Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J03-040E Tafsir Aal-e-Imran 7 Part 2 and 8-11

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of understanding the internet and the various ways it can affect one's life. They emphasize the need for individuals to have guidance and action guidance to stay on the right path, and the importance of learning about the Quran and the Day of Jran. They also discuss the use of "over here" in various aspects of Islam, including personal behavior, work, condition, and reputation. The transcript uses various examples to illustrate their point about the importance of the "the day of Judgment" on the overall experience of the "the day of Judgment."
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Now a loss you're gonna fill in Rossi horn is a plural of the word loss and it's from the root letters raw seen call, okay that all seen call and when something is wrong it means that it is firmly fixed, why is it firmly fixed because it is deeply rooted? Okay? So for example, you know the foundations of a building, okay, how are they made under the ground? Why? Because it is only then that the building can stand and be stable. Right. So, this is Grace Johanna filler IL, those who have firmness in knowledge or those who are deeply rooted in it, they have depth of knowledge. So they don't just know the superficial or the surface, they know the evidence, they understand the

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matters. So for example, a person of knowledge I know of somebody asked them about the interpretation of their dream, okay. This individual saw in their dream that this man saw in his dream that he was riding his bike, and he fell, and he fell and he woke up, he got scared, and he woke up. So this shift, he explained to him, he asked this man that are you married? And the man said, Yes. He asked, Is your wife healthy? And he said, Yes, she's expecting she's pregnant. So he said to him, that look, your wife is not getting from you, what she deserves from you, the care that she deserves the help that she deserves, she's not receiving it from you. So take care of your wife.

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Now on what basis did he give that interpretation? Because you see the ride your means of transportation, okay, your means of transportation, in Hadith, you know, there are several matters in which the prophets of Allah who are is that I mentioned, means of transportation and wife and servant together, okay. So seeing one of them in one stream means any other from the same category. So this man saw his bike, okay. And it was basically representing his wife, wife, who is not receiving from him what she deserves. So this is depth. All right, Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, welcome, filthy, saucy HYAH tune for you. In curry sauce is life. What is the sauce sauce is

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that when one person killed another, the murderer is killed, and basically because also his death, but Allah subhanaw taala says in this death is actually life. And this is why many scholars who interpret dreams will say that seeing death in one's dream means life actually. So for example, if a person were to see that someone is dying in their dream, this represents life. Okay? So this is just an example of what Russophile illness any if you were to hear that, you know, someone saw in their dream that so and so died, the average person will say, Oh, that means they're gonna die very soon. But death in a dream does not mean death. It means life. So, Rossi Hoonah film, those who affirm in

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knowledge, those whose knowledge is not shallow, they don't just know the surface, they dive deep. Okay, and some people Subhan Allah, they read a translation of the Quran, and they think that they know the Quran. This is not Rousseau. Rousseau comes after years of study, it comes with reflection with the book, okay, with spending time with the people of knowledge. And that doesn't just happen by being in the company of the people of knowledge that also happens by reading the books that the people of knowledge have written.

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So what Rossi Hoonah film and Rousseau filler is not just you know, knowing a lot or understanding a lot or being able to quote a lot or being able to understand matters Rusu is also with action. So, Rossi Hona filler in our who are 13 of those who are firm in their knowledge. Why? Because they understand they have depth and also because their alarm, ilina behavior, they act upon it. So what was the one of your enemy, your colonna, they say I'm a NaVi we believe in it. couldn't remember in the Rabina all of it is from our Lord. This is the response of Rossi Hoonah feeling that they say we believe in every part of the Quran, every word of the Quran, every command, every statement, every

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description, because all of it is from our Lord. Why am I here? The

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Kuru Illa Allah Al Al Bab and none will be reminded except those of understanding. They will take a lesson from this. And what is the lesson that your coluna manavi co luminary in the Rabina that we should say that we believe in all of the Quran because all of it is from Allah. And to say that we believe in all of it the more command and with the shabby. This is a sign of true knowledge that a person understands that they don't know everything, but they believe in it because it is from Allah. Okay. Some people only believe in something once they can intellectually comprehend it. Or once they have witnessed it with their own eyes, once something seems logical to them, and okay, you may be a

