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Al-Muminun 1-22 Word Analysis and Tafsir 9-14


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The importance of guarding prayers for success in various cultures is highlighted, including guidelines for holding prayers in public and private settings, as well as the use of the word pasta to prevent fraud. The segment also touches on the importance of pursuing all stages of one's life, including physical health, social interaction, and family members. The speakers emphasize the need to change behavior and focus on the subject of love, as well as the significance of the phrase "slameconomic" in cutting out of one's brain and causing behavior problems. The importance of loving and loving in achieving spiritual success is also emphasized.

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When levina and those who whom they allow for the word to him over their prayers you have his own they maintain carefully

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you have your own is from the root letters have felt was our hips hips this to guard so they're solid they guard they preserved they maintain

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so we see that for a person to be successful his Salah must be proper

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because you see for that was mentioned first alidium and peaceful It was your own and now it's mentioned at the end as well

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and in so little hedge we learned so many times about the command to pray

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yeah even Medina I'm a New Yorker was to do and also for the masala to Zika. So, the comment of Salah is extremely necessary for success. If a person does not pray for that property, if it does not guard his prayers, and he cannot be successful, neither in this dunya nor India. Now the question is what does it mean by guarding the prayer looking after the prayer? First of all, it includes adhering to the prescribed times. It includes adhering to the prescribed dose, even Mr. Little dinar and who he asked the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that he will aromatic herbal Illa which deeds are the most beloved to Allah? And what did he say? prayer at the appointed time.

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And we see that for some sort of at a loss of time God has given us a bigger window. I for example for the for us, for Asia, but for other prayers, there's a limited amount of time mother, for instance. So this is also a test

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that does a person take care of the time or does he just pray whenever he finds it convenient.

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Secondly, the hips of Salah looking after the Sunnah were half alive. So that includes performing the solo with due regard for the prerequisites.

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What are the prerequisites like for example will do so person make sure that he has performed will do properly taharah that he is physically clean Qiblah that he is facing the Qibla and he is fulfilling all of the conditions and pillars as well.

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That he performs the pm property he performs the property he performed this property and then we'll have a lot of Salah also includes that a person does not waste the Salah after performing it.

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Because sometimes it happens that a person performs a salon right after he does something that will waste his reward. We learned early ins with Medea my 59 for color from embodying holophone of our soda, the waste of the prayer, they neglected it, they wasted its reward.

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So those people who have these qualities Eman who sure in Santa Ana, the qualities that are mentioned over here Allah says Allah aka human YT soon it is there who will be the inheritors. They will be the heirs heirs of what alladhina uri Sunil for those whom he has those who will inherit with those meaning Jana and they will abide there eternally

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or the

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moon, this is how they will be successful that they will inherit.

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Now, what does it mean by inheriting gender? Why is this word used? Why is the word inheritance used for gender?

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Because remember, this Hadees tells us that every person has a place that is reserved for him in gender and also in hellfire. Every single person every single individual, he has a place that is secured for him reserved for him a spot a seat in general and also in a nerve. So, the person who will enter Jannah he will inherit the place of the one who has not entered

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Do you understand

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and a person was entered Hellfire he will inherit the spot the place of who the one who has not entered

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so alladhina Arizona for those they will inherit Jenna paradise, whom via holiday

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also the word inheritance has been used, because when a person deserves inheritance, he has a right to have it isn't it so, when he has a share of inheritance, nobody can say no you cannot be given it.

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If they say that if the deprive them of his share, that is injustice.

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If a person is entitled to a share of inheritance, he must get it.

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So it is as though because of the qualities that they possess, because of the actions that they do. They have pleased Allah, it is as though they deserved because remember that a person cannot get Jenna as an exchange for his di T can only get it when by the mercy of Allah. So because of these deeds, they have pleased Allah and it is as though they have made themselves entitled that they

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deserve it. Buddha ecoman, where his own alladhina, Arizona, dosa houfy Holly to insert Miriam is 63. We learn delicate agenda to let a newly seminary betina man Canada,

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who will inherit gender from the servants of Allah, Montana, that they are the one who has the power of Allah. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, If you ask Allah for paradise, then ask him for Alfred those four, it is the highest part of Paradise, in the middle of paradise. And from its spring, the rivers of Paradise, and above it is the throne of the Most Merciful.

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So, those who possess these qualities, they will inherit what fit those. So, what do we see that in order to achieve a high rank, in order to obtain a high place in general, a person needs to strive as hard as if

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he has to put an effort in every aspect of his life. He has to improve every aspect of his life.

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And he has to strive constantly continuously.

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It cannot be that a person pays a lot of attention to his Salah, and he neglects his promises and his commitments. It cannot be that a person is very careful about his physical relationships. But at the same time, he does not care about his Sunnah. No, all of them are necessary. All of them together, make a person such that He is worthy.

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Because unfortunately, many times we compartmentalize our lives, that we only focus on one thing and we think that if we're doing that right, then everything will be fine. Whereas we see that all of these aspects are necessary a person must focus on all of them, where he's trying to focus on sada he must also avoid law where he's trying to become more chaste, he must avoid watching how long as well, because you see, all of these things are interlinked, isn't it

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all of these qualities are interlinked. If one is neglected, the other will be affected.

