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Al-Muminun 23-50 Word Analysis and Tafsir 45-50


AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the importance of sound proof in proving one's actions and bringing others to say the truth. The use of sound proof to assert one's credibility is crucial, and the importance of not acknowledging the negative impact of people on the world and following guidance of the Prophet is emphasized. The success of Houma, a place where people can go up a steep road to a park or play area, and the importance of knowing one's beliefs and strengths to present them to others is emphasized.
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Some musawah ha ha ha Luna, Biya Tina was so tiny movie. And then we sent most artists in him and his brother how long with our signs and a clear authority. So this happened until the time of musasa. Or until you can say the time of Ibrahim are listening because after Ibrahim or listener, the messengers came due to the bunny.

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So some of a sudden now Moosa, we sent musawah aho and his brother, who was his brother held on and we sent them with what Be it, you know, with our science? What does the IRS refer to?

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The Nine sites that we have learned earlier about amongst them is the glowing hand that I saw and the other signs that musasa was given.

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And along with the IRS musala cinammon, how long they were also given so Bonomo being a clear authority of clear evidence, what does it so far we've been referred to, so far as you know, means authority, evidence, proof or argument.

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So, so far mo been refers to the decisive proofs, the clear evidences

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that Moosa has said and gave in the court of federal to prove the Lordship of the oneness of a loss of hunger, the fact that he's the only one who deserves worship, and to prove his prophethood. So, it refers to the decisive proofs and evidences that Musashi Sam gave in the quarter federal and when fit our own was given those evidences, it made his quarters speechless. So it refers to the dialogue, the debate, the conversation that he had with them, with their own and his people. We learned into a Baja, I have 49 to 52 and other pieces of the Quran as well, that when musar listen and when to fit our own. And he said to fit on that let the bunny Israel go so that they can worship

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Allah. So fit around what did he say Allah pharma buku, Maja Musa so Who was your Lord or Musa? Color abouna lady Erica Cola, Shea in Falco, Samba, and what response would fit I don't have to that. Can you claim that he created everything that he claimed that he guides everything? No, he claimed that he deserved worship, but nothing beyond that he could prove

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color so he changed the topic and further on said former colonial ruler What about the previous generations? Was Allison amset color Elmo herring dog Beefeater liability, Robbie Williams.

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So when Mossad Islam gave these decisive proofs and evidences clear evidences fit, was made speechless. This is why he called the miracle that Musashi Sam showed him magic, because he had to change the subject somehow, right? He had to prove that he was Victoria somehow.

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So this was a sulfonium have been that musasa was given,

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according to others will find it will be in it refers to that also, the staff that musar listen and head. Why is the cultural tornabene because it was a clear evidence, the clear evidence of the truthfulness of musasa. Because the things that were done through the US law, no magician could perform with his stick. Like, for example, in the core to fit our own only the staff who saw this and was turned into a snake before him, and for their own, felt afraid.

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And in the competition that was between musallam and the magicians what happened,

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the staff of most artists and it ate up all of the snakes that the magician's had produced. So it was a clear evidence of the truthfulness of musasa that this man is not a magician, he's not a liar. He is indeed a prophet of Allah. He is indeed truthful.

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So Moosa and her own they were given clear signs. What do we see over here, that in order for a person to convey the truth, in order for a person to make the truth clear to the other, he must know enough sound proofs to make the other speechless. Even if the other does not accept by for example, over here musar listener, he gave clear evidences decisive proofs, which made for their own speechless he had nothing left to say he was defeated in the argument in the debate in the discussion and musasa presented miracles as well. Which defeated

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now Yes, there are nice people they did not believe. But did Masada said I'm not defeat them? Of course he did. So a very, very important lesson for all of us. That we must be equipped with sound evidences with sound proofs. When giving Dawa when calling people to Allah, not just so that we can defeat them. No, that's not the purpose. When a person is calling other people to the objectivist

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Not a defeat the other people know the objective is to invite them. And you can only invite someone you can only make the other person accept when you have convinced them when you have made them realize the truth. And in order to do that, you have to be well equipped with sound evidences, so that the other can understand. And also one more important thing that you should not be concerned about whether they believe or not, whether they accept or not, that is up to them. Your responsibility is to convey, you should be concerned about your part, have I conveyed properly? Have I conveyed fully? Did I fall short in my job in fulfilling my tasks somewhere? If I did, I need to

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improve myself. Because sometimes we're only concerned about the other person believing and accepting. Which is I have to say one thing we say so are you ready to say the Shahada? Are you ready to join the course?