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very logical person, and you can only accept something once you can intellectually comprehend it. But there are levels of comprehension, right? One level of comprehension is that you understand something yourself. And another level of comprehension is that you believe in something because you believe in Allah. Once you understand once you know who Allah is, then everything that comes from Allah through Allah makes sense, right? Because when you know that in Hola, hola Khalifa included, indeed Allah is Able to do all things, if Allah subhanaw taala has created such a variety of creation. And this world is so tiny compared to the rest of the creation that Allah's parents Allah

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has created. Right? Well, my Yarlung would you know, the Arabic Allah? Who, then is Allah able to create a tree in *? Oh, yeah, absolutely. Any there are some people who are in awe of the laws of nature, and there are others who are in awe of the creator of the laws of nature, okay, those who are in awe of the laws of nature, what do they think everything must conform to these laws. And if there's anything that does not conform to these laws, as we understand these laws, as we know these laws, then we will not believe in that. And this is a very shallow, a very low level of understanding, okay, a greater level is that you are in all of the creator of the laws of nature,

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when you believe in Him, when you are in awe of him, then it's not difficult to accept that the one who created life and death, the One who created water and fire, the One who created all the elements can also change them when and how he pleases. So if he can create a tree in the world and a tree needs oxygen, etc, to survive, he can also change those rules and create a treat in *. Right. So what Rossi Hoonah filler il Mucuna Manabi kilometer in the Europeana, they say all of this is from our Lord, we believe in it. And Allah will halco will, Allah subhanaw taala tells us that Allah unquestionably laahu To Him belongs, and Hulk the creation will our end the command, meaning all of

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the creation is His creation, and everything happens by his command. So he can command whatever he can create whatever, couldn't enter into Europeana, why am I here, the crew Illa above and none. Remember this, except the people been given understanding all about a lab is a form of the word Loeb and Loeb is from the root letters Lamba. And lumber is basically a not an almond or something which is inside something that is hidden inside, okay, like a colonel a seed, or not. Okay? The lobe also applies to the hearts because the heart is inside the person, but isn't just something that is inside another lobe is what is pure, or the best part of something. Okay, so for example, if you

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break open a peanut shell, okay, what are you going to eat? Are you going to eat the shell? Or are you going to eat the peanut inside the peanut inside? Right? Because that is the best part of that entire thing. Right? It's the best substance it's the main thing that you're going for. So the lobe of a person is their understanding their intellect. So the word lobe is synonymous to Ockel okay, I call the intellect of a person, but our call is called loop when it is pure from lust from Hawa and untruth and foul you know, desires and and fowl and bad ideas. So, loop is pure intellect or good understanding such intellect that is free of following the desire free of Schick free of biases.

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Okay, so why am I the cuddle Illa Allah

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I'm, and this is so fitting over here because there's some people who, even if they logically understand something, they will refuse to accept it because of their arrogance, or because of their bias. One way or the cuddle Illa Allah, may Allah subhanaw taala make us among the old Alba. So what do we learn from this if we learn that there are verses in the Quran, which may appear unclear to us when they appear unclear to us, then we should ask the people have knowledge about such matters. And then there are those matters in the Quran which are beyond human understanding. And these matters, we believe in them because they are from Allah. So we believe in all of the Quran. Another thing we

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learned from this is that we should learn the Quran for the purpose of guidance and action, not for the purpose of argument and debate. And another important thing we learned from this ayah is that we should all have intellectual humility, we should accept the fact that we do not know everything and we cannot know everything. This is the difference between the creation and the creator. So the old obove this era banana Allah to Zylka lubaina BARDA it had a Tana, our Lord do not let our hearts deviate after you have guided us led to zeal Kulu bene? La to ZIL again from through letters ze Yeah, line and Club is a plural of the word club. Alright, so all Al Bab say this is what the Ross