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Too Such are the ones who will enter agenda.

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We listen to the recitation and will continue.

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We see that at the beginning Salah is mentioned and finally at the end Salah is mentioned as well, because if a person Salah is correct, if his Salah is proper, then the rest of his life will also be fine. Because in a salata, then her annual fascia he will

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Salah it forbids a person from Russia and moonga

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automatically when a person will give important to Salah many useless things will be completely out of his life isn't a time when a person will perform the Salah with fear with humility with consciousness regularly, then his affairs with the people will also be good. He will realize that I have to go face minority How can I cheat someone? How can I lie to someone? How can I not do what Allah has obligated me to do?

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and beautiful connection between this soda and the previous one? Then the previous order we learned from America that aloha country that people do not give the respect to Allah they don't value him as much as they should. They don't respect him as much as they should. And only when a person has respect for Allah, then he will do how could God and part of hacker Jihad he is improving oneself, making oneself a good servant of Allah, a servant of Allah, that Allah is

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happy with.

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And how does a person do that by developing these characteristics in himself that Allah has told us about. And all of them are beautifully interlinked with one another one leads to the other. Eman leads to Salah, Salah with horseshoe, which leads to avoiding love, which leads to purifying oneself, which leads to avoiding harm.

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So all of these are interlinked with one another.

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And when we discuss the topic of love, we think that we're becoming two extremists, that now we can't even do this. And we can't even do that. This is just, you know, being too extreme is it's not what our religion tells us to do. But the fact is that if you look at the meaning of the word law, that will tell you what love is, that will show you what love is. So we need to change ourselves, not try to change what others have said.

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And if a person wants to have kosher insulin, and he must leave love, he must do tusky. But that is difficult. It is challenging, isn't it, you have to leave so many things, things that your heart yearns to do your heart loves to watch, you'd love to spend time watching that and doing that or talking about that, but you have to leave it and that is difficult. But what do we see that Allah Subhana Allah says, well, Medina whom Allah Salah were to him, you have your own Salah wet is mentioned, what does that mean? Was there you know, with somebody was like I seek help through patience, and also through prayer.

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And you see, that's what is mentioned in the beginning. And it's mentioned at the end, which shows to us that we should schedule everything, how around Salah in the sense that not that we are fitting salah and things but that other things are being fitted between this one.

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And a person must completely expel luck from his life. Because if he doesn't, then even though years have gone by those same sentences will come to your mind or same scenes will come to your mind. So your mind is too precious, your brain is too precious.

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I remember once somebody was mentioning that, when people commit crimes when they do wrong things, they go to rehab, and eventually they get over it. Like for example, if they're on a particular drug, they will go to rehab eventually they will get over it eventually that will be completely out of their body, it will be completely out of their system. Yes, it has done the damage however it's out of their system. However, when a person is involved in pornography, when he watches how long then there is no getting out of it. No getting out of it. Because once a person has seen something, it's in the brain and you take it out of your brain. No, the drug you can take it out of the body,

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by detox by different ways. But something that has gone inside your brain you can not pull it out you can not take it out. Therefore it's one of the worst addictions. Low is one of the worst addictions because once it's gone into your head, it's not coming out. Once you have heard something, it's not coming out.

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So be careful about what you put in your brain because that's what will affect your salad that's what will affect your behavior.

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Now that we have started learning about the fifth of Salah we should take the subject extremely seriously very seriously focus on every topic every subtopic make sure you do your readings make sure you memorize

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and because this is a daily part of your life you pray five times a day and Salah is so important for sure it's so necessary and you cannot have for sure until you love Salah How will you love Salah by knowing the meaning of Salah by knowing the importance of solder. So value the subject enjoy the subject.

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Listen to the recitation of all of these is from the beginning.

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roomy mommy

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mean Sudan it means clean and certainly did we create men from an extract of clay, the origin of the human beings Adam or SNM, or the human being himself he has been created from what what's the origin select him in clean extract of clay.

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Salalah is from the root letter seen lamb lamb from the word sell, sell and sell is to pull something out. And from this the word Salalah is used for the essence it's used for the extract of something. What is taken out of something it is said sell to Shea Amina Shea, meaning I drew one thing out of another.

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So selecting an extract meant lean in from clay.

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Meaning, the human being his substance is of what is up clay. He has been extracted from clay, the origin of human being is what clay mud, the nutrition of human being, where does it come from? The clay. So the substance, the extract is what clay and clean as you know is used for moist clay.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Allah created Adam or a Sudan from a handful of mud, which he picked up from throughout the earth. So different colors of mud.

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So the sons of Adam came fourth accordingly red, white, black, and in between evil and good in between. This is reported and was snuck

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in through the side of the aisle number seven to eight Wheeler, an elderly Santa cola in Colorado, a hole called insanity men clean that who perfected everything which he created and he began the creation of man from clay. So Medina Sloman celebrity women in maheen. And then he made his posterity out of the extract of a liquid that is distinct.

