Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 18 – L173D

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the struggles of people around the world, including the struggles of being around people who are supposed to be evil and not being, and the importance of following the God-And-Gest. They also touch on the insecurity of certain beliefs and concepts, such as the belief that only one person can live. The speakers emphasize the need to convince people to take risks and leave their lives for better outcomes, and to deal with difficult experiences and avoid becoming a messager. The use of messengers is also discussed in relation to Hades and the return of Hades to the present generation.
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rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim

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lesson number 173. So let me know I am number 31 to 50.

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So my unshot nam embody him, then we produced after them all, none aladeen a generation of others, and Shatner from the roof Everest noon Jean Hamza, NASA and NASA is to emerge dereyes and in share and share a unique view in chair is to produce something to bring it into being, to cause it to rise to cause it to grow.

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So, some from the survivors of the flood, we produced member the him after them after the people of New Hampshire center, we produced Cardinal, a generation after Hurricane of others, and who was his Cardinal offering a generation of other people, this was the people of God, and who was their prophet

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who their listener, we learned in sort of art off I 69, that who there is an answer to his people, what Guru is Jalla konkola for remember the comb in your hand. And remember, when Allah made you successors, after the people of New

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so what do we see that after the people of New Harrison, which nation came about, from their descendants, it was a people of art. But obviously, again shavonne he came to them, and the people they started doing ship again.

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For others also nafi him so we sent in them rasuna, a messenger main home from them, and who was that messenger who their listener. So he was one of them. And he said to them, a nearby de la her, that you all worship Allah mela, Camila envira, who you do not have any other God beside him, I found out that the owner Do not fear him.

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So basically, he delivered the exact same message as new Hardison and conveyed

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the message was the same, that worship only Allah and fear his punishment.

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And again, the response of the people was also the same. And what was that response that were parallel mela woman call me again the mother, they spoke. They're the ones who rose up against the messenger. And they said to one another, they said to the rest of the people, which Mother alladhina cafaro worker will be recorded.

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Those mother who had this believed in and deny the meeting of the Hereafter, what does it mean by the call of the Hereafter,

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the coming of the Day of Judgment, the meeting with Allah in the Hereafter, the meeting with the account in the hereafter. So the Mullah alladhina cafaro wakasa will be recorded.

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they disbelieved in the hereafter they called it a lie, they said there is no reality to it. This was their main problem. They did not believe in afterlife. And moreover, what I thought of now home and we had given them luxury, where Phil Hyatt adonia in the life of this world, and this is the reason why they had become deniers of the Day of Judgment, because there were so immersed in adonia

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they were enjoying it so much. A trough now from the room flatteries Delta, fair, Duff. As you know, this word is used for luxury that when a person has an abundance of wealth, abundance of children abundance of luxury,

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to attract now whom we had given them. affluence we had made them rich, we have provided them with a lot of luxury and comfort. Phil Hyatt adonia in the life of this world,

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so what did they say? Man has a lavish or mythical this man who he is not a human being except like you is only a human being. There is nothing special about him. And since there's nothing special about him, he's not an angel. He's not a super human being. Why should you believe in him and why should you follow him? Yeah, kulu and the evidence that he is a messenger just like you is that he kulu mimetic coluna men who he eats of that which you eat from?

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He eats just like you eat. Why should a woman man Masha born and he drinks of that which you drink? He eats like you he drinks like you he eats the same food, he drinks the same food. Some special heavenly food does not descend for him. Some special heavenly drink does not descend for him. He eats the same food he drinks the same drink just like you. So how can he be different from you? How can he be better than you? So this is what they could not understand. Because typically what happens, people who are supposed to be very righteous. People were supposed to be saints. What do people think that they should not eat? They should not eat like other humans do. They should not

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drink like other humans do. And if they eat and drink, then they're like other people. They're normal. There's nothing special about them.