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Johanna filler him say that, Oh Allah Our Lord, do not let our hearts dvn BARDA in her data Anna after you have guided us and the statement BARDA it her data now after you have guided us this is the vessel, okay, you are asking Allah subhanaw taala by mentioning something that he has already given to you. And so you are inviting more of His mercy, that our Lord, you previously guided us, you have guided us, so continue to guide us. Right, like the criada his sunnah. When he made dua for a child, what did he say? He said, Well, I'm a Commodore econavi Sharqiya my Lord I have never been disappointed in calling upon you. And when we also make Dora we should include the favors that

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Allah's panel Tara has already bestowed upon us. You know, for example, you want something in your life, right? For example, you want health. So you made gara that year Allah I wanted this and you gave that to me. I asked you for this and you gave that to me. I wanted to go here, you enabled me to go there. I wanted this in my life who gave me this in my life? Yeah Allah I also want good health. Yeah, Allah please give it to me. So this is how we should make Dora mentioned the favors that Allah subhanaw taala has already given you, okay, and then ask for what you desire. Now. Allah subhanaw taala does not have a quota for you. You can only afford to give you a certain amount know

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Allah subhanaw taala his treasures are unlimited. So Robina Allah to zero Kulu bada bada it her data, why are they making this Dora through Allah do not let our hearts deviate after you have guided us? Does it ever happen that people's hearts get deviated after guidance? Yes, it does. It does happen. What happened to IBLEES he used to be a worshipper of Allah and then he became an enemy of Allah. So having knowledge and having understanding alone is not enough. He Daya guidance is essential that the heart remains on the right path. So the people of knowledge Allah Sahana filler in who are old Al Bab, who are people of good intellect, pure intellect, they make this thorough,

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that our Lord, let us remain guided. Do not allow our heart to deviate, enable us to remain firm on the straight path will have learned amyloid and karma and grant us from Yourself mercy and this mercy because look at the word Rama. This is Nikita it's huge. You bestow special mercy upon us in the content for her Indeed you are the liberal bestower of gifts. Now the word hub hub and well hub. Both of these words are from the root letters while hub and Heba is a gift that is freely given. Okay, and a gift that is given not for any compensation. Okay, so Europe, you bestow Your special mercy upon us a great mercy from yourself, by which you enable us to increase in goodness to stay

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away from disobedience and to remain guided. In a gentle Wahab you are the liberal restore of gifts, all gifts come from you, and your gifts are many. They are great. Your generosity affects everyone. A little banana, our Lord in the kajaria or nests in

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edu are Jeremy or Ness? The one who will gather the people? jammer is from Jean Marie marine Jamara is together. So you are the one who will gather people Leo woman on a day about which loudly Buffy there is no doubt at all. You are going to gather all people on a day about which there is no doubt and what day is this the Day of Judgment? Why are they saying this? They're saying this because the Day of Judgment is the day when all matters will be resolved. Right. The unknown will become known the unseen will become seen and then judgment will be carried out. So the Day of Judgment is coming. Right? Oh Allah you have promised that day in Hola Hola, yo gleeful Murad. Indeed, Allah does not go

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against his promise he does not feel to keep it la yolu from kala amfa to go against an unmarried is appointment while I mean the meaning the time that Allah subhanaw taala has appointed that he has fixed, that time is definitely going to come to pass. So the Rossi Hoonah filler in affirm their belief in the Hereafter, and they entrust their affair to Allah. And this is a very important lesson for us. When you don't understand something than leave it to Allah. Leave it to Allah. And when you don't understand something right now, realize that the Day of Judgment is coming. And then everything unclear will become clearer. So for example, imagine if a person is just dwelling over

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the meaning of Estonia or what is the face of Allah? What is the Hand of Allah? How exactly is it there? A how exactly does it exist? We have been informed about these matters so that we believe in them not so that we argue over them. What did the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam tell us about seeing Allah, about the face of Allah,

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that in paradise, the inhabitants of Jannah will be able to see Allah and when they will see Allah, they will become so happy, their beauty will increase. Right? And that joy, that love the will surpass any other enjoyment of paradise. It's the greatest joy in Jana. It's the greatest pleasure of Jana to be able to see Hola. So we learn about how the last month I will ask the people of paradise that asked me what do you want and they will say your Allah we have nothing else to ask for basically you have given us this you have given us that. And then Allah subhana wa Tada will unveil his face. Allah's Panthera will show himself to the people of paradise. And Allah's parent, I will

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tell them that I am pleased with you, I will never be displeased with you ever again. This neuroma will be the greatest neuroma of paradise and this is why in Daraa we learn what a Luca led that and nobody Isla ILA will check I asked you for the joy, the pleasure of looking at your face, any if everything was made known to us here, then what would be the difference between dunya and Jana?

