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The speakers discuss the importance of acknowledging the reality of the world and avoiding harm in order to protect one's faith. They use examples such as the "overlust" of sh matter and the "overlust" of sh matter to explain the negative impact of drugs on people's bodies and the importance of pursuing one's desires without harming others. They stress the need for acceptance of one's past and pursuing one's desires without harming others, and emphasize the importance of avoiding regret and pursuing one's desires without harming others.

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sudfeld live from Iowa number five. We live in a shed, Virginia Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim. Yeah, a Johann NAS, all people all mankind in the word Allah He helped indeed the Promise of Allah is true, which promises this, the promise off the hereafter, the coming off the Day of Judgment, this promise is true. Meaning you were created for a reason. You were sent in this world for a purpose. And what is that purpose? This is a test. And at the end of this is a result and that result is promised. It's a promise that Allah subhanaw taala will fulfill there is no cancelling of this promise. And there is no running away from it either. In the word Allah He helped the hereafter is a

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reality that you cannot avoid, fell out the one knuckle higher to dunya. So while you are living in this world, do not let the life of this world deceive you deceive you about what about the hereafter? That while you're living in this world, do not ever think that the hereafter will not come? That there will be no recompense if you begin to think like this. Then you are deceived, Wallah your whole run Nakane biller Hill Hooroo and do not let the deceiver deceive you about Allah, which deceiver shaitan do not let him deceive you about Allah subhanho wa Taala as in let him not deceive you about Allah's forgiveness, mercy or punishment, so that you persist in wrong while you

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are giving up hope of His mercy or that you persist in wrong thinking that he will forgive you regardless of what you do. So do not let chip on deceive you and do not let the worldly life deceive you the word Galois which has been used over here the whole run knuckle let the whole run Liahona calm. And Haroon all of these words are from the verb hora, right? And Lola is to deceive somebody. It is basically to make someone desire, what is false, to make someone desire what is vain, meaning what is not real, what is not true. It's not the reality, you're giving them false hopes. Like, for example, a person is deceived about, for instance, a certain investment. All right, he's made to

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believe that if you give even a little bit of money, you'll get so much profit in return every month, every week. All right, and he falls for it. And what happens he gives all of his investment, he gives all of his money invested. And then he finds out that the person ran away with the money. So at the end, what does he have neither his investment nor does he have any profit, no gain nothing at all only loss. So he was made to believe what was false. You understand? Now many times it happens that even people try to make you believe what is false in order to take advantage of you. Right? So people who are naive, or people who don't do their research, usually, they get stuck in

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such traps, right? And they get deceived by others. So this is why when we come across someone who cannot be trusted, because you don't know them, right? They're a stranger, or because they don't really have a good reputation before you make any deal with them before you make any transaction with them. What do you do you do your research? Isn't it? You're careful? You find out if it's really the case or not? Like for example, if somebody calls you might you get those automated messages on your phone, that your number has been selected by I just got a phone call the other day from WestJet All right, it was a recording. I didn't even listen to it. Okay, because the thing is

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that if you listen to it, you're like, I hope it's true. What if it's true, my number was selected. And if I get all of these free flights, wow, that's so cool. You can fall easily in that trap. It's a lie. And this is the reality of shaitan. This is the reality of this world. That this world is fleeting, it's temporary. But what happens, the life of this world it deceives us so we begin to think that this is everything that this is so important that this is so urgent, and that is when we begin to prefer the dunya over the Agora

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and shaytaan how is it that he deceives us about Allah subhanaw taala He makes us think wrong about Allah. He makes us think that which is not true about Allah subhanahu Athena, this is why Allah says in mache upon Allah calm, I don't want Shaitan to you is an enemy, someone whose enmity is not hidden. He is an enemy to you. So facto he du bois du bois de came as an enemy. Think of him as an enemy.

