Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 29 – L291C

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the concept of returning to the sky and the return of the vision to the sky again and again. They also emphasize the importance of learning from experiences to improve actions and make them more beautiful. The segment discusses the negative impact of actions on one's life and the need for passion and enthusiasm. The speakers stress the importance of listening to others' statements and not giving the impression that they have heard. They also discuss the belief that fear of God is a response to fear of the Lord, and the need for more education on secret things.
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So, managerial bussola then return your vision meaning look again how many times God will attain it twice again and again, guillotine is a duel of karma and karma means to return to come back and attain to come back again and again repeatedly. So, so module versatile cattle attaining, then return your vision up to the sky twice or again and again model rahbar the model and look for some kind of fault but young kind of illogical bustle your vision will return to you Halcyon humiliated, well, who has seen while it is exhausted fatigued cos it is from the letters Hossein Hamza and Jose is that which has been chased away

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It gives me enough moku that which has been chased away that which has been made weak that which has been rejected driven away.

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We have learned earlier, Carla Sophia will Attica Lee Moon, Sophia, meaning be repelled, be driven away, you're rejected, you're not allowed to be here and cause it over here is used for the tiring of the eyes.

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The tiring of the eyes. Why? Because when the eyes are looking for something, when a person is looking for something, and he does not find anything to the eyes become tired. It is as though they have been rejected. You're looking but you cannot see you're searching but you cannot find so unachieved unsuccessful, disgraced, humiliated. So Marjorie bussaco, latini, Young caliber illegal, versatile, Halcyon, defeated, humbled, who who has seen has seen some new letters has seen raw, and her soul is to be tired, to be exhausted, to be fatigued, it's the next level of fatigue after I went am urea

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and he did not get tired after creating the creation. So I is a level and after that is hustle to be exhausted to the point of not being able to anything at all.

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So Allah is telling us look, again and again, so that you cannot look anymore. search again and again. So you cannot search anymore. Exhaust your vision, in searching for flaws in his creation, in searching for imperfections in his creation, you will be defeated, you will not find any kind of imperfection or any kind of inconsistency in what Allah has created, especially the sky above you. If you think about it, Allah subhanaw taala has not created anything in this world without a reason without a purpose. Everything from the sky, to the clouds, to the stars, to the animals that walk through the ends, that crawl, everything has a purpose. And it is men it is human being whose life

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is filled with in consistencies. It is the human being whose life is filled with shortcomings with faults with chaos with problems. Why? Because he has a free will. If there is beauty, and perfection and consistency in the rest of the creation, why is it so? Why is it so? Because they are fulfilling their purpose? They are doing what Allah wants them to do. And if there is inconsistency, chaos in the life of the human beings, why is it so because they are not fulfilling their purpose. They're not doing what they should be doing. Everything else is doing us animal, human beings are required to do the same as well. When they don't do x animal. They make their lives difficult. And they also

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affect the rest of the creatures as well. If there's any imbalance anywhere on this planet, why is it so? It's because of what people have done, isn't it? It's because of what our hands have earned. So Allah subhanaw taala has made this creation perfectly in the most beautiful manner free from any inconsistencies. And how is that so? Because they're obedient to Allah.

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If you look at the sun,

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it does what is expected of it. If you look at the sea, it does what is expected of it, despite its massive size. And despite all that water in it, it remains in its boundaries, isn't it? So? The sun being so massive still, it comes up in the morning. It sets at its right time, isn't it? So it doesn't say no, I'm not going to go. I'm not going to move. I'm not going to do anything. No, it's doing its job. And this is why there is beauty in the creation of Allah.

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Our lives can also become beautiful when when we do our cinema.

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We think our cinema is going to complicate our lives No, it's actually going to make our lives much more

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Beautiful it's going to make our lives much more meaningful much better.

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And here in this ayah Allah subhanaw taala specifically mentioned this guy instead of calfire six Allah tells us a follow me on little SMS evoca home k femenina was a a woman or having food Have they not looked at the heaven above them how we have structured it and adorned it and how it has no rifts similarly in sort of large i a two wheeler and Allahu la de la Farah xmltv lady Ramadan tona into little MBI 32 water on the center, a sock one Mafalda, a very secure ceiling, a very secure roof above us, this is what Allah has made.

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So this is so because everything is doing what it's supposed to do. And we can also become better when we do what Allah wants us to do.

