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Al-Baqarah 1-5 Translation


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The speaker discusses the translation of multiple words in a text and advises the caller to write them down. They also mention the importance of reading the translation for accuracy and the need to practice writing. The speaker then goes on to discuss the translation of a specific word and gives an example of a woman named Rosa Puna.

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.

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Now hemudu who want to sadly Allah rosary Hill Karim, Amma Bharath for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi r Rahmani Raheem. Rubbish rightly so de were Sidley Emery of Dutton melissani cohoon Cody probenecid. In

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Java, we will move on to our next lesson of pseudo tillbaka.

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Lesson number two, similar to the Baqarah Ayah number one to five,

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we will do the work to a translation first and then we will move on to the word analysis.

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As for the translation, you will find out that in your juice, for some words, there are multiple words that are given, isn't it for some of the words multiple translations have been given. And it is also possible that when I read the word to word I gave you a different translation.

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So, what I want you to do is that the word that I say you should mark that with a pencil, and if I say something different, you should write that down. Okay. And that is what is going to be considered correct in your group study as well as in your tests. Okay. So make sure that when I'm reading the translation, don't think that we're just reading for the sake of reading. This is in a way I'm telling you the translation that is the most accurate one or the one that is most relevant in the context, or sometimes even the one that is most easiest. Okay.

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So we'll go over the word work and we'll study the Word breakup. And then we will study the Word analysis. Ready? Everybody has their pencils or pens in their hands

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are below him in a shape on your agenda. smilla Rahmanir Rahim.

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Alif Lam learn mean

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Alif mean

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there Lika that Ankita boo, the book

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not Reba, any doubt

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Fiji fee in it hodan a guidance little motivating for those who adopt taqwa

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and levena those who

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you may know they believe

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bill biLlahi be in the unseen

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world and up Muna they perfectly establish

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a sweat after the Salah the prayer

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woman Ma and from what

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Rosa Puna whom we provided them

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was aachener whom we provided them

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unifi spoon they spend

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what and?

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And levena those who you may know know, they believe Bhima in what? Or Bhima in that which

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owns ILA it was revealed

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ileka Do you

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wanna and that which

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unzila it was revealed

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men from

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Kobe leka before you

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wore and Bill era in the here after home, they up noon, they believe with certainty.

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Ola, aka those

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either upon

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poden guidance

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mean from Bob be him there Lord.

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What? And Allah aka those whom they mostly hone

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those who are successful

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let's listen to the recitation

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