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meaning he shows enmity to you, you also show enmity in return. Because in amiodarone, his vocal Lee Hakuna woman has had a certain he only calls his party to be among the companions of the Blaze, meaning those who listen to Him, those who befriend him, then, Chapin will only take them were to hellfire. So basically, Chopin is sincere to nobody. He's loyal to nobody, even those who follow Him, He will take them to hell. So this is what is it teaching us that choke on is our enemy, and we need to accept this reality. You see, sometimes, some things are real, but they're difficult to accept, they're difficult to deal with. So we remain in denial of it. We don't want to accept it.

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Right? But unless and until we accept that reality, we cannot help ourselves, we cannot protect ourselves. Right? Like, for example, if a person has a certain health condition, and the doctor has been telling them you really need to take this seriously, or else such and such will happen. If a person is in denial of it, are they going to take care of their health? No, they're not. So in the shaitana, la coma do one factor he do I do we're never forget this reality. You see, our greatest and most real enemy is who it is sharpen. Because Chopin, never tires of inflicting harm upon us. His mission is what to continue to plot against us from the moment we were born until the moment we

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die. The moment a person is born, what happens a child is born. And what did the Prophet sallallahu Sallam tell us that the shaytaan hits folks, the child, this is the hatred of shaitan for human beings, that he doesn't even have any compassion for an infant, an innocent baby. This is how much he hates Adam and a lad, Adam, that the moment a baby is born, he pokes him hits him. And he's after every single human being from the moment that person is born until the moment he will die. This is who Chopin is. And he employs various ways of beautifying evil for us, so that we may pursue evil we may pursue wrong and become distant from the right path. So what are the tricks of shaitan? What are

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the different ways that Champon uses to misguide us to attack us to harm us? To put us in danger? What are those ways we should be aware of them? What are the tricks of shaitan. And there are numerous books written on this topic, numerous articles written on this topic, numerous lectures that you will find. And you know, it's possible that we read something maybe two years ago, or we heard a lecture maybe three years ago, five years ago. But this is something that we need to remind ourselves off on a regular basis. Because shirvan was an enemy to us five years ago, and he's an enemy to us today. Also, this very moment also. And he will continue to be our enemy until we leave

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this world. He's out to harm us. So this is why it's necessary to remind ourselves of the enmity of shaitan of his tricks of his ways so that we can protect ourselves, we can defend ourselves. What are some of the ways in which a thon tries to harm us? Firstly, and most importantly, he invites people to Schick to cover. And as we learned earlier, that sometimes shook it doesn't come in the most obvious of forms. Like in Hadith, we learn about how miners should, should coffee hidden shake, can be so subtle, so hidden, it's like a black end, crawling on a rock in the dark night. Meaning it's hardly visible. But this is how it creeps in. This is how it comes in. And what is minor *

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showing off doing something in order to gain the pleasure of other people not doing something sincerely for Allah subhanaw taala and check sometimes in the most open forums also. So this is what shaytaan leads people to shake, he invites them to share, then creating doubts in the matter of religion. We learned about the danger of shock at the end of Surah Csaba that how the people of Makkah their example is given right? Because they were the ones who were primarily being addressed. They saw the truthfulness of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. If they looked at him without bias. They knew that he was truthful. But what is it that kept them away from believing in him? It was Chuck

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they lived in that Chuck they were died with that shock and the shock is what is going to destroy them. So shall upon casts doubts in our hearts. And what's the solution to these doubts by the way? What's the solution?

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And how do you remove those doubts? How do you get rid of them? By gaining knowledge?

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You see, every era basically has its fitten has its tests and trials and dangers. All right? And these days, what are the various forms of fitness that we see that we come across? If you think about it, what are those trials in the matter of religion? That create doubt?

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Okay, and

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Okay. Like, for example, atheism, we had so common, it's so common that you just have to, you know, maybe attend one class or sometimes even read one book or watch one interview and seeds of doubt are sown.

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Literally. It's so common. It's amazing. That if you claim to believe if you say that you believe people will laugh at you, I was watching this interview that Mehdi Hasan is a journalist, he was conducting this famous atheist in Oxford, in that basically the the person who he was interviewing, he asked him, you believe that, do you? He said, Yes, I do. He was talking about Mara dodge the ascension of the Prophet sallallahu. So he said, you believe that your Prophet went up in the skies on a winged horse.

