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Al-Muminun 1-22 Word Analysis and Tafsir 1-2

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Are you Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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Lesson number 172 sudo to me No, I am number one to 22

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certain what Minam Elmo, Milan is the plural of men, and what men is a believer and the surah is named as me known, because the minutes are described at the beginning of the solar that who are the believers? What qualities do they possess, what are the actions that they perform. So, because there are mentioned right at the beginning of the solar, the solar is given the name and movement on

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certain will be known, is a marquee solar, and it was revealed after so little ambia. The solar has 118 verses.

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It is also reported in a necessity that someone asked our shadow to learn about the character of the prophets, let alone isn't what his character was like. Describe that to us, please. And I shall learn how she said that his character was the Quran Gan Holika will go on, and then she recited the beginning I had of the soda. In other words, she said that he acted upon these verses. This was his character, this was his manner, this was his behavior, his way of life, that he possessed these qualities.

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So what are the qualities that last panel data likes in the believers? What are the qualities that were a part of the prophets that allowed us Adams character, his behavior such that his own wife witness to it? Because you see those who are close to us? They know us very well. We may pretend to be very nice before others, but our spouse is the one who knows best about us because they see us. So I showed it on her said that this was his character. So let's see what his character was. Let's see, what are the qualities that Allah Subhana Dada wants us to develop?

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim.

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God, the earth law helmet me noon? Certainly will the believers have succeeded, the believers will certainly be successful. They have certainly succeeded. Or the F law helped me know. The word odd gives the meaning of In fact, it gives a meaning of certainty.

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And when this word, it comes before a feral, like over here, a flower is feral. And it's very mildly, it gives the benefit of the thief. It gives the benefit of the kid, what does it mean? the certainty of the event,

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that this action, this verb, this event, what is being said over here will definitely occur.

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And when God comes before unexpected matter, something that is expected something that might happen in the future,

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then God gives the meaning of that it's not just expected, but rather it is definite, it will definitely happen. So, are the F la helmy known? Certainly, definitely, the believers will have succeeded.

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And God coming before family also gives another benefit. And what is that benefit, that it gives the meaning of takari to the present, meaning, it gives a meaning of bringing the verb to the present, that it is as though it has already happened. It is as though it has already happened. Just as when the economy is set before the center, what is that God Almighty.

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Whereas in fact, the solar has not already started, isn't it? So are the karma, meaning it is about to It is as though it has already started. So are the F la hell movement own meaning certainly they will be successful. And it is as though they have already succeeded. It is as though they have already succeeded.

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And the word that has been used for success over here is from the root letters, fair lamb half, from the word fella.

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And for that is success.

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What does the word literally mean? fell literally means to split something to cleave to break open. from the same root is the word fun. And who is a fella? A farmer because what does a farmer do? He deals the land, he breaks it open, he cuts it open in order to sow his seeds in order to prepare his ground so that he can grow some plants over there. So for lack is a farmer

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and follow his success. So what's the connection between a filler and filler?

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Because a farmer What does he do? He dares open the earth. He leaves it open. He puts in this

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Does he say bye? See you next year? No, he has to come and watch over take care of maintain his field every single day. He cannot neglect it even for one day.

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So the first thing that we see in the farmer is hard work, extremely hard work.

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And you see a farmer, when does he have to go into his fields, when it's extremely hot, isn't it, because generally you would grow in summertime.

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And at which time of the day, noon, around noon, when the sun is up, when the sun is extremely bright when the heat is at its peak, that is the time when the farmer has to go. And it involves a lot of physical labor.

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Typically, when people are working, what do they do they just have a screen in front of them. Write something here, give a command here, you have a phone, you could tell somebody do something, but a farmer, what does he have to do? He has to go and work himself even if he has a lot of machinery? Doesn't he have to operate it himself? Is that machinery or the tractor that he's sitting in? Is it air conditioned? No, he has to bear the heat, he has to bear the noise, he has to bear a lot of hardship. So the first thing that we see in a farmer is a lot of hard work.