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The thing is that you should do your best, and you should be concerned about your job. You should give them enough evidence and proof so that the truth is clear to them.

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And whether they believe or not, that's not your responsibility. You've done your job, so you should be satisfied. So then what happened when musala Sam was sent with these clear signs it after owner to fit our own woman that he and his elite is cheeps his courtiers and who does not refer to the mother it refers to the people of Iran, the coptics, the Egyptians. So Mossad Islam was sent not just to their own, not just to the Bani Israel, but also to the Mullah of Iran.

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But what was their reaction for stackable, but they acted arrogantly? What is this think about? People?

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What is the definition of

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bottle help? It is to reject the truth, while humbleness and also beautiful people.

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The first part of arrogance is what buttons to reject the truth. So musar Hassan, he conveyed the truth to them, he proved the truth to them. He gave them clear evidence, his sound proves decisive arguments. But what was the reaction of our own in his people of Bethel how they did not accept the truth. Despite the fact that it was crystal clear to them. There was no doubt in it. They were too arrogant to believe in Allah, they were too arrogant to worship only him. They were too arrogant to change their ways. They were too arrogant to follow the Prophet of Allah.

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We learn into a thought ha, I have 56 what are called the arena who I attina Cola, for cadabra, whatever. And we certainly shortfin our own our signs, all of them. But he denied and he refused. So this was discovered. And along for NASA belittling people,

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what was the second crime that fit around and his people did that they belittle the bunnies.

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And because musasa was from the bunny, they were not willing to accept this message. Because the Bani Israel were who they were the slave nation, they were the slave people. And if they accepted that one of them is supposed to be the Messenger of God, and we're supposed to believe in Him and follow Him, we're going to be humiliated. They weren't willing to accept that. And we see this in the previous stories that I mentioned as well, that the people of New harness and they weren't willing to accept him. They weren't willing to follow him. Why? Because he was a human being just like you, the people of God, what was their crime? Again, who there is an image of a human being

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like you, why should you have to accept him? Why should you have to follow him? So first of all, they were too arrogant to believe in musasa

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what can and they were home and Eileen a very arrogant people. Eileen is a Florida Lynn, from the rotators iron lamp well earloop what is the mean? height are Allah highest, ie exalted? Hi, sir arlin. One who is exalted one who is great, one who is superior. And Ireland is the opposite of surfing, as well as sahelian, lowest of the low, so saffron is low and Ireland is high.

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And this word is used for the greatness the exalted ness of a place of a position of a rank of a person. It could be used in various ways. And sometimes it gives a positive meaning and sometimes it gives a negative meaning. Where it gives a positive meaning Island means one who is truly great. One who is truly superior to the other, one who is greater than the other. And when it gives a negative meaning. It gives a sense of one who is very proud of himself.

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One who exalts himself one who thinks himself to be very

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So a Canon Coleman, Eileen, this can be understood in two ways that first of all, that they were great people, the people of Iran, they were a great civilization. They had a great culture. They had many forces. They were extremely wealthy. They were very advanced. They were a great people. Definitely This is effect. In the worldly sense. They were very great. And they were greater than the money Israel for sure. How they were wealthier, they were stronger. They were more in number, they had more power. They had great art and architecture, they had a great language, they had many skills. So what kind of went early.

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And secondly, common, Eileen can also be understood as that they were very arrogant people.

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They were very proud of this, that we are so superior, we are so successful in world leaders. We are the best people, we are the greatest civilization, we are so powerful. So what kind of woman early, they were great, but at the same time, they were also very arrogant and oppressive. So we see that when a person considers himself to be very great, then what happens? This leads to denying the truth rejecting the truth.

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When a person considers himself to be very great, it leads him to rejecting the truth.

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So the people of Iran, what were they very proud of the great culture, as we learned earlier, that with ideological Muslims, they were very proud about their exemplary way of life. And what was indication of that, that they built lofty structures, whoever their Pharaoh was, they were his statues everywhere. They made pyramids for those of their Pharaohs who had died.

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So all of these things, they indicated that they were very proud of their culture, they were very proud of their civilization.

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And when they were so proud about that, it led them to rejecting the message of the messenger, that we're not willing to change ourselves. We're not willing to bring ourselves lower than you.

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Were not willing to consider you to be greater than us.