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I mean, the way he asked him and this is going on TV, and there's so many people, it's an academic atmosphere and the way that man was put on spot, but mashallah, he said, Yes, I do believe in it. Yes, I do believe in it. And this is something very serious. There are people who will refute faith, religion. And this is a big fitna of this time, a big fitna. So what is necessary for us that, that we equip ourselves with knowledge so that these doubts don't take any place in our heart? Because these doubts can literally destroy us. They can ruin they can destroy faith.

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So atheism, for example, is one fitna another fitna, can you think about it, those which attack religion, issues such as, you know, homosexuality, or other issues which are relevant to today's world, especially in the world that we're living in the place that we're living in? How do you navigate properly? How do you have the right approach to these issues?

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Likewise, the political atmosphere overall in the world, I mean, these are all things that could make you question your faith that could really make you doubt your faith. So it is essential that we have no doubt. Agreed.

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Is it essential that we have no doubt?

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Good. So have you heard of no doubt?

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Have you heard of no doubt?

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isn't ready?

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If you haven't heard of no doubt, then please hear of it now.

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Hey, you're Muslim, I'm gonna ask you something. Why do you wear that thing on your head? I consider myself to be a feminist. And I can't stand to see a woman behind that cage like some sort of animal. And if God is so merciful, that why is there so much suffering in the world? I guess you could expect as much from a religion that forces women to get circumcised and whose main profit actually married a nine year old girl. No wonder you guys have so many extremists. You hate Western culture, but you have no problem using our freedoms for your own benefit. What's up with that?

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So these are some questions that we hear. You see doubt. It's like, Have you ever seen wood being infected by termites? How it just makes it hollow from inside? I went to somebody's house once and they had a termite problem. Right. And it was such a bad termite infestation that literally I opened the door to the bedroom, and the whole doorframe fell. So imagine the doorframe including the door the whole thing fell. From its appearance, it looked perfectly fine, but from inside it was hollow. And this is how Shaq is Shaitan puts shuk shuk shuk constantly and this is what destroys it eats up our faith from inside. So Allah subhanaw taala is telling us that *ed up he do I do. I take him

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as an enemy. This is one of the tricks of shaitan

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so how do you fight this chuck with Emily akin with knowledge of certainty

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So this is one way in which Anton attacks How else does he attack shaitan also attacks us. His way is that he prevents us from obedience to Allah subhanaw taala meaning something is obvious that Allah has ordered that we do it, but Champon stops us from it. Then he provokes people he incites them to commit sin, to commit indecency, then also creating facade in relationships, corrupting relationships, harming relationships, so that people are living in the same house. They belong to the same family, but the hearts are torn apart. So there is no love, no unity, no Sukkot, no peace, no harmony in the house. And if a person is not at peace in their house, then how can they have

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peace in their life? They suffer from loneliness. And when a person is all alone by himself, then Champon can very easily attack him. Another way of Chopin is causing people to forget Allah's remembrance. Another is by making people take Salah very lightly being negligent towards salah, making us angry. These are all ways of Shaitan in which he tries to attack us. Allah says Fattah He Who Who are the were Dec Chopin as an enemy, because he's really not your friend. Do something to protect yourself. Do something to protect your faith, because AlLadhina cafardo Lahoma on Shaadi those who disbelieve for them is a severe punishment. Who those who respond to Shell pawns call.

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It's not that they can run away it's not that they can somehow escaped. No, the Promise of Allah is true. So for those who respond to share pawns call for them will be a severe punishment. Will Lavina Armand Wang AMILO Sally had Lahoma forgotten what I do on Cubby, those who believe and do righteous deeds for them is forgiveness and a great reward. Then an example is given of those who respond to shaitan those who get affected by shine upon those who become the victims of child porn. If a man is forbidden man who Xuyen Allahu Akbar man Xuyen Allah Who then is one to whom it is made. Attractive. Xuyen Allahu Hina from Xena What does Xena mean? adornment and adornment beautification, it is