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Which is

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Why we learned that once when Imam Shafi visited a husband humble, and he ate, so his wife was surprised that if he's supposed to be a very righteous man, as you describe him, how can we eat so much? So, this is something that people think that if someone is very righteous, they should not be eating a lot. They should not be eating normally, they should not be eating the same kind of food. Whereas we see that a person who is very righteous even if he's a prophet is still a human being. And it's normal to eat normal food. So yeah, kurumi mata Karuna Minho, why ashrawi Masha bone, and then they said, well in a 13, verschuren, mythological. And if you were to obey a human being like

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you, in a coma in aloha sirona. And indeed you would then be surely losers. They said this to one another, especially to the followers, the elite said this to the followers, that if you follow a human being like you, if you do what He tells you to do, then he would be losers, you would not achieve what you want in this dunya you would suffer in this world. And because there is no hereafter, your life would be a total waste, you will not have enjoyed this life at all. So don't listen to him don't suffer so much. And we see that this is also something very common today.

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That if someone turns towards their religion, if someone becomes more righteous, what do people say? That you're going to suffer a lot? You're going to miss out on so much. Why? Why is this so? This is because people don't have your clean in the Hara.

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If a person is certain that there is hereafter there is gender, there is a promise of reward for those who bear patiently in this dunya then that person would not discouraged the other from worshipping Allah from doing what Allah has commanded us to do

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in la comida, la sirona, and you will be losers, if you obey Him, because then you would not be allowed to eat everything, you would not be allowed to buy everything, you would not be allowed to do whatever you want to, you would have to live your life within certain restrictions within certain boundaries. And then obviously, you would lose out, you would suffer great loss in knuckle in aloha syndrome.

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So we see that the reason why a person begins to give a lot of importance to the dunya is because of lack of your pain in the hereafter.

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And what do we learn at the beginning of social Baccarat that those people who have the Congo benefit from the Quran or bill karate, whom you can own, not just you mean own, but you can own they believe with conviction, they believe with certainty, that if I suffer today for Allah, He will compensate me tomorrow. If I enjoy something today, at the expense of disobeying Allah subhanaw taala, then in the Hereafter, I will be permanently deprived.

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So when a person has to clean in the Hereafter, then he's able to make the right decisions. And you see that has zero losers. That's the opposite of Fela. What do we see that believers are those who are successful, but those who don't believe what do they think about the believers? That they're losers? And in reality, who are losers? they themselves are losers.

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And then they continue, they keep on going a year to come? Does he promise you? Yeah, they do from the roof address? Well, kinda. Does he say this to you that unlock on that, indeed, you either meet them when you have died, or come down to Robin and when you have turned to dust, where ilam and boons, plural of awesome when you have turned to dust and bones, and Nakamura, June, that you're going to be brought out, you're going to be brought out of your grave, you're going to be brought out of your state of death alive. How is it possible? This is what he says to you analyze what he's saying, how can you believe in that? How can you listen to him? How can you obey Him? And they

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continue? He had a he had a limit to how far How far is that what you have been promised?

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Meaning a tool unrealistic? It's so not true. How could you fall for that? How could you accept that? The word Hey, Heather, it is an isn't fairy. Stranger, isn't fairy? It's a noun and a verb. It's basically the noun of a verb. And it gives the meaning of a master because master is also what's the name of an action. And he had this also Kalima birth, it gives the meaning of something that is very far very improbable, very unrealistic. So hey, very far Baroda Baroda how far how impossible Hey had he had, how far from reality how far fetched this belief is

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So how far is Lima to do that which you are promised? Meaning what he is telling you what he's promising you that there's a day of gentlemen. It's so unrealistic. It's so untrue. It's so far from reality. far fetched is what you were promised it is very unlikely that this will ever happened. Our logic does not accept it, this is impossible. And they continue in here in La Jolla, tuna. It is not accept our life, meaning this existence of ours our reality is only higher to not dunya our life of this world, our existence, our reality is only what the life of this world and there is no life before that there is no life after that, no Muto, we die when are here, and we live meeting some of

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us die. And some of us continue to live and eventually, even data nemoto wanna hear, that's it only in this life, not beyond that woman national remember rule scene and we are not at all wants to be resurrected. After we have died, we're never going to be resurrected.

