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Ibrahim 35-52 Word Analysis and Tafsir 38-41

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I've done a Oh our Lord in Africa indeed you darlin. Well, you know manaphy what we hide woman, Orlando and what we reveal, you know very well as to what we have in our hearts, what we keep concealed in our hearts and what we review, no fee from the routers hearthfire

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meaning what we have not expressed, you know, what we have kept in our hearts and what we have not expressed a woman normally know from the root letters, I inland nude

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Island iya, which is to reveal to become known to disclose. So you know what we express?

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In other words, you know very well, about a door that we have made.

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At the same time you know about our intentions, you know about our fears, our concerns and our worries. You can imagine the state of Ibrahim Edison I'm at this point, he was told to build a carver to have his wife and son live over there and expect that people from all over the world will come and perform Hajj. Makkah, that is so far from places that are populated. Makkah, where there is nothing to attract people. People are supposed to come and worship over there.

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So imagine the fear, the anxiety, the worry that Ibrahim or Islam must be experiencing.

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He made the raw he expressed some and some he kept in his heart. So in the cathar level man up woman Orlan you know very well what we have not expressed and what we also have expressed

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well my offer and it is not hidden or the law he upon a law min Shea in from anything feel ugly whenever summer in the earth, nor in the sky. Nothing in the earth or the sky is hidden from almost a predator.

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What does it show to us?

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But if Allah soprano zardo knows everything that isn't heavens and the earth, He knows what we express. He knows what we keep in our hearts. The person we wonder, what's the point of making the other? does Allah not already know? Does he already know what we need? What we want? He knows already. So what's the point of making the raw?

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Because when a person makes their art to Allah, then he shows his submissiveness, his humility, his dependence on a loss of data and a loss of panel data likes that.

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So Oh, no, you know everything, but we made the graph to you because you like it.

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And hamdulillah all praise for Allah. And lady what her belly or Anil kebari is Mariela was the one who was granted to me in old age, is married, and is how

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we'll have a newsletter as well. However, all praise to Allah who gifted me despite my old age, as Kiba from the roots of her scarf, Barbara, and Kiba is old age. Basically it is used for something that is big for greatness. So this is greatness in age.

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So despite my old age, Allah gave me two sons is married and his help in Nabila Samir Dora. Indeed, my lord is surely one who hears the supplication. He hears a supplication. And remember Samir is not just one who hears and listens, but also one who, one who responds.

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So my lord hears and he also responds to the supplication.

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It is said that a Brahim or listener was 99 years old when his marine was born. Just imagine 99 years old, and he was 111 years old when his health was born on his center, so it's Mariela insulin was older, and it's how Carissa was younger.

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We see that Ibrahim and his son when he brought his wife

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and his son is Mario to Makkah, where was his wife solder back in Russia

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and later on, who was born is how Godzilla was born when when the angels came and gave the good news on their way to destroy the people Luther isn't.

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So we see over here that Ibrahim A listener he includes in his Dora, what praising Allah soprano Dada. Why? Because when a person phrases a loss, or when a person expresses gratitude for the blessings that Allah has given him, what does that result in? Increase in Allah's mercy?

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Just like if you want something from someone, what do you say? You always been so good to me. I have never been disappointed from you.

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The deposit of 100,000 is making right now are very important. And amongst that, what does he mentioned in that? What does he mention the

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blessings that Allah subhanaw taala has granted to him before. And he says in Nabila Samira Dora, I'm confident, my lord listens to any response to prayers. And I'm very confident that Allah will also fulfill this dream of mine.

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Because imagine Ibrahim recently was given his children at such an old age, such an old age.

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So we see that every single person, no matter how righteous, no matter how pious he is, or no matter how sinful or ignorant he is, every person has something missing in his life. There's something that is incomplete in his life. Every single person,

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what do we think we keep comparing ourselves with others and we say, she has us I don't have the see, even she has that even I don't have it. We always compare ourselves with others thinking that we don't have and other people have everything. Whereas the fact is that everyone lacks in something or the other.

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Even Buhari did not get married.