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attractive. So So when Allah who it was made attractive for him, it was made beautiful for him, what was made beautiful for him. So Rama, Li, evil deed of his meaning his evil deeds are made beautiful to him. So beautiful that for our who, so he sees it as Hassan as good. In reality, it's a bad deed, but he sees it as something good. He sees bad as good and vice versa he will see good as bad. His vision his understanding is corrupted. Why because of the constant was was out of shape on because of the effect of shape on his vision, his understanding is distorted for in the Lucha. So indeed Allah, you will be Lumenier share, he sends a stray whomsoever He wills, where the amania Shah, and

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He guides whomsoever He wills, a question is being asked over here, that FM and zoo you know Allahu su or ama li for Abu Hassan, then tell me is one to whom the evil of his deed has been made attractive? And then the response to this is not mentioned, because it is implied. And what is that? That? Is he like the one who is rightly guided? Are they the same? No, one person his vision is distorted, his understanding is distorted and the other his understanding is sound. Are these people the same? No, they're not. One sees good as evil, and the other sees good as good. One sees evil as good, and the other sees evil as evil. Wrong as wrong. They are completely two different people, one

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is guided and the other is misguided, who is guided, the one who sees good as good, the one who sees evil as evil and who is misguided. The one who sees good as evil and evil as good. Allah is the One who lets people go astray. And he is the one who guides others, meaning guidance and misguidance is in the hands of who Allah subhanaw taala and he gives it to people depending on who they are and what they desire, and what they're striving towards. So if a person really wants guidance, if a person wants guidance, then Allah will give him guidance. And if a person

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He doesn't want guidance that Allah will not force it upon him. Each person is given what He desires, what he's striving towards. So for example, if a person wants to protect their faith, right wants to protect their faith, strengthen it protected against the attacks of shaitan seeds of doubt. And they, for example, this tribe, and they equip themselves with knowledge, then this is an effort. This is a step they're taking to protect themselves. This is a step they're taking to increase in guidance. And Allah will guide such people for in the Lucha you'll be lemania Sha, where the mayor SHA Fela so do not now the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam is being addressed. That fella does have

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enough Ahsoka, fellas are not does have it should go. What should not go nuff suka your soul. Do not let your soul go. Go as in depart as in die as in suffer as an perish. Don't let your soul perish. I lay him over them over who over those who strive in misguidance over those who view evil as good and good as evil. So do not let yourself perish over these people in hassled often in regrets has arrived is a plural of hustler and what is hustler? extreme sadness regret. The Prophet sallallaahu Salam is being addressed over here, that there is no need for you to regret over such people. You do not need to be so sad for them. Because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he would grieve he would be

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very, very sad. Over the misguidance of people. Allah says in Surah Al Anam io 33 The Cardinal mo Inaho layer has zunow kalithea Conan, we know that what these people say it makes you sad. Their disbelief, it makes you sad. And over here, Allah subhanaw taala advises his messenger that you don't need to be so sad for these people, they don't deserve your pity. Why? Because if they don't care about themselves, then why should you care about them? In the Lucha Alima Bhima your snare own? Indeed, Allah is Knowing of whatever they do, their actions are not hidden from him.

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We see that when Shavon wants a person to do something wrong. What does he do? He makes that wrong, attractive and beautiful. And when a person sees wrong as good than can he be rightly guided? No, there is no doubt that he has gone astray. I mean, something is so harmful, so dangerous, yet a person likes it.

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You know, for example, if a person is taking drugs, right, they know that it's destroying their body. They know that if they're caught, you know, it's a crime, for instance, but they keep doing it, they keep doing it, they go deeper and deeper into it. Why? Because they see bad as good.

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And such a person. I mean, we all have heard stories of how families are trying to rescue such people out of the danger that they've put themselves in. But is it of any help? No.

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It's not of any help. Because unless and until a person sees wrong as wrong, they will not leave it. It's essential to recognize wrong as wrong.

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Only then can a person leave it and it's essential that a person recognize as good as good, because only then can a person do it.

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What are some deeds that are wrong, but we might think they are good. They're beautiful. And so they're attractive. And so we're tempted to do them even a little bit.