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So we see that because there were so consumed in the life of this dunya. They said in here, Illa Hayato, Natalia, this is what life is all about. This is life, value your life, cherish your life, enjoy every moment, don't lose out on anything. You only live once you don't live twice the mood to wanna hear, therefore, enjoy to the maximum. And people have made many slogan many statements, which promotes such beliefs and concepts that you live only once to enjoy to the maximum.

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So any illa hesston adonia, they completely forgot about, they became completely heedless of it.

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And it's amazing that people today they consider themselves to be very modern, very advanced, very educated. However, they still think the same way that the people are taught the same way as them. And they came such a long time ago. If you think about it, knew her Islam was the first messenger and after him game, who there isn't. So you can imagine how primitive those societies must have been those populations must have been such a long time ago, ancient times, and this is what they believed. But there is nothing beyond the life of this world. It's all about this dunya. And it's unfortunate that people today they think the same way.

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And they said in who are illogical, this is not except women, meaning this messenger hood, he is only a man, if there are like a demon who has fabricated a lie against Allah, which lie

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that he is a prophet, or that there will be an afterlife. Woman nationala who will mean and we are not at all ones who will believe in him. We're not going to believe what he's saying. We're not going to affirm what he's telling us. If you think about it, they're going on and on against him, isn't it? They say one thing, and then they say another thing. They said that he's only a human being he eats just like you he drinks just like you. If you have a human being you'll suffer from gray claws. And he does he promise you that there will be a day of judgment they will be here after that so impossible. They continue they go on and on. What does it show? How insecure they felt. It

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was as though they had taken it personally, that they had to defend themselves the malla to prove themselves, right, they have to go on and on accusing the messenger of one thing after the other refuting him from each angle from each aspect.

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Who does the someone who is very insecure?

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And someone who is confident about the truth, then even one statement is enough. Someone who is confident about the truth, even one statement is sufficient, because he is confident and someone who is insecure, who feels threatened, who is in doubt who is shaky, then he is not satisfied even with one statement, he will continue with one thing after the other.

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And we say that if they really believed that what he has said was false, that what he had said had no reality to it, then why would they be so concerned about it? If you believe that someone is wrong, if you believe that what they have said is a lie. It's not a reality at all. Then you will just say whatever and you'll move on with your life. So this shows that they knew what was going on. They were in confusion. They were in doubt and just to overcome that. They were giving so many explanations. They were talking about one thing after the other. So what happened then

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he said who there is a Lamb who prayed to Allah, Robin Sony. Oh my Lord, You helped me vema aka the boonie because they have denied me he made the same Dora just doesn't know how to send me that

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Allah you helped me against these people, because they have denied me they have rejected me. They're not going to believe they're not going to listen. So what was the response that was given to him by a loss of data? He said, I'm Colleen after a little loose behold Nana demean they will surely become regretful right now, they refuse to believe they're only spreading disbelief. Just wait. And very soon they will become regretful America ama is a combination of unand ma. And Alia means level over here curl gives the meaning of in a little while and more over here is that it gives a meaning of Fiddler it is emphasizing the killer the smallest, the shortage or you can say that how little is

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the time that is left. So um, mapperley shortly in a little while in just some time, in a few moments, these people will become regretful, they will be remorseful, for what for the effort that they have done for the globe that they have done. So what happened and for that to say how to be help, so the shriek sees them in truth a Say hello. What does it mean? The piercing shrieking sound of something the tearing sound of wood or of a cloth. When you tear a cloth apart, there is a very shrieking, shredding sound that is produced. Similarly one word is being cut. At that time also a very loud tricky sound is produced. So say hi is used for a piercing sound. And it's also used for a

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very loud blast. And figuratively this word is also used for punishment. So for a Hola, Tomas, say hi to a Say hello. I mean the shriek of punishment and destruction, a huge blast and extremely loud noise, an extremely loud scream that caused them to die.