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One o'clock is a youngness, Summer adonia be masabi here, and we have certainly beautified the nearest heaven with stars, the nearest sky, the sky of dunya, a summer of dunya. It's understood in two is the summer of dunya. And also center that is nearest

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don't dunia hasn't world, meaning the sky which is right above the world, that you can see from this earth and adonia from that noon world you know what does it mean? Lower closer, so that which is lowest, the lowest sky or that which is closest to the earth, the one that you can see from the year that one Allah says we have beautified it with what Wasabi Wasabi is a plural of Misbah. And what isn't a spa a lamp? a lamp gives you light when

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when there's darkness isn't it's a it gives you light when there is darkness. So the hope is to become bright. And it's especially to have a reddish tinge meaning the glow is almost a red color. Morning is also called Super because the morning light, how is it it has a reddish color to it, isn't it, it's not just white light, but rather it has a reddish color to it. So we have adorn the sky of this world with lamps, stars, lamps over here first with stars in order to light the night sky.

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The night sky which is dark, Allah has made that beautiful also by placing lamps in it by placing stars in it. And these stars at the same time, which are allowed would you militia and we have made them as missiles for who for the sheltering, to throw on the sheltering room is a Florida project. And boredom is that which is thrown to belt to stone. So these lamps, these stars are like missiles for who shall clean sharpener who those jinn which go up into the heavens in order to eavesdrop in order to listen to the conversation of the angels. And when they try to go and listen over there. What happens there struck by

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a shooting star, isn't it so which either killed them, burns them, or make them losers centers completely. And there are only some who managed to escape, what are dedonato whom are the adversary and we have prepared for them a punishment of the blaze where in the hereafter. So we see here that on one side, Allah subhanaw taala mentions those who obey Allah, those who do and among those who should be doing x Anima. And when a person does x Anoma, he is qualified for entry. Jenna, on the other hand, who has mentioned those who disobey Allah, those who don't do our ceramill but what kind of actions do they do as what the most evil the worst actions? And when a person performs the worst

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actions that what's the result? punishment in the hereafter for sure are the adversary. But even in the dunya there is punishment? how that would Your Honor, how would you militia?

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These sharpener punished in this world even what does it show to us, when a person does arson, he is rewarded, and when a person does so what he is punished in this world and also in the hereafter.

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Exactly. Again, something so beautiful. We see here that Allah created the sky, but he didn't just create the sky plain and boring, but rather he has made it beautiful. Similarly, how should our actions be plain and boring without any spirit? Without any enthusiasm? No. Our actions would also be beautiful. They should also be action.

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We should learn from this. If Allah does what he does so perfectly, so beautifully with so much your son with so much in our arm, then we should also learn from it and bring quality and goodness to our actions. If you look at the sky, especially that is mentioned over here Allah

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pantalla talks about its beauty.

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If you look at the sky during the day, is it beautiful, extremely beautiful, with this lovely colors, varying colors, right? The clouds that are in it, then sometimes you see the sky as purple, sometimes orange, sometimes pink, right? Sometimes you can see the rays of the sun, the sunlight, actually, you can actually see them pouring through the clouds as if it's a spotlight or something. So this beauty you see during the day, but even during the night, Allah subhanaw taala has made the sky beautiful. Similarly, our actions, how should they be beautiful only at times when it's easy? No. Even in dark situations, even in difficult situations, our actions can be beautiful, if we want

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them to be beautiful.

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We should learn from this

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many times, you know, we're just concerned about doing something to get by doing something just put a checkmark to get it over with.

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But our effort should be what to make our actions more beautiful. Like for example, one is that a person is praying just to get over the Salah. And the other is that he's praying making his Salah is making performing the soda in the best way in the most beautiful way, in an excellent way. Because that same action could bring you a lot of reward, or that same action could bring you just a little bit right. So it's up to you how much you want to gain out of a situation, how much you want to gain from an action that you are performing. And that will be according to how focused you are on the purpose of your life.