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The second thing that we see in the farmer is consistency in the work, he cannot take a break, he cannot take a vacation for a week, he cannot miss one day, he cannot miss two days, no way, he has to be extremely consistent. So far, there is such success. It is such an achievement that a person obtains after putting in a lot of hard work consistently. This achievement, this success does not come easy. A person has to do something.

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And what does he have to do a lot of work, and how much how often consistently every single day. And remember that failure is used for complete success. It's not used for partial success.

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Like for example, the farmer, if he is working in his fields, by the end, he has his produce, he sells it he makes a lot of profit. What does that complete success?

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If a part of his field he does not take care of it? Or right at the end, the produce gets destroyed? Is it going to bring him any success? No.

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The only way of being successful is when the farmer obtains complete success.

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So failure is complete and not partial.

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So the F let me know the believers who possess these qualities who have these characteristics, who do this hard work, who perform these actions? They are the ones who will certainly be successful. Certainly, this is a promise of Allah. And their success is going to be complete, their success is going to be perfect. And what is that success, that they will enter Jannah and they will be saved from hellfire.

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But this success can only be achieved when a person does something. So what is it that these believers do that is described in the following?

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We learned that it was very dull Henry, he narrated from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that when Allah subhanaw taala created gender when he made paradise, and he made structures houses the world in general how that one brick of gold and one brick of silver as we learn from various bodies. So when gender was made, it was fully made

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a loss of one data set to genetically speak and gender, it said, a million believers, they're successful. Why? Because they will enter me because they will enter this place.

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So if let me know there is no doubt about their success. This is a fact this is a promise. This is definite. Why? Because they're believers there will be known. So we see that the first condition in order to be successful is what that a person must have.

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that a person must have faith that is the first and foremost condition. And what is a man

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to believe in what Allah and His Messenger have told us to believe in? That is what emerges.

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And if a person leaves out even one thing, even one aspect, then it is his Eman, acceptable. No Eman is to fully and completely believe in whatever Allah and His Messenger have told us to believe in. So those who have the correct belief, and they don't just have a man in the heart, but rather they prove it with their actions. They're the ones who will definitely be successful. So what are the qualities

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That these believers possess. First of all, Allah says alladhina it is those believers who home the feast will fit him in their prayers. There are harsh your own ones who were humbly submissive, these believers will be successful, which believers who are humbly submissive in their solar and solar over here refers to the ritual Salah, the one that we pray five times a day.

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Now what does it mean by harsh your own house your own is a plural of harsher and harsher is one who is humbly submissive, one who is humble,

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and the word Harsha means to bend down. It means to be humble. It means a holder whatsoever to be humble, to be submissive before the other.

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But who sure does not just mean humility and submissiveness, but rather it also gives meaning of sukoon.

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What does that mean to become still? Like we have learned earlier we're harsher it a swear to another day of judgment. The voices will be hotshot. What does that mean? They'll be humbled, meaning they will be silent, nobody will dare to speak. Nobody will dare to utter a sound on that day. So for sure means humility submissiveness, but it also means sukoon to become still to become tranquil, to become peaceful, do not move, do not create any movement or any sounds. This is what he sure is.

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So for sure, is the submissiveness of the heart. It is the humility that is in the heart.

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And it is such humility and such submissiveness of the heart, that is reflected on the limbs.

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And when it is reflected on the limbs, what happens the body, it becomes second, it becomes tranquil it becomes peaceful. So for sure is the fear submissiveness humility of the heart that is manifested in one's actions, in one's words, in one's posture in one's behavior. So, it is when a person is internally submissive and humble.

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And the reality is that when a person is humble and submissive in the heart, then automatically it will come out on the body, it will be shown on in the actions of a person. So, this is what he sure is.

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On the other hand, there is holder holder with a blood and holder is physical humidity holder is physical humidity. So how sure is what humidity of the heart that is manifested where on the actions and the limbs of a person but holder is only physical humidity.

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This is why it is said that eval, but our article kaaboo hatia ideal job area,

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that when the heart is humble, then what happens to the limbs, even they become humble.

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So there is a deep connection between the humidity of the heart and physical, the apparent humidity.