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What would be the difference? So there are some things which Allah subhanaw taala has kept away from us, many matters which he has kept away from us. It's supposed to be a reward, a surprise, a huge reward. So we believe in that and we cannot wait for that was a Luca la Veta. Nobody illogic Amin Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim verse number 10 in the Lavina CAFO learn toniann home um while home with Allah, Allah do home mean Allah He che in the Lavina cafardo Indeed those people who have disbelieved lentos Nia and home, never will it avail them what will never avail them, um while home, their properties, what are allowed to home nor their children, their properties, nor their children,

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neither will avail them against who mean Allah against Allah che anything at all. Now, in the previous verses, we have learned about those who believe those who are Rossi Hona failure in those who are firmly grounded in knowledge, how they believe in everything that Allah subhanaw taala has revealed, and even parts of the Quran, which they're not fully able to grasp, because of human limitation, they still believe in it. Because when something is from Allah, they say kilometer in the Robina, that all of it is from our Lord and we believe in everything that has come to us from our Lord. So this is the response of those who believe those who are firmly rooted in knowledge and

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Remember that Rusu is, you know, when something is deeply rooted and when something is deeply rooted, then it becomes stable. And being rooted in knowledge means that the knowledge of Deen keeps a person in place by the permission of Allah. So when there are, you know, doubts, there are questions or unfamiliar things, or new matters, it's the knowledge given to them by Allah that keeps them stable. So this is a response of ROS Johanna fell ill. In contrast, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned that those people who disbelieve disbelieve in what in the book that Allah subhanaw taala has revealed in the revelation that Allah Subhana Allah has sent they disbelieve in Allah or they

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disbelieve in the prophets of Allah. They disbelieve in the Day of Judgment, any Kofoed won't in any matter, which one must believe in. So those who disbelieve then what is their eventual outcome? It is that learn Tonia and home learn never Donia it will avail learn Tonia This is from the root letters les known Yeah. Okay. And Ohana you will need is to enrich someone to fulfill their needs completely. This is the meaning of eluna to enrich someone and to fulfill their needs. But when this word is followed by our own like over here learn to near and home it means to defend someone to save them to defend them to save them. So what will never save them um one of whom was Allah Allah to

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whom I'm well is the plural of Mal property. So um while is properties whatever those properties may be, and a lad is the plural of wallet wallet means child, whether male or female and the plural form a lad includes both male and female children. So learn to near and home and while home Wallah hola do home mean Allah He shaved her, none of this will save them will defend them from Allah. And che means a thing any not even a little bit, not in the least. So nothing at all, will defend them from the punishment of Allah will rescue them will be able to save them from the punishment of Allah on the Day of Judgment. Now, we see that typically, in this life, when a person is in some kind of

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difficulty, then it is their wealth and their children, which is not a means of help for a person. Typically, people will use their wealth to protect themselves to get themselves out of some difficulty. And in extremely desperate situations, we see that people will even give up their children, they will surrender their children in order to sometimes, you know, get some financial aid. And I'm sure you have heard of such horror stories where in desperate situations people literally will sell their children or give their children as a pawn in order to take a loan in order to borrow a loan. And of course, no one would do that in ordinary circumstances. This is only in

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extreme dire situations for Allah subhanaw taala is telling us over here, that on the Day of Judgment, those who disbelieve none of their wealth and none of their children will be able to help them. Because that is a day when wealth and children will be of no use in lemon at Allahu colbyn Salim right, the only thing that will work is a sound heart. And if those people who come to Allah in such a state that their heart is sound, those are the ones who will be saved. So how can the heart be sound without Eman? It cannot be sound. It cannot be healthy without faith. So those who disbelieve who don't even believe in Allah, then none of their wealth and children is going to aid

