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Ad-Dukhan 1-59 Translation 1-59

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una Sunday a lot of Sunni Hill Karim Ummah, Barrett Pharaoh the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Baba schlafly slithery were Sidley, MD, Washington. Dr. Melissa Annie of kuqali probenecid nirma

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lesson number 269 subroto. Doohan Ayah number one 259, translation, hammy, hammy wolky Tabby by the book alemu been the one clear in the indeed we einzelner who we sent it down see in laylat in a night, Marbella cotton one blasted in indeed we gonna we were wondering once who warned

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see her in it. You forgot it is made distinct colo every Amgen command matter, Hakeem and firm

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and one a command men from Indiana near us in indeed we corner we were mursaleen once who said

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rush Martin and mercy men from Arabic Europe in the who indeed he who he is a semir the always Oh hearing Arlene the always all knowing

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rugby for a semi wet of the heavens while and the earth warmer and watch ever bainer humor is between them two, in quantum you were walking in once you believe with conviction

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less not a law had any god Illa except for he usually he gives life where you need to and he gives that but bukom You're horrible and Rob Abba equal of your forefathers a welline those who were first

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born brother whom they see in shakin adult yellow are born they play for decay. Then you wait Yo mama for a day that T it will come a summer the sky behind him with smoke will been one clear

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yaksha it will cover a NASA the people have this or there been a punishment at Lehman painful

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Rob banner Oh our Lord actually remove our net from us either but the punishment in indeed we may known ones who believe

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under how law home for them at the clock, the reminder was and in fact, Jet a home he came to them by Solon a messenger mu being one clear

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so much than the one low they turned away. I knew from him will call you and they said more or less one. One who is stopped my junoon a madman

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in that indeed we cache your food once you remove either the punishment or Leland, a little in Nicole indeed you all are the ones who return

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Yama on the network issue. We will see we will grasp Alibaba the grasp al kubra the greatest in indeed we want he would want to take revenge.

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While occurred and certainly fattener we put to trial. Avila home before them Toma people fit our owner of fit our own wotja home and he came to them by sulan a messenger Kareem honorable

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and that, uh do you all render you all restore

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Elijah to me? Are you bad servants Allah of Allah in me indeed I luckily for you all Rasulo a messenger I mean on trustworthy well and that lead do not do you all exalt Allah against Allah Allah in me indeed I atty come, I come to you this morning with a proof will been one clear

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what in me and indeed I are still I have taken refuge. I have sought refuge below be with my Arab world become and Europe and that Germany you all stone me

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was in and if lamb not took me know you all believe Lee

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For me, for Desi Looney, then you all leave me alone.

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Father, so he called robber who is Rob and that indeed, how old are these common people would you remove the ones who are criminals?

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So s3 so you travel by night, very badly with my servants Leyland at night in the comb indeed you all metabo own ones who are followed

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what rock and you leave al Basha the see one as come in the home indeed the gendun and army mobile own wants to be drowned.

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Come how many turaco they left men from Jeannette gardens, what are you own and springs was ur and crops, warmer calm and place? Kareem honorable one our Metin and comfort ganhou they were see her in it fokin once who lived happily wanzhou enjoyed

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gallica likewise with our snare her and we made to inherit it. omen of people hurrying others.

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Some of us are not back at it wept or lay him upon them a summer The sky was up and the earth warmer and not ganhou they were mumbling once given rest bite

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Welcome to uncertainly Medina we saved Bernie children, Islam eel of Islam, you men from other the punishment Elmo when the disgraceful men from federal owner fit our own into who indeed he Ghana, he was Orlean, one who is arrogant men from almost riffin those who are extravagant

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What an odd and certainly if delnor whom we chose them. Allah upon illman knowledge Allah upon Allah Allah mean the world's or entertainer whom and we gave them men from

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the signs ma wat fi in it Bella a trial mubin one clear

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in indeed How old are these layer Kowloon surely they say in not here it Illa except Mota tuna our debt and Ola the first warmer and not national we the moon sharing at all ones who will be resurrected

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to so you all can be Abba in a with our forefathers in if quantum you were cited the ones who are truthful

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or whom are they hiring better or our people to back off to one ladina and those who mean from cobbling him before them not now whom we destroyed them in the home indeed they can no they were would remain criminals

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while Amma and not Hakuna recreated a semi wet the heavens while out and the earth warmer and whatever bainer humor is between them to Larry been as ones who play

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man not Hakuna humor we created them to Illa except will help with the truth while I can but accelera whom most of them learn not Yala moon they know

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in indeed yolmer de al fossil of the judgment of the separation, Miyako to whom they're appointed time as a marine altogether yoma on the left not ugni it will avail molan a close friend, a close relative on from molan, a close friend che anything whether and nor home they use our own they will be helped

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a lot except man whom rahima He bestowed mercy Allahu Allah in the who indeed he who he is a disease the always Almighty of Rahim the always All Merciful.

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In indeed, Shadow tree as of this

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time is food, a theme of the sinful of the extreme center gulmohar like the boiling oil, like the melted metal, young Lee, it will boil fee in elbow tone, the valleys carefully, like boiling alchemy of the hot water, who you all sees him, farty Lou, who then you will drag him either to our midst a team of the blazing help

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so much then so boo you all poor folk above his head, men from our the torment and her meme of the boiling hot water. The taste in NACA indeed you and you are these the mighty al Karim the honorable or the noble in indeed had this man what control you were behind with it dumped on you all doubt in indeed, almost again. Those who adopt Aqua Fie in macom in a place I mean, one safe one secure fee in Jeannette gardens, where are you and springs yell bassoon, they will where men from sin doesn't find. So what is stable rocking and thick silk motorcar baleen once facing each other karateka likewise, was our webinar home and we will couple them beholding with fair females Renan who are

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ones with white beautiful eyes.

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You're the owner, they will call see her in it because with every phakisa fruit, I mean, as ones who are secure land not Yokozuna, they will taste see her in it alamode the debt in there except l motor that l Ola. The first one

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will call home and he saved them either the punishment. Elijah Haim of the blazing fire fabuland a favor a bounty main from public you're up there velyka that who it is and foes the success and our lame the great

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for intimate So indeed not but yes sir. Now who we have made it easy. Bailey Sonic with your tongue La La home so that they get a car loan. They take less than 40 Okay, so wait in the home indeed they don't want to wait.

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Let's listen to the recitation from the beacon

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Yo man

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boo oh

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