 --> 01:03:09

Houma will be handing a shadow Allah ilaha illa Anta esta Furukawa Tobu Lake wa Salaam wa Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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