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So what can oh come on Eileen, and this prevented them from believing the truth. Allah says, Allah so they said unto me, no, shall we believe Libra Shalini to two men, by Shaolin is a duel of worship. So shall we believe in two men, myths Lena who are just like us, I mean, they're human beings just like us when it comes to physical body. When it comes to physical ability. They're just like us. They're not superhumans. They're not angels. They're not some other creatures. They're human beings.

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And we're camula and the people of these two men meaning the bunny is for you. They are Lennar, rb do, they are slaves to us? They are ones who are in servitude to us, their entire nation is a slave nation to us. Are we doing as a plural of Arabic And who is arbit?

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A servant a slave. And remember that the word ob is also used for a worshipper? What does it show to us? That who is a true worshipper? The one who is obedient, the one who is submissive? The one who is humble?

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Because a slave? Does he ever say to his master, no, I'm not going to do what you're telling me to? Why have you told me to do this? What's the wisdom? What's the reason? You explain this to me, then I will do it. No, the slave does not question. He does not refuse. He does not delay. He does not procrastinate. No matter what he's going through. He has to obey his master. This is what servitude is. And this is the kind of servitude that we are to show before who almost apprentice.

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So the sun will come a woman and I'll be doing there people are servants before us. They are in servitude to us. So how can we believe in these two men? How can we accept their superiority over us? It's impossible. So what do we see over here? That what was the reason for the rejection of fearless people? They were too arrogant to follow a human being just like them. And they were too arrogant to accept someone who was lower than them in worldly terms.

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And we see this very common today as well. That people they will not look at what the other person is saying. What he is teaching, what he is promoting. What will they see? What's the color of his passport? What's the color of his skin? What's his background? Which school has he studied from? Which University has he studied from? Is it a Western University or an Eastern one? Where did he go Where did you learn from and depending on where the first

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is coming from, depending on how he speaks, perhaps his accent, perhaps his physical appearance, this is what people go for. And just because someone is from a third world country, someone is from the indo Pak sub continent or something like that, what will people do? They will completely belittle them, they will or they don't know anything. How can they know?

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Like, for example, I know of somebody who's actually from Pakistan, and they've studied the 10th karats, from Medina University, and they have all the desert. And their recitation is amazing. It's amazing. It's crystal clear. And it's so accurate. But still people, they don't give as much importance why he's only from Pakistan.

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He's only from there. And if somebody is from an Arab country, even if he has the same degree, perhaps lesser people will give more importance to them.

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So unfortunately, we are very biased. We are very, very biased. We don't look at who the person is. We don't look at what they're saying, what they're promoting, what do we go for, who they are,

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for, what's their background. And this is what the people of their own also suffered from. They didn't look at what musasa was telling them. They said, Oh, he's a human like us. And on top of that, they come from the same nation.

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So what is the lesson in this for us, we should focus on what is being said, and accept that we should not look at the worldly status of the person, whether he's rich or poor, whether he's from a particular country or not, we should not be concerned about their background, we should be concerned about what they're seeing

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for the boomer, but they denied both of them, the people of their own, they denied both Musa and Harun did not vote the messengers for can luminol malarkey, and they were from those who were destroyed, how that they were drowned. Just imagine they were Eileen, there were those who are very great in worldly terms, very successful in worldly terms, very superior, however, they became who both lucky and once were destroyed. So they were not of those who are most at home. But who are they have those were

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successes for who those were humble, those who accept the truth, those who are humbly submissive before Allah. It's not for those who become arrogant, who become biased, who do not humble themselves before Allah.

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what are called the entertainer mu Sal keytab. And certainly we gave the masala Salaam the book, we gave the book to Moosa, which book the total when, after the destruction of film.

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Remember that when musala salaam and the Bani Israel when they were in Egypt, the message of Messiah Islam was for both the people of Egypt as well as the Bani Israel. However, at that time, we'll start Listen, I've had not been given a scripture. He didn't have the scripture yet. When was he given the book at mountune when the Bani Israel had crossed the sea, which means that after the destruction of our own, so what are the Athena moose elk, EDA, we gave the book to Moosa. Now, I love amirtha Dune, so that they will be rightly guided who the bunnies like yesterday, if the duck and if the die yesterday is to accept the guidance, it is to obtain guidance to follow the guidance

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to internalize it. And over here he Daya guidance it refers to he dialed up his shot, that La La methadone so that the people would know what to do.