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The prophet SAW those all the sudden did not have a son, who grew up to be a man in his life. All of his sons died in their infancy. So every person regardless of how righteous he is, he suffers from something or the other in his life. Why? Because this life is a test.

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And when a person is making the law, he should remember that Allah subhanaw taala hears Dora

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Ibrahim Reza was granted his children at a very old age. And a person should remember that if I'm not being granted what I want immediately, then Allah subhanaw taala has reserved it for later or he has reserved something else for me.

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Not only and then he prays, Oh my Lord, make me multimodality establisher of prayer. Make me one who establishes the Salah Joaquim is one who does ecommerce, Allah. So make me someone who establishes the Salah, and also women's reality and also for my children.

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Meaning my children also make them those who establish the Salah.

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robina Oh our Lord, what the Kabbalah and accepted her Please accept the Dora. meaning is that you respond to the star positively.

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If you notice, solar, is something very important to employ humorous,

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isn't it? How do we know? First of all, he says, Leo ki masala I have brought them here so that they establish the solar

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and then you praise Oh my Lord make me someone who establishes the other person we wonder he was a prophet of Allah. Out of all people he would understand this Allah he would. And his children even is married or isn't even he was a prophet. So obviously they would establish this Allah. But what does this show that even they do not trust themselves when it comes to this? Even they do not rely upon themselves when it comes to worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. Because when it comes to worshiping Allah subhanaw taala a person cannot do that except with the help of Allah, except with the trophy of Allah. So he is asking for tofield.

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And we see that Ibrahima listener is not concerned about, you know, the provision, or, for example, the house of his children who are going to be living in Makkah. Yes, he did pray for some art. But what is he mainly concerned about their religion, they're about that, because that is the reason why they were brought over here.

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And finally, he pays Robin fiddly, Oh our Lord forgive me while he waited a year and also my parents will in Medina and also for the believers, when young woman herself on the day that the account is established meaning on the Day of Judgment.

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If you look at the door of Abraham Lincoln Center, he first prays for from the beginning of his door, he prays for peace,

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because without a man, without security, you cannot do anything. Then what does he pray for? Do remain firm on the hate. And then he prays for guidance for his descendants, that they should establish the salah that people are inclined to them,

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that they are provided with risk, that they are grateful for the blessings that Allah subhanaw taala gives them and then again, establishing the solar and then finally he seeks forgiveness of a loss of planetarium. This shows to us what we must include in our

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in our prayers in the door that we make to Allah subhana wa tada and especially that we should end it with seeking forgiveness.

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And this also shows to us about the vision that it will humorless Lamb has. If you notice, the actor is his priority. And then it is the near even the worldly blessings that he's praying for. Why is he praying for them? Why is he out

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For them, so that the heat is established that people can establish the hidden worship Allah subhanaw taala.

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And we see over here that he finally prays for forgiveness, not just for himself, but for his children, his parents, and the rest of the believers until the day of judgment, well, meaning all the believers forgive all of them when on the Day of Judgment.

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Now the question is why does Ibrahima is and I'm pray for his parents. Why does he pray for his parents when his parents were mushrik?

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First of all, it is said that while he they are my two parents, it is referring to Adam and her work. So he is praying for them.

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Secondly, they said that no, he is praying for his actual parents, his biological parents. And why is he making the offer them because he had made them a promise that he would pray for them. Remember, we learnt about that earlier as well. So the Toba I 114 that Omar canister Soto, Ibrahima de la and Marie 13, what are the year who it was because of a promise that he has made with him.

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And thirdly, in this is an example for us, that if the Prophet of Allah is praying for his parents, then we should also do the same.

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We should also make to our to a loss of parental data for our parents, and amongst the daughters that we make is what they should be forgiven when on the Day of Judgment,

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de la

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me on.

