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Al-Muminun 1-22 Word Analysis and Tafsir 4-8

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Are the below him in a shed long overdue Miss Malaya Rahim

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lesson number 172 sudo to remove me known

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while Edina and those who who they lyza catty for the purification, ferried on Hoon wants to do meaning they perform the cat, they do the cat. What does it mean by the cat?

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The cat literally means to improve something to make something good to do it's Islam

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and it also means to make something grow to nurture something.

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And remember that the cat has two components in it. First of all,

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it is to purify from bed. So for example, from the knifes it is to purify it of evil habits, evil desires, bad thoughts. Similarly, purification of the wealth includes taking out the heroin from it. So the first thing is the clear removing the evil

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and secondly, it includes the halia to increase in goodness to beautify

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so as the cat is purification

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and remember that as the cat it includes two things over here is the cattle nuts and the cattlemen.

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What is the cattle nuts that when a person is purifying his knifes of evil and he is developing good qualities and himself

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he's getting rid of bad habits, bad words, and he's developing good habits, good vocabulary, polite speech.

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And second is a cat means a cattleman.

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Which is that giving us a cat on once well,

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but remember that this is a macizo De Anza cat was obligated in Medina. This is why it has been said that the cat over here gives the meaning of purification.

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So and fire Elune, Florida Ferran, what does this word indicate that they're constantly busy cleansing, purifying, improving themselves very long. They're ones who do this. Not just once in a while, but fairyloot This is a habit. This is a constant habit, that they're constantly nurturing themselves growing their email, improving their behavior, increasing in their knowledge, they're not stagnant. And when a person is like this, only then he can stay away from love. Only then he can avoid useless things.

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So we see that does care of the soul. purification of the soul is to take the bad things out from the heart and replace them with what with good things.

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When a person is busy beautifying his inner self.

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And remember that this is not just a one step thing that a person just does it once and it's over that now he has purified his knifes and now you can do whatever he wishes No, remember that this is an ongoing lifetime process, it never comes to an end.

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Because every single day what happens we make a mistake, every single day, we suffer some decrease in EMA or some lack of assurance Allah or lack of honesty in our words, we experience all of these things.

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So as the characters that a person is constantly trying to get rid of bad things and he is trying to inculcate good things.

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So, this is a way of reforming oneself and this is a constant way. This is a way of life. This is a habit.

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So when Medina whom does the karate fairyloot they save themselves from sins they save themselves from Shin from bad language, bad habits, and they focus on adopting good qualities.

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We learn insulted, Allah is number 14 Allah subhanaw taala says are the

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mentors are

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the one who purifies himself has certainly succeeded over here What do we learn by the athlete has meaning and are their qualities is when Medina home visit gatty fairyloot

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instead of the shams, a nine to 10 also we learned that the F Lucha menza kemba Walker, the harbor when the Sangha, he has succeeded, who purifies then ups and he has failed who instills it with corruption.

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If a person is consuming is indulging in love, then what will happen that will become a part of his life. Isn't it so?

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Remember that love what does it include for us? Right? So if a person is busy indulging himself in love in flourish,

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then he will not be able to escape he will not be able to stay clean. He will not be able to purify himself, he will not be able to cleanse himself.

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Before you can clean something. You have to stop the influx of evil you have to stop

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The evil coming in is an utter.

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Like for example, if you want to clean your house, then there are people walking in with muddy shoes. What do you have to do? Can you start sweeping and mopping while people are coming in with their muddy shoes? No, you have to stop them. You have to tell them take your shoes off at the door and then you can come in.

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You have to stop the evil coming in. Only then you can clean.

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So if love is a part of a person's life, useless, nonsensical things are constantly a part of his life. Can he purify himself? Can he grow himself? Can he spiritually strengthened himself it's not possible.

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When Medina and those who who they leave for Raja him for their private parts have you alone one to guard food is the plural of found and Folgers the private part of a person. And it applies to both the male as well as the female.

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So half the room they guard they protect they look after their private parts how how protecting them from what

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from unlawful ways are fulfilling the sexual desire. So they protect their private parts from home from unlawful ways.

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As I mentioned to you earlier that love it includes four Hush. If a person indulges in for Hush, if he's watching for her, if he's listening to for her, if he's talking about for her, if he's staring at for Hush, eventually what's going to happen, he will begin to desire it. And he will also do it. Because remember that whatever a person looks at, that is where he goes,

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whatever you are staring at automatically your feet will take you there.