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Now over here last time that I mentioned this guy, that Xeon nessuna adonia we have beautified the sky insert the software is six to seven also Allah says in ASEAN the summer adonia busy Nathaniel colorqube were heffalump in coalition Parliament added that indeed we have adorned the nearest heaven with an adornment of stars and as protection against every rebellious devil in through the hedges is 16 to 18 in particular about the shale clean it has mentioned what are the jerilyn fsms evolution was a little LED will have is now home in Galicia tangela gene in lemon instead of a summer for that variable she had been will be then a burning flame chases that shape on

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what is in levina kuffaar ob ob him and for those people who disbelieve in their Lord for them is or the Abuja Nam the punishment of Hellfire will be settled mostly. And what an evil what a wretched destination it is. The shell team, they get struck by a burning flame. Why? Because they cross the limits of Allah. They cross the boundaries that Allah has set for them. And those people who disbelieve for them as punishment in the hereafter because they're also doing what crossing the boundaries that Allah has set for

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those who disbelieve in their Lord, for them as a punishment of Hellfire will be sent Mosley's

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Alevi Holla

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flew to

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LA he can

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lunia be more for me.

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vena cava ob ob

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the punishment of Hellfire Allah called it bit sell most need what an evil, terrible destination it is. Because it's the worst and

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a destination is a final aboard of a person for where he's not going anywhere.

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So for them, it's a destination. They're not going anywhere from there. And what is this Hellfire, either all goofy her when they are thrown into it when they're flung into it? Who

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alladhina cafaro will be or be him when they're thrown into hellfire. Why will they be thrown into Hellfire because who would go there willingly. They'll be thrown into hellfire. What will happen samiullah ha they will hear of it.

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Shahid Khan. We're here to food. They will hear from it a dreadful inhaling while it boils up.

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They will hear the sound of hellfire. And what is the sound of Hellfire Shaheed Shahada from the root letter seen her cough

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and Shaheen

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is used for sobbing, sighing brain, and in particular the brain of a donkey.

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What is it the brain of a donkey? Remember that when a donkey makes a sound, it's an inhaling sound and exhaling sound. So shall he is used for the inhaling sound that the donkey makes. Which one is it? The inhaling as he's breathing in, and especially the last part of that, inhaling? This is what Shaheed is.

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And Shaheen is also to inhale quickly,

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to inhale quickly. So as they're thrown into the Hellfire, they will hear the sound of the hellfire. And what is the sound of the Hellfire as if it's inhaling something as if it's breathing, absorbing, sucking them in? Just imagine Shahid Khan, producing a horrid sound. And the sound of a donkey is extremely annoying. It's not a beautiful sound at all. It's not a comfortable sound at all. Shere Khan. We're here to fool what it boils up the photos from newsletters Farewell, and phone is to boil. It's used for when a pot is boiling, or when out of anger, someone is boiling, or fire also when it's raging, so when he has a full as it's boiling up with them, what does it show? It is as

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though the Hellfire is like a live monster. That it has a sound. It says no, it's boiling up. Hellfire is a great punishment in itself. It's the worst aboard it's food. It's drink worst. But on top of that the noise of Johanna

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and the people of Johanna, their screams their shouts. What what all of this do it will increase the intensity of the punishment of hellfire. Because sounds can be extremely disturbing. They can be extremely disturbing. They can make a person go from being happy to being sad, being perfectly fine to be extremely annoyed.

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being disturbed sounds can even kill a person. They can even cause heart attacks, isn't it? So just imagine the sound of Hellfire How is it Shahid Khan as if it's inhaling, sucking them in? We're here to fool and it's boiling up with them.

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If you're at any place, any place

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and the sound over there, the noise over there is not comfortable. How do you come out of that place? Extremely disturbed. You cannot rest you cannot be at peace. You cannot enjoy yourself. noise is something that is very disturbing. And this shows to us the noise that will be in hellfire.

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And notice the Hellfire is what its fire. But that is making a sound. Have you ever heard Fire Fire actually makes noise. If there's ever a forest fire, you can actually hear the trees burning. You can hear the fire spreading. You can hear it's causing a lot of devastation. So Shahid Khan, we're here to food as if it's boiling up with them. The Kudu, Tama Yasmina Hale, it almost burst with rage, the Mejia Zoo from the root letters meme yet they maze which is to separate and to my use, is when something is bursting, separating.

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So the my ears I'm in LA as if it's exploiting ripping apart, out of rage out of anger, anger against to against those who are coming into it. We learn in sort of full con is number 12, either autonomy mechanic or even semi ruler, whatever you want, was a field off when the Hellfire sees the criminals sees the criminals from a distant place they will hear its fury and roaring.

