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Al-Kahf 99-110 Word Analysis and Tafsir 105-106

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Hola, eiken Latina, it is those people who get from the European who have disbelieved in the eyes of their Lord, such people, they have disbelief they have rejected, they have denied the art of a loss

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while you are here and also his meeting,

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because when a person truly believes in the meeting of a loss of penalty in the Hereafter, then he will strive to prepare for it.

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He will work, he will put an effort to prepare himself for that meeting. Think about it, a person who is waiting for the day that they're going to meet their spouse, the wedding day.

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When does the preparation begin? Think about it.

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Sometimes years before, sometimes months before, people will delay their wedding, they will remain engaged for years at times. Why? So that they can prepare for that day, so that everything can be set and ready. Why? Because they believe in that meeting.

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Similarly, if a person believes is sure that he is going to meet his Lord one day, in the Hereafter, if he really believes in it, he will prepare for it. He will work for that meeting.

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It's not possible that a person says yes, yes, I am going to get married but I'm not getting my wedding dress made. Yes, I am getting married. But I'm not getting a house ready for my wife. What are you going to say about this person? He's not serious. She's not serious. They're just saying like that they're not getting married, they don't have any plans. And if they're serious, it will be obvious in their plans, in their actions in their activities in their schedule, in their life plan, it will be very obvious.

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So a person who believes in the meeting with this Lord He will prepare for it. And a person who does not believe in it, he will not prepare for it will that he can lead in a Kaffir will be it will be him when he and remember the Ayat of Allah are of two types Goni as well as Sheree. So they have rejected the ayat County. I accompany like, for example, the sun the moon that Allah has created them. This wealth that I have a lot of don't give it to me. I acquired it myself. This beauty I have, it's my family. This is what rejecting the ayatollah

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I chattery like, for example that this hold on is a human fabrication. It's the word of a human being. Why do you have to follow the Prophet sallallahu Sallam? Why do you have to follow His commands? Why do you have to follow his instructions? You don't need to follow the Sunnah. Do whatever you wish. This is what rejecting the shuttering. I knew that he can live in a castle will be it will be him when he and because of the schofer habitat. their deeds are wasted, wasted. Finished. habits are men who no matter how good they may appear to be, no matter how righteous they may appear to be. No matter how generous they are, no matter how they are, no matter how much they

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smile, no matter how much they give to the poor and the needy.

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No matter how successful they are in their worldly careers, matter how much money they have made, no matter how good they are to their relatives for Habitat, to whom they're sorry will not benefit them.

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Philanthropy Kamala home, so we shall not assign for them. Yamaha piano D on the Day of Resurrection was never any weight

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to their deeds. We will not assign any weight at all. falando Kimura, whom Yama Tamati was now

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remember we learned earlier what was new yoga, he didn't help. The wasn't on that day is going to be help all these are going to be weighed.

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But their deeds, all the effort they put in to establish their career to establish their business to make all that money. All their deeds, which may appear to be extremely big in this dunya great accomplishments. They will be put on the scale and they will have No way.

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No way.

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Zero nothing at all. Filipino Kamala homeopathy was.

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Because they never did those actions for the sake of a loss.

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They never did them according to the instructions of Allah.

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All their deeds revolved around the dunya nothing for the haha.

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This is how low and degraded they are in the sight of Allah.

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That when their deeds are placed on the scale, no wait. They may have amassed accumulated a lot of wealth, but no wait.

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And remember that on the scale. It's not just the deeds that are going to be wait what else is going to be weighed?

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The person himself is going to be weighed. We learned the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said a huge fat man will come forward on the day of rest

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and he will wait no more than the wing of a mosquito to Alma.

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He'll be put on the scale and you will have absolutely no wait. Fernando Kamala whom You will pay homage to.

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If you notice in the surah there's a lot of emphasis on deeds on actions, but what kind of actions that are that are solid berthier to soil health center Amala This is what the emphasis on

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because near Allah, the quantity is not as much important as is the quality of actions. A person may have done many actions, but if they are not of a certain quality, they do not carry any weight. They do not carry any weight at all.

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But on the other hand of a person performs only a few deeds but with a class with their head in accordance to the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, this would make the scale very heavy. And if a person has many, but without sincerity, those needs will have no weight.

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in me, no I 103 to 104 we learn woman Hafez Nawaz ino who felt like he can lead in a hospital and foster home feed Johanna mahali Don't tell her would you now see her Calhoun but those who scaled her life, those are the ones who have lost their souls being inhale abiding eternally, the fire will hear their faces and they there in will have tout smiles.

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But the believer when he does a worldly task, even if he does it with a good intention, if he does it according to the teachings of a Lynas messenger, then he will be rewarded for it.

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Even if apparently that action is a worldly action.

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And with those actions, he also focuses on such deeds that are exclusively for the sake of the hereafter.

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There's a balance. You see, we go on to extremes. We say do everything of this dunya just make your Nia good. Don't bother praying don't bother reciting the Quran giving sadaqa studying the Quran, nothing like that. Just visit yourself and know that you're a Muslim woman. And this is enough for you. That's not sufficient balance must be there.

