Yasir Qadhi – Kitab At-Tawheed – Part 09 of 18

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi moves on to discuss chapters 28 to 30 from the book – Kitaab At Tawheed.

Chapter 28 deals with what is said regarding belief in omens (At- Tataiyur). The main points of consideration are – repudiation of contagion of disease, of any bad omen (no At-Tiyarah), of Hamah (Omen in the night-bird), of any bad omen in the month of Safar, declaration that At-Tiyarah is Shirk and explanation of blameworthy and condemned At-Tiyarah.

Chapter 29 deals with what is said regarding astrology (At- Tanjeem). Here we are acquainted with facts relating to the wisdom of creating the stars and the refutation of those who claim otherwise, the difference of opinions regarding study of the lunar phases and the punishment promised for those who believed in any aspect of sorcery though knowing fully well that sorcery is falsehood.

Chapter 30 deals with seeking rain through the lunar phases. Here we gather information regarding explanation of the verses in Al-Waqi ‘ah (56: 75-82), the four undesirable customs of the pre-Islamic period, the Kufr (disbelief) contained in some of them and many more such relevant topics.