Ramadan 2018 – Daily Tafsir – Juz 19

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Sent I want you to lie on a couch what's your brother your hair Brahim with another daily tip, see we're at juice number 19. A lot of medical hemp. We're nearly two thirds of the weight of the bottle on juice number 19. Is begins in total for fun lots of Canada Allah determines that a for fun is a criterion between right and wrong, good and bad, halal and haram. tauheed and Allah Subhana Allah speaks about in the opening parts of the soul of those who will have a great deal of sorrow, and those who are those who have challenged the messenger and have strayed away from his path.

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Yo my audible volume idea day, you'll find that Oh, the one who was wrong themselves will bite onto their hand on the Day of Judgment, a coup de la tanita Rasulullah they will say I wish I had followed the messenger I wish I hadn't strayed away from this path of truth. And the loss of Hannah went to Allah is the one who has shaped everything and brought everything to existence and Allah speaks in salt and for fun about the beauty of the Quran. And he uses examples of Moosa and her own and Alia Salaam, and he speaks about the consequences of those who have left their path as not being from those who are righteous or have any share in the worldly life. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala

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ends this order by speaking about everything that he has created around us.

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tabarka levy jolliff is Mr. Evil Rajan. Glorious is Allah was made the constellations in the heavens were Jaffe, hacer Rajkumar Kamara Munira, the sun and the light and the moon which radiate which reflects the light of the sun. It's a powerful statement, and it's very scientifically accurate as well. All of that is a very beautiful, beautiful scent statement in the hole and this is a place you will make sesha and then Allah Subhana Allah speaks about what man he tells us about the characteristics of those who are the glorious servants and slaves of the ever Merciful, the Lord of mercy, a loss of Hannah Montana, who are they, there are those who walk the earth with humility.

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There are those who avoid argumentation with the ignorant. They are those who do not associate partners in worship with a law that are those who ask and beg of their Lord freedom from the punishment of hellfire. There are those who when they spend on themselves or on others are not extravagant and they're not, you know, withholding. There are those who may do after worship. And there are those who make their art in the depth of the night, in standing in their prayer and in their salute. There are those who seek to be in a state of moderation in their expenses, and they do not kill a soul except that which has been ordered by God that you know, in retribution, that they

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do not witness falsehood and that they do not commit sexual immorality. They are those who pass by ven vain things and sinful practices with a refinement. They don't turn their gaze to the fruit of qualities of the worldly life that are of a sinful nature, that are those who

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witness unto mankind the truth of Scripture and the truth of faith. And when the Koran is recited upon them, they don't turn away from it dumb, deaf and blind. There are those who invoke Allah subhana wa Taala for themselves and their families and their children or have been a headliner mean as well. Gina Weatherly Tina, what about the iron male lawmakers and from our children that which will please us and our spouses that which will be pleasing to us, which unnaturally mucked up Tina Amanda and May Allah make us imams for the righteous Allahumma amin and that's how saltan for clan comes to an end. The soldier immediately after a soda number 26 is sold as sharara and assura is

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about the poet's it's not about the poet's but it includes verses at the end of it that speak about those who lead people astray with the jests in the end and frivolities of the worldly life. But the surah is very much focused on the believers are those who make good choices and the unbelievers are those who choose a path that strays from a loss of Hannah to Anna and that the one who wishes to believe will believe in the one who wishes to stray will continue to live that life unashamed and many prophets are mentioned in salata, Shara and Allah Subhana Allah to Allah answers the accusations that were put and leveled towards them. Those who practice idolatry Allah answers it

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through Ibrahim alayhis salam, those who, you know, practice the wickedness and sexual misconduct, loot Allah you send them, those who were willing to eat and consume the wealth of the orphan and mystery people financially. There's the example of schreiben is people those who don't want to have a submission to an authority. There's fear own and musante SLM, all of them are mentioned in the solar and the law speaks about those who have redemption from it, those who come and wake up, such as the magicians who then wake up to themselves and they

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Know that the power of Allah is not like the power that they tried to be which people's eyes with. Rather they see that the miracles brought by most are from God and they turn to a lot in worship in an immediate regret in sorrow of their previous years of sin. Moosa is you know confronted by Benyus, Raju that Israel to say, You've led us to destruction. We're going to die in this water body, Pharaoh's pursuing us. Carla, Carla Keller in Nairobi say, Dean, he says to them, no, rather My Lord is with me. He will guide me to the right place in the right way. And it speaks about firmness of faith and conviction.

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Allah subhana wa tada speaks about Ibrahim alayhis salam and this powerful draft of Ibrahim in it where he says you know different jolliet lisanna sukrin Phil afreen Give me a good mention in the generations to come and that's one of the reasons we say Allah Masada Ibrahim kanessa Lita Abraham, Wanda le Brahim Delilah minakami de Majeed, in our prayer, at least on a subclinical effort in Colombian saline give me Oh, my Lord, a pure heart, a healthy heart, on the day of judgment, where only those who have healthy hearts will be given success. And he also makes a drop that is beautiful. Well, fairly heavy in a hurricane. I mean, not Balint, forgive my father, he was wrong,

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wrongly LED, and at this drop was made for his father who attempted to kill him and kicked him out of his land until his father died in that state of gopher and then he stopped making that you're on a beautiful, beautiful sentiment. I will show you who would a lot in this order by discussing the poets who lead away those who have a heart that is desirous of the frivolities of this worldly life are not focused on the next life and don't take seriously the life that they have been blessed by Allah subhana wa Tada. The surah ends with the difference between poetry and the authenticity of the Quran. That the authenticity of the Quran as Allah Allah, Allah he wrote holy Ameen, descended with

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the trustworthy Angel release and in Arabi in moving in this pure Arabic language that's unadulterated, untranslatable. It's only in the portal an Arabic is the only language of the Quran and that there's no interference. WOMAD tena Zilla.

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The shell team did have no interference in it. Women who will be totally shy. Of course, there's no poetic pneus in the Koran rather, it is non terrestrial, not from the Prophet, but from Allah. The final section of the Jews number 18 is sort of the beginning of it. And sort of the natural is a powerful surah it means the answer surah number 27. A lot speaks about guidance in the people of belief, and that the plan is the ultimate source of good news and guidance that the disbelievers are wasting their actions in following other than it that musala is said I'm spoke to a lot and asked for guidance and it was given to him. And then Allah begins to speak about Deadwood and Sulayman.

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And sort of has a large section on Sulaiman Ali's salon, in particular with a soda gets its name the interchange of Sulayman hearing the and speak, call it NEMA. Yeah, you handle and hide, Solomon and his troops are coming go into your homes, so they don't trample you without knowing Fatah wsmr law he can only have He smiled and was amused at her at her speech and her authority over others. And it's such a powerful moment that he understands the language of animals that incident of the ant is spoken of, and then the incident of a Hood Hood, which is the hupo bird and that it was traveling far into the regions of Yemen. And it saw that there were a people used to do in Elysium seamen do

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Neela prostrating to the sun rather than Allah and Allah Yes, Judy Lila, how dare they not worship a loss of power to Allah? How could they be so misguided. And of course Allah sends a letter through the Hood Hood, back to the Queen of Sheba battle please. And she comes to visit. And when she comes to visit, clearly had holy sort of enter into this magnificent chamber. She thought that colada, that glass was like water, it's something she had never seen it before. And she knew that this is from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, Allah in this sort of speaks about the might of the angels, and that assists with a man and that he had power and dominion over the jinn. All of those are themes

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that are found in the early part of sort of the nem this was your brother. Yeah. Hey, Brahim. With another daily tip, see a juice a day at hamdulillah This was juice number 19. I hope you join me where we conclude the first third, two thirds of the Quran in our next upcoming installment was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh