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Aarij Anwer
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only been at enough a junior Santa Fe filati has Santa Fe nada nada Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Welcome to Jews a day.

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Just if I can get a someone to tell me that they can hear me okay, please. Hello.

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All right, thank you very much for that, Michael appreciate that.

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On the Facebook side, somebody can just tell me that they can hear me Is that good? Okay, thank you for that man. Appreciate that.

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All right. Let us get started. inshallah, today we have the,

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the 12th Jews that we are dealing with the 12 years of the Quran is the passage or is the

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is the part that includes two Sutras, and two extremely interesting suitors that are very closely related in their meaning. And they're very closely related in the way they are structured in the Quran. So they're closely related in the sense that both of these sutras are named after prophets. And both of these sutras mentioned stories of prophets of Allah. The first one is sort of hood. The second one is Surah. Yusuf.

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They're closely related in topic in the sense that both of these surahs Allah subhana wa Taala is telling the prophets of Salaam and the believers that don't despair, don't give up. Allah has a plan for you, even when things are really difficult, and you can make any sense out of it. Allah has a plan and trust that and these two sutras really highlight that point, really beautifully, useable Islamic life, how he went through so many difficulties, so many betrayals by people who are supposed to love and support him, yet a lot pantalla had a plan for him. And he came out on the other side of that plan, as the one who was victorious as the one who we celebrate.

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And instead of who would, the sooner that we'll start with there, there are so many prophets that Allah mentions, Allah mentions the story of new Halley's Anam. This is the longest narration of the story of Noah Elisa, he mentioned the story of hood, that's where that's where the surah is named after the story of solid, the story of Ibrahim, the story of short of loot, ensure a and Moosa all of these prophets, Allah tells their story. And then the theme of these these historical narratives is don't give up. These prophets of Allah went through a lot of difficulty, and they didn't give up. The prophets of Salaam said about Bluetooth and that someone will that's the sooner that will begin

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with, he said about Bluetooth shaiya but many who don't want to have houde and its sisters have made me old. This is when the Prophet son came one day and he had some gray hair. And the workers asked him that Oh, messenger of Allah, you know, ship that you have become, you know, you've gotten some gray hair. And he replied by saying that it is who would destroy Surah Hood and the sewers that are like surah would that have made me old? What does this mean? What it means is that the prophets loss alum.

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In the story, in the Sudoku there are there's a mention of profits coming, profits, preaching profits being denied, and then Allah bringing his punishment upon the people of those profits. That was the worry of the prophet SAW Selim. He was extremely concerned that his people who knew him better than anybody else, loved and respected him as much as anybody else in society. These people, because of their arrogance, and stubbornness would be on the recipt would be the recipient of Allah's divine wrath hat if they didn't change their ways. So that was something that the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam was very afraid of. And that was what

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according to the scholars of Hadith is what caused him to get gray hair this is that surah Shabbat new who don't know how to how it starts with you know, it's it's a it's a surah that actually starts in the previous is just a few Ayat of it, or in the previous Jews and the remaining is a fit are in the 12th jers and we will start from the very beginning of the sewer to make sure that the

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that everything is together, the previous Surah Surah Yunus ends with Allah saying, follow what why you had a camera Robic was spearheaded by a kumala. Follow what has been revealed to you from your Lord and be patient until a law judges

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between the people. And then

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the next surah mentions certain sort of hood begins with Allah saying, and if lamb raw kita boon came at two who Thelma facilite mill dawn, Hakeem in hobby, this is a book that Allah has sent, whose eye at pass judgment, whose eye ads are actually meant to be?

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Like their their definitive, so a lot in the previous ISS that he wait until Allah sends down something definitive. And this surah says, These are the definitive signs of Allah subhana wa Taala. So there is a beautiful connection between the two tours. In that regard. Let's begin looking at sort of hood, the introduction, the Surah Surah Hood, as I mentioned, the theme of it is, don't give up. Don't despair, don't give up. Don't ever think that it's things are hopeless, on everything that Allah has abandoned you. Allah is with us and the stories of these prophets. The narratives of these prophets historically, is going to be what Allah uses to build that case to build that argument. The

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first part of this surah is introduction on recognizing Allah subhana wa O'Donoghue is a loss panel with Allah. So Allah begins by introducing first the book. This is the book that he has sent, that is the verses of it are definitive. They are fundamental in nature, and they are expanded in detail in other parts of Iran guitar when he came up to the muffle psyllid. These I, as I mentioned, with brevity in some places, expanded and other places and that is one interpretation of this. He says after that the reason for sending the book is is number two a lot to do in the law, that you should worship only Allah subhanaw taala that's the fundamental tenant of our fate. In Neela comin hoonah

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de Roma Bashir, I am sent to you from him to warn you and to give you good tidings. This is our Shahada La ilaha illa Allah begins with that La Ilaha Illa de Abu in the law in the Nila Khun min hoonah virum over shield, Muhammad Rasulullah right, that is that the Shahada is expressed in this ayah and many other is at the scene. The concept of the Shahada is expressed expressed in different words, this is it number two, the religion is worshipping Allah and seeking forgiveness from Allah and this double Fedora Baku. seeking forgiveness is essentially apologizing and saying sorry to Allah, Allah for the slip ups in the mistakes that we have in our practice of our faith. Okay, so

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this is the idea that our faith tells us that we are going to be making mistakes as we practice Islam, it is going to be impossible not to make mistakes. So the religion is a religion of forgiveness. It is a religion of Toba, we are expected to make mistakes and then we are expected to apologize for our mistakes and ask Allah for forgiveness for that and if we have hurt people, then the man the the mandate is to give reparations or apologize to the people who have been hurt and they stopped Fedora. Welcome to Moto E. And then you turn towards in my we struck We apologize to a lot and then we strive to become better. Strive to give up that bad habit. Always trying to improve

