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An-Nur 11-20 Word Analysis and Tafsir 16-20

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Allah subhanaw taala says, well, Ola, and how come Why not? Is the miracle Moo hoo. When you heard it called Tom, you said, My akuna Lana, another can never be Heather. It is not for us to speak of this.

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Why did you not say at that time, when you heard about that rumor, that may or kulana unethical behavior, that it is not appropriate for us, it does not benefit us that we speak of such things that we speak about vulgar things about bias people without any evidence. And why did you not say silver harmonica had that book done and Arlene glorified? Are you Oh Allah. This is a great slander. This is a great accusation. Why soprano? out of the out of amazement, that when you hear something that's very shocking, would you say? So Panama? Or you say a stop at a law? So why did you not see subhanak? I heard I will dine on Arlene. But why serve hi NECA and not Subhana Allah? Because

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silverhand NACA, glorified, are you Oh Allah, that something like this should happen in the house, in the family of your prophet

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glorified? Are you a lot that something like this should happen in the family members of your profit? This is a great acquisition. But that is when the roof is better

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and better bourita. What does it mean, to be shocked to be astonished and as a result of that become speechless?

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that a person is unable to say anything he's so shocked. And Bhutan from that is used for a slander accusation, because when an innocent person is accused, it makes him speechless. He's unable to say anything. So you should have said had them have done an earlier.

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So this is the solution which Allah soprano has given to us. When we hear backbiting when we hear another believer being defamed, another belief believer being spoken eloff

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that we should say, what should we say? That may akuna Lana, another kannamma behavior. It's not right for us to say such things. It does not suit a believer to say such things. To talk about such a vulgar thing to talk about such negative things. We shouldn't be talking about this. Maya coralina it's not right. For us it is not perfect as it's not permissible. And besides, this is a clear this is a great accusation.

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You see a person he is recognized by what he speaks about.

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Whatever a person talks about, whatever he generally talks about, that is how he is recognized, isn't it? That is the image that he develops in front of people.

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And a true believer, it does not benefit him that he should talk about scandals

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that he should talk about the mistakes of others, that he should talk about such things that Oh, there's you know, so and so committed Zina, and there's an affair going on between so and so, no, it does not suit a believer to say something like that.

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We will learn in the following is that a hobby sir two little hobbies?

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That hobbies statements, they suit who hobbies people?

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And while hobby Suna little hobbies, what are you back litho up and pure good statements who do the suit good people.

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So if a person is good, if a person is believer, he can never talk about such vulgar things. It does not suit him.

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And these statements, they were lies, and they were causing her to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and they were causing her to his family. And remember that I should know that I know was very beloved to him. So this was not only a lie, it was Bhutan. It would cause grief to the prophets that a lot is on them. And when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is upset, you think Allah will not be upset? Of course he would be.

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We learned insulted by a 57 in a Latina you una La la la Sula, who, la Anna Houma, la COVID de Aquila, what are Adela, whom are the Abba mahina there indeed those people who have used a line as messenger, Allah has cursed them in this world and the Hereafter, and he has prepared for them a humiliating punishment.

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And if a bad thought does ever come to your mind about someone, why do you have to say it? Why do you have to publicize it, keep it to yourself. And besides you should be thinking positively about others. So when you hear something like this when other people are saying negative things about someone, you should stop them You should tell them it does not suit us that we should talk about such things. It is not allowed for us.

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To talk about such things.

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Just recently, two people were having a conversation and one person was going to talk about someone, and the other person stopped them immediately. And they said, Would you say this in front of them? Would you say this in front of them? And then she reflected for a moment? And she said, Yeah, I think I would.

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Or something like that, she said, but basically what I really liked, and she appreciated the fact that the other person stopped her. What I liked over there was that someone had the guts to stop them immediately before they would continue. So that they would remember.

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Because many times what happens we don't remember we don't realize isn't at all. We don't realize. So when you hear something like that same mayorkun, Alanna, another calama, Bianca, we're not allowed to say such things. Stop them immediately.

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Generally, what do we think the other person is backbiting? We're listening. And we're saying, she's backbiting

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This is what we do, isn't it? We don't stop them. We just think evil about them in our hearts, we don't even stop them. Whereas if we are listening to them, then we are approving, we are putting our share in that conversation. So be very careful, the moment the other person starts, stop.

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And many times we enjoy listening to such things as well. Just put yourself in the other person's shoes. Would you like that somebody would talk about you in that manner? Or say something like that about you? You wouldn't like it?