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Just imagine they died by what? By the sound of a blast. And secondly, a se has also understood as punishment, and we learn in total health is number six to eight, about how these people were destroyed.

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that were done and as far as for legal beauty and suffering idea. So they were destroyed by a screaming violent wind. So what were they destroyed by by a screaming violent wind? Sahar la him sobre la la in West manyatta, Yemen, Houston Suman, which Allah imposed upon them for seven nights and eight days in succession. Imagine this screaming violent wind was imposed on them for how long? seven nights and eight days in succession without a break. So obviously, it destroyed not just the houses of people, but also the people themselves. fentanyl coma, so you would see the people in it sadara, fallen, unknown or jazz or nothing while we're as if they were hollow trunks of palm trees

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for health or Allahu membaca. Then do you see any of their remains? You don't see them? You don't see even one survivor.

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So what do we see over here for a while that to say how to better help, that the SE had the shriek or the blast of punishment, it sees them and Bill health bill helped means that certainly they had nothing to defend themselves with they had no dafair no defense, no one to defend them for a while that Tomasi had a bit of help. Further unknown whom was so we made them like the plants double. What is the mean by Vasa OSA is from the real collectors lane set Well, the lanes area and we'll say is used for the scum that rises on the surface of what is boiling in a pot. For example, if you're boiling some meat in a bar with water, then what's going to happen this form the impurities are

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going to rise to the surface. And what do you do with those impurities? You have to remove them you have to take them off. So this is what was that is used for and what that is also used for the rubbish, the stubble. The broken pieces of wood, plants, leaves, branches, dry grass that you see floating on floodwater. Do you give any importance to it? Is it valuable at all? Not at all. If it was dry, perhaps it would be valuable. You could use it as firewood, but when it's wet, and when it's decaying. Imagine when organic matter is flowing in water. What's going to happen to it. It's going to decay, it's going to get rotten up so nobody gives any importance to it.

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So far your alarm goes there. And we learn in sort of earlier as well for Allah who was there. And

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so further analysis and what does it mean over here? First of all, it expresses complete destruction, that they were like broken pieces of wood, such impurities that rise to the surface of floodwater, or boiling liquid. This is like what they were completely destroyed, completely annihilated. And secondly, it was there and over here also expresses their worthlessness that how worthless they became, nobody came to bury them. Nobody came to pick up the ruins. Nobody came to cry over them to manage their affairs after they were gone. No fudgier are now homeless.

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For burden calm is largely mean so away, meaning may they be cursed, may they be removed away from the mercy of Allah who will come? Is it mean those people who are

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so what do we see over here, that a lot did not grab them by punishing them? A lot did not do a lot among them, by destroying them. It was their themselves who did

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a comienza alameen wa masala mahoma Lago when I can, can and for some years.

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So what do we see that these people, the people of art, they were extremely arrogant people extremely proud that they could not understand how a human being dislike them could become a messenger, how could they accept his superiority over themselves, and especially the manner and we also learned that the people of our they were very tall, they were very huge and very strong in their physique. And they were also very proud about that.

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So we see that they were so arrogant, but Allah subhanaw taala turned them into

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just like garbage. They became losers for not following the messengers. We learned in sort of aged six to eight, and then thought, okay, for further aboukir behrad eliminative remained. And let me walk me through how Phil billard Have you not considered how your Lord dealt with the people of art with Iran, who had lofty pillars? So it wasn't just that they were physically very strong and mighty. But they also had great architecture. They built lofty pillars, the likes of whom had never been created internet.

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So this is how successful they were in worldly terms. However, when they disbelieved what happened to their success, it turned into failure, not just in this dunya, but also in the hereafter.

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What lesson do we learn from this,

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that if a person does not have Eman, then no matter what he has of this dunya, even that will not benefit him. Neither in this dunya nor in the hereafter.