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them on the Day of Judgment. We learn in surah Taha fear I have 52 Yo Malay and for Allah Allah Amina Mara Dara to home that on the Day of Judgment, the excuses of the wrongdoers will not benefit them any not wealth, not children, not excuses, no justifications no explanations will work. What will our Ico homework Hold on now, and it is those who are the workload of the fire workload is from the root letter as well called that and we have read this word earlier into little Bacara and what code is fuel right? It is fuel. So this means that they will be the fuel of the fire as in they will burn in the fire and they will also cause the fire to burn more stuff it Allah they will

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Burn in it and they will feel it. You're gonna wear your Huracan any their presence in the fire in Jahannam is going to cause the fire of Jahannam to burn even more fiercely. So what Allah eco home worker will do now, he the fire of * will only worsen with their presence in it in total Bacara i 24 Allah subhanaw taala mentions were called to her NASA while haidara The fire of * is such that it's fuel our men and stones. So why is this being mentioned over here? You see, this surah saw that earlier. Imran, as I mentioned to you is a Madani surah and at the beginning of the medina era, of course, we learn in the Sierra that the Muslims faced a lot of persecution, still from the people of

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Makkah. And now this persecution was basically harassment, right, because the Muslims had escaped the people of Makkah. And now that they were in Medina, the people of Makkah, were not going to let them live in peace. So the people of Makkah would use their wealth in order to harass the Muslims in order to inflict harm upon them. And the Muslims. On the other hand, those who immigrated from Makkah had to give up so much of their properties in order to come to Medina any they took a huge financial loss in order to make the Hijra. So when you compare the condition of the people of Makkah, to the condition of the Muslims in Medina, you see that the people of Morocco were very

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affluent, they were living very comfortable lives. And they also had, you know, the support of their children, they're allowed the end their children who were like them, they were ready to fight for them, ready to lead armies against the Muslims for their sake. So this was the condition of the people of Makkah, very affluent, and very strong. He apparently very united, and they were greater in number. In contrast, the Muslims in Medina, they were suffering from poverty. And they weren't that many in number either. So Allah subhanaw taala is teaching us over here a very important lesson that see things for what they really are any, sometimes we look at a situation and we think that

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situation or how things are at the moment is how they're meant to be forever and for always, but that is not the case. If you look at the whole scenario, and yes, the people of Makkah were very affluent, apparently very united and very strong against the Muslims, but in the big picture, what was going to be the outcome of all of their properties and their children in the hereafter? None of this is going to matter. Right? None of their property, none of their children would be of any aid in the hereafter on the Day of Judgment. What Allah eco home will do now. A Stafford Allah, can he they themselves will be the fuel of the fire into the Toba if 55. Allah subhanaw taala teaches us

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that forlag to Rebekah and while you whom, Allah Allah do home, so let not their wealth nor their children impress you. Do not be deceived by the amount of wealth that the disbelievers and by the children that they have the great numbers, and even though the verse in surah Tauba that I just mentioned to you is about the hypocrites. There are similar verses in which we learned that any the wealth and children of those who disbelieve is only temporary, it is not going to aid them in the hereafter. In total CalFire 34 We learn about the fate of the man who was boasting his wealth. He said an actor woman come Island what Arizona for I am greater than you in terms of wealth, and I am

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mightier in numbers of men in the I have more people around me I have more wealth than you. So what happened eventually to his property, we learned about how his garden was completely destroyed. So those who disbelieve Yes, Allah subhanaw taala has given them a lot here in this world. But this is not meant to last. It is not going to stay with them forever. In a hadith we learned that a dunya sigil movement, were genital careful that this world is a prison for the believer, and it is a garden. It is paradise for the disbeliever. And there was a Jewish man who was basically in a very difficult situation, suffering from poverty, etc. And he said to a Muslim judge, that look, this is