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from Milan is that opportunity by the way to seek forgiveness and strive to become better. You must tell kumada and Hassan if you're able to do this, worship Allah alone, follow the prophets also love. seek forgiveness for mistakes, you know not have the arrogance to not recognize your own flaws. And then all constantly trying to improve the motto boo la he trying to get better as a process trying to give a bad habits trying to become more and more of a person who does good that if that happens, then Allah says

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you must do better on hazama he will last patola is guaranteed that he will make a generous life for you in this world until it's time to go and then will you tequilla the father Linford law, in that on the day of judgment in the next life, he will bestow His grace on all those who deserve of all those who merited Subhanallah so this is the, the recipe for a good life. Worship Allah alone, follow the messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam Be humble and

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And had the humility to recognize your own mistakes and, and have the humility to apologize for them. Apologize to Allah for our mistakes and apologize to other people for who we have heard, and then continue to improve through matobo illa. He continued to get better getting closer to Allah, shedding those bad habits. And when that happens, Allah will give us a good life now until we pass away, and will give us all the merit that we deserve and more in the next life. That is a beautiful message, a summary of the message of Islam in the very beginning of the sutra, a very beautiful, very powerful, you know, introduction, and Allah says it Allah Hema Giroux come your return will be

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to Allah subhana wa Taala. And he has power over all things. So that is something we should not forget that we have a choice, of course, right now, but our return will be to Allah, Allah. And then when we returned to him, you have no choice that is when you are held accountable, not when you are making choices at that time, the time to make choices and decisions is now in this world. So there's a sense of urgency. Last moto describes how the people of Makkah, unfortunately, we're choosing the wrong thing. See how they cover themselves up to hide their thoughts from him. They are turning away from the Prophet cillum as a problem is preaching to them. But Allah says Allah knows what they're

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hiding. And Allah knows knows what they're scheming in the hawala even without the surah because he knows the innermost thoughts of people. That's a beautiful expression in the honeymoon without sudo he knows us intricate, intricately well, and our thoughts that are very deeply inside of us. Alas, Pablo also mentions part of His Majesty is that he is the one who takes care of all living beings when mom and dad but then fill out the Illa Allah Allah He this boo ha, why Allah Mustafa raha oma sto da amazing that every living creature on the earth, it is the responsibility of Allah to provide for that living creature. So panela every living creature, an animal, an ant, a fish, a bird,

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whatever thing you can think of it is the responsibility of Allah to provide for that creature. Why are we as human beings, then concern about our our risk, our risk is from Allah subhanaw taala. And that should give us this mental peace. It shouldn't make us passive and wrongfully. The wrong understanding of this is, you know, my risk is from Allah. So what do I have to do anything for right? That is a misunderstanding. In fact, that is a perverted understanding of this idea. In this concept, the correct understanding is, Allah is the one who is going to provide the means for us to earn our living.

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We will take those means we will go and take those means and earn our living. Allah is the one who provides those means, and Allah is the one who's guaranteeing that so don't

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do not feel, do not feel this in a state of despair. When a person has lost their sustenance has lost their job. That's a time where people very quickly fall into despair. And very quickly give up hope, Allah is reassuring. No, you should not become you know, you should not become hopeless at that time, you should not despair at that time. Understand, a law has your back. Allah will provide for you like he provides for every single creature on this earth. And this is a liberating feeling. If we can understand this, we're lucky and live this. This is one of the best

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feelings and one of the best mindsets that a person can have. That risk is from Allah, Allah. He is the one who provides and when he provides and he gives means we take them. He mentioned also His Majesty, he says Allah Subhana Allah says that all of the halaqa sumati was out there, he said that he was gonna ask you who Allah, He enthroned above the waters, it was he who created the heavens and the earth in six days. The days here, a yam is actually

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young in old Arabic is not just 24 hours. 24 hours is obviously young.

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But it is actually a time of a period of time. any period of time could be called a young. So this is six periods of time that a lost public created the heavens and the earth in him. Now, this is a beautiful concept. This is a concept that we find in the Bible. This is a concept

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Find the Quran. In the Bible. It says that on the seventh day, God rested. We reject that completely because the last Papa does not hire, he does not get any, even a little bit of tiredness is impossible because Allah is perfection. He is perfection, and tiredness is imperfection. There, one of the wisdoms of why Allah created the heavens and the earth, all of the universe in the six periods is to show to us that sometimes things that are important, will take some time to get accomplished here. So as the things are taking their course, as

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things are playing out, our job and our responsibility should be to remain patient and not become people of despair. Just like the earth and everything else, a lot of credit, created it in an instant. He didn't, he created it over a period of time to teach us that. Sometimes his plan, the plan of Allah takes its time to run its course. And we have to be patient through it. And that's a a, again, a beautiful mindset, if you can only understand that and live that. After this Allah Allah mentions.