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Did you learn

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we were doing the group and continuously debacle came to many times today's lesson, and I was reflecting that we found the real example of the vocal industry in a salon. And again, this is another practical example of shader at fiber. Whatever he had in his mind, he proved it. First, he left his family there, which is the most hard part of anyone if you just intend for doing some good, this is the most challenging part. Just imagine before you continue an old person. They have their first child, and they're told to leave them in another country, in another city, away from them. There's no videojet in which they can see their child. Just imagine

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and once he did it, then after that he started making glass. One by one will allow you take a look this thing you know

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Then you leave the rest of the things exactly. We don't even take our step. And we say, nothing can be done. So forget about it. But we see that he had a vision, he had a high goal, he had to establish the Carver. And we see that once he built a carver, once his wife and son were there very soon the tribe of Jerome, they came, and they settled in Makkah. And from that Makkah became populated. And people from all over would come and they will perform Hajj over there.

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So we see that when a person has a goal, and he puts his effort, he sacrifices he prays to Allah, and Allah will make him successful.

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If you see, even the word the blessing that he's asking for, like, for example, Aman, and Tamara, why is he asking for them? To make worship easy for people?

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Because if there is no Amen, if there is no peace, then how can people worship over there?

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Similarly, if there is no food, how can they concentrate over there? It will be very difficult. So provide them with these blessings as well so that they can do what they're supposed to do.

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Anybody else?

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I was just thinking about the importance of not forgetting your parents and making dua for them, like his father tried to burn him tried to kill him. But still, he's still asking a lot to forgive him. So no matter what your parents do, always remember them. Because by you remembering them only then will your children remember you and goes on. But if you do Masia to your parents, then how do we expect our children to treat us kindly when the example we're giving them is that of Masia? Exactly, right.

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Just to comment, I just want to add, that what stops us from seeking forgiveness for our parents is that we see their faults before we see what they have done for us. But if you were to name their faults, it would be few. But if you were to name what they have done for you since birth, it would be a whole long list. Just look at the blessings before you look at the difficulties Exactly.

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Sound like I was just remembering what you've said about the masjid and keeping them clean and all that stuff. The mosque are frequently visited, like at least five times a day. And the Christian churches, they're empty during the week. They're only filled during Sunday, except of course for the Roman Catholic in Italy. We're like an all the tourists are going Of course, there's a lot of people there. But wherever you go, the mosque are always occupied. And keeping the mosque clean. I don't know what it is like, you know, because the Muslims are taught to be clean all the time. We're very hygienic people. But everywhere you go, we're having conference at some place and like the washroom

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is always dirty, the washroom is always wet. Yes, I know, we were making, we're doing all that stuff. And, and we understand that. But people are putting papers so that we could try the areas. And sometimes the people who are cleaning they give up on us because like, you know, we're not keeping up their selves in this is easy to do. Like, you know, the things that you don't do at home, you don't do outside. And the Christians are very known for being clean outside, like, you know, when they go picnic, they pick up after themselves, and they get their washrooms clean. But we're supposed to be doing this. So inshallah like, you know, ways, especially when our worship depends on

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the hora mean, sometimes you wonder when you go to the washroom, if your clothes get wet, you wonder if your clothes are still clean, because you don't know what that water is on the floor. So it's something that is very, very important that we need to be careful about keeping ourselves clean, keeping our environment clean, keeping the place that we worship in welcoming our behavior such that when people come, they want to come the way their hearts are inclined, they fall in love with the building, they fall in love with the people, not that they're repulsed by them constantly.

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And we see that ebrahimian sermons actually praying for having the ability to establish the Salah. This is something that we need to pray for as well. That Oh Allah, you'll give me the ability to establish my solder.

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I was thinking about it was basically a convert, who went to MSDN when he was still a Christian. And he was looked around and he saw pure room with nothing in it, there was no distractions, and he said, if anybody cannot worship in a ministry, then they can't worship anywhere, basically, because there's nothing to distract you. And he looked at the churches, there's all these pictures on the walls. It's hard to concentrate, right? So thinking about two things. First of all, we need to make sure that the way we have our meshes today, we're not distracting other people because sometimes I find that you're praying inside the machine and you still can't concentrate because you're talking

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things going on. So just to add something here, sometimes the jumbo hot pie is going on and people who are not praying, they're sitting at the back, still eating still talking. It's difficult to listen to the hookah. It's difficult to concentrate in the salad because the people do not bring their

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And then secondly, going along with the same point that if you're in a mystery, then you're trying to pray and you still find it hard to concentrate, then you need to look within yourself. Try to develop your connection with Allah and try to increase your kosher in your Salah, so that you can actually concentrate because if you can't do it in the mystery, then where are you going to be? Exactly?