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This is why we see that once a man he was playing with his beard in the salon. You know sometimes people are praying praying the salon they fix their hijab, or they scratch their arm or they will move. So similarly this man he was playing with his beard in the Salah. And the Prophet sallallahu said when he saw that, he said lo hush are called boo Heather, the hotshot God who had the heart of this person been humble. Had there been who sure in the heart of this person, then certainly his limbs would also have who Sure. So what does it show to us, that a person cannot show who should cannot have physical crucial until and unless there is crucial in the heart.

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So Allah Vina whom feasibility and caution on those believers who are humbly submissive in their prayer, what does it mean? That they pray with humility, they pray with calmness, they pray with tranquility.

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They're fully involved in Salah.

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It's not just that they are physically performing the Salah, but rather they're mentally and spiritually involved.

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Do you understand what that means? That it's not just that a person is moving his tongue reciting some words, making some physical movements going up and down. He's not even looking here or there. No, this is not only what horseshoe is about, who sure is also the mental and the spiritual involvement of a person in the Salah.

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We learned early in total Caf about while at Altera man a fella called bajo and the cleaner

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Whatever Hawa, who kind of unblu furuta, that do not obey the person who, whose heart We have neglected of our Vicar.

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So what does it mean? The heart does not do the vicar of Allah, that perhaps there is liquor on the tongue, perhaps there is, but the heart and the tongue are not in sync. They're not together, there is a disconnect, that what a person is reciting. It's not coming from his heart, what a person is reading, he's not thinking about it. He has no idea about what he's saying. He's just saying it just like a parrot. This is something that is condemned. What is required is for sure that whatever you're saying, say from the heart, whatever you're saying, mean it, be not just physically involved, but also mentally and spiritually. So alladhina Humphreys for letting him cause your own. This is

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one of the first things that is required of us.

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And remember that when there's going to be fear in the heart, when there's going to be ashore in the heart and automatically a person will be focused on what he is reciting, he will be thinking about it, he will say it from his heart.

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And the effect will not just be on his mind and his heart, but it will also affect the manner of the sudden,

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how that a person will be looking down, he will not be looking here and there. Where will he look

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at the place of such the

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similarly, he will avoid, he will avoid movement, unnecessary movement, which is not required in the Salah. Like for example, the person is fidgeting with his clothes or the place that he is in or the other person is pushing him continuously, he will avoid all such things. They will be fear, there will be calmness, and there will also be tranquility.

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And when can a person have this feeling insula when he has fear of a lion?

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When he realizes that I am standing before Allah,

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that I am praying to Allah, I am praising him. And he's watching me. He's listening to me. I'm talking to Allah.

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And when a person has this feeling that automagically his heart will be involved, his body will be involved. And when a person does not even think about the fact that he's facing Allah subhanaw taala, then definitely his mind his heart will be occupied with other things than looking here and there will not be a big problem, then moving unnecessarily will not be a big problem at all. And this is called a San insana. Remember when the Prophet said a lot is and was asked about your son, what did he say?

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And that would allow her and Nikita who, that you worship Allah as though you can see him? What does it mean by that?

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That you are fully involved in the Salah, mentally, spiritually, physically, with your heart and your body fully involved in Salah.

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So this is what is required of us.

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We learned that they finally learn who he used to say, beware of the horseshoe of hypocrisy. He said, beware of the horseshoe of hypocrisy. So he was asked that what is the horseshoe hypocracy? Who is supposed to be good? What does it mean by culture of hypocrisy? He said when the body shows for sure, but there is no who sure in the heart.

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Because it's possible that a person is praying the Salah, he is looking only at the place of such that he is not moving unnecessarily. He is very calm and composed in his movements in his posture. In his recitation, however, His heart is not involved at all. This is for sure of hypocrisy.

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It has also been said for they live in our yard. He said that it was this like for a man to show more who sure then he had in his heart

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that in his heart, he does not remember Allah. But just because he's praying with people, just because he is praying before people. He pretends to be having a lot of Crusher.