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Like for example, if a person is driving, wherever he is looking, that is where he will go. That's what many drivers say I remember once one of my friends who was learning how to drive, and she saw a puppy. And she thought it was very cute. So just to look at where the puppy was going, she didn't even realize and she turned the car, she took it onto the curb, without even thinking. So this is a reality wherever your eyes are looking, that is where your feet will take you. So if a person is watching for Hush, if a person is listening before her if a person is indulged in it, then obviously that is what that will lead him to.

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But we see over here, that chastity, keeping yourself pure of how long relations, this is the prerequisite of entering gender.

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This is a prerequisite of what of attaining filler.

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And from this ayah, we also see that does gear purification does not just include purification of the mind.

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It does not just include purification of the habits, but it also includes purification of the body of desires have marital relations, or physical relations.

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And those people who are successful, who are truly successful. They are the ones who keep themselves pure in every aspect of their lives.

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They strengthen themselves, they improve themselves in every aspect of their lives, people who are truly successful,

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which is why we see that there are people who may be very successful financially, who may be world famous, who may have excellent careers, but they're accused of having an affair. They're accused of cheating their wives, they're accused of having attempted to rape someone or they're successful. They're not successful, all their success goes down the drain, all the work that they have done, all the services that they have offered to people all the inspiration that they have given to people all of that is wasted, even in this dunya when when a person does not keep his physical relation, his marital relations clean. If he does not keep them clean, if he does not purify himself in sexual

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affairs, then remember, a person can not achieve success.

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So one of the conditions of success is what one levena, whom the Fuji him have his own.

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And remember that the matters of the private part. They are a secret between a person and his Lord.

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there a secret between a person and his Lord

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and a person can do things behind other people's back in privacy, he can watch porn in privacy. He can do things with his private part which are unacceptable, like for instance, a secret habit in privacy he can establish her own relations. However, the one who truly fears his Lord, the one who will have who sure in his Salah. He will stay away from all of these things. Even this aspect of

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His life will be clean. Even this aspect of his life will be pure and correct the way Allah wants it to be.

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And we see that our religion, it is a realistic and a practical one, it is a pure religion.

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This is why, where the command has been given to protect the private part, it does not mean to protect it completely in the sense that a person does not establish any physical relations with someone. No, this is unrealistic. What is meant by protecting the private part is protecting it from what? From harm from ways that are unlawful. This is why the next ayah tells us Illa Allah as well, except for their wives,

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meaning they protect their private parts from Helen from doing anything wrong, whether it is dinner, or it is homosexuality, or it is the secret habit, masturbation, all of these things they avoid. The only way that they fulfill their sexual desire is how Illa Allah is working only with their spouses, to whom they are married to with whom there is a relationship of Nika.

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Illa Allah as well. And this is the only way

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oh or ma'am Allah got a man who that was the right hands possess, what does it refer to? slave women?

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Remember man Malika a man whom over here only refers to slave women.

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And this was at the time when slavery was there, it was common. However now, since this is not the case this command does not apply. So in that island as well, Jim Omar Malik at a manual for in the home of a Roma do mean that indeed they are not ones who are blameworthy. melamine is a plural of Milan from the roof veterus lamb Well, me loan and loan is used for blaming someone condemning someone for what for something that they have done. So maloom is one who is blamed were the one who is condemned, one was reproached. So if they establish relations with their spouses, with their slave women, and that is only possible in the case of men, then in that case, they are not

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Because if they are fulfilling their sexual desire, they are doing so in a manner that is permissible in a manner that is approved by the Sharia.

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So what do we see over here? The beauty of our religion, that Nika is encouraged. nica is given preference, and monasticism, it is not permissible

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that if a person says I'm not going to get married, I'm not going to have a wife. Even if I have a wife, I'm not going to have any relations with her. This is not purity. This is not purification. This is not by it. What is piety? Following the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said a nigga who mean suniti Nika is off my way.

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And following the Sunnah is an obligation upon us. So if a person gets married, if a person has relations with his spouse, then obviously there is nothing wrong with it. Rather, this is something that will bring reward to a person. What is forbidden is what? establishing how long relationships, whether it is through Xena, or any other way, that is what is not permissible.

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And remember that over here, what is mentioned is Illa Allah as YG who is

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the husband or the wife, someone with whom there is a relationship of Nika. And what is Nika?

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That when the man takes responsibility of looking after the woman, being responsible for her, being her

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being her column, and at the same time, he's also allowed to enjoy her sexually. And obviously, she's allowed to do the same. But we see that nicca is a relationship. It's a relationship. It's not just a physical relationship that is established between two people, but it's a social relationship, where two people have taken responsibility of one another, they will remain sincere, loyal and faithful to one another. They will fulfill each other's rights and responsibilities, they will give the hug to one another. This is the spirit of marriage.

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And if a person uses some other way, do have relationships with another person, that is not permissible.

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So for example, there is a type of nica which is known as nikka Mudra

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What is that? That a man gets married to a woman, it's just a contract. And it is for a limited amount of time that he will marry her, let's say for only two days. And at the end of today's the marriage is going to be dissolved, it's going to be finished. But for those two days he can indoor his actually, and He will give her a Maha.

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Is this any different from prostitution? No, this is equivalent to prostitution, that you stay with a person for two days for a week, as long as you want to, and you give them some money. This is why this is not permissible. It is how long it was a tradition in the days of ignorance, and in the early part of Islam, it was made permissible. However, later on at the conquest of Makkah, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam forbade it.

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This is why it's not permissible to do this kind of Mecca today.

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Similarly, there is another type of Nick, Arnica misia,

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in which two people, a man and a woman, they will get married to one another. However, they will willingly give up their rights. Like for example, the woman says, you don't have to provide me any accommodation. You don't have to take care of my expenses. You don't have to live with me. If you have a wife already, you don't have to give us equal share. No, a woman willingly gives up her rights. However, when the man wishes he can go and enjoy her sexually. This is the only relationship between the two. Tell me Is it the spirit of marriage? No, this is not the spirit of marriage.

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We have learned in great detail in Surat Al Baqarah, in certain Nyssa, about what marriage is about why she ruhuna Bill Maher roof, you have to live with a woman to call her your wife, you cannot just say you live in the same city to set the other end. Whenever I want you. I'll give you a call you come over and then you go. And although some scholars have permitted it, some scholars, others have said that this is immoral. And this is not the way that our religion wants women to be are meant to be no woman who is righteous will enter into a relationship like this.

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So what do we see over here, that Illa Allah as well, to him the word xojo has been used. And though it is not just someone with whom you have a contract, and they have given up their rights, or you have just taken them for a week or two, no. xojo is someone with whom you are in a relationship with, you're living with them. They are affiliated with you in a way they're connected with you. You are their identity and they're your identity.

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So with this person, only sexual relations are permissible

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family of the law, then whoever desires what are the ellika beyond that, beyond what the article refers to sexual relations established with the wife or mama got a manual. Anyone who goes beyond that for Allah ecohome Allah, I don't and those, they're the transgressors? What are they transgressing the laws, the bounds, the limits, watershed era has set.

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So, if a person goes beyond nikka, meaning he does something else, to fulfill his sexual desire other than nica, then is that permissible? No. So these verses, they show us that nikka is the only correct approach

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and to seek any other way beyond that is not allowed, such as fornication, homosexuality, masturbation, or any other way which Allah has forbidden.

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We learn into the sharada i 165, that Lutheranism he said to his people at the tune of the chronometer elemi do you approach males among the world's meaning you fulfill your desires with men,

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men like you, this is not permissible. In North America 29 to 31 we learn what Latina homely for odium happy loan Illa Allah as well as you over my look at a man whom for innovator midomi from Animoto hora, Delica formula ecohome. We are doing the same thing as mentioned over there. But it is sad to say that within the Muslim communities today, the society the culture has made Nygaard so difficult, it has made nikka so impossible. And at the same time, how long is made so easy, it is made so simple.

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If a person wishes to get married, they have to fulfill a list of conditions. And only when they have fulfilled them, then they can get married. And if they cannot fulfill them, they can never get married.

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And on the other hand, if they want to go to prom, they can do that so easily. So easily a person can do hell.

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And many times marriage is delayed, or boys or girls are not allowed to get married. Why? Because they have not found the perfect suitor. They have not found the perfect man or woman

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and what is our definition

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Perfect, the most ideal, extremely beautiful, tall and handsome, with a good job with a good car should be living independently should have nothing to do with their parents, not responsible for them at all should have the blue passport should not have the green passport. This is our condition. Right? These are our conditions. And if a person meets these conditions only then they are accepted. And along with that, obviously they have to belong to a certain family. They have to come from a certain race. All of these conditions, they make marriage difficult. They make marriage extremely difficult.

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And I don't understand how parents can tell their children No, you cannot get married right now. If your son is above 20, you think he does not have desire? When he watches so many things in this country? How much can you lower his gaze? Even if he lowers his gaze? How much can you protect themselves? How can you pretend that he does not have any desires? He does not have any hormones in himself? How can you ignore that when a person is fast the age of 20, especially in this country, you cannot avoid marriage for too long.

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And you cannot have excuses such as No, you still don't have a job, you still haven't completed your degree, you still haven't done this, you still haven't done that? No, these are not genuine reasons. These are not genuine excuses. And remember that if somebody wishes to get married, and they are prevented without a genuine reason, without a genuine reason. And if they end up doing something wrong, yes, they are held accountable. But at the same time, their parents are also accountable. Because they're the ones who have made halaal too difficult for them.

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The problem is that we want everything to be perfect in this dunya

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we want that the marriage ceremony, the wedding ceremony should be perfect. And the guy has to make a lot of money before that. And the dress of the girl has to be from this country. And she has to go and make it herself and choose it herself, the fabric, and the crystals and this and that. And the shoes and the decor and everything has to be so perfect. That because of that we spend years in getting married. And until then, so much harm so much damage has already been done,

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isn't it

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that we see people who are engaged? they're desperate to get our new garden please? No, no nikka only engagement and they're talking to one another exchanging pictures of one another. Is that permissible? No. Remember, engagement does not mean they have become halaal on one another.

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No way does it mean they're held on one another even if the marriage is only one hour away.

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So unnecessarily because of these unrealistic standards that we have set, we make halaal so difficult.

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We make hell out so impossible.

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That because of us people are falling into heaven.

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So we have to become extremely careful. Allah subhanaw taala has told us when Medina la confit demon Hodge, Allah has not placed any difficulty for you in the religion. Our religion is so simple, it is so easy. We have made it difficult for ourselves.

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We learn at the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, there was a companion who got married. And when he came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he had no idea he had gotten married. And he saw some color some dye on his clothes. And he said, What is this, he said, I got married. Did the Prophet said you didn't like me. He didn't say anything like that.

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Our problem is that if we're getting married, we have to invite these many people. In order to invite these many people, we have to have this much money. And because I don't have this much money after work for these many months, and only then I can accommodate these many people.

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Because if I don't call this person they're going to mind they won't invite me. They won't give me a gift.

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And because of that we've made our life so difficult. And we see that the prophets of the Lord is that and he gave us a very simple guideline with regards to marriage. He said that a woman may be married for for reasons for her wealth, for her status, for her beauty and for her religion. What did he say? Marry The one who is best in their religion and prosper, be successful. Because if you marry somebody for their property for their wealth, remember that wealth they can lose it anytime. Any moment. It's happened with so many people, they have so much money and within days gone finished. If you marry someone for their beauty, then remember that that beauty also will not be

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permanent. It will eventually leave. Just wait until the woman becomes pregnant. And she's lost her finger.

00:24:44--> 00:24:46

matter how much she tries to maintain it, she's lost it.

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Similarly, people marry others for their status for their rank and many times what happens with that rank with that status comes a lot of arrogance and pride which only adds difficulty to life.

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So we see that when Nika, Allah has made it so simple. When the Prophet sallallahu Sallam start is a very simple way, we should keep it like that. We should not make life difficult. That story that I mentioned to you yesterday, don't have a very high standard for a potential spouse, that he must pray all night and he must fast every single day he must be the happiest on and he must do this in this because unfortunately, when girls have unrealistic expectations, and this is very sad. And I'll tell you openly because so many times it happens with girls that men who propose to them, they are righteous men, they're decent men, but just because they have this accent, just because they come

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from that country, just because they don't have this kind of a job. This is why I cannot get married to them.

00:25:47--> 00:26:16

This is not a genuine reason. Be realistic. Are you as perfect as you want your spouse to be? No you're not. So, if somebody righteous is coming, accepted, and inshallah Allah will put Baraka he will put her and he is the Razak he can provide from where you cannot even imagine. Maya tequila, Niger Allah who Maharaja dokumen Heisler, he will provide him from where he cannot even imagine. So this is something that we must remember.