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Okay, like for example, practicing and innovation, something that is not from the Sunnah, something that is not based on the Quran and Sunnah at all, but it appears to be very good. So a person thinks so it's good to do it and they do it. They don't see any problem with it.

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And the other thing,

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Yes, pursuing desires. Not every desire is wrong, but pursuing them for example, excessively high, for instance, sleep.

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The Uber it's my bed is so comfy. It's, I can't get out of it. Five more minutes. Just 10 more minutes. Just three more minutes.

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Any other thing? Yes.

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Okay, procrastination. What else? Yes.

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Lying. Yeah. backbiting. Backbiting. Honestly, we're gossiping. We're talking about others. We're having so much fun. It's like, we're venting and we're feeling so good. You know, we feel relieved that we finally managed to say something bad about the person whom we hate, but in reality

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Tea, what have we done? We have destroyed ourselves. What else?

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Okay, extravagance when it comes to spending, you know, celebrating any occasion extravagance beyond need.

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Okay, being extreme in many matters. Like, for example, a person thinks so I have to, you know, do this thing in religion, and this is why I have to be very rude, you know, and tough with my parents, you know that rudeness is being justified because of what? Because of the, yes, having graduates, okay.

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Eating whatever we want, eating something just because it's available to us without even thinking about what it has, and what harm it's going to cause to our bodies. This is what seeing bad as good. We're ignoring the ingredients and the harmful effects of that food. And we're just admiring what the taste the flavor, the crunch, right? That is what we're admiring. In reality, it's worse than the packaging. Right? The nutrition is worse than the packaging. If you ate the packaging the paper box, it won't harm you as much as the food in the box would harm you. Seriously. That's how bad it is. But we think it's good. And we have it without even thinking about the consequences. So the

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thing is that we need to accept things the way they are.

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And if we don't see evil as evil, we cannot leave it and this is one of the tricks of Chopin will love and lovey and Allah is the One who are celeea who sends the winds plural of the word Re. Allah is the one who sends the winds far to zero. So they stir to zero I follow you through thought well, and what does it mean to stir something up to upturn it? It's basically used for the tilling of land in order to sow seeds in it. So what is done that the Martha was at the bottom is now brought up what was up is now taken to the bottom so far to see who then the winds they stir Sahaba and clouds, meaning they pick up the clouds, they raise the clouds

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they stir the clouds the clouds are agitated and what happens for SOCO now who then we drive it SR cough, to drive to take something somewhere. So we drive the clouds Isla to Bella the may yet a dead land, a dead ground, that is where the clouds are taken. What happens then, for a hyena, so we give life be with it with what with those clouds, and out of the earth. Bada moutier After its lifelessness the earth was dead. It didn't have any life, meaning nothing grew on it. No life could survive on it. There were no plants, no animals, no insects, no birds, nothing. It was dead. It was barren. But what happened with that rain? That was a result of the clouds that came that came

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because of the wind that Allah subhanaw taala said, that landscape completely changed. Cavalli can assure Allah says thus is the resurrection. What does New showed me no show known Shinra to come back to life, restoration to life. Like when we wake up in the morning, what do we say Alhamdulillah Hilary? The here now by the marina. What Elaine? No show that Allah brought us back to life after we were dead, because sleep is the sister of death. Right? And what Elaine has shown to him is the return meaning resurrection, that when we will die Allah will resurrect us again when on the Day of Judgment. So this is what is it proving the reality of afterlife because in noir the law he held the

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Promise of Allah is true. But living in this world we forget about this promise we are deceived by this world. So Allah subhanaw taala is giving us proofs of resurrection over here so that we have your pain so that we don't get trapped by shaitan let's listen to the recitation of these verses

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a shiny ball

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his bed holy I mean I'll be sorry

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Shaadi need all Latina

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now you're on to

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Cubby, Thurman Xueyan Allah

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or Armani follow Hassan

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law how you lumii

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suka Arlene has on

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B miles now

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while long Larry also

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has a to z

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meeting ina

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Hill How about them

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gallican No shoe oh my

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god I already do lies that

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heel to Jimmy

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was 13 I am gonna say Mother

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one not for all

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income who I am