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When you make draw, never, ever think that it's not possible no matter how your circumstances may seem, because part of what makes a draw beautiful to Allah is your faith in him and that you're acknowledging that alike and plan in ways that no one else can plan

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to never feel embarrassed to pray for something.

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So Micah, I was just thinking about when Tom left his wife, he loved her. And he went for the dean. Over here, when our husbands goes work there, we're saving the money because he's earning more, and we're saving, which is, we don't even know we didn't even see that tomorrow. We're we're saving for that. And sometime husband and wife are working one paying the bill in one saving, but we're forgetting I think our goal should be whatever we are investing today. Does you mean Western we have because if our eyes closed today, that's what we're going to take out tomorrow.

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I learned that how we shouldn't be stingy with our dads, like make draw for every single person, not just your parents, and not just for the believers around you and your community. But till the Day of Judgment, those are going to come after you die. That's how you know your true well wishes for everyone is just by using the word movement in all the believers are included.

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Imagine imagined from the time of good humanism until the day of judgment.

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Just going back to like our countless blessings, and us not acknowledging the blessings that we have. I was just speaking to my husband a couple of days ago. And he was just kind of saying like, Oh, yes, kids, and how easy is to have kids? And I'm like, yeah, it's easy for you. So kind of like us, you don't carry it for nine months. And so you don't know the pain of delivering and whatnot. And then afterwards that makes me think so panela like, you know, that might come at us, me being ungrateful, because the justice system of Allah subhanaw taala is just perfect. So how dare I kind of like made that statement that he doesn't understand. And if we think about it, like, when we get

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our menses, that we usually tend to complain or loaded or this and that, but Subhanallah look at the hidden blessing of it. Like we as women, at least three to five days a month, we don't have to wake up for fudger. If you think of the life of a brother, if he lives for 60 years, 70 years, 60 or 50 years of his life five times a day, every single day, he has to get up for Salah. So these are hidden blessings, so sometimes we don't think about them. And it's easy for a woman because when she has to look after her children, and it requires a lot of physical effort, especially after a newborn, when women don't have to pray for almost 40 days. I mean, it makes sense. Go ahead.

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Just add on. I think the problem lies with us. We think of the mustard is somewhere else. We think of our homes as ours. Yeah, we need to change our vision and think of the mustard as our home. This is the place where we are the closest almost peloton. So if we maintain it, then we can establish everything else. But if we look at it as a separate entity, it's not our job. It's not our place is not my responsibility. But if you think of it as your home, your place you take pride in it, then only can we change and clean and and take pride in where we come Exactly. because really we think we know I don't work at this mustard, I don't volunteer here, I don't get paid for it. This is not my

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work. It's not my duty, it's not my job. But if it's your house and you see shoes that are not in order, what you're going to do,

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either fix it yourself.

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Similarly if you see the counters are wet, you're going to draw them urine vote for somebody to tell you if it's your own house. So if we treat the masjid as our own house, then we will really take care of it.

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I was just thinking everything that leads up to sin is how long so everything that leads up to you having better worship follows power of Allah. That is worship in itself. So you create and and you've taken care of yourself and you eating healthy and exercising so you can spend longer in salon do more of that all is worship. So just take a look that will be easier for yourself.

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I'm on a cold

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calling unless Pamela would love Ravana

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Rahim when we mentioned when we call them with the most beautiful name and something with use of it sometimes dad when he was calling his daddy as it it just keeps connecting the love that you have for Allah call a load its most beautiful names. Not just say I beanie give me this Give me that.