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Because sometimes people's focus it shifts from the hero to the dunya. From the dean to the dunya. They are under the they're following the theme, but all of a sudden their focus shifts and when that shifts, then casilla dunya will, then a person has suffered the loss of lunia and also the hereafter

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without it equal husana mubin and that is a greatest loss, clear loss. There is no doubt about that loss. It's evident it's manifest, that a person has suffered from great loss when a person does not have any dunia left and any accurate left.

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boo boo.

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Boo Boo.

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way how to be happy.

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But I was thinking when

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sometimes he chooses people. And in order to keep that blessing, you need to strive really hard, you know that it's a blessing that Alyssa has chosen you to be here. And sometimes you'll go, you'll fall into a lot of difficulties as well. But nothing comes easily. Nothing comes easily meaning even your tests, you know, your written test, and then now you have so many assignments as well. one on top of another. Now you'll have even further you'll see that there'll be subjects, which you'll say, Oh my God, this terminology is just too much for me. But Allah is giving you this blessing and take it while you're here. Yes, right otherwise, who knows when it goes away? Exactly that we see that

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we're Incandela modeling, tests and trials are part of life. prophets were tested. And we see that the people who were sent to them, messengers were sent to them, but they weren't willing to make changes to their lives because they felt that if they made those changes, and they would suffer great loss and their dunya, but we see that if a person has to go forward in the deen, then he has to compromise in Estonia. Either you get the * out or you get the dunya it's about what you prefer more. So, whatever a person tries to achieve, he definitely has to sacrifice for it, he has to sacrifice other things for it, he has to leave love, he has to stay away from it otherwise, he

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will not be able to achieve his purpose.

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And we see that in total hedge at the end of last point our goal this word of alchemy has chosen you you don't have any choice now, he has chosen you He has given you this task, you have this responsibility on your shoulders, you have to fulfill it. And now practical examples are being given to us look new Harrison did it. Look who there Listen, um, did it. Okay, people do not listen, people do not accept only a few people believed. But because of that they leave their work. No, they did it despite the challenges. If people do not respond to the God of the messenger, if they do not listen to him, if they did not obey Him, if they do not follow in his footsteps, then they will be

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replaced by another generation. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam also left us with a great man with a great responsibility. It's our obligation that we should follow him that we should listen to him that we should obey Him. And if we don't, then Allah is Lennie. He can replace one generation with the other.

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When a person is going through some challenges, some difficulties he feels it's too much, and sometimes he leaves it. But if he takes those difficulties and challenges as a training time as a time when he's getting trained, then later on, your work will become easier. Like for example, right now, you may have a lot of tests, and you may feel because of that you have to leave so many things, you can watch the same things that you use before, you can go to the same places that you did before. You can have as much parties and events that you had before. Why because more of your time goes where in studying. Now you have to make the sacrifice right now. And you have to realize that

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this is a training time this is a training period, because once this course is over, believe me, the difficulties will multiply if you wish to continue on this path. If you wish to continue on this path, the difficulties, they will only increase. And if you have not gone through this training period property, you will not be able to face that which is why many people they fail afterwards. Dealing with those struggles will be easier if you get used to dealing with difficulties right now.

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We see that in both of these stories I mentioned over here. What was the problem with the people that they could not understand how a human being could be a messenger How could they follow another human being? And many times people have this problem. That's just another person. He's just one of us. She's just one of us. How can she be better than us? How can she be my group in charge? How can she be my teacher? I should have listened to her. But the fact is that if someone is telling you the truth, if somebody is advising you with that which is right, then go for what they're saying. Don't look at who they are.

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Don't get lost in that don't get stuck in that. Look at what they're saying, Look at what they're telling you.

00:30:06 --> 00:30:18

We see that the people that were not looking at what the messenger was telling them, the first thing they said was, he's a human being. How can you accept him? How can you follow him? This was pride arrogance.

00:30:19 --> 00:30:20

Okay, let's continue.

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I number 42.