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Because the Bani Israel after Now there were slaves. And when a person is in slavery, then he doesn't have time to focus on his spirituality, because he's only concerned about the work that he has to do the work that he has to accomplish before the day ends so that he can have a dinner and he can go to sleep so that he is ready for the next day's work. And especially the kind of work that Iran would take from the Bani Israel was extremely difficult. So there was no way that Bani Israel could focus on spirituality along with the hard work that they were to do.

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So in Egypt, they were not given a book when were they given the book after they had crossed the sea after they had been saved. And when they had been saved, you can imagine they didn't have anything to do. They didn't have anything to do previously. They were busy 24 hours. Now they had nothing to do. So Allah subhanaw taala he gave them the book so that they would obtain guidance they would learn, they would become familiar with the ways of worship, they would learn as to how they were to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala whom you have to do.

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So what do we see over here that after for their own, his people were destroyed. They were

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drowned in the sea. A lot chose the Bani Israel and he gave them the book. And he made arrangements for their guidance. Because the Bani Israel, what was their responsibility? They were the believing nation at the time. And they were to observe the book of Allah. And they were also to tell other people about the worship of Allah.

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So we see that in order to fulfill that task, they were given the book, what do we learn from this? That for us, even as Muslims, for us to fulfill our responsibility of observing the book, living by the book, and also teaching it to others? What do we need to do?

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What do we need to do first, learn the book ourselves. If we don't know the book, if we don't know what Allah wants us to do? How can we follow that? How can we do that? How can we tell other people to believe in that?

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Either incident where a person was standing at a booth where people were coming in asking questions about Islam, and he was telling somebody about the Quran that you should believe in and you should read it, you should follow it. And he said, Have you read it yourself?

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The guy was a Muslim, the other person was not a Muslim. So the other person he asked the Muslim guy, have you read it? said no.

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How can you tell me it's the way of life and it's something that I should be following.

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So the fact is that we need to learn the book ourselves first. Only then we can tell other people about it. Only then we can observe it ourselves.

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So the Bani Israel, they were given the book, so that law alone, they don't, so that they would obtain guidance.

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Now, a very important lesson as well, we learned from here

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that Musashi Salah, before he was given the book, where the people obligated to follow Him and believe in him. Yes, they were. So what do we see that a messenger is given two things. One is the Scripture. One is the book. And the other is the instructions or the guidance, the message that the Prophet is given, which is not a part of the book. Because musasa was given some instructions before the book was given to him.

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Are the people required to only believe and follow the scripture or the other teachings as well? The other teachings as well, because we see that fit our own, he was a disbeliever he was destroyed. Why? Because he rejected the thota. Was it that no, because he rejected what masala Islam was telling him.

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Good. He uses argument that Oh, there was no book.

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No, he cannot use that argument. Because we are required to believe in everything that the messenger tells us everything that the messenger teaches us, whether it's in the Quran, whether it's in the Scripture, or it's not in the Scripture, because the Prophet of Allah, we don't insert the najem I number three, we may have typical Anil However, he does not speak out of his own desire.

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The Prophet of Allah does not speak out of his own desire. If he tells you something about the religion, something that is related to your ohana, then he's not inventing it, he's not making it up. In Hua Illa, what do you have, it is only a revelation that is revealed, which teaches us that there are two types of Revelation. One is where he that is mutlu, that is recited, that is a part of the Scripture and the other is laid material that is not recited.

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That is not a part of the Scripture. And as believers we are to believe in both. And we are to observe both.

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So a person cannot say I only believe in the Quran, I follow that and as for the statements of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, when he was only a human being, why should I follow him? know, when he is a prophet of Allah, when he's a messenger of Allah, whatever he's telling you. That is what we are supposed to do. We learned in sort of Russia is number seven, Allah subhanaw taala tells us wama tomasulo, for Hulu, whatever the messenger gives you, whatever he tells you, whatever he teaches, you take it, believe in it accepted follow it, while Myrna Hackman who funtoo. And whatever he has forbidding you from refrain from it, stay away from it.

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So what does this teach us? That he Dyer guidance is that which the Prophet teaches the people, whether it is in the form of the Scripture, or it is not in the form of Scripture,

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the entire message has to be taken. Because if a person rejects even a part of it, even some of it, if he says, I'll only follow the Scripture, not the rest, then again, his demand is not acceptable, because for their own was destroyed. Why? Because he denied the message of the messenger.