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The one of the things that

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when it comes to recognizing Allah, one of the things that prevents a person from recognizing Allah correctly, is the fickle nature of human beings. Extremely fickle. And that is a sign of people who don't really recognize the last part Allah, I am number eight to 11 of Surah Hood says, A describes the fickleness of the nature of the human being, what does it say? It says, if we defer their punishment until an appointed time, they ask, what is holding it back? If Allah doesn't immediately take a person to task, this, in this case, this person who is mocking the idea of accountability, and resurrection would say, well, what's holding the punishment back? Why doesn't it just come right

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away? But Allah says, Allah Almighty him, Lazar Masaru, Fernand, whom the day it comes, because this kind of criticism is not like a real question. It's not like a real discussion. It's a question in the it's mockery in the guise of a question. So a lot doesn't respond to the merits of the question. That's not even dignifying it with a response. He goes straight to something that will perhaps break the arrogance of the one who's saying it. What is that thing that he says, Allah Almighty him lay some us roofer on him on the day when it overtakes them, they will be nothing to avert it from them, and what they used to mock show. What they used to mock at shall encompass them, what they were

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mocking the punishment of Allah will completely envelop them, and they would have nothing that would stop that punishment from coming on that day. So patola this is actually a beautiful Quranic style, when a question is asked that has merit Allah dignifies that question with an answer. But a question is asked where the answer is, you're asking for information that you can't have like, when is the day of judgment going to be? The response is talking about what should the focus? Where should the focus be? And when the questioner is asking a question, to mock Allah to mock the religion? The answer is not even dignifying the question. The answer goes, and it's kind of like a response to

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address the core issue of arrogance and disbelief that that question is springing from it's such an amazing way, the way our last public addresses different different audiences in the Quran. And this is just a glimpse of it. The Quran is filled with such beautiful discourse okay fickle nature people, I number nine when we bestow upon the man he measure of our grace, okay, Rama, something good happens to them. Then we take it away this person in Nola also before he descends into despair, and becomes completely ungrateful to Allah. Look at this, Allah says we have given him Rama, something good, some mercy, something nice, and then Allah just takes it away. This person now is it

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worse off than before they're actually the same as before, kinda like back to square one. It's not like a lot took away more than he gave this person but just the mere fact that Allah gave him something that gave him one thing and then take took that one thing back. Just that process makes that the fickle nature of human beings is that they fall into despair.

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descending into a person who is extremely ungrateful, you're also a fool. That's the fickle nature that Allah is warded guests against.

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As that when bad things happen, we can't fall into this we can't be cannot just give into despair at the moment or the first strike of adversity, can't do that. That's not that someone who doesn't understand Allah doesn't recognize Allah. He doesn't understand the plan of Allah doesn't recognize the law doesn't understand the difficulties the prophets have been through. Okay? They went through difficulties and adversity, and never gave up hope. This is the model this is the required mindset that we are, that's asked of us, if adversity and in losses again, highlighting the fickle nature of human beings I number 10. If after adversity we let him taste good fortune, he says all my ills are

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gone. And then he becomes 31, forhold, exultant and boastful. Okay, oscillating wildly between despair to exultant and boastful between completely ungrateful, to boasting about all the good steady has this, these wild swings, that shows a person is very fickle, doesn't understand that life has ups and downs has tests. And the tests are from Allah to see illa levina sabado and number 11. Not so those who are patient and do good deeds, they should have forgiveness, and a great reward. So this is the idea. The ones who recognize Allah, who have a man in a law, they are the ones who are patient in bad times, and they don't do their own despair. They don't give up in bad times, and they

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continue to do their good deeds. Those are the people that will have a forgiveness and a great reward. A small subtlety, if I may add, this is actually a very beautiful passage of the Quran. I really love this passage, and I spending a little extra time on it because it's such a powerful passage. Usually the Quran says Illallah Muhammad Ali had those who believe and do good, right? But here Allah says, Those who are patient who can do good. In essence, Allah is saying, patience, in the face of difficult times, is equivalent to a man that's equivalent to believing in Allah. Like you want to know what belief is, belief in Allah is faith in Allah Eman And Allah is being patient.

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When times are tough. That is what a man is. And that equivalency is very exquisite in the Quran, Allah makes that equivalency. There is of course a lot Papa mentions that the Prophet son would feel at times, you know, like all human beings, the emotion of sadness, the emotion of you know, being down, but Allah, Allah says, Don't be down in them antenna D You are only a warner, your job is not to take this to heart does do your job to convey the message and Allah Allahu Allah could be showing you work here and Allah is the guardian of all things, leave everything else in the hands of Allah gave. The Quran challenges those who say that this is a book that the Prophet has has fabricated.

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This is a challenge the Quran makes on multiple occasions. And it's a notable challenge because the people of Arabia at that time were masters of their language masters of poetry and prose. And nobody ever took up that challenge. There were other challenges that they took up, that the Prophet challenged them against. But this was one challenge that never dared to do so because they knew these words are divinely inspired, and that this are an style the words are known, but the stylistic nature of the Quran is so unique. It's as if it's like a new language using the words of an existing language and that you know, style was so powerful that the the Arabs of the time completely were

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silent in the face of this challenge despite their arrogance, despite their pointed questions that the Quran quotes and answers never wants to take up the challenge though.

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Last one that describes how

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the methadone for your pain This is a beautiful example, a beautiful idea that sets up the rest of the sutra the these two groups are like Arma while Assam me Well, last CD was semi eye number 24. These two groups these two groups Excuse me, are like the blind and the deaf, blind and deaf compared to Alba CD

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semia those who are who can see and hear. Now this is of course, not a indictment or a criticism, or a slight against people who are disabled. This is not Don't misunderstand the example please. Okay. The example is, is the one who can see and hear, like the one who cannot see and cannot hear. Are they too like the same in their abilities? The answer, of course, is No, they're not the same in their ability, the one who can see and hear has a lot of advantages.

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Or the one who cannot see and cannot hear. Okay. And here, this is the point of the example, the one who is able to practice their faith, listen to what the Revelation says, and then listen to it with an open mind and an open heart. And then practice it. That's like the one who is able to see and hear and the one who is, irrespective of whether they've heard it or not, has made up their mind to reject it and throw it away. That is like the one who is

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unable to see and unable to hear.