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Some unshot nam embody him, guru and marine. Then we produced after them other generations, meaning after the destruction of the people of odd after the destruction of the people of New Harrison, what happened? A loss of final data produced other generations, many other generations.

00:30:47 --> 00:30:55

Like that of the people of Sala Harrison, the people of Lutheranism, the people of Srebrenica, and the people of Ibrahim are excellent.

00:30:56 --> 00:31:19

So different messengers were sent to different people at different times. So Quran and Hadith refers to different generations, different people to whom Allah subhanaw taala sent messengers do, we learn in Sultan Nyssa? Number 165, but also learn MOBA, sharena vamos Irina de la akuna lanessa de la her jetten by the whistle,

00:31:20 --> 00:31:29

we sent messengers as Bringers of good news and Warner's as well, so that people would not have any argument against Allah after the messengers.

00:31:30 --> 00:31:56

So after the destruction of the earlier generations, Allah produced new generations, and each generation to each people who did he send a messenger so that the messenger would teach them as to what was required of them. So that on the Day of Judgment, nobody would be able to say that Oh Allah, we never knew no messenger was sent to us, we had no idea. So messengers were sent to all people to every generation to every place.

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Instead of a third eye a 24. We learn what m Min omoton illa Halevy, Hana deed and there was no nation but that they had passed within it. A Warner every nation every oma Allah sent a messenger to it matters becoming Ahmed in Agile haha. When is the hero no nation will proceed it's time of termination, nor will they remain thereafter. Madam Speaker, the speaker is too advanced to go ahead. Min Ahmed in any oma agenda, it's time. What does this agile refer to the time of termination, the time of punishment the time of destruction. So no oma was allowed to proceed before it meaning no oma was such that it died before it's due time. It came to an end before it's due time

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when I started Iran, nor were they able to remain thereafter. Meaning once the Agile came, once that punishment came, they were not able to survive after that.

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In other words, when Allah sent the punishment on the people, it was at the appropriate time. It was at the right time. It wasn't that they were punished before time. And it wasn't that they were allowed to stay after the punishment. Allah sent the messengers, the messengers conveyed fully when the people did not believe they were not immediately punished. They were all given time. And when that time expired, only then the punishment came upon them. And once the punishment came, they were not allowed to remain thereafter. Instead of natural is 61 we learn while oh you Alfred Allahu NASA balloon medium metal rocker Allah em in depth. If allow her to punish people for their wrongdoing,

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he would not have left any creature on this earth, while making you a hero him illa edgerly Muslim, but he only gives them rest bite until they're fixed died. So each person, each nation, each society, it only came to an end when the time of extermination came about. It did not die before time. So for example, if death comes to a person, young, we cannot say that Oh, they died too early.

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No, we're no one's to say because when Allah decrees for a person to die, when Allah decrees for a civilization to come to an end, that is the time that is appropriate for it.

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And based on that a person will be judged in the hereafter. That what did he do in the time that he was given? Did he use it? Did he wasted? Did he believe that he disbelieved? Did he do something that would make him successful in the hereafter? Or did he just waste his life away?

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Somehow to sell now who Solana tetra, then we sent our messengers in succession, one after the other. That is from the root letters. Well, that according to one opinion, from the word with what does it mean?

00:35:00 --> 00:35:01

odd number

00:35:02 --> 00:35:25

and the Elif at the end is for that nice, feminine. And that one after the other motivators one after the other in succession, that odd, odd odd one after the other, to understand one with right one, and then after one game, another with it and then after with the game another with,

00:35:26 --> 00:35:40

so one after the other in succession. And according to others the work that draw is from the real collectors that that are and that is when something comes consecutively. It is a journal that all the people came one after another.

00:35:41 --> 00:35:59

So then we send our messengers in succession following one after the other, and between every two were long periods of time. So we see that every generation or you can say every nation, every people, Allah sent messengers.

