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Qur’an made easy, delivered at EIC masjid.


AI: Summary © The message of Islam is a message of finding one's way to a place of comfort and a desire to be strong. The speakers stress the importance of reflecting on actions and learning from others to improve behavior. The transcript describes the benefits of Islam, including turning towards Allah's weighty name and avoiding evil behavior, and describes the consequences of lieging ahead and being in denial, including losing everything and being punished by the system.
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Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sallam in mind, we can produce number 21. And this is in surah mickaboo surah number 29. And we've been talking about the Hydra, and about when difficult times come that a person has to make the hegira for the sake of Allah azza wa jal and allow them this juice by asking us not to forget that in terms of staying away from things that are sinful, it is Salah, the devotion of Salah, the vicar within the Salah that actually makes us stay away from sins. And that's in the opening verses, verse number 45, of Surah 29. And then Allah talks about the fact that the doubts that are within these people about about this risala about this message, those

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people who have true knowledge, don't have any doubts within those who are not chronology or have any doubts. And Allah says that if you focus on his signs, then you will not find any doubt within yourself. And those that will doubt they will doubt anyway, and they will even go as far as saying that why isn't that why is in the punishment of Allah coming to them, this is in number 53. And Allah says, will finally when the punishment will come to them, and they will be completely covered from top to bottom with punishment, and it will set to them that taste the punishment for your actions. That's when you will see the true reality of this design.

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So Allah tells us that look, the Earth is very vast, if you need to make a move, you make a move in a different place, isn't it number 56. And Allah says, just know if you fear that you've got How will you actually make ends meet or how will you find risk on the on a new sort of land? Allah reminds us in line number 60, that many different animals don't even carry their provisions with them. And the law feeds them and you know sustains them. So all in all, what Allah says in by by the end of the sutra is that those of us that will strive in His pathway to find Allah Allah will start opening for us many different pathways. This is in anime 69 of that. So right now we come to another

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pseudo pseudo room now sort of room focuses on us thinking about a lot of signs within the human being. And because of that, then reflecting and thinking what the consequences are. So one of the things Allah says is about the human beings and when it comes to war, if you reflect on ourselves, all war does, it causes destruction and one party will be over another party. This is the beginning of sort of, eventually Allah azza wa jal tells us that if you focus when cultures and when different civilizations come together, there are many signs to look for, because a lie is the one that according to number 20, he creates a human being and through multiple human beings, Allah creates

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multiple, multiple cultures, and he makes us have spouses. Number 21. And one of the signs is that it creates many different languages are number 22. And within our own mind, sometimes we the daytime, when we have a siesta sometime nighttime to see a dream. And again, that is a sign of a loss of jobs. So focusing on the human being, and through the human beings own self, seeing the signs of Allah, and then seeing that one of the signs of allies that he causes fear in us and he calls he gives us hope, this animatronic and eventually what Allah says is that, if we think about even the employees that we've got, we don't even make our employees equal to us. So how is it that

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we're going to make any other person any other being or de t equal to or any other thing equal to allow them this is an EIN number 28. So he asked us to reflect and think that the human being is a very selfish being, when he gets some good from Allah, He knows Allah number 34. But when it comes to the human being, having that gift, as a given thing, then he starts to forget Allah azza wa jal. And Allah then says that because of the corruption of the human beings, that are corruptions that prevail on the earth, in the earth, in the seas, this is number 41. And eventually, what Allah says, towards the end of the surah, is that he's, you know, he's created us as weak beings. This is our

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number 54. And then we become strong individuals and then after the strength, he gives us a weakness that follows. So what Allah is saying that is that we as human beings need to reflect that our own end is going to be something which is going to be weakness. There are two pseudo Lockman come natural one is about taking advice and a human being seeing

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anaphora and Dada seeing benefit on one side and seeing the hands on the other one. So one of the first things that the sort of opens up in number six is the harms of using instruments and using things like you know, music and other things that might, might make a person go away from Alaska and the opposite to that is the ayat of the Quran. And number seven, that will actually make a person come closer to Allah, sooner Look, man is about look man himself, who many of them for sitting say he wasn't an actual