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It is said that once, one of the sell off, he saw a man showing his shoe in his shoulders that he had really lowered his shoulders, his body and he was very composed and calm. It really lowered himself. And it was said to him also in Seoul, who sure is here. And the man who said that to him. He pointed at his chest. That horseshoe is here. And he said not here and he pointed at his shoulders.

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That Yes, physical for sure is necessary. However, what is required of us is that we are humble and submissive in the heart.

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That we remember Allah, that we fear Allah in the Salah, even.

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It's not just that we are physically involved, but also with our heart with our mind.

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So if a person makes it seem as though he has a lot

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For sure, that outwardly he's crying, or that he's praying a very long surah, he's reciting a very long surah. He's standing up in Korean for a very long time, he puts a very sad expression on his face, but in his heart he has not submitted, then this kind of who sure is what it is of hypocrisy, it is of an effect, because what is an effect?

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It is Do you have your own allow a linear model, that a person is trying to deceive Allah and the believers that look, I have so much for sure. But in the heart, he's thinking about what is on the TV the other day. But on the outward, it says though, he is praying so beautifully, this kind of behavior is highly condemned.

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This kind of behavior is not acceptable at all.

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And you see, when you really have regard for someone, when you really have respect and honor for someone, then you don't have to pretend to show it, isn't it, it will come out naturally, you will not have to pretend it. So if a person really has fear and humidity in his heart, it will come out. He does not need to make a fake display of it. Remember that? If you really have fear of a lie in your heart, if you're really involved in the solid mentally, spiritually, then automatically your body will be humble. Automatically, your Salah will be calm and tranquil. And if there is no for sure in the heart, no matter how much you pretend. Still, it will manifest the hypocrisy. The fake

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display will be obvious to the people

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just as that man who was trying to show a lot of for sure. And the other person what did he say to him? That he or she was not on the shoulders? Where is it? It's in the heart. So when a person pretends he cannot hide the reality

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so what is required is that in our hearts, we fear of loss of data.

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And we learned Incidentally, Baccarat is number 45. That Allah subhanaw taala says what in the hell are Kabira done Illa Allah Hi, Shireen that indeed Salah is difficult except for those who are humbly submissive harsher in for them Salah is not difficult. Why? Because it's coming from the heart. They're mentally involved, their heart is involved.

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And when a person is forcing it upon himself, that physically he is just displaying a lot of pressure, then obviously it will become burdensome,

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isn't it?

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If you're pretending to smile, a fake smile, then what's going to happen? How long can you keep that smile on your face? Not for too long, isn't it so your cheeks will begin to hurt you like when will I get out of this place? I can stop smiling. When can this person go away? So I can just be myself? Right? You cannot stay fake for long.

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And remember that whatever a person does, in pretension, it becomes burdensome upon him. So if a person prays apparently with for sure but not for sure in his heart, then that's all I will be extremely difficult.

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And when a person is involved in the Salah with his heart, then that Salah becomes very easy. What in the hell Abiraterone? Illa Allah hi Sherry.

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So we say that Salah, what does it reflect? It reflects our connection with Allah so

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that if a person has love for Allah, they will be crucial.

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If a person has fear of Allah, they will be crucial.

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If a person is humble before a lot, they will be crucial.

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And if a person is not humble in other affairs, if a person is not fearful in other affairs, if a person does not have love for Allah in other affairs, then it will not just come up from nowhere during the Sunnah. No, however, a person is in the rest of his life. That is how his Salah will be. Remember that. However a person is in the rest of his life that is how Salah will be. The more love a person has for Allah, the more horseshoe he will have in his Salah.

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The more fear he has of Allah, the more who showed they will be in Salah.

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So we see that when the connection with Allah subhanaw taala is strong, then automatically they will be assured in Salah. And when that connection is weak, then who sure will become very difficult.

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In certain Maroon I have 47 we learned for whaler, little muscle lean and levena home Ancelotti him, Sarah Hoon alladhina home your own way of neuronal

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war to those who pray, war to those who pray who performed the Salah.

00:24:49--> 00:24:52

Which ones, those who are heedless of they're praying.