00:36:00 --> 00:36:22

There was no people who are deprived of guidance. No, every nation, Allah sent His messengers to them. We don't insult at the scene i a 36. year has forgotten or that every bad May the middle Assouline Illa can be here yesterday on how regretful for the servants, there did not come to them any messenger except that they used to ridicule.

00:36:23 --> 00:37:15

So to every people, Allah sent messengers, he sent messengers in succession, one after the other. However, what was the reaction of people? mockery, denial? cola magia, omata vasudha every time he came to a people who Rasulullah its messenger, every time the messenger of a people came to it. What was the reaction of the people cut the Boo hoo, they denied him. The people they denied the messenger. We learn in sort of I 23 work at Le Kemal Santa Monica Monica ficaria de manera de La Paloma tofu her in Nevada, Nevada and Allah omoton were in a 30 maka, Dune and similarly, we did not send before you any Warner into a city except that its people said the rich ones among them said

00:37:16 --> 00:37:22

Indeed, we found our forefathers been a religion and we are in their footsteps following meaning we're not going to believe in this messenger.

00:37:23 --> 00:37:42

We're comfortable on the ways that we are already. We're not going to believe we're not going to change into the tubba i 34. We learn when my son left Korea to Minna de la Calatrava in Alabama, to be careful. We don't believe in what you say. We're not going to accept what you're telling us.

00:37:43 --> 00:38:07

So good luck. magia. Mata Rasulullah, Cotta boo they denied him they didn't believe in him. So what happened for at Burnham ba ba, ba ba? So we made to follow some of them. Others we made them to follow one another. How in punishment and destruction. Allah sent His messengers consecutively. Every time a messenger came, people denied, were they spared? No they were punished.

00:38:08 --> 00:38:15

So people came the messenger came, they denied they were punished, and other people came, the messenger came, they denied they were punished.

00:38:17 --> 00:39:06

So just as Allah said passengers in succession, the people were also destroyed in succession for at Varna bearable home. vatva was your unknown Hades and we made them only stories. This is what was left of those people. This is what was left of all those civilizations, of all those societies of all those nations of all those great people of the past what is left of them, only their stories are Hades. Why? Because they denied the messengers. Aha, this is a plot of Hades and what does Hadees mean? statement. But German or Hadees generally is used for a statement that is useful, informative Hubbard and Hades is also the plural of producer, producer. And producer is used for a story it is

00:39:06 --> 00:39:14

used for a narrative, something that is narrated for the purpose of love for the purpose of amusement, and also for our

00:39:15 --> 00:39:22

amazement, so far, there are no more hobbies we only made them narrations, nothing remained of them except talk.

00:39:23 --> 00:39:44

People just spoke about them. People just narrated stories about them. People only wonder about them. And those people they did not remain for more than the comilla umino. So a way away meaning curse, far removed are they from the mercy of Allah, which people the people like me known who do not believe?

00:39:45 --> 00:39:59

So what do we see in this ayah that Allah subhanaw taala produced in this earth one generation after the other and each generation, each nation each people, he sent messengers do the big

00:40:00 --> 00:40:08

When other medicine was centered near what was said, but in my DNA Khomeini houden, from a wr who died for the hoven earlier him without

00:40:09 --> 00:40:36

that guidance will come, I will send guidance, whoever follows the guidance, he will have no fear, and he will have no regrets. So, we see that every nation that came into this dunya, Allah sent guidance to them, how in the form of messengers who conveyed good news to the people who gave them warning. However, the reaction of people typically has been a word of disbelief.

00:40:37 --> 00:41:20

So every time they disbelieved Eliza, and they were punished, because they were harming the messenger and rescue the messenger, Allah destroyed the people to take revenge for him, Allah destroyed those people. And after them, another generation would come up. And again, a messenger was sent to them again, they denied. So the same thing repeated again and again and again. Until what was left of the previous people is only stories people only talk about when they go and excavate the remains their only entire job in amazement and they narrate their stories in wonder in amazement, further along or Hades and in reality, these people are away from the mercy of Allah.

Al-Muminun 23-50 Word Analysis and Tafsir 31-44

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