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Some meat can ama well awesome. That is the analogy that Allah is giving. And analogy is important because that after this I after 24, is until the very end of the surah story after story after story of a prophet because that's how the people treated their prophets, rejecting the message of the Prophet and treating it as if they were unable to hear and unable to see as if their faculties of hearing and seeing and departed them when it came to the message of Allah. And that's a fascinating, you know, comment on how people treat the practice of the religion. Like everything else, a person can be rational, but when it comes to the practice of faith, all of a sudden they are completely

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irrational, in the way they you know, see it and receive it. That's an interesting comment that Allah makes and this is sets up the rest of the surah talking about different different prophets.

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begins firstly by the story of Noah Halina. Nohara, Salam.

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It This is the longest description of his story in the Quran is number 25 to Ayah number 49 his life and his struggles are mentioned. Allah says we sent Noah to his people. And like all prophets, he said in the lacuna zero mubin, I have come to you with a clear warning that you should worship none but God, La ilaha illa Allah, that's the message of every prophet. Whatever language this book, that was their message La ilaha illallah wa in the Rasulullah and I am the messenger of Allah. Okay, that's the message so the believer in No, I would say la ilaha illa la new Rasulullah. The believer in Iranian Islam would say la ilaha illAllah Ibrahim Rasulullah. The believer in Moses would say la

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ilaha illAllah. Musa Rasulullah, the believer and Isa would say la ilaha illAllah SR Rasulullah. And when we say La either handle la mahamadou rasulillah, we say all the prophets before we believe them, that they all said the same thing. And they all came with the same message. That's the idea that Allah wants to highlight with the stories of the prophets. Now he's also says if you don't do so, if you don't worship Allah, I fear that a terrible punishable, terrible punishment will befall you. Now I will mela, the leaders, the people who are influential, the ones who are the leaders of society that people follow that people emulate tried to be like them, concentration of power and

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wealth. They said, they're the ones who will last has rejected the truth. They said, We see you only as a human being you're nothing special. And we see those who follow you as the lowest offers. These are like these are not like smart, intelligent, influential people. These aren't like special people who are, you know, celebrities, these are the lowliest of all people, those have immature judgment by the array. We don't see any merit in you. But we think that you are a liar. In looking at how, what kind of like,

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what kind of criticism is this, that your followers are not influential? your followers are not important people. That's why we don't think you are on the truth.

00:29:33 --> 00:29:49

No, hello, Sam responds, and he says that, well, I have a clear evidence from my Lord, and he's favored me with grace from himself. Right? If you're unable to recognize that I can't force it upon you. But don't, you know, don't say to the people

00:29:51 --> 00:29:59

that are following me, Willa akuto. Linda, Dina 30 are Unicom those who are following me

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Not going to look down upon them in contempt because you have contempt for them. I am not going to do that. Because Allah knows the good that's in them. All human beings have the capacity for good. Don't judge them by their appearance.

00:30:14 --> 00:30:55

Allahu Allah will be MFI and fullsteam. Allah knows what's in their hearts. And if I did, so if I was to look at them with contempt, I would be from the volley mean from the wrongdoers from the oppressors. Because now I've taken something and put it in a place where it doesn't belong. I have taken. I have judged a person, by their appearance, not by their taqwa, not by their merits. And that's, that's unfair. And that's what injustice is. No, Elisa Lam, very eloquently explains why this is not the right way to look at things, right. And he also says mama and everybody the Latina amanu, I'm not going to drive these people away, just because you don't like them. They are the ones

00:30:55 --> 00:31:03

who believed in the Lord, and they are going to believe they're going to meet their Lord, just like you are going to meet your Lord as well.

00:31:05 --> 00:31:23

know Allah salam, as he's explaining this, these people have no rebuttal. So they say, yeah, no Shaka Jana, Noah, you have argued with us and argued excessively. Now bring down the punishment upon us that you threaten with if you are truthful, bring this punishment. You know, there's enough argument, okay?

00:31:24 --> 00:32:10

No, hello, salam, like all prophets says, This is not my job. It's not my prerogative to bring the punishment in MIT. Camila, Allah will bring it upon you, if he wishes, and when it does come, you can escape it. Now, as this surah is unfolding, as the story is unfolding, alas, pantalla goes on a small tangent. He says, as a tangent, that are they still saying that the Prophet Islam made this up? How on earth is he going to know all these details about the life of no halus around without having access to the Bible, without having access to be able to read and write while he lived in Makkah, isolated largely from other faith communities? How is he able to get these detailed

00:32:10 --> 00:32:26

information? Like what was the questioning that no higher Salaam a face? And how did you respond to that questioning? This is actually specific only in this surah and other sources don't mention that. So Allah, Allah tangentially asked this question, who do people still think the problem is making this up? Of course not.

00:32:28 --> 00:33:14

goes back to the story of Noah says, I was telling told to know you, no one will believe from your people. No one's gonna believe anymore. Whoever has believed will be your believer. The rest of these people are not going to believe an attempt is don't despair. Don't grieve over what they're going to do. Okay. Again, the point of the surah and the theme is don't despair. Allah has a plan. Don't despair. Here. Allah tells know how this alum was not infoq build the ship, build the ark. We are unique in our joaquina under our eyes and in accordance with our revelation, and don't plead with me concerning the evildoers. They shall be drowned now. No. LSR was building the ark, and there

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is no body of water around him. So people who are who were his adversaries, what started to mock him, they're like he's lost his mind. They would scoff at him. They he first he was preaching now he's becoming he's building a ship and there is no water anywhere. Okay, no, hello solemn

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response. He says invest calm in finance, calm and conquer Mata saloon. If you are scoffing at us. We shall also scoff at you and your ignorance, just as you scoff at us, and you will soon know who will receive a humiliating punishment and find unleashed against him and everlasting punishment. You also know what's gonna come. Okay. Hector either Jamuna when our command team will follow. The newer and the water gush forth in Torrance father, the new one interpretation is that the oven started to overflow with water, meaning the water started coming out from under the earth and started to gush from inside the like it just started to come out from the earth and start to rain from the sky.

