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Al-Anbiya 51-82 Word Analysis and Tafsir 78-82

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And now the story of the world and today man our listener was mentioned

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whether Buddha was really a man meaning was good and also mentioned them that would listen to him and to remind our listener, they were prophets from who from the Bani Israel from the descendants of Abraham or listener, India Khomeini, when they both made a judgment concerning what fill healthy concerning the crop concerning the field and health is used for the field on which there is crop and and health is also used for the crop itself. So it can be applied to the field and it can also be applied to the crop itself.

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So if you come and you feel healthy, when they both made judgment concerning the crop, which crop which field

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is nefesh it when it overran

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Natasha, is from the newsletters known fair enough is to scatter wool. What does it mean it is to schedule to break it into pieces and then it is to spread it. What do we learn gallery Neal, when foolish mountains will be like carded will that will that has been broken up into pieces. It has been fluffed up. And it has been spread everywhere.

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And Natasha, Fie Lana will call me nutshell Hannah.

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The number of sheep is when the sheep and goats they spread over a field. Because if you look at it, the way they're spread over field as their grazing, it seems as though your cotton balls that have been thrown that have been scattered over the field, especially sheep, because there's a lot of wool on them. And especially this word is used when the sheep or goats, they have strayed by night due to the negligence of the shepherd.

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And they have ended up on a field where they were not supposed to be. And they've eaten it all up, they've literally destroyed it all up.

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Why? Because the shepherd was not there. He was negligent. He didn't close the shed properly or something and somehow the sheep managed to escape overnight. And as they escaped, they ended up in a field, let's say that of grapevines. And you can imagine what would happen to all those lovely grape lines.

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So, this house this field is nefesh at Fie when the quantum will come when the sheep of people what happened they overran into that field, they entered on that field during the night and they destroyed that whole field it is said that it was a grapevines will connect and we were they helped me him for their judgment share, he been once a witness, meaning Allah witness the judgment that both the wood made and also that salamander is. Now what is this referring to? It is at that at the time when they were there, Islam was the king, as well as the Prophet. Remember that that wilderness era, he was given Prophethood by a loss of panel data as well as can. So why he was a king, there

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was a field that belonged to a particular person. And that field was destroyed by someone else's sheep at night. That field, that orchard, it was destroyed by someone else's sheep at night.

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So the owner of the field, he came to the wilderness center, asking for a decision that what should be done, my crop has been destroyed by the sheep of this man.

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Because think about it, looking after a field is not something easy. Growing a crop, taking care of it is not something easy at all.

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You know, people who have a vegetable patch, if one day a bunny comes or rabbit comes and eats up all their crop, how devastating it is that the person put in so much effort to prepare the ground. And then he put in so much effort to sow the seeds. And then every day after work, he's coming and giving water. And one day this rabbit comes in, he's munching on all of those beautiful, lovely tomatoes and those plants and those leaves destroying the entire crop. So you can imagine it's a lot of hard work that is required, and if whole herd of sheep come and the whole field is gone. So this man came to that wilderness not asking for some decision. So that wilderness and he ruled, he gave

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the decision that the owner of the field, he should keep the sheep he should be given the sheep Why? Because the value of the sheep was the same as the value of the field. So the damage that had been caused to his field would be made up by what? By the sheep that would be given to him.

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So you understand the decision that he made that the owner of the sheep, because it's his fault, he didn't look after his sheep. What should he do? He should give up his sheep to the owner of the field.

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But today miner has sent him he was

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listening, and who was he, he was a son of older listening. And remember, he was not yet a king or a prophet, he was still very young. So, so a minor Listen, he suggested that a better resolution is that the owner of the field, he should keep the sheep temporarily. And he should benefit from the sheep, who the owner of the field of the health, while the shepherd, what should he do, he should look after the field, the crop, and he should look after it, maintain it until it goes back to how it was. And when the crop is ready when the field is ready, when the damage has been repaired. When everything has been fixed, then what should be done, the sheep should be returned to the shepherd.

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And the field should be given to who the farmer so this was the decision that Solomon or they said I'm suggesting, now when the wilderness and I'm he heard this, he liked it. So he accepted it, and he gave that judgment. So Allah subhanaw taala says over here, that we're there Buddha was with a man in command even healthy, is never shut up. venom will come, what canal he hooked me him shall he been we watched we observe the decision of both of them, what that would suggest it, and also what Solomon or Islam suggested and what they unanimously agreed to do.