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If a boy says that he wishes to get married parents will say How dare you even think about it, we didn't even think about marriage until we had a job. And you haven't even finished your school and you're saying you want to get married. And the fact is that, especially when you have studied the Quran, you won't find many men who have also studied the Quran. Because these kind of courses Yes, they're available for women. But unfortunately, very few men take the time to, to study the Quran the way you are studying, because they have so many other responsibilities. So many times women want a man who is very educated in their religion, very righteous, very bias, very this very that. But

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the fact is that when they don't know, how can you expect them to be like your dream man. And especially when you find a person willing, willing to learn, willing to change, give them a chance, perhaps you will help them perhaps they will get motivation from you. Perhaps they will help you learn more, perhaps they will cooperate with you so that you can excel. And if you keep waiting for that perfect man, for that ideal person, believe me, you will not find one.

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We don't do those things ourselves and we want those qualities in the other person. So be realistic.

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When levina and those who whom they leonetti him for their trusts Where are the him and their promises are our own they're ones who are attentive.

00:27:39--> 00:27:47

Amanda is a plural of Amanda and Amanda is from the real fetters Hamza means noon and what is Amana?

00:27:48--> 00:28:03

Every kind of responsibility that a person is given that is what Amana is every kind of responsibility that a person is given whether it is in the matters of Deen or it is in the matters of dunya

00:28:04--> 00:28:12

whether it is a responsibility that has been given to us from Allah, like for example, to praise Allah to give us a cat to speak the truth

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or it is a responsibility that has been given to us from people.

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Like for example, a person gives you something to look after for them. The person gives you a task to do the teacher gives homework. This is what an Amana

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and remember that Amana it includes one's own body because our body is what a trust that has been given to us by Allah soprano.

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It includes children, because children are a magnet they have been given to us by who Allah subhanaw taala it includes our wealth, the money that Allah has given to us. It includes our duties, our job, the responsibilities that are imposed upon us to Amana is a very comprehensive term it includes many things.

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And remember that, do you understand it in another way it is, all the duties and the responsibilities that are imposed on a person

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because of a role that they are playing.

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For example, if a person has the role of let's say a child, and they have certain responsibilities on them, if a person has the role of a parent, they have certain responsibilities on them. If a person has the role of a student, of a teacher of a boss, then they have certain responsibilities on them.

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So when levina whom the MNF team for their trusts, the trusts that Allah has imposed on them, or that have been deposited with them by people,

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were adding him and also their promises are this every responsibility that a person takes on himself willingly.

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A manner is what it's given on. It's put on you whether you like it or not.

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You understand?

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It is something a responsibility that you take upon yourself by your own choice.

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Like, for example, if Allah gives you a child, do you have any choice with regards to that? You say, No, I don't want to take care of the child. Can you do that? No.

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Similarly, if a person is a student, can I say no, I don't take the manner of doing the lesson seven times. No, once your student you have to do it, this is Amanda and others what that you promise, okay? You want me to do this, you want me to say this, you want me to buy this, I will do it.

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So you see the difference between a man and a man is that is imposed on you by others? No getting out of it, is that you took it upon yourself. And again, it could be made with Allah, it could be made with people. So for example, it includes after nikka, the contract of marriage, it includes the number of the vows that a person makes. It includes commitments that a person has made, or an appointment that a person has made with someone. So when Medina homely amenity, we're adding him to our room. They're ones who are attentive, meaning they look after them, and rune is a plural of what are you who is Laurie, a shepherd.

00:31:16--> 00:31:24

And remember that a shepherd has to look after his animals, how, just like the farmer has looked after his field every single day.

00:31:25--> 00:31:40

He cannot say you stay in the barn today, I'll take you out for pasture next week. No, he has to take them out every single day. Whether he likes it or not, whether he's old or young, whether he's busy, or he has a lot of free time.

00:31:42--> 00:32:24

And very includes watching with a lot of care, looking after something with a lot of attention, because when the animals are being taken care of, you have to provide them food. And at the same time, you have to protect them from the enemy from that which is harmful for them, isn't it you have to provide them food, you have to make sure that they're doing well. They're not ill, they're not sick, they're healthy. There's no infection, they have to be taken out they have to be brought back in their numbers have to be counted. So much has to be done. So this is what very is. So for their trusts and their promises, they properly keep them. They properly discharge them. They're not

00:32:24--> 00:32:47

neglectful concerning them, rather, they perform them properly. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, I had a few key centers either had data Canada what either word of life or what either domina Han. The signs of the hypocrite are three when he speaks he lies when he makes a promise he breaks it and when he is entrusted with something, he betrays that trust.

00:32:48--> 00:33:04

So if a person wants to be successful, then what should he do? He must work hard, he must struggle and he must try to fulfill all of his responsibilities and duties. This is a prerequisite to success in dunia and