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A lot Papa when that started to happen, said to new nslm take into the ark appear of every species with your family. And of course the believers Illa my man Saba Fila Hill Coleman home, but don't take any disbelieving members of your family, only the believing members of your family they are going to go and last as well Mohammed Omar who luckily only a few believed with Islam, only a few people. Despite that he spent almost a millennium preaching the message of Islam. Only a handful of people believed with him. And this tells us by the way, that numbers are not the judge of success numbers.

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won't tell you who's successful who's not because if you judge by numbers, no one had a salon that didn't have my numbers, but he's one of the greatest profits of all time, because of the quality and the quality of patients, the quality of not disappearing for 950 years. That's an unimaginably long time to be patient, and to not lose hope, that is who he was. That was the quality that he had on a salad. And that's the inspiration for us and for the prophecies on that Allah wants to teach through his through his story. He said embark on the ship Bismillah himadri hiromasa it shows in the name of God It shall cast it should set sail and cast anchor truly my lord is Forgiving and Merciful. And it

00:35:48 --> 00:36:12

this architecture dbmv margin cultivars This is a beautiful expression. This is a little Ark and Allah is using the present tense verb here as if to bring this incident that was in the past into life in front of our eyes. It is floating gdbm female Jin amongst these are on top of these waves that are like mountains.

00:36:13 --> 00:36:28

One wanna know how Nibbana who and know called out to his son? He said, Oh, my son embark with us and do not be among the deniers Come son join us. But this son of No, was not a believer and arrogant,

00:36:29 --> 00:37:20

miserable person. He said Are we in Germany are Simoni minella I will climb a mountain to seek refuge from this water from this storm. I'll be fine. No halozyme replied there is nothing that will save you this day from God's command except by His mercy llama rhyme. And as he was explaining this to son will have a normal mode. A wave swept in between them separating the two how father and son will forget I mean and mother are clean, and the son drowned. And this is a tragedy the new Allah Salam had to experience and this is one of the stories lessons we will experience tragedy, personal tragedy, but we can't give up hope we cannot despair in the face of trials personal or when it comes

00:37:20 --> 00:38:06

to our our commitment to the cause. But especially personal tragedy, like losing our a child or losing family members should not cause us to become lose hope in Allah's mercy. Of course sadness is there, the prophet son would cry, he cried when he lost his son. He lost six of his seven children before he passed away so solemn, he would cry profusely, but that crying was the natural response to sadness and grief. It was not to question the wisdom of Allah, tala like the Prophet said in the line, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah has and the eyes are overflowing with tears and the heart is grieved. But we only say what praises pleases our Lord Allah Nakula Illa Europeana and that is the

00:38:06 --> 00:38:39

true sign of a believer that they are able to understand the wisdom or they're able to hold their emotions, when they are emotional, and not say something that this pleases, alas, pata Allah, even in times of loss and tragedy, even when they don't understand the wisdom of what happened. holding their tongue at that moment, is patience, crying, and being sad is natural. And that doesn't negate patience, until we see here know how to some experiences this personal tragedy. And he was very saddened by it.

00:38:41 --> 00:39:31

He actually spoke he made dua to Allah, he said, Oh Allah, you said that my family would be would be saved and my son was from my family, but my son was not saved. So Allah spotlight explains to him and I number 46, your new home Noah, he was not of your family, even though he's your son. He is not. He was not a believer. And Allah has said No, nobody who is not anybody who's not a believer will not be saved on this day. In the Who am I Coronavirus on that was explained he was unrighteous in his conduct by lattice and Lima la Celica. We don't question me about something of which you have no knowledge, I admonished you lest you become an ignorant man. You know, emotion causes us grief

00:39:31 --> 00:39:33

causes us to, you know,

00:39:34 --> 00:39:59

to to think about what is happening or why is something happening. New Elisa Lam was asking that Allah sponsor reminds him, Look, your son was not a believer. That's why he wasn't on that ship. And I told you only the believers will be on that ship. So don't question about something that's already been explained. Know Allison immediately recognizes that he had overstepped his bounds. He says all are beginning to become my Lord. I seek refuge

00:40:00 --> 00:40:38

You from asking you something or which I have no knowledge. What is that? Ultimately? What are how many a communal house even if you don't forgive me and show me mercy, I will be of the losers. So Hannah luck. This is a lesson for us. In moments of grief, we may say something that we regret, we may, you know, as a slip of a tongue question the wisdom of Allah tala, but that is not like a damning, you know, statement that's not like a indictment of us, of course, when we recognize our, you know, what the reality is, we should film was thoughtfully robocon tomato in it like the surah we can

00:40:39 --> 00:41:25

say cfrc sorry to Allah, Allah, and then work on improving. So this is a glimpse of that human battle, especially in the face of losing someone as beloved as your own child. Okay. Now, this is a last month on this at the conclusion of the story of North says, These are the tidings of the unseen. These are the stories of the unseen, knew he had a lake that we reveal to you or Prophet makuta Allah Maha you didn't know this nodige of people before possible in the last table, clean, so be patient because the future belongs to the God fearing the idea that Allah here is presenting as as follows or profit. You did not know this. Your people didn't know this. You didn't know this.