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So Allah subhanaw taala observed the decision, or both of them. Allah says for for him or her, and we gave understanding of it to Sulaymaniyah solve a minor lesson. The problem came before both of them. So a minor incident was not obligated to solve that problem. But he saw the problem it came before him, and the solution of the problem who was made to understand it. So a minor lesson and for for him, Nana Salima?

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Well, Colin and all meaning both of them, the Father and the Son, Dana, we gave hookman judgment and also our element and also knowledge both of them, they were given Prophethood, they were given wisdom, they were given sound judgment, and they were also given knowledge. Now, what do we learn from this incident? First of all, we see that the messengers of Allah, they are of a very noble rank, they are of a very high status. But nevertheless, they're still human beings.

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They are a very high status, but still, they're human beings. So we see that, yes, that wilderness around, he gave a judgement. So they might or in the center, he gave a judgement, but one judgment was better than the other. So just because they're very sad, did not give the perfect solution does not mean that he was less of a prophet. No, after all, he was a human being. He had Prophethood, he had knowledge, he had wisdom, but still he was a human being.

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Ultimately, over here, another very important lesson that we learned from this incident is that sometimes a lot of panel data gives understanding of a matter, he gives the correct judgment to a particular problem, do one person and not the other.

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Now, it doesn't mean that the one who was able to come up with a solution he is definitely smarter, he is definitely better, and he should be made superior to the other immediately know, he was able to understand because Allah gave him the understanding, what do we see over here, for for him now has Sulaiman

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the problem with us is that we generalize a lot, just because this person gave a solution in this matter. This is why he should be put right at the top. Whereas he only gave the right solution to only one problem. Only one matter only one situation. It doesn't mean we begin to generalize. We also see over here, that someone who is younger, can come up with a better solution.

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And the one who is older The one who is superior should not think that if he accepts that suggestion, it will reduce in his status. Because we see that the other listening when he saw that Suleiman or listen up suggestion was better. What did he do? He accepted it, he implemented it. So there should be no ego that should stop us that should prevent us from accepting the truth. Because we see that the people of Ibrahim or listener what prevented them from accepting the truth, it was their ego, despite the fact that the truth was clear to them. Sometimes even with us what happens if our child is telling us something right? If someone was lesser than us in knowledge, in position in

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rank in age, if they're telling us something that is right, we don't accept it just because they're lesser than us. But we see that this is not appropriate.

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If the Prophet of Allah accepted, then who are we to not accept?

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When the focus is everyone's benefit, then a person does not see or, you know, I will look so bad that my decision was not that great. I will look not that superior anymore. No, there should be no ego over here. And we see that the messengers they had

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very open hearts and open minds that they wouldn't listen to me he accepted. He did not say that you're so young, you're not yet a king. So stay in your position, you shouldn't be speaking in front of adults. And stay put, do not speak over here. No, he was very open minded. He had a very open heart, he accepted what his son had to say. We also see that if anyone is able to do something good, then he should realize that it is only by the trophy of Allah.

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That if someone who is very young in age, if they manage to excel, beyond those who are older than him, then what should you remember that this is, by the topic of a lot, this is not because he's very smart, very intelligent. This is because he puts in a lot of effort. No, it's purely by the fear of Allah. And if Allah has given that to fear, he can also take it away. So never feel proud.

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Because sometimes what happens at For instance, if a young child, if he memorizes, on a very young age, people praise him so much that they, you know, make him so arrogant about what he has done, that he begins to boast about it. This is not appropriate, we should teach our children at the same time that if you have accomplished this, it is only by the feel of Allah. Because when a person thinks it's my own doing, then he begins to be very arrogant.

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And we also see over here, that we're Coleman, Athena hookman, we're ilma that all of them were given hokum. And

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so just because there will there is a lamb did not make the good decision, the good judgment at this point, it does not mean that his rank was reduced. No, it wasn't reduced. He still had a very high rank. He still held a very high position with colon Athena hookman. were adamant, therefore, we should not generalize. Well, siochana and we subjected murder Buddha with this is why they would resign his praise afterwards. That Yes, sir, they manner and he said I made the better decision at this point. However, don't forget the status of that would.