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However, when a believer does something with good Nia, and according to the teachings of a last parameter, then he is rewarded for it, even if it's a simple action, such as cooking food.

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That if a person prepares food with halide ingredients, and she prepares the food so that she can feed her children, she can feed her husband so that they can become strong, healthy Muslims who can worship Allah subhanaw taala better, who can bring benefit to humanity. This cooking one meal is also an act that is going to bring the water

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we learned that once the mama Shafi he visited my mother in Hamburg. Remember Geoffrey was his teacher.

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And he had prepared a lot of food for him. So when he came, he ate a lot. And the wife of a hermit she was surprised. Because generally when you think of righteous people, you don't think that they're going to eat a lot of food.

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So he ate a lot. And his wife, she said that you have praised him so much located so much food. So he went and asked him that how can you eat so much food? So he replied or hammered? I ate plenty, because I know for certain that your food is not your food is halal. This is why I eat plenty. And you are a generous man. And the food that comes from a generous man is a cure. While the food that comes from a stingy man is a disease. This is why I ate the food. I ate so much of it. Because I know that the sources Hello. And you're offering it with good intention. you're offering it with good heart with your generosity. This is why I ate so much of it.

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Now, unfortunately, many times we also cook food, but what are we thinking? What a waste of time? Why do I have to cook every day? This is such a burden. This is not fair. This is against women's rights. When is my husband gonna start cooking?

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I have to go to school as well. If he has to go to work. I have to look at housework and he doesn't need to do that. How come he doesn't cook and with that, we put so much anger in the food that even if our children and our husbands and we eat that food we cannot benefit at all.

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Good Nia good intention is extremely important.

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Whenever if I cook bread, it sometimes it comes out burnt my dad said were you very angry at the anger is being reflected on the bread that it's gone burnt, which is why it's not going to be a source of benefit and nutrition.

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It's a waste of food. So a simple deed even such as cooking food, if it's done with good media with positive thinking, look at how beneficial it may be. And the same action if it's done with Ria, if it's done with anger, if it's done with love with, you know, reminding people or favors Look, I stood for so long as it for three hours trying to cook this food and here you are eating in 10 minutes, not even eating properly and going away. This is not fair. No, have a good intention, expect reward from Allah.

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And when a person has Islam, then all of his deeds are rewarded. And without Islam, nothing is rewarded, no matter how righteous, apparently that action may be.

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We learned the Prophet sallallahu Sallam once he said to the companions, seek refuge in Allah against the pit of grief. seek refuge in Allah against the pit of grief. So the companions asked Allah messenger, what is that bit of grief? He replied, It is a river in hell.

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It is a river in hell, against which even hell seeks refuge 400 times a day.

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It's a river from which even healthy refuge 400 times a day, they again as well as messenger who will enter it.

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And he responded, it has been prepared for the reciters of the Quran, desiring to show off their deeds

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reciters of the Quran desiring to show off their deeds.

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The most detestable of the reciters in the sight of Allah are those who frequently visit the rulers. Why? To gain worldly benefits.

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So a person may be performing the most righteous have actions on the apparent but if there is no Islam, if it's not done for the sake of a law,

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it's a great loss

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of sadena armanda.

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It's not just a loss, it's a big liability. It's a big harm, it's going to bring great punishment.

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It's not that the scale will produce more results will be zero. No, it will be in the minuses bringing punishment to a person.

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There are leakages or that is a Recompense. jahannam hellfire. Why be macrofaunal because they disbelieved because they did cover this is why they will get this reward. This Recompense.

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What the hurdle and they took it my versus what was really and my messengers, who's the one in ridicule.

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Instead of believing, instead of accepting, what did they do?

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They took my verses and my messengers in ridicule, they mocked at them. They made fun of the if they made fun of the messengers.

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And remember, I include commands of Allah, making fun of the hijab, making fun of the miswak, making fun of the beard, making fun of rolling up of the pants. This is what

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I thought of a lot, making fun of them. This is something unacceptable.

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Making fun of the county even if a person makes fun of another human being, what is another human being, creation of Allah and AI.

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And if a person makes one of his features, if a person makes fun of the way he talks, the way he walks, perhaps this is what making fun of the

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if a person makes fun of the system that Allah has set a reign of snow this is what mocking at the ayatollah was really and my messengers who's the one in mockery, making fun of the Sunnah of the Prophet sort of

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making fun of the words of the prophets on a lot

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of his character of his behavior of his family, of his wives of his personal affairs. This is what not acceptable

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we learn in total MBI number 36. Allah subhanaw taala says what can lead Nina cafaro in the hidden Illa Hua when the disbelievers See you, they only take you in mockery, they begin to make fun of you.

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In total for con i a 41. We see ahead and la de bartha la hora Sula, they will make fun of him saying, Is this the person who Allah appointed to be a messenger?

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Even today people say that Why him? Why that man from Arabia such a long time ago? Why do we have to follow him? We are in the present day and age. We shouldn't be following him. And people market him. Those people who mock for them is such punishment, just that Oh, I'm Johanna.

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The movie Baku

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