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what your Prophet has said. And we are quite the opposite. And the Jewish man said that yes, I disbelieve, but my life is not

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Easy, and you believe in your life is very easy. Whereas your Prophet has said that the world is a prison for the believer, you are not in the prison I am. So basically he was criticizing the words of the prophets of Allah who already have said. So that Muslim judge responded that yes, you are in Jannah compared to what awaits you in the hereafter. Any you think this world is difficult for you wait until the Day of Judgment, that difficulty is far greater, far greater. So this is makes it clear that those who disbelieve their wealth their children is not going to save them on the Day of Judgment. It's going to be useless, useless. So yes, let them enjoy what they're enjoying. But this

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enjoyment is not going to last forever. And this AI also teaches us how precious how incredibly important Eman is, and what a huge, huge blessing it is. And this means that if a person lives with faith in Allah, then yes, sometimes life becomes, it feels very difficult. Honey. Sometimes trials seem to be going on for so long. And sometimes a person feels like they are at a breaking point where they don't know how they're going to survive from one woman to the next. But if you have Iman, if you have EMA and you believe in Allah, then you know what this difficulty is going to pass. It's not going to last forever. Because Allah subhanaw taala has promised great rewards for those who

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believe he know when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was in 100. You need the Battle of the Trench. The Muslims had to dig the trenches and any digging the trench was not easy. Having to face so many enemies at once was not easy. Living with poverty was not easy, not being able to eat properly for days was not easy. And then dealing with the cold weather who is not easy. He there was hardship upon hardship upon hardship. And you know what the prophets of Allah who are who said him said, Allah whom Allah or Isha electrician or any or Allah there is no real life except the life of the hereafter. That is real life. We will enjoy over there. Yes, it's hard. It's tough right now,

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undoubtedly, it's difficult. But what is coming in the hereafter is far greater is much easier than in sha Allah, we will get to enjoy and rest. And this dunya is a place of trial. Because sometimes you see that, you know, there is a Muslim or Muslims. And together, they're having such a hard time. They're experiencing poverty, you know, name any kind of difficulty, Muslims are experiencing it. And in contrast, you see those who disbelieved, they seem to be living a very comfortable, easy life. They seem to have everything, whatever that the heart desires. So yes, that is the case. But see things for what they really are. And look at the whole picture. The good things of this world

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are not meant to last. And if a person lives without Iman, the no matter what they have right now, it is not going to save them on the Day of Judgment. And if a person has Iman right now, if a person has Iman, then no matter what hardship they experience in the Hereafter, things will be easy. In sha Allah so in AlLadhina cafardo Learn toniann home I'm Walla Walla Hola, Domina. Allah He Shayla, what hula Iike home will coup de na. And those are the fuel of the fire. So how is the world a prison for the believer? It is a prison for the believer. Because you see in this life, the believer has many restrictions, whether it is in terms of worship. So for example, if you're sleeping in the night,

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and you're really enjoying your sleep, you have to cut it short in order to get up and pray. Right? Yes, you may have a very comfortable life in the sense that you have wealth, you have ease, you don't have any illness or any kind of hardship you have everything that you wish for. But imagine this world is still a prison for the believer compared to the reward that Allah subhanaw taala has prepared for the believer in the hereafter. Then it is said Cadet be ally fit or owner will Ladino Minh cubberly him Cadet be like custom meaning their custom the custom of those who disbelieve what's going to happen to them is the same as the custom of early fit our own the people have fit

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our own will Ladino and cabling him and those who came before them. What was their custom what happened to them because there will be a attina they deny

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To our versus any the people of our own and those before them, they denied the verses of Allah for Allah whom Allah who be the newbie him. So Allah sees them because of their sins. So this was the fate of the people of Iran and those before them, and the people of Makkah are doing the same thing. They're denying our verses. So, then for the homologue will be the newbie him their outcome will be the same as that of the people of our own and those who came before them. Now could that be come means like, and that is from the root letters dal Hamza back and then as you can see is custom custom or manner or usual habit okay. The word that is also used to refer to you know, a habitual