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That was Sahar Namah de whoodle ji Bella, we had subjected the mountains without wilderness, and we had subjected them for him. Why? What would these mountains do? You said

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they would exalt they will do the Spear of Allah, with who? widow, their escena. And it wasn't just the mountains that would do the spear but also work by yourself as well as the birds or kunafa Eileen, and we were the ones who were doing this. So don't find it too amazing. Don't think that it's impossible, no, allow us doing this and anything is possible for him.

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What do we see over here, that when the weather is sunny, when he would do this we have of law, the mountains and the birds, they would also participate in that the speed.

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That will there is I was given this a booth

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and there's a board It is said that it was a collection of 114 hymns 114 poems, you can say with praise of Allah. So that is what he was given.

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And along with that, he was blessed with a very beautiful voice. He was blessed with a very beautiful voice. So whenever he would read those hymns, whenever he would recite them, whenever he would begin to praise Allah, he would begin to glorify Allah, the birds, they would stop, they would begin to chirp with him, they would begin to hover in the air, and they would repeat after him and the mountains also would join him. Now some have said that the mountains doing the speech of Allah This means that they would echo as you would do this via the mountains, you know, the sound would echo within the mountains. Okay, it's understandable. However, remember that if anyone begins to

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yell within the mountains, what's going to happen? There's going to be echo. If you Honk your car if you yell if you say anything, there's going to be echo if it's loud enough to really produce an echo.

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So, over here, this B should be understood as the speed

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the sphere should be understood as the speed in throttle israa. I have 44 what do we learn? What M and Shay in Liu sub B will be handy we're lacking that the common SSB home you do not understand how they do the speed but everything that's the speed.

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And remember, there are two types of the speed the speed of McCall as well as hand as well as through state. So allow our lm how exactly these mountains and these birds would do the spear. But what do we learn that they did do the spear along with the wilderness

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into the taba. Number 10 we learned what are called the attina that would mean a popular, edgy battle a wavy Mara who was playable and we certainly gave that route from us bounty and we said oh mountains repeat our praises with him and the birds as well.

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into the tide 18 to 19 we learn in NASA hornell Japan America, you Savannah

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Bill arshi Well, SRA watoto macerata kulula who have in particular in this ayah what has mentioned that in the late afternoon and after sunrise, at these two times in particular, they would be here along with him, where I let him know who and we had talked him through what he what Sonata labu sin, fashioning of codes of armor, Sonata labu sin. Sonora, is from the roof episod noon, right. And Sonora, Sonora? Yes. neroon Yes. Now, what does it mean? to manufacture something to make something skillfully to produce something work friendship.

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So he was taught, the art of making levels and local

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levels actually means clothing. Literally, what does the word levels mean? clothing garments, that which is worn. And it also applies to Gods of male suits of plate armor, or you can say chainmail. Why? Because they're also worn just as clothes are worn.

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And remember that clothes are worn for the purpose of protection.

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You protect yourself from cold you protect yourself from heat, you protect yourself from the eyes of other people, and you also protect yourself from the violence the physical violence.

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So levels over here It refers to what is it referred to chainmail coats of armor. So Sonata labu, silicone, and acoem you refers to all people because they were there SLM was the first one to ever make chainmail. He was the first one to ever make coats of armor.

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litter spinner calm and because he was the first one to do it after him. This continued and as a result people still today they benefit from this litter spinner calm so it protects you may maxicom. From your battle, meaning from your physical violence for hell anthem shakin on so will you then be grateful

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for that I said that before they will their listener, the people used to wear plated armor plated armor, you understand what that would be?

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You know, it's very awkward to move in that stuff. Because it's like clothing that is made of plates of sheets off. You can say some metal that would protect you. But imagine if you're wearing something as stiff as that how difficult it would be for you to move that if you're standing like that you can't move. It's very difficult.

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So up until then, people used to wear plated armor. And they were there. So I was the first one to make rings off chain armor. So he was the first one to make such chainmail that is made of Lynx rings.

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Because when there are links, then what happens as you wear it, it becomes easier for you to bend your hand to move your hand to move your arms to move back and forth.

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It's more flexible. Whereas plated armor, it's not flexible. You're stiff in that and the rings of chain armor, they make it more flexible.