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We learned into two classes I know 43 what are the attina Moosa

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kita mimbar deema lachenal por una una Bissau, la nasci wahoo Don't worry mattone la lomita Corona. And we gave musar the sun and the Scripture, after we had destroyed the former generations, and the scripture was given as enlightenment for the people, and also guidance and mercy, that they might be reminded

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when you're alone, and we made even Imodium, the son of Maria, Who was he? Or he said, Listen, we made him what Alma who and also his mother, we made both of them, I attend aside, assign of what

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off the grid might have a law, that he can create a person with even one parent. And he can make a woman give birth to a child, even without a new relationship with him when I attend, assign a notice if on one side, because both of them together, were one side of the power of a law of the Mitel.

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Well, we know Homer and Miriam as well as her son, they were if there were signs in other ways, as well, great signs and other ways as well how, like, for example, Maria, Maria Sena, as we have learned earlier that her mother, she had made a vow, that whatever this child I'm going to give birth to that child is going to be dedicated for the Heiko. And when she discovered that she had given birth to a girl, that was very surprising. So the fact that money and being a girl was in the hackle was a huge miracle. In a way, it was a great thing in a way, because before her no woman had been there. No woman had been there, no woman would stay over there.

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And also we see that Medina medicina, as a child, she was she would worship Allah subhanaw taala. She would read the scriptures, and she would be in the Heiko. And we also see that while she would be busy worshiping over there, provisions would be given to her, which were out of season which were unseen, which were not known to people at all. And Zakaria listened and he was the only one who would come to see her and when he would see that he would be amazed. So would your honor. Even Mr. Gamma will oma who is

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our winner Homer, and we sheltered both of them. Our you Eva is from the roof hackers Hamza? Well, yeah. And our ue is to provide accommodation to someone to provide a shelter to someone to give a place to live, to give someone a place to live. So we launched them, we accommodated them. We gave them a place to live, who both Miriam and her son, Eli Robertson, do a high ground. Bravo is from the root letters all that well, and blah, blah, is used for a high ground, elevated land. It's also used for a mountain. But this high ground this elevated place with both of them were living. This was a place that was there to karate, one that had stability, or autism, the reference of Aurora and

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Aurora, as you know, is to be stable, to be steady to be firm. Because generally a hilly area is not that stable to walk on. If you're walking, if you go hiking, if you go trekking, if you go to a place that is mountainous, it's difficult to go up there.

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And even when you're up there, there are too many ups and downs. If you ever go to a mountainous area, if you go and stay over there at a resort, you will notice that you go to one place you have to go down a road that is so steep, just to go have your dinner or just to go to the play area you have to go down a steep road or you have to go up a steep road.

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So this is something that is very common in mountainous areas. And we see what our way now Houma elaborating but this rubber was that you cut off it was mostly it was level it was flat, it was high land, but it was flat. So that movement for both of them will be easy. One marine and it also had flowing springs marinas from the roof actress, me marine node. And Marina is when something flows very gently. And marine is used for flowing water, marine marine.

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And it's also said that the word marine is from the root letters idea known. I mean what does it mean by so marine is such a stream that is on the surface of land that you can see it it's visible, it's not hidden, it's visible. So that you karate in one marine It was such a place that was stable. It was mostly it was inhabitable. They were able to live over there peacefully. And at the same time there was also a lot of springs, a lot of sources of water over there that they were able to benefit from and this was the help of Allah subhanaw taala that he had granted to Miriam and her son. Now the question is When did this happen?

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They were given this place to live. This particular place they were given to live when was it?

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Some have said that this was when restarted, Sam was about to be born. This was when restarted and I was about to be born.

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In sort of medium, we learned that Miriam Fatiha that mean Alia mccannon, choppier. And then when she became pregnant again, she moved away from the people. So when she moved away from the people when she isolated herself, where did she go? She went to this particular place, to a place that had running water that had dates. That was a peaceful area, which is why we see that when she was in the bangs of birth when she was in labor. What was she told by the director of buki Turkey, Sarah, yeah, there is a stream beneath you. So for Cooley, and also why should I be we're currently Ayana. So this was a place where she had gone to right before the birth of research center.

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And other say that this place, they were provided when the people were conspiring to kill it.

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When the people were conspiring to kill him, his mother, Madame, she brought him to this place. So Allah subhanaw taala, provided them a beautiful lodging, a comfortable lodging, industry and even and this is a sign of what success have who have those who believe, or the movement on the believers have succeeded? How that they are successful in this dunya in the law, you deaf ear or any Latina Amano, and they're also successful were in the hereafter.