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work or something that someone is known to do. So, for example, you say hi that book, this is your habit, this is your work, this is what you do, this is your condition, this is your manner, okay. So, could that be alifair own? Now, who is Ali for own and from the root letters Hamza Al is basically used in two ways. First of all, the word Al is used for a family accordion, those who are closely related to an individual. So for example, when we say the Al of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi, WA Sedna, okay Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Anwar Allah Ali Mohammed, Al means the family, the close relatives of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. All right, in surah Taha Phil is 28

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Allah's parents dimensions we'll call the Roger Minam min Ali fit our own a believing man from the family of fit our own said. So there al means family, any close relatives or federal. All right. Secondly, the word Al also means followers or at bar followers. You need not just those people who are related to an individual, but those who follow an individual. So in total profit I have 46 We learn Wainuiomata cusato, a Delfino, Allah fit our owner I shudder either there on the Day of Judgment, it will be said that admit the URL fit our own into the most severe punishment. Now out over there does not mean family why? Because of the relatives of our own was the believing men. So

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why would he be admitted into the fire likewise from the family of her own was the wife of their own who is presented as an example for those who believe in fact she is of the best women of the leaders of women in paradise asiyah Right. So remember this sometimes the word L means family close relatives. And sometimes the word L means followers okay followers now here could be early fit our owner will Latina and cuddly him here al means followers of in our own, okay, the people of our own meaning the followers of film. So the people of our own the followers of in our own what did they do? They disbelieved and when Latina men copy him and those who came before them before who before

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the people of Makkah, okay. Like, for example, the people of odd, the people of New Orleans, salam, the people of the mood, all right, these past nations, what did they do all of them as well as the people of Iran, what did they do? Care there will be a attina they denied Our Ayat. Ayat is a poor love idea. And remember, it includes verses which Allah has revealed, whether it is in the form of a book, a revelation, which Allah has revealed, and I add also includes the signs, the miracles that the prophets of Allah showed to their people. So what did our own and his followers do towards the Ayat of Allah, they mocked at them, they rejected them they did not believe in them could there will

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be a attina right for Oklahoma Allah who be the newbie him, so as a result of her the whom Allah Allah sees them, be the newbie him because of their sins, the norm is the plural of the word them for Allah the Humala be the Nubian, so will happen to the people of Makkah, the same that happened to the people of at our own and those before them. Remember, this is a law of Allah, that those who deny the Ayat of Allah, then Allah subhanaw taala will seize them because of their sins and of their sins is first and foremost their denial, their rejection, but then after that rejection, there are many other sins that follow. So Allah will cease them because of their sins. And notice how when a

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person has Iman than what happens

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Because of their Iman Allah subhanaw taala pardons their sins, right. And here we learned that because of disbelief, Allah subhanaw taala will seize them because of their sins as the head of law will Allah Who should either a cop and Allah is Severe in penalty. Shadi is from the root letter seen dal dal and a cob iron Kapha your carb is retribution, a revenge basically, you see from the same root as the word to our people our club is heal. So a club is what comes after what follows. Okay, what comes right away any immediately after. So this is the law of Allah that may or may also unmute visibIe that whoever does something evil, then he will be recompensed for it, he will be

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recompensed for it. So he if you think about it, the people of their own, how much wealth they owned, how much wealth, they were so advanced in worldly terms they had so much they made so much the built so much they stored so much any just looking at the artifacts. You wonder how skilled these people were, what an amazing civilization they had. But what happened to all of their unwell and they're allowed, because I'm wireless, what they have built in a lad is their legacy, right? Their descendants who will take it forward. But everything perished in this world. So anyone who repeats the same pattern as that of the people of our own and those before that they disbelief in

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the verses of Allah in the signs of Allah, then it doesn't matter who they are. It doesn't matter whose children they are, what supreme lineage they are off what properties they own, what they have built, what they have, you know accumulated doesn't matter what hola ecohome Wakulla. Now, as we learn, and here we see Allah Who should either carb Allah is Severe in retribution. So fear the retribution of Allah fear the punishment of Allah and do not disbelieve in him Do not reject him.

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