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I would just want to add to the point that the machines are our homes. But just keep in mind just like every home has different rules. Like if you come to my house, I'll tell you, okay, now you don't do this here or if you

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Come to somebody else's house bill serafina Patricia is there. Similarly, every method also has a set of rules. And Michelle, this method is inhabiting how many students, how many people, a lot of people per day. So when you see certain rules being established here, somebody tells you to do something, you have to follow them as well. There are certain rules of the house.

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If you notice, and the sooner constantly Sir, will interpret. And this is being emphasized so much. So this has shown that a person realizes the literal blessings as well.

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I was thinking the height of taqwa is probably in the washroom because nobody's seeing you at that point, you could just leave and no reason you just imagine you're there to open the door. And antamina staring at you, what would you do? You like, turn around and check your toilet seat. But for her, you would check it not for Allah. Like, even like putting tissue in the toilet. That is the height of she's right. She's 100%, right? Because many times people have this attitude, like, Who's gonna know who's gonna find out, they're gonna think it was somebody else. But the person realizes that, oh, my lord is watching me everywhere. Even if the doors are closed, then I have to do what

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pleases the people cannot catch me, he can hold me accountable.

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And when you understand $1, then it makes more sense to you. And then you want to make it more and more. And then you make it with your heart.

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I was just reflecting on

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him, he doesn't complain about his old age. Rather, he says, Oh, you were the one who was given it. And for us, it would have been like, we're so old. And we still don't have kids, but he praises.

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It's showing us this characteristic of him so that we know later on not to do this. And to be grateful for whatever we have. Exactly. Basically, the reason behind mentioning this is that you gave me such a big blessing at such an old age when a team so impossible, you can also respond to these draws of mine. And this is the kind of conference that we should have when we make

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like in the holidays in which the profits are allotted. And so that when you make girl, don't say that oh my if you wish, granted to me, be confident, be confident.

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thinking like, sometimes it's the cleanliness, but one is our club as well. Yes, like many times new faces come. And we need to see what's our face smiling and welcoming towards them. Or it was kind of repulsive, because I remember a long time ago, almost two years back, I moved from one place to another. And then by that chance, we had to start going into new Masjid. And my children's handler, they had been going into the masjid right after they got their consciousness. And for the first time we went into that Masjid. Next day, my son said, I don't want to go there again. And so hon Allah, these are the kids, they had been going with me right from the beginning, and suddenly they didn't

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want to go. And I took it a lesson for myself that why they don't want to go. So it means maybe the people over there. They didn't smile them, they didn't welcome them. Or maybe they hold them roughly and they told them don't sit here. Don't stand there. Don't do that. So yes, there are the kind of disciplines we need to follow. But we need to be wild and we need to use our hikma how to tell regarding

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observing rules is very important. implementing them is extremely important, because otherwise, how can you function smoothly? However, it must be done with gentleness, it must be done with care. And this is something that we all need to remember that when people come in, how do we talk to them? Do we ask them? Or do we think that Oh, somebody in the pink scarf will find them and they will answer their questions. If somebody is wandering around, you have you can see the question mark on their face, you can ask them, can I please help you with something? Are you looking for someone, speak to them, talk to them, ask them, guide them. And this is how you will welcome people into the masjid.

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Similarly, sometimes when we are in our classes, or sometimes a visitor comes, and they're not given a place, perhaps on the chairs, and it's possible that they're elderly, but there is no chair that's empty. And because of that, they might find it difficult to come and attend the class. Similarly, sometimes I see people are running, rushing, without even looking who they're bumping into who they might be hitting, unconsciously. So we have to become extremely careful with these things. Because remember, our attitude, our behavior, our words, either they will invite people, or they will completely turn them off.

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But it's not possible that you would see the results right? It's not necessary that you see the results immediately. Here's what I was granted after such a long time,

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I was reminded of what the web that I used to make when I was very young. I had written testimony is the one who reads the ground and then teaches it to others. So I started making go ahead and make me a student of mine and make me a teacher.

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Rob be in

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walking around

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to me

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New York

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at Masada to me