00:24:53--> 00:24:59

They're praying, but they're completely heedless. They don't know about what they're saying they're not involved in it. They are

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not concerned about the time they're not concerned about the proper etiquette of Salah. No, they're heedless. And those who make sure of their deeds, the only reason why they're praying is just to satisfy people.

00:25:12--> 00:25:25

If they're praying with the long Thea, if they're doing record that is long, if they're moving inside out very peacefully, this they're doing only to please people. And levina whom your own way I'm neronian marone.

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So alladhina Humphrey Salatin call Sharon, what does this ayah teach us? That in order to have who sure in the Salah, we have to be fully fully involved in the sauna. Remember that your heart, your mind cannot multitask. It cannot multitask. If you're thinking about something else, you can not concentrate on sauna.

00:25:51--> 00:26:02

If your heart is busy with something else, you can not have fear in sauna because your heart is not meant to multitask, and no person has more than one heart in his body.

00:26:03--> 00:26:08

Therefore, to have for sure, we have to be fully involved in sauna.

00:26:09--> 00:26:17

It is said that the heart is like a king and the rest of the limbs of a person's body. They're like the troops of that King.

00:26:19--> 00:26:23

Wherever the king will go, the troops will follow. Isn't it so?

00:26:24--> 00:26:30

Whatever the king will say the troops will follow. And if the king is careless, then obviously the troops will be careless.

00:26:32--> 00:26:40

So if the heart is involved in Salah automatically the limbs will follow. If the heart is somewhere else the limbs will not be able to participate in dishonor properly.

00:26:42--> 00:26:53

So, ALLAH hafiz for letting your own fear, humility, submissiveness, as well as sincerity, all of these are required.

00:26:54--> 00:27:14

So we see that one of the first characteristics that Allah subhanaw taala likes within believers is what who you are inside. Because when a person performs Salah with who sure then he is remembering Allah and we learned earlier what Akeem is salata? The decree established the salah for my remembrance.

00:27:16--> 00:27:24

Now tell me something. What is it that prevents us from having crucial insula? What makes it difficult to have Quran Sunnah?

00:27:25--> 00:27:25

Think about it.

00:27:26--> 00:27:36

What makes it difficult? What is it that distracts us? What is it that takes that feeling of humility and submissiveness away? What is it that does not let us focus in Salah?

00:27:38--> 00:27:50

Since colourable, Ronna, Allah kurumi him, can we accept that when a person commit sins, then what does that sin? Do? It rusts the heart and when the heart is rested, can it function properly?

00:27:52--> 00:28:03

So obviously, can the heart and the heart have submissiveness in prayer? No, sins have a lot of consequences, a lot of bad effects, and of them is that a person cannot have crucial insula?

00:28:04--> 00:28:05

What else?

00:28:06--> 00:28:08

distractions that are around a person.

00:28:09--> 00:28:25

So for example, if you're praying while the TV is on, or something is playing, or while people are talking, or you're praying at a time when you know, you're extremely busy, your phone is ringing, then at that time, will you be able to concentrate? Know what else

00:28:26--> 00:29:10

over eating that if a person has already eaten, and it's extremely heavy, greasy food than in his soda, what will he be thinking, I ate too much. movement will be difficult, he will be physically lethargic, isn't it. So when you have such food, your body becomes busy in digesting that food, all of the energy is concentrated where around the stomach and the blood. It's not there in the brain anymore. It's not as much as it should be. And because of that your brain, it cannot function properly. You cannot be mentally active when you have overeating. Because your entire energy is concentrated in breaking down that food. What else?

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Other chores that a person has to do. But does it mean that a person should do everything first and then go and pray?

00:29:18--> 00:29:21

Because if you think about it, the chores are the never end,

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isn't it? They never end. However, when a person has to pray, he should not pray in such a state that you're needed over there urgently. Like for example, you've put something on the stove and you have a feeling it might get burnt, it might not get burnt. Let me go pray. Now in your prayer, you're constantly be worried about that food, isn't it? So if you have the time, if there is enough time for you to pray after the food is prepared, then pray afterwards. However, if there isn't much time, then what should you do? As somebody else to watch it?