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prophet. So he gives advice to his own son, and he tells them about the benefits and harms. And one of the greatest benefits is for a human being to recognize that they need to look after their own parents. And he tells his son that looks on the benefit is that you find yourself doing good actions, optimal Salah, you know, be the person who establishes prayers, calls towards good habits. Number 17. The benefit of you is that you don't actually become, you know, arrogant on the earth and puff your cheeks up and walk in as if you're greater than others I number 18 and always have a gentle voice when talking to people. Now, again, what Allah talks about is the benefit and harm

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thereafter. And one benefit is that we turn towards Allah azza wa jal in submission and number 22. And not to allow the the evil and the harm outsiders to make greed see if the human being finds that the stressed out is usually because of himself. And Allah says that the only being that has no sort of no deficiencies whatsoever is Allah Himself. And this is now number 27, where he says that if you were to take all the trees of the earth and turn them into pens and take all the oceans of the earth and turn them to ink, and you were to write the beauty of a lie, you would never come to the to the to the end of it. And right at the end of the sutra law says, well, even a father and a son, a

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father will not be able to benefit a son, a son will not be able to benefit the father on the day of judgment and only Allah knows the benefits of what is lying beyond us. So even a human being does not know about the time that exact time when the when the rain is going to come down human being does not know about all the whereabouts of the child in the mother's womb, the human being does not know what is going to end tomorrow, the human being doesn't know which land is going to die in this is number 34 of surah. Number 31. We come to Surah sajida. And so the sajida tells us that the policies in the province of Allah Harrison's time they they were in denial, of course. And what will

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happen is that eventually, with all the denials put aside, they will come into their judgment, and you lost catches a scene and number 12 saying that they will have their heads down, and they will turn to Atlanta or lol we've seen everything we've heard everything, return us back to the earth, for we do certainly believe. And Allah says, well, it's too late. And I've already promised that I'm going to fill Hellfire with human beings. And this is a he's going to fill Hellfire on the dead Day of Judgment. But then he also contrasts it by saying that those people who stayed awake in the night times during the tahajjud, Oklahoma live in the earth, they will, they will see certain things and

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have certain things that they couldn't ever dream of. This is an EIN number 16 and 17. And then unless you go to a bolder line when you lie ahead, one is for those people who have been obedient, and those people and the other one is for those people who actually been disobedient, and those who have been disobedient will will find themselves in Hellfire, whereas the other one will find themselves in Jannah. This is in line number 19 and 20. And the surah finishes off by asking us to think about the fact that all of these people who are making these objections is going to come to nothing at all. In the end, what we'll have to face is we will have to turn away from them and carry

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on doing the good that we're doing a number 30 not that we leave them completely, but sometimes we have to turn away from them. We come to Surah Surah Surah, elevating the status of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And it begins with talking about Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. And his closeness to the believers is the number six and he dearly loves the believers and which one is I believe is we mean his oma from his time all the way till the Day of Judgment. And he catches a scene of surah of the actual Battle of Azov, when the Confederates came in the 1000s to destroy the Muslims. And what happened is that

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in the end, Allah brought about a wind that blew the tents away and do the pots away and they had to flee from there. But what he captures is that Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam in the midst of all of that, he held very tight on to his his values. So when you see a person break, you usually see them break at a time when there's a lot of pressure. There was so much pressure that 22 nights of cold nights and Rasulullah sallallahu have to put two stones on his stomach to keep the pangs of his own.

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hunker down. And in the midst of that Allah reminders in Aisle number 21 that this is him being the prime example. So the whole sooner more or less is telling us and revering the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, and then it comes to the end of the Jews were his wives were asking for more land than they what they got from the province of alarmism after Haven and a lot told them very clearly that low new wines are the province either you be of those wines are searching, the searching a lot is messenger, and you stay with the messenger. And if you're after the world, then I'm going to tell the messenger to let go of you and let you go. And each one of you wines if you come with a with

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something that is wrongful, then you will get double the punishment, which tells us that those of us that are closer in terms of rank, we need to be more careful

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and have enough