00:41:25 --> 00:42:09

This is revelation from Allah, Allah. Again, driving home that point the Prophet Salaam is a messenger of Allah, this is something that he himself had no idea of, and had no access to. But the point of the story is false bear, be patient, you know, stay the course don't despair cause a loss Papa will at the end of the day, make you victorious or he will bring you out on the other side better, just like no Allah Salam was brought to the other side. And he was, you know, in a better place. Who would is the next story while are adding a home Buddha. To odd we sent their brother who would notice how Allah calls him their brother, brother in humanity. Right brother in humanity from

00:42:09 --> 00:43:00

the same ethnicity from the same race. That was houde alehissalaam. He said the same thing Jaco Marabou de la hamanako Manila enviro all my people worship god alone. You have no God, but him. He says you are if you are worshipping other idols or deities, you are fabricating those as Gods when they're not gods. My job isn't to ask you for money. My job is to convey the message My people turn in forgiveness to your Lord stuff for the robocall the matobo in a heap and then turn to Him in repentance. He asked for forgiveness, acknowledge your mistakes and then continue to improve and if you do so, he will send you rain in abundance and He will give you more strength is it can overturn

00:43:00 --> 00:43:43

the la quwata como la la mujer de mein whose la Sam is explaining that not only remember when when we when the surah began by saying ask forgiveness and you know, repent, he tried to become better and better. Allah says you might dare call Madonna Salah he'll give you a good life now and in an amazing life in the next life. So here we are, the restaurant is saying the same thing. Allah will give you blessings in this life when you believe when you repent when you try to become a better person and more devoted a level give you blessings in this world as well. It's not just only that he will reserve everything for the next life but I'm gonna attina fit dunya Asana,

00:43:44 --> 00:44:28

Asana give us all the good in this life and all the good in the next life. So he's reminding that Allah will give you all of these great things as well. Now the response is predictably rejection Yeah, who do magic Amina who you haven't brought us any evidence, and we're not going to leave our our gods just because of what you are saying. And we don't believe in you at all. And we actually see that you are you have been struck by magic in the Hulu Illa. terracotta bamboo early has a navy suit, who the Islam says I call God to witness that. I have nothing to do with your claims. That's not what I have done in Nita vakil to Allah Hera baucom. I have Rob beaver have become I have put my

00:44:28 --> 00:44:32

trust in God, my Lord and your Lord, okay.

00:44:33 --> 00:44:59

He continues to he explains the message and after that he has done his job they have rejected him. And now while I'm Raja Nana, Gina, who then when a last command came, we delivered food and those who believe with him with our special mercy and what a Jaina human either in order to save them from a severe punishment and odds the people who disbelieve

00:45:00 --> 00:45:20

were destroyed to God, such where ad jahad will be, it will be him, they, this denying the science of the Lord. We're also Rasulullah who disobeyed His messengers, but terbaru emrakul li Jabbar in need and follow the bidding of every headstrong enemy of the truth, meaning they

00:45:22 --> 00:46:11

went against, they saw that physical might, luxury privilege in this world was a better determination of who is truthful and who's not, who's successful or who's not. And they followed that, instead of following the messenger of Allah who has brought revelation to them, and is clearly a messenger. This is not like someone who is spoken off as a messenger, he is a messenger. And thus, that was their end. interesting tidbit. Here are also Rasulullah who disobeyed His messengers in plural, even though they only saw one messenger. And the idea here is the one who disobeys and rejects one messenger of Allah has rejected all of them because rejecting a messenger of Allah is

00:46:11 --> 00:46:58

rejecting the one who sent the messenger. So you have now de facto disobey all of them. And this is a beautiful, beautiful subtlety and the Quran mentions Next one is solid Islam well as a Moodle home saleha to thermwood with under brother solea, same same style. We my people worship God, you have no other deity but uh, but him La ilaha illAllah. Okay. And then a reminder, he is the one who brought you from the earth settled you upon him. So same thing for some Pharaoh who tomahto boo la he asked for his forgiveness and turn to Him in repentance, apologize, acknowledge mistakes, have the humility and then try to be better. in Nairobi, hurry. Boom. Mujib. Okay, now solid Hello, salam,

00:46:58 --> 00:47:32

this is something very interesting to solve it like solid, we thought you were a good, we had high hopes for you solid. We thought you're going to be something in this world. We didn't think you're gonna turn it into like this preacher business, your soil couldn't have been number one kubla hada. We thought we had great hopes in your soil? And are you stopping us from worshiping what our founding fathers used to do? Like, are you seeing our coat our cart, our our culture, and our religion is wrong? You know, that is something very strange. And we are like, like, we're very suspicious of what you are telling us all solid.

00:47:34 --> 00:48:16

Solid nslm says that, look, this is the truth. This is the evidence that my Lord has given me that I'm giving it to you that I'm presenting to you. And more evidence for you. Here is the camel of God have enough to love the she camel, this is a sign for you. Leave her alone to graze on God's Earth and do her no harm. The idea here is they asked for a miracle and there was their miracle. But did the miracle make them accept Islam? Of course it didn't occur to her. The hamstring, hamstrung her and killed her. And that said, Hey, solid bring the punishment solid. And Islam said Enjoy yourselves in your home that matter. ofI daddy consolata Yeah, three days enjoy yourself for three

00:48:16 --> 00:49:01

days. And then the punishment is going to come and when the punishment came. Last month, I said he saved solidly and those who believed from the disgrace of that day and your Lord is surely powerful and mighty. And those who were wrongdoers were overtaken by a dead a dreadful blast guiding them you have no fee her as if they never lived there in the first place. Allah in North America, Allah burden Lisa mood, the mood denied their Lord cursed or the tribe of the mood. Then a lot of other mentions Ibrahim alayhis salaam, la caja true una Ibrahimovic. Lucia here mentions the story of Ibrahim alayhis salam these angels came to him and they're like Salaam Avraham Assam responds by

