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At-Taubah 29-37 Translation 29-37

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Kareem I'm about to be let him in.

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over him for beshara

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me listening at koko de probenecid in Lesson number 104 sort of the toga is number 29 to 37

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party Lu, you all fight and levena those who lead not usually noon they believe biLlahi in Allah winner and nor bill Yomi with the day

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the last Wallah and nor you have the moon they make unlawful ma what how Roma he made unlawful Allahu Allah. What are Sulu and this messenger

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when and nor, yet the noon they observe religion or they adopt as religion, Dena, religion and help of the truth men from a Latina those who who do they were given alki taba the book had the until europeu they give Algis yetta, the jizya on from jaedyn hand while home while they serve a one on one subdued for Karla and it said Eliyahu to the Jews erzielen reserved ibnu his son Allah He of Allah will call it and it said and Asara the Christians of mercy who the mercy even son Allah He of Allah, that eco that cola whom they're saying, we fit him with their notes. EULA he owner, they resemble or they imitate Cola, seine, and Medina of those who care for who they disbelieved men from

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our blue before

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Katana whom he cursed them. Allahu Allah. And now from where you for Khun they are diluted it they took about a home they rabbis were banned at home and their monks are babban as Lords men from dooney besides Allah He Allah, one of mercy hat and the mercy if no Miriam son of Madame wama and not Emiru they were ordered Illa except Leah boo so that they worship in a hunt a God were hidden one

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layer not in our her any god in there except who are he? Super Hannah who is glory. I'm from what usually call the associate partners with him. URI Duna they want they wish and that up Oh, they extinguish they put out noodle light. Allah He of Allah before him with their mounts were bad and he refuses Allahu Allah Illa except, and that ujima he completes, he perfects neuro who is light. Well now even if carry her he disliked alkaff erode the disbelievers who are he led the one who are Salah he sent rasuna who his messenger Bill houda with the guidance or Dean and religion and help of the truth. Leola who saw that he makes it overpower Allah upon a Deen the religion could be all of it.

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Well, even if Gary he disliked al machico those who associate partners with Allah.

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Allah Dena amanu, or you who have believed in indeed, Catherine many men from the rabbi's were born and the monks Larry coluna surely they eat and Wallah wealth and mercy of the people will battle with the false it

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also doona and the stop on from severely way Allah He of Allah Wa La Vina and those people who get mizuna they heard of the habit, the gold will fit better and the silver one and not Yun Fukunaga they spend it fee in civilian law we have a law firm a sure whom to give them good news. We are there bit of a punishment and even painful Yona on day

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Your ma it will be heated. I lay her upon it. fee in Natty fire Johanna of Hellfire for taqwa. So it will be branded. Be have with it diba who whom therefore hits where do you know who whom and their sites will route to home and their backs. Heather this man what ganas don't you all hoarded Li unfussy calm for yourselves for the local so you all taste ma what come to you were that nice zone you heard in the indeed read that number a shoe of the month or in the near Allahu Allah is not to a charlatan is not a shadow 12 Shara months fee in kita Bella Book of Allah or decree of Allah Yama en de halaqa he created a similar word the heavens when earth and the earth men her from it or bottom

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for her own one sacred then a cadet at the the religion or the way I will tell you the street the right fellow so do not totally move you will do wrong fee in in them. And fusa come upon yourselves. We'll help you and you will fight almost raquin the polytheists Kapha completely collectively, karma just as you call it Luna comb they fight you Kapha completely. We're on the moon and you will know and aloha that Indeed Allah Mara is with a Luther King, those who adopt

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in Noma, indeed, not but an A C, then a C, the postponement. Xia that on is an increase fee in uncouth the disbelief. Yoga Lu, he is led astray, be he with it. And levina dozuki foru they disbelieved your halona who they make it lawful for a year when you Henry Mona who and they make it unlawful are among a year Leo to you so that they adjust so that they correspond or it better counting or number match of what how Rama he made unlawful Allahu Allah for you Hello so they make lawful ma what have Allah Allah made unlawful.

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Zina it was beautified law home for them so evil Almighty him of their deeds. Allahu and Allah led not yet the He guides are gone. The people are careful in those who disbelieve.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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Boo. You read?

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He asked

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de nicolini

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una camisa de la

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be either having any

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in a data show

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Tell me

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the Mona

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