Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 18 – L172A

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Al-Muminun 1-22 Translation 1-22



AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of individuals discussing various topics, including shipping Manjula Jean Camin Grosso, a woman named Lissa, a clot for a woman named Holly Dune, a woman named Jana, a man from New Zealand who buys shoes, and a woman named Joana. They also mention a media release and a video featuring a woman named Joana.
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Hello sweetie and Kareem. I'm about

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to ship Manjula Jean Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. Lesson number 172. sola to me noon. I am number one to 22.

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In fact, indeed, after her, he has succeeded, and me known the believers and levina those who whom they are fee in, similar to him, their prayer, harsh your own ones who are humbly submissive or levina. And those who home they are on from a lovely, the ill speech more or you don't want to turn away.

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One levena and those who home they are, Lissa catty for the Zika fairy loon ones who do want to observe one levena and those who home they are Lee Fuji him for their private parts, have you loan, one to guard Illa except Allah upon as well to him their wives, oh, or man, what malakut it possessed a man who home their right hands, for in the home, then indeed they buy euro not Malou mean ones who are blamed for man, but whoever, if the law, he thought he desired, what are beyond their Lika that for Allah eager than those home they are allowed to do? the transgressors

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while levina and those who home they are Lionetti him for their trusts, why the him and their promises for our own ones who guard ones who are attentive, one levena and those who home they are Allah upon solloway at him their prayers you have your own they guard

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Allah acre those home they are Ellery Thorn, the inheritors, and Medina those who URI sooner they will inherit Alfred dosa, the for those whom the fee her in it, Holly Dune want to abide eternally

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while awkward and certainly Hakuna we have created an insane the human being men from Salalah team and extract men from cleaning clay. Summer then Jana who we made him not fatten a sperm drop fee in karate in a lodging. McKeen one firm. Some then Hakuna recreated a note for the sperm dra Allah cotton a clinking clot for her lacuna. Then we created Allah Allah aka the Klingon clot mobile into a lump of flesh for Hakuna. Then we created an madhva the lump of flesh, a lawman bones for casona then we closed la llama the bones, lemon flesh some then and Shatner who we made him we produced him Heineken a creation have another photobiol Okay, so he is bless it. Allahu Allah,

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best and highly clean of the creators. Some then in nickel, indeed you bother after velyka that lemma you tune surely ones who die so much then in nickel indeed you yoma on the LTM the standing to bar throne, you all will be resurrected.

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While uncertainly hi lacuna we created folk welcome above you suburb seven Torah. But we is warmer and not corner we were on from a hug the creation or feeling ones who are unaware

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what einzelner and we sent down men from a summer the sky mat and water bill other in in a measured amount for us Ghana who then we settled it fee in and out the earth will enter and indeed we Allah upon the heavens

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taking away the heat of it. locker room surely once able

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for and Shatner. Then we produced Luckily for you be happy with it. Jeannette gardens, men from New Zealand date palms. What are nerves and grapevines? Like home for you all fee her in it for wacky fruits, the theory of many women hair and from it that could ruin your eat or shadow rotten and a tree to hurt you. It comes out men from to mount Seigneur of Sinai tambu to a producer's bid Dhoni with the oil was sibling and food Lil alkylene for those who eat what in and indeed Luckily for you fee in

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the grazing livestock, Larry bro, surely a lesson mistaken? We give you to drink mimma from what fee is in Baku, Neha, it's Belize. While are calm and for you fee her in it. My nephew benefits casiotone many or main hair and from it that gewoon y'all eat

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or LA her and upon it. What Allah and upon el falck the ships to balloon y'all are carried

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recitation of design.

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This media Bismillah

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lil Ed are in

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new season

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fukutoshin mailloux