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Instead of Subbu I attend to 11 we learn what lm Nana who Hadid and Nirmal sebelah, it will cut the facade and we made pliable for him iron, iron was made very soft for him, he discovered how to manufacture things with iron. And he was told make full coats of male and calculate precisely the links.

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So he was taught how to make this Viola soprano down.

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Now, what do we see over here that many things people have invented, people have discovered, people have made them over time.

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But many of these things we take them for granted. Or we think that this is discovery and human invention, and people have discovered this people have invented this. So why be grateful to God for this what has got to do with this, but we see that Allah subhanaw taala is the one who inspired that.

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He is one who inspired him to do this.

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Similarly, it restarted Sam, he was the first one to use the pen. He was the one to invent the needle. Remember, we learned earlier? So many of these things that human beings have invented that human beings do. They were inspired by who have lost time.

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And also if you look at it, the way many things have been discovered that all of a sudden a person sees an apple falling from the tree and you realize, oh, there's this energy. There's this force. There's this gravity that is pulling everything towards it. Did he not see anything fall down before?

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Did he not see anything fall down before? Of course he did many things he saw falling down before. But what is it that at that point, he understood that there's something that is pulling everything towards the year who gave this idea at that point unless a predator

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Because it's not our intelligence, what do we learn? For for HANA? Ha, Allah gives the understanding.

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So when Allah subhanaw taala has blessed us with so many of these things for highlandtown shakun, will you then be grateful or not? Won't you be grateful? Why aren't you grateful? You use all of these blessings. Yes, the people of the past they invented them, they discovered them, they made them. But you should be grateful to Allah panel data for all of these blessings, because they are making your life so much easier for you.

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Now, just imagine if there was no internet, if there were no computers, how difficult it would be to do your work today, how impossible it would be. So we should be grateful for these blessings as well. Generally, when we think of blessings, we think of food, because Allah causes the food to grow. We think of life, we think of health.

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But these are also blessings, the inventions the discoveries that people have made over time because Allah subhanaw taala is the one who has inspired them.

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When he saw a man and forced a man or they set up a rehab, the wind meaning was the Horner Li Suleiman energy in the previous IO what was mentioned, the mountains were subjected for the wilderness and I'm in this ayah what is mentioned, the wind being subjected for Sulaiman artisan,

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but which wind was subjected for him or asleep, I thought, that which blew forcefully, our sofa is such wind that blows violently, a violent wind, a hurricane almost you can see.

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So a very fast wind, such wind was subjected for him.

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At another place in the incident side is 36. The wind that was objective for Solomon or Islam is described as raha and fossa, her Nana who rehab, the gdb Emery Roja and Hazel Assad. And raha means gently.

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So we see that wind was subjected to him. It was up to him to determine the speed of the wind. He could make it very fast. He could make it very slow. Thank God we agree it would flow at his command. If you wanted it to be extremely fast. He could do that. Very slow. He could do that. And where would it take him? In an early to the land which land allottee balaclava which we had blessed, which land is this land of a sham? Why is that mentioned with the wind only take him over there? No, it would take him wherever he wanted. But this land in particular is mentioned because this is where vital rock this was. This is where the center of his rule was.

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This was the capital city you can see. So this is why this land is mentioned in particular.

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What can be Cooley Shea in early mean, and we were of everything want to know. So we see that wind was under the control of Sulaiman Arizona, which made air travel possible for him.

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It is that that once in a minute, listen, I wanted to travel, he would take his entire army, and they would embark on the wind and go wherever he wanted to go east or north or south wherever. Now how exactly, Allahu Allah. If today we can somehow make planes fly that are so huge, so heavy, then definitely, somehow or the other. They were also able to embark on the wind itself. And they were able to travel from one place to the other air travel was possible for the intro Saba number 12. We learn what is Sulaiman or z ha, whoo, whoo. Hi, Sharon. Wha ha, Sharon. How fast was this wind, how quickly they could travel by air. That to say, Man, we subjected the wind, it's morning journey was

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that of a month, meaning what they could cover in one morning was what people would cover in one month. And it's afternoon journey was that of a month, meaning what they could cover in an afternoon through the wind, people would generally cover that distance in an entire month.

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So we see that it was extremely fast. And this should not be difficult for us to understand today, especially because through planes you can get from one continent to the other continent, in literally a matter of a few hours. That's where those same journeys would take months, months before now those distances are covered literally in a few hours.

