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Al-Muminun 23-50 Translation 23-50


AI: Summary © The conversation covers a variety of topics including a war, social media campaigns, and recent events. The speakers provide examples and discuss personal experiences, including the potential for success. The discussion also touches on various topics such as sex, privacy, and politics, and references the concept of "helpful" in various ways.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Sunday our little studio Kareem avod Pharaoh the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. Shashi sorry we're silly Andy Warhol owner of better melissani of koko de bourbon esignal. In

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Lesson number 173 suited me noon I am number 23 to 50. Translation what occurred? And certainly our center we sent new Han new early Salaam, Isla to Omaha, he has people for Karla then he said, Yeah call me or my people were boo Do you all worship? Allah, Allah? Ma not Luckily for you, men from Allah him any god? How you who other than him a fella? Do they're not that acun you all fear for color. So he said alamelu the chiefs and Medina those who cafaro they disbelieved men from Konami, he his people may not have this Illa except by Sharon. And then Miss Lacan like you, you redo he wants and that he had a footballer, he becomes superior or he has precedents are they come upon you?

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Well, and if he will, Allahu Allah lenzuola surely he sent down Malaika angels, man not semir Now we heard be Heather with this fee in our in our our forefathers a well in the first ones in not who he Illa except Rajan, amen. Be with him gin madness, Fatah bustle. So you always believe with him, had that until Hainan a time? Allah He said rugby Oh my rub on Sony helped me be mad because of what vema because of what get the booni they belied me

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for Oh hayner so he revealed LA to him and that is not you make you construct

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the ship, the ru Nina, before our eyes, were were Hina and our inspiration for either then when it came on Bruna, our command will follow and it gushed forth at the noodle that are nude. First look then insert then put fee her in it men from Colin every So Jamie do pairs do mates if naini do well and your family Ella except man who subaqua it past or lay upon him Allah the word main home from them while ah and do not do hardly Binney, you address me fee concerning alladhina those who want to move around in the home indeed the mobile raccoon wants to be drowned for either than when it's the way that you have boarded is the way that you have boarded. And you woman and whoever Marika is with

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you, Allah upon alforque the ship for coal, then say Alhamdulillah all praises Lola he for Allah. Allah be the one who know Jana, he saved us. Main from alone the people of Allah mean the wrongdoing will call and say probably O'Meara and zil me. You land me. You sent me down. Moon zellen a landing place. Mobile rockin one blessitt what under and you are Hiroo best Ullman. xylene of those who host

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in indeed fi in velyka. That is surely signs were in and indeed good now. We were limited in surely ones who test

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some of them and Shatner, we raised we produced men from barding him after them on a generation, a hurryin others for all of a sudden so we sent him in them, or siouxland a messenger, mean home from them. And that obudu you will worship

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Allah Allah, math not law come for you main from inner him any god, what are you who other than Him? FLR do they're not that the who you are fear or color? And he said alamelu the Chiefs main from army he is people alladhina those who cafaro they disbelieved, where can they go and they belied, very calmly with meeting hero of the hereafter or at Ruffner home, and we gave them prosperity. We gave them luxury fee in the life adonia of the world. Man not had this Illa except verschuren a man made local like you. Yeah kulu he eats mimma from what the Guna you all eat men who from it. Were shabu and he drinks mimma from what Tasha Boone you all drink while are in and surely if authority you all

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obeyed by Sharon amen with local like you in Nicole indeed you event then the horsey Ron surely losers at the con does he promise you a nickel that indeed you either when mitem you all have died will consume and you all were to Robin dust where a lemon and bones a nickel that indeed you mojarra June wants to be taken out once brought out hey had how far Hey Heather how far Lima for that to arduin you all are promised in not here it Illa except higher tuna our life adonia of the world number two we die wanna hear and we live warmer and not national we be mobile seen at all wants to be resurrected. In not who are he inlet except Rajan, amen. If there are he fabricated Allah upon

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Allah He Allah ketevan li wama and not national, we know for him the meaning at all believers.

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Allah He said, Robbie O'Meara own certainly helped me be man because of what that the booni they have denied me. Carla, he said, I'm from what Colleen a little layers behind. Surely they will definitely become narrow, demean once regretful

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for her that term. So it sees them as say her the awful cry will help with the truth. Federal law home so we made them with scum plants double for burden so we curse little comb for the people avoiding mean the wrongdoing so much then and Shatner we raised we produced men from Barbie him after them bulunan generations hurryin others may not that's a proceeds main from oma any nation agenda it's time warmer and not yesterday alone, they remain they seek to delay

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some then all of a sudden we sent Rosalina Our Messengers that draw in succession Colima whenever he came on mutton to a people rasuluh her its messenger got the Boo they belied him fat burner so we made to follow Baba whom some of them Baba others which are now home and we made them ahead these stories February then so away curse liko for a people laugh not me noon they believe thermos then all sudden we sent Musa masala salon was a horrible and this brother hold on hold on are they selling Be it now with our science with our vs was sold on in and an evidence moving on clear enough to fit our own fit our own formula he and his chips for stackable. So they acted arrogantly. What

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can and they were Omen a people are lean ones who are hearty ones who are self exalting for callooh so they said and you know should we believe liva Shalini for two men midlaner like us? Well mahoma and people have them do Lennar for us. Are we doing slaves?

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Once in servitude forget the boom

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So they denied them to for candles. So they were made from a remote locking, those who are destroyed while are called uncertainly attina. We gave Musa masala Salah al Qaeda but the book La La home so that they don't they obtain guidance or Dinah and we made it now Maria son of Madame will omo and his mother, a attend assign whatever we know humor and we sheltered them to we gave refuge to them to Isla to Robert in a high ground, a high place that possessor of or are in stability, one marine and flowing strings

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that listen to the recitation of all of these

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Neela Tomi,

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in here

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