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What else

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That if a person is arrogant, he thinks that he doesn't need to submit and obviously you will not be able to submit and center he will not be able to show any humility in Salah.

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Yes, not preparing yourself well before Sunnah.

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Like for example, if a person is not wearing proper clothing, especially women,

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like you're wearing such bands, which are not that long, that do not cover your feet properly. So every time you'll go into core, what will happen, you'll be afraid, I my ankles showing, or my feet showing too much. You go down into Dude, you're concerned or my feet being exposed.

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So similarly, if the hijab is silky, if the hijab is such that it does not cover you properly, what will you be concerned about? Is my elbow covered? Am I covered properly or not. And constantly, you'll be moving, you'll be fixing your hijab, you'll be tucking your pants under your feet, constantly that will be going on. So it's extremely important that we dress properly. before performing the salon. We are fully ready for it.

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That for example, for budget, you know, if you get up to pray, you don't even brush your teeth and you don't even perform the proper will do and you're praying and the bad breath bothers you and and the damage is good over it. And you're sleepy because you haven't really performed properly with perfection, which is why you still haven't woken up fully and you're in your bed fluids. So obviously what's going to happen you will not be able to concentrate insula.

00:31:32--> 00:31:35

So for Salah, we should prepare ourselves.

00:31:36--> 00:31:38

What else prevents us

00:31:39--> 00:31:47

not understanding the meaning of what you're reciting. This makes a huge difference, a huge difference.

00:31:48--> 00:31:53

If you know what you're reading, then obviously your heart will be involved.

00:31:54--> 00:32:16

But if a person is reading just like a parrot, who has no idea about what it is saying what those words mean, then obviously his heart will not be involved. When the heart will not be involved. Will there be any fear in submissiveness? No way? Can the body be involved properly then not at all. So it's extremely important for us to know to learn the meaning of the words of Sunnah.

00:32:17--> 00:32:24

It's a must. It's a must when we teach children about how to pray, we should also teach them about the meaning of Salah

00:32:26--> 00:32:26

what else

00:32:27--> 00:32:44

so for example, when a person prays at a time when the solder time is about to be over, when there's only a few minutes left, then you're hastening through Salah, because you see who sure is that you are calm, you're tranquil, you're peaceful, not just in the heart, but also physically, when can you pray peacefully,

00:32:45--> 00:32:47

when you are mentally calm,

00:32:48--> 00:32:57

and when you have this fear that oh my god, a few minutes left, oh my god, one minute left, then obviously, you will not be able to pray peacefully, you'll be rushing through the Salah, what else.

00:32:59--> 00:33:27

So, for example, when a person is very concerned about something like for example, they have to study for something they have to go somewhere, then that is also something that distracts us, that is also something that prevents us from having pleasure in Santa. So, we see that all of these problems, all of these factors that prevent for sure insula, they can be prevented, they can be resolved, they can be avoided, when is that possible? When a person gives importance to

00:33:29--> 00:33:33

all of these factors can only be prevented when when you give importance to center.

00:33:34--> 00:33:41

And when a person gives importance to select when it becomes his priority, and he will make time

00:33:42--> 00:33:58

he will make time he will make sure that others are taking care of something that has to be done that must be done something that cannot be neglected something that cannot be left whether it's a child, or it's the food on the stove. Why because you prefer the center.

00:33:59--> 00:34:04

So when a person gives priority to select and automatically push

00:34:05--> 00:34:11

so alladhina home few Salatin Kashi ruin those who are humbly submissive in their prayer.

00:34:13--> 00:34:15

So who sure in prayer happens when

00:34:16--> 00:34:19

when a person empties his heart for Salah

00:34:20--> 00:34:25

when his heart is only focusing on the salah and nothing else.

00:34:26--> 00:34:40

The Prophet sallallahu Sallam warned us he said the first thing to be lifted up. The first thing to be taken away from this oma will be who sure until you will see no one who has for sure insula.

00:34:41--> 00:34:56

The first thing that will be taken away from this oma is social until you will see no person who has social persona. And this is a hadith that is narrated by a Tawny in his ultrabeat and he said that it's not as handsome