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Woman a shout out to uni and from the shout out the meaning and we also subjected some Shailene for him. The jinn were also under his control and these gene what would they do for him man who you who soon Allah who they would die for him you husana from lane while saw the hose and the hose is to dive into the seat in order to extract pearls.

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So they would dive into the seat

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For him into the bathtub in order to extract barrels from their Yokozuna level,

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just imagine, he would send gin, they would go underwater, and they would find pearls and they would extract them and bring them out. And not just this, but we are maluna. And they would also do work on a work doing evatik other than that,

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so it wasn't just that he used them to extract pearls from the sea, but he also subjected them to other tasks. What other tasks we learn into outside i a 37 was shout out Lena Colaba net in waho warehouse and the shell clean we subjected them every builder and diver. So they were used to dive as well as construct many buildings

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into the Saba Ayah 12 to 13, we learn wamena jindee minyama lubaina de Hebei, IGNOU, OBE, and among the jinn were those who work for him by the permission of his Lord. So they used to do many different things. They were under his command. And this was possible how, by the permission of Allah, because remember that it is not appropriate to control the gene today that a person cannot say, you know, I have a gene under my control in my possession, and I get a lot of work done to him. Because we had this discussion earlier as well. Because you cannot really have a gene in your control. How can you? Can you physically trap him? Can you physically do something to him? No, you

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can't even see him. So how do you know where he is? It's possible that he's deceiving you, he's lying to you. He's not doing what you're telling him to do. Because the jinn are hidden from us. They're enslaved, we cannot see them. So it's difficult for us to control them.

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So how is it possible for a man is Allah, Allah says we're cornella home halfling we were guarding them. We were watching them. We were observing the gene. That Yes, the jinn were under his command. But Allah was watching the jinn to make sure that they were actually listening to Solomon our listener. Do you understand? A law was watching the gym to make sure that they were actually listening to a minor Listen,

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into the tub is 12 to 13, we learned that woman a gentleman Yama lubaina day, it'll be where many of the men who man and brina knew the woman or the adversary, that they would obey Solomon or dishonor, by the permission of Allah. And whoever deviated among them from our command, we will make him taste of the punishment of the place.

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So by law by Sharia in a way, the genuine adult obesity minor, isn't it? And if they disobey, they were made to taste the punishment of the Blaze. And what would they do here? maluna lahoma Show Me mareeba water Mattila what you find in culture Webby wackadoodle, Rossia. And they made for him what He willed, whatever he wanted, the gin would make for him. What elevated chambers statues, bowls, like reservoirs, and stationary kettles, and each other, we'll do the details of all of these, when we get there. They require a lot of detail. So we see that so the minor listener was granted immense power, a lot of power, a lot of authority, that it wasn't just that he had a great kingdom where

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many people were under him. But he was given a lot of knowledge. He was given a lot of sound judgment, he was given Prophethood.

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And we also learned that he was able to understand the language of the birds as well as the and any armies of humans and armies of birds and armies of jinn.

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And, okay, birds and human beings you can control but how did he control the jinn a loss of control, he put them under the command of Solomon.

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And if any one of them dare to disobey, so the minor listener, he was punished immediately.

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We're cornella, home halfling. And these when they constructed many things for Solomon autism.

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And if you look at it, there are some people who have said that the buildings that were constructed at the time was still a minor dishonor, those of them that are being discovered today. They're being excavated today. You know, people are amazed at how such buildings could be constructed back then. So many, many years ago, so low Arnhem if they really those buildings, then he used the gym to make them so it wasn't difficult for him.

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So we see that in all of these prophets of Allah, they were successful. Why? Because they held on to the truth. They lead people, they guided the people, they lead the people to Allah subhanaw taala Yes, do not be emelina. And they were also blessed with many, many things because of their sacrifices because of their efforts in the way of Allah. And Allah chose and he bestowed them with many, many favorites. And we see that when they were given all of these favors, they did not abuse them. They did not abuse

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They rather use them in the way of us.

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And this is a sign of a righteous servant. That he sacrifices in the way of Allah. He holds on to Allah He does not rely upon himself he does not rely upon his intelligence and whatever he is given by Allah, He uses it in the proper way. He uses it correctly. He takes advantage of all those opportunities.

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And with that, he only excels

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me wamena