Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 18 – L178A

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An-Nur 21-26 Translation 21-26

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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dR lotto soudal Kareem Mr. Barrett Feroz Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim labiche Riley acidity were Sidley Andy Wagner. Better melissani koko de probenecid

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lesson number 178 surah to note is number 21 to 26

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Yeah Are you her or a levina? Those who are Manu they believed last do not that w you all follow what footsteps or shape on of the shape on woman and whoever get the bit he follows what footsteps are shaped on of the shape on for him now who then indeed he yet Moodle he orders bill fascia with the indecency while mooncup and the recognized wrong while Ola and if not for blue bounty Allahu of Allah, La come upon you all what I do and his mercy, man not zeca he was pure. men come from you men from a hadn't anyone ever there ever? Well I can but Allah Allah use that key he purifies man whoever you share with you wills will allow and Allah semir are always all hearing our leemon always

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all knowing

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why Allah and should not get tele he swear to withhold. oluwo possessor and father of the bounty of the virtue men come from you was sir and the means and the plentitude and that you do they give early possessor a corba of close relationship. What am I sacking and those who are needy while more hygiene and those who migrate fee in Sevilla Way of Allah? Well yeah, and they should Pardon? Well yes for who and they should overlook Allah do not to have Boonen your love and that young Pharaoh He forgives Allahu Allah La come for you. Will la who and Allah of food on one most forgiving but a Haman when all of us All Merciful? Indeed, Allah Vina those who hear Muna they accuse Elmore sonet,

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the chaste women,

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a lot of filler, the unaware women, the unaware women, and what mean at the believing women? Laurie knew they were cursed fit dounia in the world, while a pharaoh and the hereafter what a home and for them, are there been a punishment, or Lehman one great. Yama en de Dasha do it will testify. It will witness I lay him against them elsina to whom their tongues were ad him and their hands will have jewelry home and their feet be man with what can Oh, they were here my loon they used to do the oma event that day you are feeding him He will give fully to them.

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Allahu Allah Dena home, their recompense and help the true where Allah Muna and they will know. And that Indeed, Allah Allah, who he will help the truth and moving. The one clear the one manifest

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a hobby that the impure women, little hobby scene for the impure men.

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One hobby soon, and the impure man, little hobby set for the impure women. What are you back, and the pure women litho yibin. For the pure men, what the you born and the pure men lifta you bet for the pure women, Ola, Ecuador's mobile owner, ones who are innocent ones who are absolved of mimma from what your coluna They say the home for them. mock Pharaoh forgiveness, what is gone and provision carry him on. Honorable

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we listen to the recitation of desire

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shame on

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Shame on you.

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In a

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yo ma Ed waspi mucho de

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Savita kabhi kabhi hobby hobby

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carry me