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Al-Anbiya 30-50 Translation 30-50

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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My mother who want to study a lot of cervical karimabad for the Billahi min, Ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, rubbish rocklea sorry, were silly emri wash loler of data melissani of kahuku li probenecid enter in

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Lesson number 165 SoTL ambia is number 30 to 50

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I wanna do and not euro he sees allatheena those who care for rule they disbelieved enough that indeed smls the heavens

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and the earth, Canada, they too were retcon joined together or a joint entity firfer takuna Houma then we parted them to what Jana and we made main from Alma the water cooler every Shea in thing Hagen living a fella will they're not up noon they believe

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what Jana and we made fail early in the earth, but arsia firmly set mountains and that they're neither it shakes. It shifts be him with them. What your honor and we made fi her in it featured and broad paths sibulan as ways learn the home so that they have to do they are guided by jalna and we made a summer the sky soften a ceiling my full project protected guarded while home but they aren't from at her it signs more you don't want to turn away well who and he led is the one who halaqa he created a Laila the night when the hell and the day was shumsa and the sun well, Amara and the moon Golan all fee in Fela kin and orbit yes Varun they float they swim. Warmer and not jalna we made

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live by sharing for a human being men from oberliga before you and hold the immortality or eternity effort in what then if mytho udeid for whom so they will Holly Dune the immortals the eternal ones kulu every knifes in Seoul there equal to one who tastes almost the death whenever lucam and we test you be sharing with the evil while hide and the good fit Nutan as a trial, what Elena and to us to their own you all will be returned. Or either and when or aka he saw you entered in those who cafaro they disbelieved in not yet the hironaka they take you in except who's the one in mockery in ridicule. Ahead there is this lady The one who yet guru he mentioned earlier the comb your gods were

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home and they basically at mentioned our man of the Most Merciful home they are Gaffey alone wants to disbelieve.

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Holika he was created an incentive the human being main from agile in haste. So od come soon I will show you I fit my science fellow so do not start June you seek to his and me were coluna and they say matter when Heather this Anwar do the promise in if continuer saw the pain, ones who are truthful,

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low if yarlung he knows I levena those who cafaro they disbelieved. hanaa when they're not Jaco funa they ward off and from would you eat him their faces and narrow the fire while and nor I'm from Rudy him their backs wanna and nor whom they use or when they will be held by rather than him It will come to them both and suddenly photograher to whom then it will confound them, then it will be wilder than fairer than not yesterday earner, they will be able to ride their hair it's averting it's repelling water and nor home they young alone, they will be given

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what are called uncertainly esto z A he was marked by Rosaleen at messengers main from oberliga before you for how long so it's around it

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Villa Deena with those who saw hero demarked main home from them, man, what can Oh, they were busy with it yesterday as the own day mark, they ridicule.

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Say, man who yecla aku he guards you, he protects you. By laylee at the night when the how and the day men from a rush man the Most Merciful bow rather whom they earn from victory remembrance or be him of the Arab Maria blown one to turn away and or LA home for them Elliot on God's Turner home he defends them dumb narrow home it defends them men from do Nina other than us last not yesterday arena they are able now sir to help and foresee him themselves whether and nor whom they main net from us use her bone they are accompanied they are supported by rather Madonna we have benefited How old are these whatever whom and therefore fathers had that until that it became long I lay him upon

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them and are more the lifetime a fella do the not your owner they see a nap that indeed we net D we come over the earth nanpu suha we reduce it men from A to raffia its borders

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are for them home. They are hollobone those who overcome or the victors don't say innama indeed Norbert Indira calm I warn you beware he was the revelation winner and not Yes man he hears assume the depth of the call either when man that user own they are warned when in and surely if must set home a touch them Neff Hatton a breath or a with breeze. Men from either punishment Robic of Europe layer Colin, surely they will definitely say yeah, well Anna over to us in that indeed we could. Now we were volley mean ones who are unjust. One other and we shall please. Elmo was in the skilled therapist of the Justice Leon for de la ama the standing fellas are not totally normal. It will be

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wronged Mufson any soul shape or anything we're in and if Ghana it was Miss Allah wait. Have button Have a seat. Men from Horton mustard. Athena we will come be here with it. worker and he is sufficient. Bina with us has he been as one to take account while uncertainly at Dana we gave Musa masala Sarah will heroin and heroin and a Santa Ana the criterion will be a and iridient light is shining light with the car and a reminder little motor pain for those who fear

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and levina those who have shown their fear of the home their beloved baby with the unseen or home while they main from a SAR the final hour which will go on ones who are fearful

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will have the end this victron a reminder a message. Mobile can bless it. Answer now who we have sent it down.

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do for them. And don't you all Lahu for it. Monkey rune ones who deny are ones who are acquainted

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on colonna

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waiuku Luna Mata

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apologies to hoozy avios

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Ala Moana

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waka ha CB