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And when does that happen? When a person becomes humbly submitted before,

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when a person becomes an Arabic before, when a person does that, then Allah takes care of him, then he grants him success in the dunya and also in the hereafter.

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Now with regard to this place that he karate in one Marine, what was this place? Exactly? I told you about the two opinions as to when they were living over here. But what was this place I've said that this is Damascus, this is the mosque. And some have said that it refers to beta democritus, Alo irlam whatever place it may be, we see that it was the most suitable place for them. It was the best place for them to live in for their survival and also in order to earn risk in order to eat and drink and live peacefully. And this is a health that Allah gives to his billing service.

00:32:36--> 00:32:38

We listen to the recitation of these ayah.

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Down in

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we see that musasa was given so funny movie. And when a person has clear evidence, when a person has you're cleaning it when a person is very confident about it, then that also gives him this authority because your muscle tone is also authority, then he's able to say the truth with conviction without any fear without any hesitation. So we see that in order to present the truth First of all, we should be equipped with the sound

00:35:00--> 00:35:07

proofs and evidences, we should know what to say. Because if we don't even know our religion, how can we defend it? How can we present it? We cannot then.

00:35:09--> 00:35:28

But along with the knowledge, what else do we need conviction and confidence. Because mozarella salam, imagine he was going to go face to face our own in the court. Anybody who's going to the court of the king is going to be afraid, which is why he made to our to a lot of Bish rally. So anyway, as silly as

00:35:30--> 00:35:35

that I cannot trust myself, you have to help me, you have to open my chest for me, you have to give me the confidence.

00:35:36--> 00:35:49

So we see that when a person has confidence, only then he's able to convey properly. And if you're shaky yourself, if you're doubtful yourself, if you are ashamed yourself, then you will not be able to present the truth.

00:35:51--> 00:36:20

Along with this confidence, a person should not become arrogant, because when a person becomes arrogant, then what happens? He does not receive the help of Allah. We see that know how they said when he embarked onto the ship, what was it all to say? and handed in that Praise to Allah? And what do we think prays to me? That look at me, I did this, I said that, I gave that evidence, I gave that proof and see how I was victorious. No Praise to Allah, that he gave you the ability to say the right thing at the right time.

00:36:22--> 00:36:54

We see that there are always people who are very proud about their advancement, about their material success, about the great civilization. And this is what prevented them from accepting the truth from changing their lives. And unfortunately, today, as well, people are very proud about what we have discovered and what we have learned and the technology and the advancements today. And because of that, we think that if a person follows a religion, he's going to go backwards, we see that fit around had the same problem. But who is successful? The one who humbles himself,

00:36:56--> 00:37:31

the one who says okay, my Lord wants me to do it fine, I will do it. And Allah will replace me with something that is better, with something that is much better, because anything of this dunya eventually what happens to it becomes old, it becomes backward. If you walk around with the first model of the iPhone, today, people are gonna look at you and say, What do you have this ancient? Where is it? It's not that ancient, but anything of this dunya what happens to it, it becomes backward very soon. So if you keep on trying to think that you have to advance with dystonia and and you have to keep up to date with it, otherwise, you will become backward, then the thing is that

00:37:31--> 00:37:38

there is no limit to that. You have to give importance to the truth. That's your criteria.

00:37:39--> 00:38:16

We see that throughout the course of history, all of these incidents that we have learned today, what do we say that the believers have always remained a minority, and the disbelievers have always been a majority. But we see that despite the fact that they were a minority, they were the ones who were successful. But why is it that let them do their success as well. It was their unity. Remember that new herd Islam you will enter your, your family, those who believe are like a family, they're united. So if we stay together, if we are humble before one another, only then we can be successful.

00:38:18--> 00:38:50

In all of these incidents, at the profits, they did their best. And then they made the right to the left to to our problem is that when we face challenges, we think that we have to do something ourselves. Yes, you have to try yourself definitely. But along with that, you have to seek help from them. Because you as a human being are too weak. So from all of these incidents, we learned many lessons amongst them is there are so definitely we should be focusing on that. And part of that is that a person when he prays whether he has kosher because he's praying to Allah, he's asking him for help.

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It's a panicle love movie humbly going to La Ilaha. illa Anta Mr. heruka wanted to be like I said, I'm already commercial Bible