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In the room I have 20 we learn woman it and holla haka, mentor Robin sama, Sharon tanta Sharon, it is obvious signs that he created you from dust and then suddenly you are human beings dispersing throughout the land. So much are now who then we made him notified on a sperm drop field karate McKean in a firm lodging. mitzvah as you know is used for the sperm drop literally it is used for clear flowing liquid, a minute amount of liquid. So this is the origin of human beings

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that the origin

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Either Madison um he was created from clay and the rest of human beings they're created from Nutella

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and the origin of human beings their substance their food, their nutrition comes from what from clay and the human being, he produces the sperm, which is the origin of the next generation. So so much are now who knows button and this network where is it placed? Where is the human being formed? field karate McKean in a firm logic karate salute letters blah blah blah

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and karate is used for a place of rest, a place of stability and abort and it refers to the womb

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but the womb is such a place of rest for the sperm that is McKean McKean is from the fetters named calf noon and Makana is to be strong to be firmly established.

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So, this womb this place where the sperm is admitted, and where the child forms, this place, this abode is McKean, it is protective, it is firm, it is strong, it preserves and that is where the child grows

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into little more solid is 2223 we learn along the local minima in mahane. Further on now houfy, karate, McKean electrocautery maloom for cadorna, finir, Malka de Rome, did we not create you from a liquid that is the stained and we placed it in a firm lodging for an unknown period of time because no one knows how long the child is going to be in there when it's going to come out. And we determined that an accident or we did determine

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some mahanakhon not further, then we created the sperm drop into what into our locker into a Klingon clot. And we have done the meaning of the word our locker before it is used for a clot of blood or something that clings to the other something that sticks to the other. And it's also used for a leech. So some mohalla can not fatter either. The neutral it turns into a blood clot.

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For Harlequin, Allah Allah pata motiva, and then after some time that Allah grows, and it turns into motiva and what is Mandala, a lump of flesh, isn't that amazing?

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A drop of sperm turns into a blood clot, and that blood clot grows into a lump of flesh. And that lump of flesh has birds of the feet and the tongue and the mouth. And it has a backbone, something that is tiny as a blueberry something that is so small, smaller than an inch. But at that time, it's a lump of flesh and it has its growing limbs for Haleakala allapattah moto and moto as you know is used for a bite size, small amount of flesh, something that you can eat something that you can chew.

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So in its appearance also It looks like a chewed substance something that has been chewed

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for Hakuna Matata. And then we create the model into an element into bones. Amazing. Sperm drop clot of blood, a lump of flesh and that lump of flesh has bones in it, how it grows stronger and stronger from one stage to the other.

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And then once the bones are formed, once the skeleton is formed for casona then we closed on a llama the bond with Lachman with flesh.

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And yes, the fetus is covered with flesh, however, the fat when does that come in, in the later stages of pregnancy. So *a Sonal, a llama casona. From the root letters I've seen well, kiswa in case was used for clothing, especially such clothing that you put in somebody else. So those bonds are then covered with flesh. And then some shirt Now hold on Aha. And then we developed him into another creation into a new creation, where it was just a sperm drop, a drop of liquid that is trickled and that drop turns into a fully formed human being. Hello Can Aha, another creation, a new creation.

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And Hong Kong has been understood in two ways that first of all, it's a completely different creature. It's completely different from what it was before, where it was transparent liquid, where it was a clot of blood, where it was a lump of flesh. Now it's a fully formed human being with hands and feet and legs, and a voice, an amount, an eyes and a body that functions a unique appearance.

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unique voice, how can Aha, completely different from what it was before.

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And how can aha has also been understood as, as another as an individual being separate from the mother,

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that if you think about it, a clot of blood that is inside a person that is a part of their body,

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isn't it? It's a part of their body, a lump of flesh that is inside a person, it's a part of their body.

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But we see that that lump of flesh, it grows into another human being, that is an individual being separate from the mother. Yes, they're connected, but they're separate. And once the child is born, then it's two different people. So now who halcon aha, where the child was in the mother, now it's out first about a coma who sublessor is Allah. So no highlighting the best of the creators, the best of creators. Look at the way a law creates the human being from something that is so minute, something that is so insignificant, and look at the way you see the final product, you see the human being coming out of the mother's womb, so beautiful in its appearance, so precious to the parents.

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So in this ayah, Allah subhanaw taala mentions the stages of the creation of men. And all of these stages, what do they indicate the power and might of

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that how he takes it from one stage to the next. And each stage is amazing. Each stage is amazing.

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That where the child is just a lump of flesh, and then he begins to grow his bones, that is amazing. And that how the bones, they're covered with fat with baby fat. That is amazing.

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So who does all of this? I said on quality, the best of creators.

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And we see that the child when he's in the womb, he smiles. He dreams he yawns hiccups. Isn't that amazing? Who does this? Who has created the child in this way? Have a soprano

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where that thing could not be felt? Now the movements are there. And now the mother can feel the movements. Now the mother can feel the child moving.

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That how beautifully Allah has created every single human being and then to make him more beautiful. Allah has told us about the things that we have to do. Allah has done his part by giving you a beautiful body. And now you have to do your part by beautifying your spiritual being