Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 19 – L188A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of people discussing a variety of topics, including destruction, murder, and a shameless shower. They also mention a woman named Leah who is not present in the transcript.
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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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no matter who no sir Leonardo suta Hill, Kareem Mr. Barrett Feroz Villa him in a shade liner rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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rubbish roughly a Saturday where Sidley Emery Washington data Melissa Annie of Kahoot Cody, urban as you know,

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lesson number 187 Soto for Khan is number 35 to 50. translation, one apart, and certainly at Dana, we give Musa Musa alayhis salam Al Kitab the book, what your honor, and we made Mara who with him, or her who his brother Haruna, Harun or his Salah was zero as an assistant

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for cola. So we said, If however, you do go Illa to allow me the people and levena those who get double they belied the ayah Tina with our signs for the Mona home. So we destroyed them, that the mirror a definite destruction, or Palma, Antony nation know of new Elisa llama when camdeboo de beleid of Rasulullah the messengers of Raka whom we drowned them, which are now home and we made them lay nursey for the people. I attend, assign, what are tetanus dinner, and we prepared the worldly mean for the wrongdoers. Are there been a punishment ilima most painful. Why then was a murder and some mood was herb and companions of rusty of the well of the Russ Okun and generations

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bainer. Between verica that Kathy era many Walker learn and each barrel burner we struck laahu for it. lm style. The examples were Colin and each, the burner, we utterly destroyed that bureau a definite destruction. One occurred and certainly at all, they came either upon a local area, the town allottee which only rot it was showered. It was rained more powder or rain arraign a sell of the evil

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Flm did they're not yaku they are your owner her they see it. Bal rather canu they were less not your Juna they hope they fear nasura resurrection.

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What either and when Baroque they saw you in not yet the hironaka they take you in there except whose were a mockery. I heard there is this a lady who, by Arthur, he sent he raised Allahu Allah Rasulullah as a messenger.

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In indeed, Cather he was near gather, he was near Leoville Luna. Surely he misleads us.

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I'm from Le hatena our gods Lola If not, and that savarna we endured with patients. I lay her upon it was so fun and shortly Yeah, Ala Moana they will know Shana, when your own they will see either but the punishment man who abbulu is more astray, Sevilla in way

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our Ada Did you see, man who it the harder he took it or who his God, however, his desire under shell then you the coup, you will be our lay upon him. We're keela a guardian.

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Or Desa boo you think under that indeed. xR of whom most of them? Yes, Marina de here. Oh or Yaki Luna they understand. In not home they Illa except girl a neuron, like the grazing livestock,

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Ban rather home they oberlo are more astray sebelah in way Allah did not go to UC Illa to rub beaker, your geisha how mud he spread of will the shadow Willow and if he will, ledger Allah who surely he made it. Second stationary some of them jalna we made a shamsur the sun I lay upon it delila a guide

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so much then about

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Whoo. We held it. We grasped it. Elena to us. Our been a holding yesira easy

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wahoo and he led is who geralyn he made Lancome for you A Laila the night lieberson a garment when Noma and the sleep, seubert and arrest were Jeolla and he made an hour the day nasura A scattering wahoo and he Alevi who also Allah He sent a via the winds Bushra glad tidings verschuren glad tidings

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bainer between your day to Hans Rajma D of His mercy. Well Angela and we sent down mean a summary from the sky Ma and water to hurrah, very pure linear here, so we give life The he with it. balderton ulland Mater that one was clear who and we give to drink it mimma from what holla Kona we created an Armin grazing livestock were NRC NSE year and people gezira many one occurred, and certainly some Ruffner who we distributed it by in a home between them. Leah that guru so that they take heed surber but he refused accelero most analyse the people in the except Khufu raw disbelief.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these.

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boo, Tina

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double una hora

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una una llamada Berman.

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Da da Isla

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de la.

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Una we are

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in Rome

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Elena padovani Co.

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Al-Furqan 35-50 Translation 35-50

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