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Just imagine a wild animal. If it sees its prey, how it's going to start making noise, about to attack it, the character may have so many layers and layers is such anger, which a person expresses shows through his words through his movements. To the Hellfire is as though exploding, ripping apart out of anger, anger against to against those who are coming into it. And then couldn't lemma OLC efe have folgen every time a group is thrown into it. Salah home has an A to her, its keepers will ask them to come ready. Did no one or come to you?

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The fire itself is furious, raging with its flames. The noise of its punishment of its fire of its people. The foul matter that is within it. And every time people are coming in, they're being thrown in. It's keepers are asking, nobody told you

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no water came to you. Did no warner tell you about this punishment? Why are you here? How are you here? And I'm yet to cognetti husband as a clone of the word housing and housing is used for keeper treasure.

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So who are the husband of Hellfire, the angels who are appointed over it as we learned through the terrain, la hermana ekata Noel's on tschida. Layer Suna. lahoma, Amara handwave Aruna Maroon, and who are they? The angel Malik and his companions. So the angels will question the people as they enter Why are you here? How are you here? Did no one ever tell you of this punishment? The response will be far too They will say Bella Of course. Yes, the Warner's did come to us for the jannetty a warner did come to us because what does Allah tell us? We're a min omoton in the Hanafi Hana deep into the fattoria 24. Allah tells us that there has been no nation, no people, except that Allah has

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sent a warning to it.

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And we see this that Allah subhanaw taala send prophets, but even otherwise, because Nadine is used for profit, but also anyone who gives warning. So we see that when it comes to people, when it comes to different communities of people, even the smaller ones, there are people who warn them that don't do this, you should do this. Instead, they will say Bella Khadija and Ana DDS warning it come to us for color winner, but we denied Wakanda and we said, Man, is it aloha man, che Allah has not revealed anything?

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We said No way. We're not believing Allah has not revealed anything at all. In antem 1111 COVID, you are not except in a great error. So they consider themselves to be right. And they considered those who are right to be wrong.

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This is who the people of Hellfire, the people of Hellfire in this linear? They think that what they're doing is right. And what do they call those on the truth? field and it could be that you are in a great error. You are far away from the truth in anthem in left field on Allen cubby. Someone said that in anthem in the field already and COVID This is a statement of the angels that the angels will say to the people of Hellfire as they're entering into Hellfire in an interview with Adam could be you were in great error. This is why you've ended up over here. If you were not an error, you wouldn't have been here. You were in error. This is why you're here. We'll call you and they will

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say local Nana smell If only we had been listening owner clue or reasoning Mako nafi us however sorry, we would not have been among the companions of the place.

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They will say they will express their regret If only we had been listening.

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Not talking but listening. Owner pilou If only we have been reasoning, not wasting our times, but using our minds, paying attention. Makana feels hyper serene, we would not have been the companions of the blazing hellfire. What does it show that people will end up in Hellfire? Why? Because they did not listen, they did not understand. This is what will take most people to hellfire. Not listening, not understanding doesn't mean they were deaf doesn't mean they were insane, that they could not understand anything. No. What kind of listening is this such listening that makes the person reflect that makes a person focus that makes a person understand and as a result he also

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accepts. So this listening is off. acceptance. This listening is off paying attention, reflection, accepting, because only if a person listens, then he can bring about a change in his actions, isn't it? So? Listening is the first step. If you haven't heard, you don't know, if you don't know you want to do it or not Caillou, then arcanist mentioned. And what is that to comprehend? What kind of comprehension just knowing Okay, this is this and this is that no comprehension that changes a person's actions, getting it when a person gets it.

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When a person realizes, and as a result, he changes his ways, so they will express their regret. If only we had listened. If only we had used our mind we would not have been the companions of the blazing hellfire. And we see that this is a problem with most people. They don't want to listen. They don't want to use their mind. And there are many reasons behind not listening. Sometimes it's just stubborn

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Why should I listen? Why should I accept and sometimes a person thinks he is more intelligent?

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Sometimes people are busy talking. Sometimes they're distracted by other things. But listening is in fact the easiest thing to do. This is why I lost count our dimensions at first.

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Local Nana smart owner kulu mokona feels however sorry. If a person does not listen, he will not understand. If he doesn't understand he will not change in total Bukhara is seven Wheeler inhotim Allahu Allah colluvial more or less summary Marla upsettingly shower. When does this happen? When there's a lot put a seat on a person's hearing, when a person does not have any desire, when a person doesn't want to change, when the truth comes before him, but he turns away when he turns away, then he will not listen. Even what is announced to him. In certain cases, if 57 we learn in jalna, Allah kuruva Akin net and AF qu MFI as any work ra will enter the room in alhuda filling you

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have to do either in their hearing as a heaviness so that if you call them to guidance, they will never accept in sort of an ISA I 155 Allah says built over Allahu alayhi kufri him for now you may know a la colina Allah has sealed

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on their hearts because of their disbelief. So they don't believe except a little. So why is it that Allah deprives the person from listening deprives the person from understanding when he is not interested himself when he doesn't put in the effort himself.

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And we see that those who don't like to listen, they also tell other people not to listen, isn't it? So? We have learned in the Quran which Tina maka would say lattice merrily hasn't done? Well, hopefully he make noise Don't let other people listen, don't listen, they will not listen themselves either. And we see this, that for example, if there is a person who's not interested in listening to something, what will they do? They will start talking. When they start talking, they will be deprived other people will also be deprived.

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Then this is why we are told we learn in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala tells us in fact, whether the Kanaka Latina, colusa Mariner, from Lagos, Maryland, don't be like those people who say we have heard but they don't actually listen.

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When something is said to you, then pay attention.

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When something is told to you then pay attention.

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And I say that to you as well pay attention. Children are coming. If their mothers are distracted, who are we to get distracted?

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If their mothers are focused, why aren't we focused?

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Think about it. We don't pay attention for even a moment we actually miss out on something. You know that? And if we miss out on something, how do we know when we get the opportunity to listen to it again? No. I'm amazed sometimes that during class people are outside and what are they doing talking eating?

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Your class was going on? announcement was being made.

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I was in the cafeteria listening to the announcement and people are coming and talking to me. I'm trying to listen and people are coming talking to me. And I'm telling them go to class.

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Because if you missed that announcement, will you be able to tell anybody else about it? Will you be able to benefit from it? Perhaps not.

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You might say I know already. Okay, you know already, but at this time what is being said, perhaps was not said earlier, perhaps will not be said later. So don't miss the opportunity.

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We lose opportunities like this just because we want to talk just because we want to be here and there. And this is the attitude of a non serious person. A person who is serious about his moments about the purpose of his life, he will pay attention to everything that is said he will not say yes, I've heard or I will listen later. No. He will be very very careful. We'll call you loco Nana smile. Owner Caillou mokona Fie of habit sorry, listening is the first step if a person hasn't heard, he will not understand if he will not understand his heart will not change if the heart does not change, then the action will not change either. For total forbidden by him, then they will

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acknowledge their sins, but is acknowledgement going to help them No. Realizing the mistake later when a person is in trouble, does not help a person on the other sorry. So alienation for companions of the Blaze. Sir, is from the root letter seen how cough and so on the who is when the meaning is that away with a meeting May this person be distanced May this person be removed far away? It is said as haka hola who meaning May Allah destroy him? May Allah remove him from everywhere from every good. So for certainly as harvester, he may be far away from Allah's mercy

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for certainly as harvest sorry, their confession is not going to help them know. They will be removed far away from the mercy of a law abiding and Hellfire eternity, then physically as herbicide is also understood in another way

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Their confession is so meaning their confession is far, it will be of no use whose confession of the companions of the blazing Hellfire we see that fit our own also accepted his fault, didn't he? At the time of his death. But was it accepted? It wasn't, it was too late. The time to admit our mistakes is now because if we admit now then we can bring about a change. There's no point in confessing later in the ladina, Schoener boom believe, indeed those people who fear their Lord unseen, those people lahoma fellow for them, there is forgiveness or edge on cubbies and a great reward.

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For who, those people who fear their Lord in being unseen,

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who are awake, who are alert, who are conscious, even when they are alone.

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People have all for what will they say? We wish we had heard, we wish we had listened. We wish we had used our minds. What does it show? They were heedless. They didn't pay any attention. They weren't conscious. They weren't careful. And on the other hand, the people of gentlemen, for whom is a john COVID, what is their quality, their fear their Lord in the unseen even when they're alone? They are afraid of Allah.

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They're alert, which is why even when they're alone, they don't disobey Allah. And if a person is fearful of a low and he's alone, and as a result, he will not do anything wrong. It is more likely that he will fear Allah when he is amongst other people, that he does not disobey Allah when he is in front of other people.

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In the levina, Shona booneville a while being alone lahoma forgotten what eduroam can be for them is forgiveness, integrate your ward into the fasula 28. Allah tells us innovation loves them and everybody around them. It is those who have knowledge, those who have listened, learned because how do you learn by listening? How do you learn by using your mind? It is those people who fear Allah. And when a person has this fear, then his actions will change. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said there are seven people who Allah will shade in his shade on the day when there is no shade except his shade amongst them as who origin the Kerala hollein. For Faribault. Arina, who a person who

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remembers Allah in private and his eyes, our eyes are filled with tears. So he fears a lot When, when, when he's alone, you're shown a bone believe

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what a civil cola come and conceal your speech, or when you have to be, or you publicize it, in New Orleans. do indeed he is knowing of that which is within the *. You cannot hide anything from Allah hide your speech, or publicize it. Allah knows. Do something secretly or do something openly. Allah knows you can hide from people you cannot hide from him. A signal cola calm? What does it mean? That you keep it to yourself? Don't share it with anyone? Would you huddle? Jeff Cole is what that a person says it or that a person says it out loud publicly. So any way you say something, you don't say something, you do something you don't do something in the horniman without the sudo. Allah

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knows of that which isn't the chests, even your secrets, even Allah knows. Three things are mentioned here. That which is in the chest, that which is shared as a secret and that which is publicly announced, three things are here.

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You understand? What does Allah say? He knows about everything. You cannot hide any action from Allah. Because Allah even knows the worst was said that you do to yourself. What are the Hala canal in Santa? When our alma mater West, this will be enough so we're not going to acabo la even having worried. The Prophet sallallahu sallam, when he had that conversation with that woman when that woman was talking to him.

00:34:04 --> 00:34:37

At seminar Allah who hola TTJ De Luca fiza jihad. In Allah, Allah heard that conversation. It was a private conversation Allah heard that the Prophet sallallahu Hasidim shared a secret with his wife, Allah heard that way as someone who beat you in a barrel Diaz where do you hadiza that a lot not know about it? Yes, he did. Because for him, everything is the same. Whether a person keeps it in his heart, or he shares it as a secret, or he announces it. Nothing at all can be hidden from him into the law is seven Allah says we're in such a horrible cold for India who yaalon was silver?

00:34:38 --> 00:34:59

If you speak aloud, then indeed he knows the secret. And what is even more hidden, more hidden than the secret Allah knows about that even you cannot hide anything from him. A lot of questions as an IRA woman Hala, does he who created not No, he is the one who created you. If anyone would know you, who would it be? It would be

00:35:01 --> 00:35:03

Anna is understood as and law

00:35:04 --> 00:35:44

does not, should not. And what's the job? Of course, the one who created he knows. And secondly, Allah is also understood as how often be Anna Yala woman Hanukkah. He knows the one who created the one who created he knows you. He knows what you keep a secret, well who are lovely from Hobby and he is a subtle, be acquainted who is lovely, the one who knows the fine details even you cannot hide from him. And he is hobby who is probably the one who knows the reality of things. You cannot hide anything from him the most delicate, the most intricate of things, Allah knows about it.

00:35:45 --> 00:36:02

Your actions even Allah knows about them. The intention with which you do something Allah knows about it, the effort you put in in doing something Allah knows about it. So if your action is action, Allah knows very well. And if your action is not action, and you can do it our son knows that as well.

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deikun ld

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work on Oh,

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I wanna

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Sammy Sato

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beat him on

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show No,

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knows about us inside out. What does it mean?

00:37:59 --> 00:38:02

That we must strive to become good in His sight.

00:38:03 --> 00:38:08

When Allah has created so much beauty for us, for us to see, for us to enjoy,

00:38:09 --> 00:38:12

then should we not please Allah with our actions,

00:38:14 --> 00:38:18

with our intentions, with our words with our behavior?

00:38:20 --> 00:38:27

If Allah has been so gracious to us, He is the Malik He is the one who has mulk

00:38:28 --> 00:38:33

he has been so kind to us, then it's our duty that we also please him with the actions that we do.

00:38:34 --> 00:38:51

Because he is testing us, observing us watching us. Every action we do everything we say, he is checking us and we cannot hide anything from him. We can perhaps deceive others, but we cannot deceive Allah because he also knows without a salute the intention behind the action.

00:38:53 --> 00:38:55

Let's listen to the recitation of these verses from the beginning.

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Al-Mulk 1-30 Tafsir 4-14

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