00:49:01 --> 00:49:40

saying Salaam and he brings to them this roasted calf or angel in Hanif, nicely roasted like, good job with on the barbecue there. Okay. Then, as he sees that they're not eating, he's afraid. He's like, Are they here to kill me because they're not eating my food? But then the angels say no, don't worry, we're angels that Allah has sent and we are sent to the people of a lot. Now. The people at this point also they say you are going to have a child with your wife Sarah is hot is going to be your child. So the wife of

00:49:41 --> 00:50:00

Ibrahim Hassan was surprised. She's like, how can I have a child? I'm really old, right? My wife had a bernicia My husband is also really old and I am adduced I am Baron How can have a child and the angels say don't be astonished at the mercy of God. He don't be astonished at the command of God.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:44

This is going to be miraculous child rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. Aleikum Al Bayt, all family or people of this house. May the mercy of God and blessings be upon you and that's what we say in our drama in Salah Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Allah Allah hamartomas aleza Allah Ibrahim or Allah, Ali Ibrahim, right? That is where in Naga hamidah Majeed is number 73 that is the reference to our durood our Salah was on the Prophet Sunnah. Now, Ibrahim Islam Of course when he was when he figured out what is happening, he couldn't get past the fact that Lutheranism people are going to be destroyed. So he started to ask Allah to spare them. Because Allah says in the Ibrahima halimun A wa

00:50:44 --> 00:51:06

Hoon, muneeb Subhana Allah, he was tender hearted, he was gentle. He didn't want the punishment of a lot of fall on anybody. But Allah says to Ibrahim Ali alone had to wear a helmet. Rahim sees your pleading, this is the command of your Lord and is going to come to pass. Okay, now, these messengers come to a lot less than a minute was actually Abraham Wilson's nephew.

00:51:08 --> 00:51:23

Ibrahim was also worried about his nephew, but also the people who were in that city. Now, a lot of alarms people were a collection of people who were homosexual, okay, and they were openly homosexual. There.

00:51:25 --> 00:51:38

They were, that that was what they considered normal. Now, those people when the angels came in the form of young young men, they came to these angels running

00:51:39 --> 00:51:46

and seeking to commit shameless acts with these with these angels

00:51:47 --> 00:52:22

balaia komiya Allah Abernathy hoonah El Toro loco noodle Assam says my people here are my daughter's not his literal daughters, the daughters of the nation, the women of the nation, you should have intimate relations with them under the bonds of marriage. That is not holla calm that is pure for you. Okay first up law have fear of God well out of zone if you buy if you don't disgrace me before my my, my guests, Elise, I mean Kumara Joon Rashid, is there not a single right right minded person amongst you?

00:52:23 --> 00:53:10

They're like, we know what you have to say. We've already heard this message. We have no need of women came. When Nikola Tesla man read. You know what we are seeking *. Elisa Lam, then is told by the angels. Don't worry, look, they're not going to come to me. They're not going to reach us note. We are angels. Nothing's going to happen. But you look for a sleepy, Arnica be better I'm in LA. Depart with your family while it is yet night. Okay? And let none of you look back. But leave your wife behind it, she will suffer the fate that befalls the others. Why did she suffer that face that that fate because she was the one who even though she wasn't engaging in the practices of our

00:53:10 --> 00:53:56

people, she had sympathy towards them. And she wanted to support them. And she betrayed her husband. In in when he told her not to tell the people about these young people that are guests in his house, she betrayed her husband in that. And thus she was left behind this story will come back more in in Surah number 26 where there is a lot more detail that I like to highlight then in child law, because in this last month, I mentioned that in passing, but of course that was the end of those people they were by the punishment by the decree of their Lord, they were punished and their punishment was because of their injustice. Then Allah mentions the story of short story but the story of Schreiber

00:53:56 --> 00:54:15

mentioned quite a bit of detail to the people of Meridian, travelers nama sent and the said, people worship God, you have no data other than him. And he mentioned to the people about the idea of that uncle Sol Michela will be son, don't give short measure and don't shortchange the people, if

00:54:16 --> 00:54:30

every prophet came to their people, addressing the ills, the vices of society, and tribalism was no different. Here he is addressing these people who would you know,

00:54:31 --> 00:55:00

who would who would shortchange others when it came to business transactions, interesting criticism from their people from the people of stripe. I'd like to highlight that and then move on to the next story. They said, Sure it does your prayer tell you that we should abandon what our forefathers worshiped, and that we should stop disposing of our belongings as we please LIKE A Salatu maruka and nataka Maya una like is this prayer stuff that you're praying? Is that like, the reason

00:55:00 --> 00:55:15

Why you say we should be ethical in business? in their minds, they're like, Yo, this prayer thing is personal business, keep it in your home. Let us do what we want with our money. Money has nothing to do with morality, right? That's the mindset of these people.

00:55:16 --> 00:55:17


00:55:18 --> 00:55:25

then there are actually markings right in the color until Halima Rashid. Like you're so gentle and so wise.

00:55:27 --> 00:56:14

A very interesting criticism, you find this today as well, hey, this, I worship thing, more power to you, but it's personal, keep it to yourself, okay, don't let that interfere with other aspects of life. Whereas in Islam, we believe our whole life is devotion to Allah, Allah, the way we eat, the way we have families, the way we transact business. All of that is for us, a act of worship, social, Islam, you know, respond to that criticism, which is really like mockery in this form of a question. He says, people What do you think? If I have clear evidence from my Lord, and He has sustained me in a good way? Should I not explain the message to you My job is to explain, in legal Islam, my job, I

00:56:14 --> 00:56:42

only want to do good and reform as much as I can. I'm Adolphe at lemon law, I can't succeed without a lot of help. I have put my trust in Him. And to him, I turn and this is a beautiful way that look, our job is to just try our best to improve ourselves and improve those around us. And if people are not given to improvement and change, we we can do anything we can compel someone to change who doesn't want to change.