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Yes, unfortunately, that once you said this to somebody that knew we shouldn't be talking about this. So they said this is the topic of our gathering. This is what we talk about. If we don't talk about this, we have nothing to talk about.

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This is the sign of who?

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People who are losers. People who are losers, they have nothing good to talk about.

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You know, that statement that small minds talk about people, average minds talk about events, and great minds talk about ideas. So think about what mind do you have?

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Which category do you belong to? Are you just talking about people? She said this? She went here? She did this? The baby did that? This is what we're doing right talking about people all the time? Or is it events? I went there, and I saw that. So and So when did that event such and such thing happened? Where are we talking about ideas? Let's do this. Let's start this. What do you think about this? Think about it. What category do you belong to? The last panel Carla says urealyticum Allahu Allah warns you, Uri lucam. Allah hear a lot from Ruth as well worth. Allah warns you, he admonishes you and over here gives the meaning of that he forbids you, under Rule do that you ever return

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limits lead to the lack of this evidence ever. He's warning you that you ever return to such behavior again, that you ever speak about rumors, you ever spread rumors. You ever talk about scandals, again, he's warning you and the rule the mystery about that in contact with me if you're truly believers. What does it mean by that?

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If you're believers, then you better have learned from this mistake of yours.

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And you better not repeat this mistake again.

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In control mode, many

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staying away from such type of conduct from such type of indecent and vulgar conversations, staying away from them is a requirement of a man because Allah says in condom meaning if you're believers, if you're a believer, you better learn from this mistake. Because a believer does not get harmed by the same mistake again, he does not fall into the same error again. Once he falls into a mistake, he learns from it and he avoids it for the rest of his life.

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So if you're truly believers, you better have learned from this. Now, although this command was given to the prophet SAW, the Lotus under the same command also applies to us.

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That it's perhaps okay to make a mistake once out of ignorance that a person does not know the reality of what he's doing. The gravity of what he's engaging in, it could be out of forgetfulness, once it may happen, but twice it cannot happen. Again and again, it cannot happen. And also, that it does not befit us that we talk about other people in a negative way that we talk about, especially the profits on alone isn't him and his family, his wives in a negative way.

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Because that's how they are being corrected over here. Never make this mistake again, never talk about the family of the profit sort of sort of negatively again, never accused his wife ever again. So the same goes for us as well. We're not allowed to speak negatively about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam about his wives about his family

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but unfortunately, they

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People who insult the wives of the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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They have fabricated stories against them which are absolute lies, humiliating them insulting them.

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There is no righteousness in that. It goes against the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. And in also day to day life, we're not allowed to ascribe lies to people, blame them, accused them of things that we have no evidence for. And what happens sometimes, that if you hear about someone that they have done something, you want to investigate yourself, and you interfere in their private matters, you will check their call history, you will check your text messages you go check their email. This is not correct. When a person has a private matter or private affair, we're not allowed to interfere in such things. So be very, very careful. And remember that a person who has a purpose

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in his life who has something important to do he doesn't have time for such things. He has no interest and he has no time to talk about other people to investigate their private affairs to look into their private affairs. It does not suit a believer to do that. Especially a believer who has something very important to do in his life.

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When you buy unilocular como a bed and alarm makes clear to you the vs will love where I live and Hakeem and Allah is Knowing and he is wise. Allah clarifies the ayah to you, the commands, the prohibitions, the etiquette, the manners, he has clarified all of them to you, especially those that can be learned from this incident and also otherwise will lower our Lima, he is knowledgeable, all of the commands and prohibitions that He has given to you. They're based on his knowledge and his Hakeem they're also based on his wisdom.

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Walla Walla,

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boo, boo, boo.

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in a Latina, your hip buena. Indeed those people who like and the sheer alpha heisha to that immorality should spread fillerina Amano in those people who believe for such people lahoma de la manfredonia when a hero for them is a painful punishment in this world and also in the hereafter will love ooyala move into lateral moves moon and Allah knows and you do not know.

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Over here in this ayah the punishment is being mentioned for those people who try to spread him or

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morality for those people who try to spread indecency and how did this spread in decency by talking about indecent things by talking about scandals, you have boonah and the sheer alpha heisha the Shira is from the newsletter Shinya right. And shourya shear literally means to spread, when something becomes publicized from the same root is the word share and hub of meaning the hub of the news, it spread and again popularity, it gained a lot of importance, Isha which means publication, right. So when a book is published, so those people who love who want that the sheer alpha heisha to indecency should spread amongst those people who believe

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Fantasia is used for that which is indecent, but primarily, it is used for any action, any word, any medium, anything through which someone's sexual desire is aroused. Their sexual desire is stirred up. It could be some kind of conversation. It could be a movie that they're watching. It could be some literature, some book that they're reading, it could be some music that they're listening to anything, the result of which is that when the other person comes across it, his sexual desire is aroused. This is what fascia primarily is. And from this fascia is used for an action that is in moderate action that is beyond limits, that is excessive, and actually, that is evil, who's evil

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affects other people as well. improper conduct and important crime something that is very shameful.

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And in the Quran, the word fascia is used in several ways. It is used for Zina, it is used for homosexuality. It is used for nudity, lewdness, it is also used for a scandal. So the word fascia is used in several ways. So those people who want that fascia should spread in those people who believe. So what do they want basically, that dinner should become common, that nudity should spread. People should not have any higher left.

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Women should not have any higher left.

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That scandals should spread, that people should watch such things, they should listen to such things, they should talk about such things that are constantly arousing their sexual desire.

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And when that is happening, obviously people who are not married, what's going to happen to them, they're going to end up committing Zina.

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They're going to end up looking for the one whom they like, because that's what they watch. In TV shows. That's what children have been watching, since they opened their eyes, in cartoon movies. That so and so gets together with the one whom they love, and then they live happily ever after. And this is what every child is looking for. From the very beginning. Just think about it all those movies that you watched when you were a child, what are they all about? Love Stories, aren't they? To summarize their love stories. So this is how fashion spreads that from a very, very young age, sexual desires of children, even their awakened children who do not have any idea. I remember once,

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there was this little girl whom I saw, she was watching a particular Disney movie. And the girl was dressed up in a way that her dress was very low neck and her shoulders were being exposed and it looked like a very lovely dress. And this little girl five or six year old she did was that she unzipped her dress from behind her frog. And she lowered the neck bar so that her shoulders would be exposed. And so that her dress becomes like the dress that she's looking at in the cartoon movie.

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And I was shocked that this is the effect that this has even on little children fillerina armano innocent minds are corrupted, innocent minds, that this is what they think is cool. And as children grow up, whatever they're given to see whatever they're given to read, this is what it's all about.

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And it doesn't stop there. As people grow older, as they become adults, even even when they're married and they want to buy a car and they go to a dealership there is a woman who is wearing scandalous clothes the way she's talking to you as if she's flirting, not realizing that you have white hair on your head and you have a son with us also an adult perhaps you have your wife with you. And there she's coming talking to you as if she wants to go out with you. This is fascia. If a car has to be advertised, if a particular food has to be advertised if somebody

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has to be advertised what is used women?

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If some food has to be some ingredient has to be advertised some love affair has to be shown, isn't it? So, if you look at magazines, if you look at newspapers, if you look at TV, this is what's going on fascia, fascia, fascia.

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So those people who want that far, how should spread among believers, that there is a society there is a community, there are people who are believers who are decent, who lower their gaze, the women cover the men, they look down, people are married people are chaste. They don't mingle with the opposite gender, they keep to their own matters and concerns. They don't interfere with other people. They want this to change.

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They want that the society should be changed, that men and women should be able to mingle together with one another, they should be able to talk freely with one another, that women should not have to cover themselves and men should have the confidence to look up to the women whom they're speaking to. And that there should be advertisements in which their women, this is what they want. What does Allah say, for such people, there is are there there is punishment. There is a severe punishment for such people who want that higher should be removed from the Muslim society.

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Now how has higher being removed in the Muslim society of that time? How? By talking about a scandal

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by talking publicly about Xena

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because when this happens when you can dare to speak about such things in your gatherings in your casual conversations, so and so slept with so and so. What does that lead to? In decent conversations in decency, immorality, fashion,

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but remember that this FACA This is from who? From shaitan because we have learned in the Quran, that it is shaytaan who commands fracture in total Bukhara I 268 we learn a *load we are ecoman Falco, where Moodle can build fracture. shaytaan threatens you with poverty and orders you to do immorality

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and fascia is haram on believers. In total AFI 33 we learned called innama how llamada be alpha heisha malahat Amina woman button that say that my lord has forbidden for wire hush the apparent of it and also the hidden of it.