00:56:44 --> 00:56:46

tribalism Of course,

00:56:48 --> 00:57:01

his people, similarly, were punished when they denied him. Luna mucha amoureux de la Gina schreiben Marina Amara rajmata me now Latina

00:57:02 --> 00:57:48

basava houfy Dr. him Jessie mean, lm yo no fee her as if they had never lived there. Allah barra de Lima done away with the people of Midian. Just like the people of the moon, the Mossad, Islam is mentioned very briefly here in only two is that he was centered around and his people. But then the people, even though the Muslim Islam was one of the best people to ever live on the earth, people chose to follow the Pharaoh, even after all the signs were given to them clear as light, clear as daylight, they still chose to for follow the Pharaoh and because they chose to fall follow the Pharaoh, the dominant mighty person, a curse followed them in this world. And likewise, they will

00:57:48 --> 00:58:34

follow him into Hellfire on the Day of Judgment, okay. That is the news of the earlier towns that you come in and around apostolic, we have seen, some are standing, others have ceased to stand. Allah says he is not the one who wronged them, they wronged themselves, they chose their decisions, and their choices had consequences. That is like that's their prerogative a lot smarter did not just punish them wrongfully, he sent them messengers. And Allah says that his punishment is severe, especially after he has sent the messenger and the message is crystal clear, and the people rejected then the punishment is very severe Subhanallah now, this is the message also for the purpose of them

00:58:34 --> 00:59:22

also to not give up hope, and what has happened not to despair. Alas, patola mentions some scenes from the Day of Judgment, that the day of judgment when it comes, no soul shall speak except by the permission of Allah. Some will be damned, others will be blessed. The ones who are damned will be the wretched ones in the fire, sighing and groaning the Humvee has a funeral Shaheed. And that is going to be their case, timelessly, so panela. And then as for those we ask a lot of protection from that kind of punishment, but as for those who are blessed and are made happy on that day, they shall be in Paradise, forever. timelessly, as long as a law had intended a fall and lay them as much as

00:59:22 --> 00:59:59

lose a bounty that will be an ending, a gift that will be an ending. Allah says in the conclusion of the surah, that first game, comma, omit stand firm, on the street pad, committed to the truth as you ever commanded, and stand committed along with those who are with you. Those who are metabo Mark, want to repent and become better. Well, I thought, Oh, and don't exceed bounds for Allah sees everything. Be firm to the truth. Be firm in practicing the faith along with those who are with you don't

01:00:00 --> 01:00:52

inclined towards the, towards those who are unjust don't seek help and assistance in getting the upper hand to look or become more dominant by inclining towards those who are oppressors What? Kind of 11 avola but the master kimono, because allying with the oppressors is going to be a lose lose scenario gonna lose in this world, and in the next life will also be punishment. alchemists, Allah established the prayers, butterfly in the hub, at both ends of the day, in morning and evening was uofm in a lane and at night in sanity with him in a yard, because good deeds, make amends for evil. That's what doba for us is a theme of the surah as you can see, along with that the Spirit is what

01:00:52 --> 01:01:43

is sober, what is repentance? How do you get better, this is the way to get better, be firm. Don't incline towards those that are oppressive and wrong, and establish the prayer at because when you make a mistake, we should not just continue thinking that we are hopeless, we can't get any better. So let's just continue to be bad. And just forget about this whole improving aspect. No, establish the prayer because that prayer will wipe away the sins Don't ever let shape on make you think that you're beyond help or beyond hope. So Pinilla and was Bill continue to be patient. For in the law, you'll do agile, moistening Allah subhanaw. taala, does not let the wages or does not let the reward

01:01:43 --> 01:01:55

of those who are righteous, he won't let it ever go to waste. This is Sudoku hood. It concludes with a last pantalla saying that

01:01:58 --> 01:02:01

he is the one Allah is the one who has

01:02:02 --> 01:02:47

the knowledge of all that's in the skies and the earth, it belongs to him, all matters will return to Him. It began with the majesty of Allah in ends with the majesty of Allah, it began with a lotta will in the law, worship Allah. That's the message of that's what happens after you recognize the majesty of a law. So here it ends for our Buddha who worship him. What Allah Allah Allah and trust him. Okay, because trusting him is part of worshiping Him, trusting him is what shows that we are not giving up in the face of difficulties and trials, firewood, whatever, call La MaMa robocopy, Laughlin, amata, Milan, your Lord knows exactly what he's doing. It's not like things are just

01:02:47 --> 01:03:27

random. And His ways are mysterious. No, he knows exactly what he's doing. And there's wisdom. Even if right now you don't see it fabu whatever canale continue to worship continue to trust him, don't ever give up hope. And that's a beautiful uplifting surah the surah after that is the use of solar use. Of course we will cover in Charlottetown tomorrow, but surah Yusuf has the very same theme. Allah has a plan for you. And it's a very beautiful symmetrical surah starts with uses dream ends with the use of his dream starts with the brothers plot ends with the brothers blood starts with the minister trying to seize or minister's wife trying to seduce use of ends with her confession. It's

01:03:27 --> 01:04:00

like, you know, like, it's like a mirror image Subhanallah a very, very beautiful surah we'll talk about it tomorrow in sha Allah, Allah that Allah has a plan for you. Even when you think there isn't any plan that will be for tomorrow along with sort of rods and surah Ibrahim surah 13 and Surah 14 in sha Allah is that my friend, thank you for coming out. I'll see you all. Tomorrow, same time, same place. So Monica Loma will be hamburger, a Chateau La ilaha illa Anta and stuff, like Salam alaykum. warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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