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And when the believers do come across fascia, then what is their behavior, they avoid it. They stay away from it. they repent from it. We learn instead of the Shura, 37 one Medina yejide, buena, kabbah. Iran is me, wildflower fish, those who avoid the major sense and they also avoid for what immoralities they don't like to talk about in decent things about love affairs, about scandals.

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In through the process, if 55 we learn what it has sent me or level out,

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whenever they hear love the turn away from it. When Medina whom I love we were alone, because this is not right. Talking about indecent things, talking about scandals, this is indecent. So the believers, they do not have any interest in our hush they stay away from it. Why? Because they know that Allah has forbidden it, whether it is in the form of a TV show, or it is in the form of some literature, or it is in the form of some movie, in the form of the conversations that people have. The believer cannot have any interest in this. He cannot have any interest in this.

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You see whatever a person watches, whatever a person reads, that becomes a part of him.

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Whatever a person takes interest in that becomes a part of his conversation. So a believer does not like Fisher, he stays away from it.

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And those people who want that furniture should spread among believers for them is a severe punishment.

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Well, oh laughs Lula here is a Komodo module. And if it had not been for the favor of Allah and His mercy, what anila over him? And because Allah is kind and merciful, had it not been for this, then surely Allah would have hastened to bring about your punishment. The end of this clause has not been mentioned, for greater effectiveness, because if you notice, while Oh, La, La La here on a Komodo, Komodo anila over him, then what? The conclusion has not been mentioned, why, for greater effectiveness, that had it not been for the mercy of Allah than a load of A's and the punishment on you, you would have been in great trouble. You would have been duly punished, but it's out of the

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favor of Allah out of his mercy that Allah has saved you. It is out of his mercy.

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So taking these two if what do we learn?

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That fascia is something that a believer cannot have any interest in? He does not talk about it. He does not spread it.

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He does not like that other people should be talking about it. And whenever he comes across it, he avoids it. And he discourages other people from talking about such things as well.

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So for example, looking at it practically, you're sitting with your friends, and there she is talking about a love story that she read. What are you going to do? So what happened then?

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Right? No, this should not be your way, because then you're participating in spreading the fascia.

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And the one who spreads the fascia for him is severe punishment.

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Similarly, if there's something coming on TV, and it arouses sexual desire, perhaps the dress that the woman is wearing, perhaps the words, perhaps the conversation that is taking place, perhaps the whole story, perhaps the whole theme of that program of that television show,

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if it is such you cannot watch it, you cannot let other people watch it, you cannot have any interest in this. Because this is spreading fashion. This is being a part of spreading fashion. Because just imagine if a person is, you know, watching a show, in which there is how long and let's say you watch it, your friend watched it. And you know that it comes in a particular day, let's say on Wednesdays, it comes in the evening, and you meet your friend on Thursday. Did you see it? Oh my god, can you imagine what happened? This is what the sheer alpha spreading for Asia. It's not permissible. It's not right.

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So you understand, practically, you cannot have any interest in Russia, you cannot talk about it, you cannot spread it. And if anything is like this, that it arouses a sexual desire in whatever form in whatever medium, you cannot like it.

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And remember that, if you watch it, if you talk about it, if you listen to it, then it's going to become so simple, so easy. It's not going to remain a big deal.

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Wednesday Night is something so reprehensible something so bad, that look at the punishment flog the people who engage in this act 100 times and don't have any affection for them. How can we like such things? How can we watch them? How can we talk about them? How can we be proud of the fact that I've watched the entire series, it's not something to be proud about. Because if you watch it, it's going to come into your conversations, if it will come in your conversation, if it comes into the actions, not a big deal anymore.

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Unfortunately, we don't consider such things to be how long but look at what is mentioned over here are the one Aleem painful punishment and for something for which punishment is threatened. That is definitely heroin.

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So engaging in Federation anyway watching it, talking about it listening to it does not suit a true believer may or Kulina, another column. It does not suit us.

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Again, don't talk about it.

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Like for example, if you go outside, it's summertime, you see a lot of fashion show you hear a lot of furniture. You don't have to go back home and tell your sister about how you saw that girl dressed and describe her in full detail. No.

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You see stuff at a lot. Lower your gaze, go do your work, get back inside. Simple. But when you see it, then don't go on talking about it. Because when you start talking about it, that is on the show will spread. You're not allowed to spread it. You understand? You're not allowed to propagate it.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses from the beginning.

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de una BF de

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de la Halim Walla Walla.

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name is Lee

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Walla Walla

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locomobi have the condition to a la ilaha illa Anta the stockbroker wanted to really Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh